Answers to the most popular questions about vacation in the Maldives

Usually tourists have the same questions regarding traveling to the Maldives, including the most popular tourist destinations and attractions, extremely luxurious or affordable hotels, the preferable tourist season, possibility to spend an unforgettable honeymoon or to spend a vacation with a family, necessary budget for your trip, etc.

Below you can see the answers regarding the widespread questions about the Maldives and vacation on these islands.

Where these islands are located, and what is special about the Maldives?

The Maldives is a tiny little state with numerous islands, which are located in the Southern part of the Asia and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It’s consisted of 26 atolls and approximately 1192 islands and, thus, is viewed as an extremely geographically dispersed country. The Maldives’ land territory and population are the smallest throughout the continent. These islands are so little, that it’s almost impossible to find them on the geographical map. The most crowded place in the state is its capital, Malé, which if famous not only for its fish markets, but also for Friday Mosque constructed in the 17th century. It’s the most widely-known tourist attraction in the city.

What to so during your vacation in the Maldives?

Thanks to the Maldives’ advantageous location and amazing architectural style, it’s quite widespread tourists’ choice for their holidays. The amazing feature of the Maldives is its extremely affluent coral reefs, which allow you to dive many times and never be bored. The underwater life present in the Maldives is astonishing and provides various entertainment activities for the visitors, including snorkeling and fishing. Whereas in the oceanic environment you can see anything including the little shrimps and the huge sharks.

Which cities or special places worth your visit in the Maldives?

The most appealing places are Hulhumale and Komandoo islands, while many others enjoy more Fuvahmula and Baros islands. However, some tourists rather prefer going to Mirihi or Kuramathi, which are definitely beautiful as well. If you adore luxurious hotels, you will unarguably like Komandoo Resort or Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. For those who especially appreciate good spa service, I would recommend Paradise Island Resort and also COMO Maalifushi. Any of these extremely comfortable and nice resorts can be perceived as the best option for your accommodation in the Maldives.

What is interesting about Malé?

Of course, Malé is the most populated and hence the busiest city with the hassle adherent to all capital cities. The streets are overwhelmed with the cars, whereas the long-established bazaars are full of different spices and coconuts. Even though many tourists skip this bustling city, heading straight to their resorts on the islands, Malé still deserves some tourist’s attention. You’ll be amused by how the modern-day buildings are harmoniously combined with the historical heritage of Malé.

What is believed to be the tourist season in these islands?

The approximate temperature in the Maldives is varying from 23ºC to 31ºC during the whole year. Because the climate in the Maldives is constantly warm and sunny, it’s recommended to fly to the Maldives from November to April, and hence to avoid unbearable for many tourists weather conditions. In this period the weather is just perfect!

When it’s better not to go to these islands?

The monsoon in the Maldives usually starts in May, reaching its peak in June, and finishing in October. So, from May to October it’s not recommended going to these Islands.

Why the Maldives is so famous?

First of all, the Maldives is that popular due to its numerous islands with luxurious villas or resorts. Secondly, the Maldives’ nature won’t leave anyone indifferent, amazing beaches and ocean are always impressing. The calmness and nature on the islands are invaluable!

Which island is the most popular?

Tourist keep arguing whether Hulhumale or Meeru Island is better. Give try to both or choose between two randomly — anyway, you won’t regret your decision.

Where is it better to live in the Maldives?

I would recommend Mirishi Island. Misrishi is interestingly called after one traditional flower. On this island you would enjoy a large beach with the amazing view. On the Mirishi 36 bungalows are offered to the tourists. Mirishi Island is, furthermore, a suitable place to enjoy your honeymoon. You also have an opportunity to choose among 6 villas located on the beach and more than 20 villas standing above the water.

Which traveling tour to select?

A large amount of visitors arrive to the Maldives from different continents to relax during their holiday with a family or friends on the beautiful islands. The best tour for all of them would be the Malé City Tour. Tourists have a chance to explore different corners of Malé City, and to absolutely change their lifestyle for one day wandering around the very crowded city.

How expensive is this vacation, and how much pocket money should you have?

Generally speaking, to spend a holiday in the Maldives would cost for a couple approximately $1000 – $2000. This includes one night stay at the hotel and average meal price. The prices of plane tickets, excursion tours, extra activities, and luxurious services would depend on your preferences and needs. In case you’re interested in an exclusively luxurious stay, you can see the prices for your vacation below:

  • The Amilla Villa Estate – an elite haven – 29,003 USD/night (06 Person)
  • Coco Prive Private Island – 45,000 USd/night (18 Person)
  • Paradise resort requires 170-230 USD/night (2-3 Person)
  • Hotel Ocean Grand at Hulhumale $200/night (2-3 Person)
  • H78 Maldives – $100/night (02 Person)
  • Coral Queen Inn – $50/night (02 Person)
  • Meeru Island Resort & Spa – $250/night (2-4 Person)
  • Fushifaru Maldives – $350/night (2-4 Person)
  • Samann Grand – $115/night (02 Person)
  • Champa Central Hotel – $95/night (02 Person)
  • Veligandu Island Resort & Spa – $400/night (2-4 Person)
  • Ocean Deluxe Inn – $45/night (02 Person)
  • Olhuveli Beach & Spa Maldives – $130/night (02 Person)
  • Fihalhohi Island Resort – $100/night (02 Person)
  • The Vinorva Maldives – $50/night (02 Person)
  • Sabba Summer Suite Maldives – $20/night (02 Person)
  • Ocean Village Maldives – $21/night (02 Person)
  • local Travel Beach – $25/night (02 Person)
  • Raalhu Lodge – $30/night (02 Person)
  • White Coral Rasdhoo – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Holiday Garden Rasdhoo – $30/night (02 Person)
  • The Castaway Retreat – $30/night (02 Person)
  • White Sand Lodge – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Rasreef Rasdhoo Maldives – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Riveli Retreat at Mathiveri Maldives – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Madivaru Kro – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Kalaafaanu Retreat – $30/night (02 Person)

How much would it cost to spend a honeymoon in the Maldives?

Undoubtedly, the Maldives is one of the most wonderful places for a honeymoon! You have an opportunity to sunbathe on the amazing beach near the ocean, taking advantage of weather and surrounding your nature. To spend a romantic holiday on the island sounds like it’s a movie, but the Maldives is a true paradise! You can go to the coral islands or try to dive and investigate the life of the ocean. Going to the honeymoon trip to one of the Maldives islands would cost you from $1200 to $3000 for a couple.

How many 5 stars resorts are available in the Maldives?

You have a choice among six most luxurious resorts of the country, which are particularly gifted with the picturesque nature around them. Here’s the list of such comfortable resorts:

  • COMO Cocoa Island Resort. Water villas: 33
  • Baros Resort Maldives. Water villas: 30
  • Mirihi Island Resort. Water villas: 30
  • Gili Lankanfushi Maldives. Water villas: 45
  • Veligandu Island Resort
  • Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives

For how long it’s worth to stay in the Maldives?

These islands are rather suitable for a short vacation, otherwise, you may get bored. In my opinion, one week is the maximum duration that you can spend here. If you stay in one hotel, you would be satisfied with four – five days of vacation. In case you chose two resorts, then seven days would be sufficient to take a good rest in the Maldives.

Is it the best tourist destination?

Of course, the amount of tourists is different each year, but as statistics demonstrates there are annually more than 1 million visitors. In 2015, around 1.2 million visitors arrived to these islands, while, two years later, the amount has increased by approximately 300,000 tourists. Finally, in 2018, about 1.3 million people chose this vacation destination.

How to reach these islands from the U.S.?

The shortest possible distance is 15,540 km, which is equal to 9,656 miles. If you go by plane, the speed of which is more than 500 miles, you will get the Maldives in about 17.5 hours.

How much would I pay for one night in the Maldives’ hotel?

The Maldives is perceived as an expensive tourist destination. It’s famous for its luxurious villas and resorts on the coast of the ocean or the sea. The one night stay here would cost from $300 up to $1000.

How to navigate yourself to the Island from Malé City?

From the capital city Malé there are several options of transfer to the Island either by plane or by car through the highway. However, it’s quite problematic to reach some Islands, which require you to go by the ferry; because ferries aren’t usually available on Fridays. Nonetheless, any other day you can go to most of the islands by the ferry.

What are the exciting activities to try in the Maldives?

First of all, if you go to the capital city Malé, you have to see the Islamic Center and go for a stroll around the fish market. If you’re keen on history, you will be also impressed by The National Museum, and in case you wonder about the Islamic culture — go to local Grand Mosque. If you’re interested in diving or snorkeling, you would enjoy visiting Addu atoll. If you can’t stand when it’s crowded, try to go to the inhabited atoll called Hithadhoo, where the airport is located.

How to navigate in the Maldives?

The Maldives islands location is quite dispersed, so it’s better to check before your trip the way to the Island where you’re planning to stay. Google map is a priceless navigator in this situation, it’ll help you find any atoll you may need.

What will you like and appreciate in the Maldives?

Unsurprisingly, the Maldives is appealing many people around the world because of its climate. Offering a hot temperature with the tropical humidity there is something for everyone to like about the Maldives. However, the Maldives is also popular for its huge amount of coral atolls. With as many as 1109 of them, only 200 are actually inhabited, leaving the rest of them free to explore by the tourists who want to do so on their own without presence of huge crowds. These atolls offer a great opportunity for diving and observing the sea creatures untouched by the man’s activities in their natural habitat.

For what reasons the Maldives is a good vacation or honeymoon destination?

If you’re an experienced tourist and you think that there’s nothing left in this world to impress you — you’re mistaken! You’ll be amused by the nature and the color of the ocean in the Maldives and, of course, luxury of its high-rank resorts and hotels. Moreover, you can explore here exciting religious and historical heritage that usually attract tourists’ attention.

If you’re planning to spend a honeymoon, you’ll like in the Maldives the wide variety of luxurious resorts. There are more than 100 resorts on the islands, and each of them is special in its own way. The resorts possess all necessary equipment and facilities, including private beaches, various entertainment activities, provision of food and vehicles. Most of the resorts offer transfer for tourists from the airport right to their villa, you only have to inform your resort 2 days before your arrival. They will also give you a lift to the airport once your holiday is over. You should call the service provider one night before your leave, and the ferry will arrive to your villa at the suitable for you time.

To conclude, in the Maldives you have a great chance to relax alone or with your close people in the comfortable conditions and to explore amazing nature around you.

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