How much do Hollywood stars make in 2021?

In anticipation of the hot premiere, we decided to find out how much Hollywood celebrities earn. Let’s look at the annual ranking of the world’s highest-paid actors this year, I’m sure you have no idea how rich they are. But it’s no secret that all celebrities make good money. Seeing the calculations of the summation of income and ownership, you will not be left out and will be very surprised.

Below are the facts of the top ten richest Hollywood celebrities in the world in 2020 and describe the achievements that led them to such a triumph in life. The list of factors includes net income, salary, short biography, date, and place of birth, education, information about the spouse, profession, etc.

1. Tom Cruise

Net Worth: $550 million USD

Salary: $53 million yearly

Born: July 3, 1962 (age 57), New York

Occupation: producer and a fine actor

Famous movies: Rain man, Vanilla Sky, Born on the Fourth of July, Risky Business, series of “Mission Impossible”, Top Gun, Magnolia, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, The Outsiders etc. 

Education: Due to his Dyslexia, he got into trouble in succeeding his educational background

Address/location: Saint Hill Manor in England

Spouse: not married currently, ex wives are Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes

Passion: huge passion for bikes and posh cars like: Chevrolet Chevelle SS, 1949 Buick Roadmaster, Ford Excursion, Mercedes Benz S Class, Mercedes CLK, Ford Mustang Saleen S281, Bugatti Veyron, Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, Triumph Speed Triple, Ducati Desmosedici RR, Honda CRF450X, Vyrus 987 C3 4V ect.

Hobbies: Skydiving, Scuba diving and Fencing are his favorite.

Foods: Junk foods, Pasta, Italian Pizza, Fresh Green Beans, Ice cream, Lobster, sea foods are his most favourite

Awards: Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Chicago Film Critics Association, Empire Awards, Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy Awards, Florida Film Critics Awards, Golden Globe, Golden Raspberry Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Yoga Awards, People’s Choice Awards etc

Children: 2 daughters and 1 adopted son

Tom Cruise is an American and television actor, film director, screenwriter and producer, as well as one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, three times nominated for an Oscar, winner of three Golden Globe awards. However, his bright life was not only in the film industry but also in married life. In the hope of growing up faster and getting stronger, Tom also began actively engage in sports. At one time, the boy even considered linking his life with sports and becoming a professional wrestler, but a knee injury did not allow this to happen. The amazing fact is that all three wives were taller than he was. The real success and a kind of “calling card” of Tom cruise was the film “Mission Impossible”, in which he not only played the main role but also made his debut as a producer. For this brilliant work, he received about $75 million. Another movie with a major role in which he made a lasting impression was “Risky Business”.

2. Tom Hanks

Net Worth: $440 million USD

Salary: $40 million yearly

Born: July 9, 1956 (age 63); California, United States

Address/ Location:

Education: California State University, Sacramento

Occupation: an actor and a filmmaker

Famous movies: Bridge of Spies, Cloud Atlas, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Terminal, Dragnet, Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Apollo 13 etc.

Upcoming movies: Bios, Untitled Elvis Presley Project (TBA), No Better Place to Die etc.

Awards: Academy Awards, Emmy Awards (primetime), Golden Globe awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Tony Awards etc.

Wife: Rita Wilson;ex: Samantha Lewes

Children: three sons and one daughter

Passion: apart from a genius actor, he is a passionate writer.

Hobbies: loves to collect ancient and antique typewriters and already got 200 of them.

Foods: follows a strong healthy diet chart due to the victim of type 2 diabetes.

Tom Hanks is an American actor, producer, director, writer and writer. Another remarkable fact about Tom Hans was an event in November 2016, when he was awarded the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” from then-President Barack Obama himself. Since his youth, one of his closest friends has been Bruce Springsteen. Hanks is known as a friendly and pleasant person in communication with fans and not only. He’s often called the “American Daddy.” Another important difference from others is that he had a strong political sense, views, and activism. The first role he received in 1980 in the movie “He knows how lonely you are”. However, fame came to him only four years later, in the year of the film “Splash” in which Tom had the opportunity to play along with the sex symbol of those years, the charming Hollywood blonde Daryl Hanoi.

3. Johnny Depp

Net worth: $430 million USD

Salary: $48 million yearly

Born: June 9, 1963 (age 56); Kentucky, United States.

Address/ Location: Los Angeles CA, also has an island in the Bahamas.

Education: Miramar High School, Miramar, USA.

Occupation: an actor, producer and marvelous musician

Famous movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Neverland, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape etc.

Upcoming movies: Minamata, Waiting for Barbarians, Under a Snow Moon.

Awards: Golden Globe Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Wives: Lori Allison (EX), Amber Heard (EX)

Partner: Vanessa Paradis, Vanessa Paradis.

Children: 2 children

Passion: oil painting.

Hobbies: reading books, playing music, another queer hobby is collecting Barbie dolls.

Foods: Blueberry, Mexican food, Ginger Bourbon, Chateau Petrus

Depp’s first wife introduced him to N. Cage. The actor’s agent gave Johnny a test, after which he made his debut in the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street”. The guy thought that such a horror movie would just be a step in his musical career. Once received a gift of a guitar, he quickly mastered the instrument and was seriously interested in music in such genres as “Alternative Rocks” and “Rough Rocks”. Then began to play in the group “Kids”, performing at discos. Then he replaced more than ten music bands. At that time it seemed to him that he had found his calling. Was still hoping to make a career in music, but it did not add up. And the first acting experience, on the contrary, was a breakthrough. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, shaky antics – all this was advertised, hit the news and became a sad outburst in life at the peak of his career. Fortunately, he managed to overcome his addiction and continue his career. He’s one of the best in Hollywood today.

4. Mel Gibson

Net worth: $425 million USD

Salary: $30 million yearly

Born: January 3, 1956 (age 63), Peekskill, United State.

Country: USA

Education: National Institute of Dramatic Art

Occupation: director, producer, co-writer, actor

Famous movies: Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, The Patriot, Ransom, Signs, Conspiracy Theory, Payback, Lethal Weapon 4, Get the Gringo, Forever Young etc.

Upcoming movies: War Pigs, Every Other Weekend, The Wild Bunch, Black Files etc.

Awards: Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Best Director Awards

Wife: Robyn Moore.

Partners: Rosalind Ross

Children: 9, 7 sons 2 daughters

Passion: love to collect cars and ancient assets

Hobbies: travelling with family in holydays

Foods: follows a very healthy diet chat

Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson is an actor, producer, director and scriptwriter. He had a large family of eleven people, including him. There were rumors that he was an impractical Catholic. The painting “Braveheart” won worldwide recognition. It was nominated for ten Oscar nominations and won five gold statuettes (best film, make-up, director, camera work, sound effects). Mel Gibson also got the Golden Globe for directing this film. One day after the scandalous incident, the action hero was stopped drunk at the wheel and he spoke ill of the Jews, in Hollywood, he was hastily removed from it and his reputation was severely damaged. The interesting fact is that he has a huge collection of cars and houses, which shows his wealth.

5. Jack Nicholson

Net worth: $400 million USD

Salary: $20 million yearly

Born: April 22, 1937 (age 82); New Jersey, United State

Address/ Location: Los Angeles, California in United Nations

Education: Manasquan High School

Occupation: an actor, producer, director and also a screenwriter at the very same time.

Famous movies: Chinatown, Five Easy Pieces, The Shining, As Good as It Gets, Batman, About Schmidt, The Last Detail etc.

Upcoming movies: No upcoming movies.

Awards: Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, Golden Globe awards, Grammy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Wife: Sandra Knight

Partners: Anjelica Huston, Lara Flynn Boyle, Rebecca Broussard

Children: 3 daughters, 2 sons. 

Hobbies: collecting 20th centuries’ contemporary art, including Jack Vettriano, Andy Warhol etc

Foods: he is a junk food lover.

John “Jack” Joseph Nicholson – an American actor, director, screenwriter and producer, known throughout the world for his roles of crazy characters. Interestingly, he was not even nominated for “Oscar” for his role in the film version of Stephen King’s novel “The Shining”, but it remains one of the most significant roles in his career. He’s had a lot of drama in his life. Jack grew up in the house of his grandfather, who worked as a shop window decorator, and his grandmother, barber, and beautician. He thought they were his parents. He found out that it was a lie from Time journalists when both his grandmother and mother were already dead. This news brought him into shock, but he began his career with little and hard work became among the most famous and held actors.

6. Sylvester Stallone

Net worth: $400 million USD

Salary: $20 million yearly

Born: July 6, 1946

Country: Manhattan, New York, United States

Occupation: Actor, Producer, Screenwriter and Director

Education: He started his high school in Notre Dame Academy and Lincoln High School and hisCollege was Miami Dade College and University: University of Miami

Famous movies: Rocky, First blood, Rocky Balboa, Rambo, Assassins, Paradise Alley, The expendables and many more

Upcoming movies: His upcoming movies for 2019 and 2020 is Expendable 4, Creed 2, project X and Rambo 5

Cars: Mercedes-Benz SL65, Custom Camaro SS, Aston Martin DBS and many more

Awards: He has won 33 awards including British Academy Film Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Academy Awards and People’s choice Awards and so on and nominated for 68 awards

Wife: After two marital divorces his present wife is Jennifer Flavin

Children: Five

Passion: His passion is art and he loves to show off his art collection

Hobbies: His hobbies are oil painting and football

Foods: Junk food lover

Sylvester Stallone is known as Sly – an American actor, director, screenwriter and producer. He is known for his roles in various action movies, in particular, “Rambo” and “Rocky”. To pave the way in his acting career and make a name for himself, he came to put a lot of effort. But all was not in vain, now he is famous, we all know, and madly rich. With his diligence and tenacity, he was able to get the life he ever wanted. For many, he is like a 20th-century legend because he had a great desire to achieve everything.

Not only his appearance has changed (bright shirts and massive gold jewelry have been replaced by perfectly sewn strict suits), but also his inner world. And the fact that from the muscular superman Stallone today goes to the roles of a completely different plan, confirms this.

7. Clint Eastwood

Net worth: $375 million USD

Salary: $15million yearly

Occupation: He is a great actor and at the same time he is a composer, director, producer, businessman and politician

Born: May 31, 1930

Country: San Francisco, California, United States

Education: He started his education in Piedmont Middle School and then attended his high school in Piedmont High School and then transferred to Oakland Technical High School

Famous movies and Series: Sully, Unforgiven, Mystic River, letters from low Jima, Million Dollar Baby, The Bridges of Madison County and many more and his famous TV shows are Rawhide and Mrs. Eastwood and Company

Current movie: Richard Jewell

Awards: Academy Awards for best actor, director and picture, Golden Globe Awards, Peoples’ Choice Awards, Directors Guild of America Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award and so on with a huge number of nominations

Wife: Maggie Johnson, Dina Ruiz and Sondra Locke

Children: 8

Passion: Traveling and meditation

Hobbies: Golf playing and reading books

Foods: He loves to drink

Clint Eastwood is another example of the wealthiest person in the industry. His career began as a product salesman, then as a lifeguard and office plankton. Meanwhile, relying on invoice data, he starts going to castings hoping to get a contract with a film company. Fortune smiled at the young actor, he signs a seven-year contract with Universal, which should be filmed in all the roles offered by the studio.

Clint Eastwood has a long interest in politics and is a registered libertarian. For 50 years of his career in the star’s moneybox, he has received many awards for his many famous TV series and films. Fame to the actor brings the popular television series “Rowdy”. Despite all his conquests, big and small roles in movies, television performances to the main characters of some blockbusters, his net profit are still impressive.

8. Keanu Reeves

Net worth: $350 million USD

Salary: $15 million yearly

Born: September 2, 1964

Country: Canada

Residence: He does not live in any mansion. His present residence is Hollywood Hills, California, United States

Education: Etobicoke School of the Arts, De La Salle College and Avondale Secondary alternative School

Occupation: Musician, actor and producer

Famous movies: The matrix series, Point Break, john wick, speed and many more

Upcoming movies: Bill and Ted Face the Music, Rally Car and so on

Awards: Best International Award, Best Actor Award, Favorite actor action/ Science Fiction Award and many more

Wife: Jennifer Syme

Children: Unfortunately his only first daughter was stillborn

Passions: He is passionate about motorcycles

Hobbies: riding bike and horses, watching football and playing hockey, soccer and going on surfing are his hobbies

Business: Besides acting he owns a motorcycle manufacturing company

Before his acting career, he devoted over ten years to music, playing bass guitar in the group “Dog Star”. Reeves has always played roles related to saving the world, and this has influenced his success. In addition to all awards and nominations, he is one of the wealthiest celebrities of this century. This guy doesn’t seem to care about money at all. Actors often buy gifts for the film crew when they finish the film, but Keanu has moved on. After shooting “Matrix”, he gave $80 million of his earnings in favor of a team of makeup artists and those who were engaged in special effects. Keanu thought that they deserve credit for the film as much as others. Interestingly, for the entire trilogy, he received $114 million. It turns out that he gave away most of his money. Even though he is rich, he is also lonely, because in his heart there is sediment from the past, when his father left him at three years.

9. Jackie Chan

Net worth: $350 million USD

Salary: $80 million yearly

Born: April 7, 1954

Country: Hong Kong

Occupation: Actor, Director, stunt performer, Musician, Martial artist, action choreographer, screenwriter

Education: Since he was not good at academics his parents had to sent him in an acting school where he did very splendid job in almost every sector

Famous movies: Rush Hour, Police Story 4: First strike, Armour of God, Police Story 3: Super Cop, Honorable Mentions, Wheels on Meals, The Accidental Spy and many more

Awards: Asia-Pacific Film Lifetime Achievement Award and Jury Award, 2014 Fellowship Award and many more

Wife: Joan Lin

Children: one son and one daughter

Passions: Traveling

Hobbies: Hanging out with all his script writers, training spar with his JC team and negotiating his movie scripts, playing baseball and reading books are his hobbies

Jackie Chan is one of the most popular action heroes in the world, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comedy gift, as well as the use of all kinds of “improvised means” in battles. He has starred in more than 100 films and is one of the most famous Asian actors in the world. In addition to movies, he also has a singing career – he sings songs in many of his films and has released albums since the 1980s. The relationship between father and son has not always been smooth. Chan is on the list of the world’s richest celebrities, but his only son will not get a penny. Jackie Chan then said about his son: “If he can do something, he’ll earn his own money. And if he can’t, he’ll spend mine for nothing”.

10. Jessica Alba

Net worth: $350 million USD

Salary: $10 million yearly

Born: April 28, 1981

Country: California, United States

Occupation: Acting and business

Education: Surprisingly she completed her graduation at the age of only 16

Famous movies: Sin City, Machete, Stretch, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Killer Inside Me, Never Been Kissed and many more

Awards: Best Actress on Television award, Best Supporting Actress Award, Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-series-Drama and many more.

Husband: Cash Warren

Children: Three

Hobbies: Shopping, cooking, dancing, swimming, playing golf and hanging out with her friends are her hobbies

House: She owns a mansion worth of $9.848 million

Cars: Toyota car worth of $55 thousands

Business: Founder of Honest Company

Actress Jessica Alba was first included in Forbes’ list of the richest women in the U.S., who made their fortune on their own. Alba was also included in the list of the youngest participants of the rating at the age of only 11 years, and won the acting competition and became a legend. It is her pride to do herself tricks in movies, such as hanging from a rope and making battle moves. Based on the fact that the actress at the Golden Globe ceremony in 2013 wearing a necklace worth 5.8 million dollars, Harry Winston, except for the necklace, exhibited a platinum ring with a diamond and earrings, so it makes no sense to discuss her money, everything is already clear.

The path to glory is not always easy. Hundreds of tests and challenges have to be passed, trying not to give up and firmly pursue their goal. This is the principle followed by many famous personalities who were not afraid of difficulties and reached great heights.

Could we call the kitchen the heart of the house?

I expect lots of people to agree that our day starts in the kitchen so the kitchen is one of the most essential places in our home.

Supposedly, everyone knows the phrase “Home, Sweet Home”. Unlikely you’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t know it. Being far away from home especially for a long time you often long to be home. This is probably the closest place to our hearts.

It is worth noting that the kitchen can be called not only aesthetic but also the social center of the house. Many of us have fond memories associated with this place.

Are you still in doubt? We have selected 8 reasons that will show you what role it plays in your daily life.

1. Homemade Food

There is a myth that the way to the human heart is through the stomach. You can deny it or be absolutely sure of it. But who will refuse to eat tasty food?

A kitchen is a wonderful place where you can create magic. You put your feelings in when you cook. From completely ordinary products, you can make delicious and nutritious food.

Remember the history, how many times ancient tribes started wars over food. This confirms it once again that eating is one of the fundamental needs. And in the kitchen, we can satisfy it.

Despite the fact that we can not always name other reasons, but is this not enough?

2. The Center and the Heart of your Home

No matter how many times you eat a day or what your favorite food is, you still go to the kitchen every day. Whether you want to drink tea, juice or cook a full meal, you will go to the kitchen anyway.

Researchers conducted a survey and found that at least 90% of participants start their day with the kitchen. This does not mean that you spend all your time there. But you must agree, how pleasant it is to cook something exquisite and delight yourself or your family members.

Please notice that the kitchen does not lose its necessity after the evening. It’s cozy to be able to go somewhere at any time and have a cup of hot cocoa.

3. Childhood Memories

Yes, you can say that we spend time in the bedroom, so we all need to sleep. However, it is in the kitchen that we can gather as a family for no particular reason. You will easily remember what warm memories you have.

First of all, we can think of family holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas. When you get together and prepare a holiday dinner. It is easy to remember that atmosphere of comfort. And then we feel things like smell, feelings, emotions. Some of you may also think of their mother’s breakfast or other family traditions. Do you remember the first time you managed to cook something yourself?

However, you would not have these memories if we did not have a kitchen and we simply did not have such a room.

4. Great way to Socialize

A large number of scientists agree that a kitchen is the first place where your children learn to cooperate and help others. As human beings are social beings, this is a very important habit that grows up in the kitchen. Children get acquainted with manners and social etiquette.

Children often help their parents in the kitchen. For instance, they arrange and remove dishes. This way they can become familiar with household duties and gradually help their parents more. One day they’ll learn to cook right there.

5. Developing of Tight Family Bonds

In many homes, there is not only a separate dining table but also an entire dining area. The family can come together and discuss the past day. It definitely helps you relax after a hard day’s work. It is most convenient for us to speak out when we are not experiencing tension. You can discuss plans or solve other problems.

No question, you can gather in the house and in other places, but in the kitchen, it is easier to do it all together. We may have different plans throughout the day, but we cross paths with other family members in the kitchen every day. Therefore, you can safely say that your relationship is growing stronger.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

A study conducted by the ‘National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse‘ at ‘Columbia University’ indicates those children who regularly take home-cooked meals in the family circle have higher school performance. It seems incredible. But think, children who are emotionally comfortable and generally happy don’t get distracted by their problems. It is easier for them to concentrate, and this can really affect the results.

The survey also reveals that children who have dinner with their family at least 4 times a week are less liable to use alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

7. The New Living Room

In recent decades, designers have stopped separating the kitchen into a separate room. They started experimenting with a more open space. Sometimes the kitchen is bounded from the living room only by a small partition or even a bar counter. So we have more time to spend in the kitchen. Now we have nothing to prevent us from communicating with another person.

Many kitchens also have more space so that you can put up a large dining table and meet not only family but also friends. Do you agree with how well thought out and comfortable it is?

Recently, a combined kitchen with a hall is gaining popularity. Why should we spend time and money in a separate room, if you can beautifully furnish one? Now, this trend in the real estate sector attracts the attention of buyers.

8. Hone your Skills

You can be anyone you want, cook as often as you want. But your skill improves over and over again. Cooking is not easy. But it’s nice to see the progress. In the kitchen, you can hone your skills and prepare more refined dishes or learn how to serve them beautifully. It takes effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

Year’s best: bedrooms

A person who can make their life comfortable will do so with every aspect of it. The way rich people decorate their bedrooms is not an exclusion, as for everyone this part of a house is a place to rest one’s mind and body. But is there a way to make your bedroom look fancier? This article will get you an insight into how some famous people sleep – and how you can be a little bit like them.

1. Baldwin Bedroom

Location: Long island

Attraction: customized blue bed and chair, super large space, white glassy false ceiling, chunky selenite chandelier

Materials: a silken wool Moroccan rug, Glassy false ceiling, restoration hardware chairs, Spanish tile

Expense: $2 Million USD

Baldwin spouses’ bedroom can only be described as splendid. A custom-built Ron dier chandelier and an ornate chimney both found their way into this room. At the same time, there is other bedroom furniture like two nightstands, Daniel Romanoff chairs, Spanish floor matt tiles and a box bed with Frette bedding. A nice final touch is a great balcony door.

2. Michael Bay’s Bedroom

Location: USA

Attraction: interior design by oak

Materials: velvet finish floor, modern bed, large space, large led, expensive ceiling design, attached balcony, attached bath, diamond shape glass furniture, expensive painting, high-end glass walls, light clothing, etc.

Expense: $430k US

This famous director’s room is another example of luxury. A bath, which can be accessed directly from the bedroom is separated only by a pitch-black wall. Other than an oak bed there is not much furniture in this room. A panoramic window, hidden behind a curtain, opens a magnificent view of the city landscape.

3. Kourtney Kardashian’s bedroom

Designer: Jeff Andrews

Location: California

Expense: $1 Million USD

Materials: Loro Piana wool linen, natural wool, wood, wallpaper

Attraction: Patterned curtains, Sentimental showpieces, Neon sign behind the bed, hotel vibe in the room, comfortable space, and wallpaper on the ceiling

The well-known star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ lives in a hotel-like room. She values style over comfort – no wonder given the fact that her room is designed by Jeff Andrews. White bedding contrasts with her big jet bed which is right in the middle of the room. Right next to it there is a bookshelf with some of her late father’s things: law books, a little old red shoe and else. What is remarkable is a neon sign on the wall behind the bed. A big flat-screen TV is placed on the other wall. The fluffy carpet that covers the floor makes the room even cozier.

4. The Underwater Bedroom

Location: Maldives

Attraction: Sleep with fishes

Materials: High-end glass finish, king bed, waterproof floor carpet, large 4k led, expensive bed clothing, etc.

Expense: $15 million USD

A quiet evening under the water is something unique, but not unheard of. Some people prefer to cover their bedroom walls with TV screens, however, in the Maldives Murakha hotel there are underwater rooms. In such suite only a plastic dome separates you from fish swarming around – by the way, which fish will it be is up to you.

5. Brian Atwood

Location: Milan

Expense: $300k USD

Attraction: Dramatic black wall, vintage hand chair, large space, simplicity

Materials: wood, wallpaper

Designer: Nate Berkus

Combining antique elements with modern designs is a trend that Brian Atwood follows. In his room, there are vintage pieces like a 17-century chair and modern parts like a little photo gallery and posters on the walls. The white middle-sized bed is rather basic but stylish.

6. Roberto Cavalli’s Bedroom

Attraction: Art collection

Location: Tuscan villa

Materials: Master bed, animal print, gilt-wood mirror, artwork, fur made duvet, excellent wall & floor finish, etc.

Expense: $55k USD

Roberto’s room is by far the most extravagant from this list. Decorated with a lot of animal prints, it has a blanket resembling zebra skin. Opposite the bed, there is a wall with a lot of magnificent art pieces hanging on it. A mirror, attached to the headboard, reflects the view of the high-class room.

7. Lindsey Buckinghum’s bedroom

Location: USA

Attraction: antique finish

Materials: antique floor, curtains, mirror, queen bed, glass finish, wardrobe, fireplace, yellow gold print electronics, sofa, etc.

Expense: $59k USD

Lindsey Buckinghum is an example of why beauty and quality are associated with money. He is a fan of the old, too, as he has a vintage ballroom chair, an 18-century desk, and a hundred-year-old chandelier all in his bedroom – all of these are antique and therefore quite expensive

8. Angelina Jolie’s Bedroom

Color: White

Attraction: Simplicity

Materials: bed, expensive furniture, attached bath, high curtains, fireplace, attached balcony, lights, sofa, marble tiles, off white ceiling, etc.

Expense: $40k USD

Nothing ordinary can’t be expected from a Hollywood actress, and her room is gorgeous, but modestly so. Decorated in beige and white, it represents Angelina’s view that the bedroom should be a place where not only one’s body rests, but soul too. The room’s color scheme is supposed to install peace in its inhabitant, and so it does. Bed and three chairs are the furniture she’s got in her room.

9. Lady Gaga’s Bedroom

Attraction: Private terrace

Location: Malibu estate

Materials: Queen bed, sea view balcony, antic furniture, antic lighting, high-end glass door, expensive carpet, exceptional ceiling finish, etc.

Expense: $32k USD

Lady Gaga is known for being exceptional. The same applies to her Malibu place, which has a small terrace with a fascinating view of the sea. However, her room from the inside is admirable too: as many of her star colleagues, she has an expensive chandelier decorated with gold, a large white bed with an ornate lamp on the nightstand. A TV in front of the bed complements such a room.

10. Mark Badgley and James Mischka’s bedroom

Designer: Kentucky getaways design team

Expense: $1,00,000

Materials: leather, wood, expensive lights, limited edition room color

Attraction: Needlepoint pillow, 19th century’s painting, Customized bed, antique door, antique room decorating things, etc.

These Hollywood sweethearts certainly have a thing for vintage. In their bedroom, there are art pieces such as an old Laurin Copen painting, a bed with Badgley Mischka Home sheets and a mirror wall. A custom-designed bed stands on a polished wooden floor and surrounded by painted grey walls.

11. The Light Bedroom

One of the many ways of how to make your room more appealing is by adding some light and color. For example, you can use multi-colored strip lights on your ceiling or under the bed, which would make it cozier at night.

12. Grass Bedroom

Perfect for nature lovers, this kind of room feels like a little field of your own. The bed – as are sheets and duvet – is covered with grass, which enhances the feeling of a nature getaway. Pro tip: a big mirror installed on the headboard will make the room look bigger.

13. Space Saving Bedroom

Attraction: convertible furniture

A spacious room is not always a big one. You can save some space by using multi-purpose furniture, such as a retractable bed that is also be a wardrobe, or have folding chairs. Hanging something on a wall will also help.

14. The Bubble Bedroom

Attraction: bubble bed

This room can be described using only one word: bubble. This bedroom looks like a bubble and has a lot of those in it, as the bed is made of big soft bubble-looking balls and can be recomposed in any other shape. To spend a day in a such fancy room you have to visit Aire de bardenas hotel in Spain.

10 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Peculiar

If you want to make your kitchen special, I will tell you about 10 modern ways to do it. A good housewife keeps her house clean and cozy, but for some women it’s not enough, they dream about beautiful and contemporary design in their favorite part of the house. So, I have some hints for you in this article.

These ideas of kitchen design are not very expensive, and they can fill your kitchen with fresh, luxury air. You will find the mix of cost, quality, original design, unique character in every offer.

1. Dream White Kitchen Ideas

Material: oak wood, steel, glass

Cost: $1,20,000 usd

Top designer company: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Attraction: Coffer like ceiling, Large area, Traditional curves in the interior design

Customer’s recommendation: 76% worldwide

Type of the Design: Traditional

This kitchen is made of the white wood and it costs approximately $1, 20,000. If you want to change something, go on with no doubts, let your fantasy work. For example, you can add more kitchen islands; buy a glassy sink. There can also be a kitchen cabinet around the whole area. The additional price for these will be about $70 000 Kitchen counter tops can be made of white marble. That will cost $20 000. If you don’t have an inspiration to figure out your own idea, call professionals for help. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is a very famous designer company in Dubai. They take about $20 000, but designers’ work is worth of such price, because they are very talented.

2. U- shaped Kitchen

Attraction: Mermaid island in the center, wood flooring, large space, crown molding

Cost: $1,00,000 usd

Material: Marble, Wood, glass

Type: Contemporary

Customer’s recommendation: 82%

Mermaid island in the center will make the kitchen very cozy, and if you put there aquarium with small colorful fish, calmness and good mood any time you visit the kitchen are guaranteed. A wooden plate with some kitchen cutlery may be used instead of the lid. This solution costs approximately $50,000.

3. Basement kitchen

Attraction: Placement of the kitchen, attached basement bar, false lightings

Cost: $5, 00,000

Customer’s recommendation: 70%

Materials: carpets, tiles, stone, marble

Type: Contemporary

Flooring material: wood

Nowadays, the idea of basement kitchen is very popular. Before making a decision to make the kitchen in your basement, think about some special requirements. First of all, it is very important to have good ventilation and fire safety. These will cost about $5000. You should also pay attention to lighting, because there are no windows and the sun light that comes through. So, it’s better to put many bright bulbs. One more way to do your kitchen light is to white color, under-counter and under-shelf lighting. One more advantage of having a basement kitchen is planning everything like you want. For example, if you dream about your own bar at home, and have your corner for relaxation, than the idea of a basement kitchen will suit you.

4. Dramatic Kitchen 

Attraction: False waterfall, different LED lights, very large area, works of shadow and light, Liner edge

Type: Trendy

Customer’s recommendation: 92%

Designer: Lida Cucina

Cost: $7, 00,000

Materials: LED lights, wood, wire, tiles, carpets, wallpaper

Flooring material: Spanish tiles

This type of kitchen is a play of colors and lights. Dramatic kitchen is usually made in dark colors, like dark gray; it will give the interior a contemporary edge. As for lighting, you can put LED strips with automatic color change. You can also use big area and make a false LED waterfall. Smooth Spanish glossy tiles are a good covering for the floor in this kitchen. Gaggenau kitchen equipment will look perfect. As for the island, a round breakfast bar with black leather chairs will be amazing in your dramatic kitchen.

5. Granite kitchen

Attraction: Use of granite, classy chandelier, plants on the top of upper cabinet

Cost: $6,00,000 usd

Material: Wood, tiles, Crystal fixtures

Flooring Material: Hardwood

Type: Contemporary

This type of kitchen is a play of colors and lights. Dramatic kitchen is usually made in dark colors, like dark gray; it will give the interior a contemporary edge. As for lighting, you can put LED strips with automatic color change. You can also use big area and make a false LED waterfall. Smooth Spanish glossy tiles are a good covering for the floor in this kitchen. Gaggenau kitchen equipment will look perfect. As for the island, a round breakfast bar with black leather chairs will be amazing in your dramatic kitchen.

6. Rustic Dream kitchen

Cost: $100,500 usd

Attraction: Rustic look, beamed ceiling, antique things, wallpaper

Materials: Wood

Customer’s recommendation: 80%

Type: Contemporary

This kitchen idea will fill your house with the atmosphere of village. In order to make your kitchen rural, you have to choose suitable wallpaper, buy dark equipment and cabinets, put some old carpets on the floor and find antique chairs. Wood-beamed ceiling will look fantastic. The kitchen island may be made around the room, and put the dining table in the middle. This type of kitchen is very popular in Canada.

7. Curved kitchen

Attraction: Very detailed curves, light works, sleek outlook

Materials: Wood, stone, tiles, led, etc

Customer’s recommendation: 78%

Cost: $128,300

Curved kitchens are safe for children and comfortable for adults. Thanks to curves, the kitchen is seems bigger and there are many drawers. In this kitchen you can play with colors and light. For example, you can use red and white marble and put LED lights under the curves. I also suggest placing a breakfast bar around the island. Follow my recommendations and your curved kitchen will look classy.

8. Giant island kitchen

Attraction: Large Island, large space, light works

Materials: Tiles, marble

Cost: $1,19,400 usd

Customer’s Recommendation: 76%

Type: Trendy

Curved kitchens are safe for children and comfortable for adults. Thanks to curves, the kitchen is seems bigger and there are many drawers. In this kitchen you can play with colors and light. For example, you can use red and white marble and put LED lights under the curves. I also suggest to place a breakfast bar around the island. Follow my recommendations and your curved kitchen will look classy.

9. Ornate Luxury Kitchen

Attraction: curved ceiling, matching kitchen appliance, inbuilt oven, many cabinets, inbuilt sink, and curved floor

Cost: $1,14,300 usd

Customer’s recommendation: 91%

Type: Traditional

The peculiarity of this kitchen is worth of admiration. Curved cabinets, ceiling and even floor are very common for this design idea. You should pay attention to the kitchen appliance; it should match the interior design. I recommend you to have inbuilt sink and oven. Light here is very important, too. You can put LED lights to make the ceiling visually higher and the floor glossier. A couple of expensive chandeliers will make your kitchen first-class. Cree and Eaton manufacture and Hunter Douglas will be the best choice for the design of your extraordinary kitchen.

10. Backsplash king kitchen

Attraction: Amazing backsplash, LED light

Designer: Cabinet Solution Inc

Cost: $3,00,000 usd

Type: Transitional

If you like this option, you should emphasize on backsplashes. In my opinion, tiles is the most practical, but you can also look through some other options, such as mosaic glass, stainless steel or even marble. No matter what you choose, make the kitchen island of the same material. One more idea is inbuilt kitchen cabinetry that will leave more space and have a magnificent look. The best helper in this part is Cabinet Solution Inc. as for lighting, I recommend you to put some LED stripes around the backsplash and under the counter top of the island.

So, I gave you 10 wonderful ideas for building your kitchen due to your requirements and individual style. I hope this information was useful. Have a good kitchen.

How Rich People Entertain In 2021

What kind of hobbies would you have if you were rich? Take your time to answer. Of course, there are those hobbies which require a lot of money, but what are they? Collecting designer’s clothes, art or alpinism?

People who own companies, factories, and plants, need some rest as much as we do. But, unlike us, they may afford everything in this life. We would like you to get familiar with these luxury hobbies – they will literally shock you!

Scuba Diving

Rich people often choose extreme hobbies. Their lives are different and full of problems which we wouldn’t understand. That’s why they choose this thrilling, risky hobby. The equipment costs around $500, but you also must have a scuba diving certificate, and that requires $300-$400 more. They can be given by ACDC, ACUC, AED. Scuba diving has also some risks to be taken into account. They include decompression sickness, drowning, etc.

Some factors are impacting on diver’s death, so please be careful. Temporary or chronic breathing difficulties and diseases may affect your safety. You need also to evaluate the environmental issues of the place you’re going to dive. Cheap equipment may easily let you down at depth – don’t spare your money when buying it.

Conquering the heights

Climbing mountains is a truly expensive hobby. Before your first climb, you should work out a lot to make your body strong, which takes money. Then you need to buy the necessary equipment, which can’t be cheap, because your life depends on the price of your rope and bag. Besides, don’t forget that you have to carry heavy things, like a tent, some drugs in case of emergency, camping utensils. You may travel alone or with friends. Naturally, you can’t climb without permission. It will cost something too. There’s no certain price, but the average cost of climbing equipment costs approximately $420. It depends on the kind of your climbing shoes, harness, helmet, etc.

Taking care of animals

What’s unusual in that, you think? Nothing apart from the price and the size. For example, Kristen Stewart has a wolf at home! Mike Tyson, who used to be a boxer, spends $4000 monthly to take care of his personal tiger. You see that rich people prefer to have unusual and expensive pets at home. Kirstie Alley hired two people taking care of her lemur at a cost of $40-$50k a year. Those who really love animals will never regret that money, which they spent on them. Especially when they’re rich. But if you have no money for a tiger, you can buy a spider or a bat. Some get even donkeys. Of course, for having such a pet you should have enough space for it.

Snake at home is very challenging as a pet. But a Lavender Albino Ball Python requires food just once a week if you are too busy to feed your pets. Guns’N’Roses guitarist Slash has a lot of boas and pythons. His pet Pandora appeared in a video clip in 1989. Actress Tippi Hedren keeps a lion, who sometimes even slept with her daughter! You can buy a snake on a website and even get a guarantee. There you will also find all the necessary information. The cheapest reptiles and snakes cost about $75 and higher – $600-$800. Those who dream about a bird may buy exotic Purple Granadier Finch or Opal-Rumped Tanager for the price of $600-$800.


This hobby is not less dangerous than scuba diving. But many prosperous people pay to jump from the airplane, to feel flying in the skies, enjoying incredible views. But before the flight, you’d better take some courses, and they cost around $1250. Mount Everest is a beloved place for skydiving. It costs $320 for a jump from 12500 ft. The Namib Desert will give you an impressive view of Namibia. Not cheap, isn’t it? Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, Denarau Island attract thousands of tourists wishing to do skydiving. You can jump alone or in a tandem, which is cheaper. But, besides the jump, you need to buy the tickets, probably find a local guide, and that makes the trip really expensive.

Collecting cars

If a child collects toy cars, there’s nothing special. When a rich person collects real expensive cars, it’s an elite class hobby. After buying, every car should be treated carefully, which very few can afford. Popular celebrities, whose annual income is large enough to buy the newest cars, as well as antique ones, often choose it as their hobby. They may cost more than modern cars. Wycleaf Jean, a Haitian rapper, has a huge car collection. It includes McLaren F1, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage, Cadillac Eldorado. Patrick Dempsey, a famous actor, has ten cars, which is not a large amount. But unlike Floyd Mayweather, who owns over 100 cars and never uses some of them, Patrick drives all his cars. He believes that they shouldn’t just stay in the garage. He treats every car as a personality.

Some celebrities prefer only one style or even one mark. Jerry Seinfeld has 43 Porsches. He earns $820 billion a year, so buying a new car for him is like buying new shoes for us.

To collect cars, you should have money not only for their purchase but also for their maintenance. A member of a ruling family, undoubtedly, can afford it. Middle East’s prince has a fine collection. A comedian Jay Leno has 130 cars and 90 motorcycles.

Mr. Bean, or, being precise, Rowan Atkinson, is a car lover too. He collects the most exquisite cars in the world. There are cars like Aston Martin v8, Bentley Mulsanne and a purple McLaren F1.

Romance of dancing

If you were lucky to take ballroom dancing, you must know that this hobby is considered to be the most romantic and beautiful in the world. The difference is that rich people attend the best teachers’ classes and pay $10000 yearly. The price of learning dancing is various, but the prestigious dance school, which the rich people prefer, are not cheap. The new-brand dancing dresses may cost $300-$1000. The nicest part of ballroom dancing is traveling around the world with the dancing program. A bright example is Kryklyvyy, a famous professional ballroom dancer and a 5-time United States Champion.

Traveling around the world

Nowadays more and more people can afford to travel. But only people who have money can make it their hobby. The top-ranked tour agencies are Classic Journeys, Gray&Co, Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel, Scott Dunn and Terra Incognita Ecotour. They help tourists organize their vacation: guide service, booking tickets, and hotels, etc. Many countries from all continents find their fans, but the most popular are China, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, and Thailand.

A social star Kate Mcculley, best known for her travel blog “Adventurous Kate”, has visited 83 countries. Keirsten, a girl from California, has been traveling for 5 years. We don’t know if she’s super-rich, but the fact she’s working with top brands and sponsors, speaks for itself. Keirsten has a blog “The Blonde Abroad”. How much do you think it costs visiting at least 10-15 countries? You can find many travel bloggers on YouTube and subscribe to their channels, to learn their lifehacks about traveling. All these travelers, surely, have the means for their hobby.

Flying like a bird

How wonderful is a flight in a hot balloon! But this romantic journey requires money and some physical training. You have to learn how to ride first. A person who will help you in case of an emergency should also go with you by car. You need to pay for his service too. Hot air balloon riding is not possible in bad weather, because it may be dangerous. There should be no rain, no fog, and wind. Buying an average hot air balloon costs $25000. A used balloon will be cheaper. If you use local agencies’ services, each ride will cost you $250-$300.

Spending money for the sake of art

This is not just a rich people’s hobby, it can bring you real money! A picture by an unknown artist may cost several times more in a few years. Leonardo Da Vinci, whose real name was Salvatore Mundi, painted Jesus Christ on request of Louis XII. Da Vinci remains popular for many years and even decades and even now people buy his paintings for crazy money. Eli and Edyth Broad have a public art gallery. Kenneth C. Griffin, the hedge fund billionaire, is one of the world’s top art collectors. Another art collector Steve Cohen has paintings and sculptures, valued at $1 billion. A Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has an art gallery, including works by Francis Bacon, and Lucien Freud. Hans Adam II, the Prince of Liechtenstein, is an owner of a 300-years old private art gallery. There are some paintings by Raphael and Rubens. But the most valuable art collection on Earth belongs to Nahmad brothers. It worths over $3 billion. Its net worth is not a surprise, given the fact that they own the masterpieces by Picasso and Van Gogh, whose names knows everyone.


An aquarium itself is not a big deal. But large, luxurious aquariums with the rarest fish cost not less than $600. Platinum Arowana is being sold for $400,000. It’s an amazing colorful fish, difficult to breed. Such famous fish as Neptune Grouper, Bladefin Basslet, cost a fortune.

This list is still incomplete. If you have money, you can afford such things as:

  • Car racing, which can set you back up to $100,000.
  • Poker, taking serious financial risks. High-stakes make it a hobby for rich men.

We could continue till the morning!

Luxury TVs in 2021 all over the world

Here is the top 10 of the most luxurious and most class TVs in 2020. Did you know that a super TV controls part of our lives? TVs can also control our social value. The fact is that if you have at least one TV from this list, which I shared with you, you will communicate with you in a special way. Many of us are content with a simple, cheap TV. But some of us have different thoughts about it.

Let’s take a look at the list of expensive, cool, luxury TVs in 2020 around the world. Consider pricing, brand, screen sizes, display types, resolutions, processors, technology, warranty, and more.

1. Samsung QLED 8K – Luxury TV

Price: 8K regulation $3499 / 4K regulation $1798

Screen size: 82 inches

Box included: 1 box with the internet, HDMI, USB

Display type: 16 times better than FHD

Pixels: 33 million

Warranty: 10 years

Resolution: 8k

Processor: Quantum processor

Technology: Quantum HDR 8, 100% ACQ LED technology

Specialty: ambient mood supportive, Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65

At the moment it is considered the most powerful and luxury TV. It is not for nothing that he takes the first place. It was with him that the period of smart television began. You can start getting acquainted with TVs and get a lot of experience. It has 33 million pixels and 8k resolution, so the details and pictures are very clear. The image quality is super. Everything is at the height. Everything looks real for this Quantum HDR 8 technology. This helps us get HDR up to 10+, including a high dynamic range. You will not be able to miss any small details or shades of color on this TV.

This TV gives you all the shades and colors that are available in this world. You can switch on this TV with an absolutely different mood because it’s a complicated TV. You can also match the wallpaper of your TV with the color of your home wall. It has a remote control with a wonderful and smooth appearance along with Google assistant, Apple Airplay, Office 65, which elevates it and surpasses other TVs. You can also download various applications to it. Some customers complain about their unwieldy. But we recommend it 100%.

2. OnePlus TV Q1 Pro (Luxury TV)

Price: $1250

Screen size: 55 inches

Display type: QLED bezel-less display

Type: smart TV OS, android, web OS

Warranty: 8 years

Resolution: 4k

Pixel: 2160

Processor: Gamma color magic processor

Technology: Quantum DOT technology, miracast screen, mirroring supporting

Specialty: Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, receive software update for 3 years, Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65, Bluetooth 5.0, Amazon, Alexa, voice control, HDMI, HDR, smart volume control

Speaker: 8 Speakers with 50w output

Thickness: less than 10 mm

Powered by: MediaTek MT5887

One plus TV works on Oxygen OS TV together with android TV OS TV. This TV supports HDR, which gives us excellent picture quality with sharp details. Great choice! It has 8 speakers. They can be controlled remotely, as well as voice control, which makes life much easier for us. Alexa and Google assistants are also available. The remote control has a dedicated video recording button. It has a google play store for applications and 3 GB of RAM. There is also a great function here. This TV automatically decreases the volume when a phone call arrives. The ports are hidden very carefully behind the magnetic backplate.

3. Samsung PS63B680 – Luxury TV

Price: $3125

Screen size: 63 inches

Type: plasma

Color: ruby black

Warranty: 7 years

Resolution: 1920

Pixel: 1080

Display: FHD, 3D comb filter

Specialty: stereo playback, Google assistant, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI, HDR

Speaker: 2 speakers with 30w output

Weight: 52.9 kg

Connectivity: HDMI input, VGA input, USB port

The attractive appearance of this TV can be spoken for hours. It’s beautifully designed to fit into your stylish living room and enhance your TV experience. This plasma has excellent characteristics. But there is one small minus. The TV is slightly heavy. But all the pluses obscure this minus. Its display supports 3D and full HD. HDR-enabled technology gives the display a clear look and a clear picture.

4. Sharp LB 1085 – Luxury TV

Price: $1200

Screen size: 108 inch

Display type: LCD

Brightness: 400cd

Type: Smart TV

Warranty: 10 years

Resolution: 1920

Pixel: 1080

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Processor: quantum processor

Specialty: DVI digital input, HDMI, HDR, smart volume control

Speaker: 3 speakers with 50 Watts

Weight: 429 lbs.

AND this TV has a very useful function for our health. NAMELY the eye protection function. It also has a black executive look. It is on top of the online stores. People leave hundreds of enthusiastic reviews. Clear brightness, superb picture quality. WHAT else is needed to use the TV? According to a survey of buyers, 89% of people recommend it and have only positive emotions from using this TV. This is the world’s largest, most affordable LCD screen available on Amazon.

5. LG C9 (Luxury TV)

Price: $4997

Screen size: 77 inch

Display type: OLED display

Resolution: 3840

Pixel: 2160

Processor: a9 Gen 2 intelligent processor

Specialty: LG Thinq Al, Google assistant, apple airplay, Alexa, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1 connectivity

Thickness: 0.1 inch

Weight: 55.6 pounds

Technology: webOS 4.0

Ports: 4 HDMI 2.1, 3 USB

HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

Audio: eARC improved version

This very clever OLED TV is presented in three different sizes with 3 different prices. One of the highly appreciated TV in the technology market. A wonderful, professional sound system and picture quality bring the era of TV to a new level. But there is one minus. The high price, as the buyers note. It has a matt metal finish with web OS technology. It’s lightweight, thin, so you can fix it anywhere. The most popular reviews of this show that this slim TV will lure you to buy it. It has the fastest intelligent processor. Here apply Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon Video, Alexa. HDMI provides a great gaming experience. You will enjoy games and graphics. You can easily connect it to any Apple device and enjoy a wireless sound system. This is one of our main recommendations. You can easily book and purchase it on Amazon right now!

6. Sony BraviaAF9

Price: $5205

Display: 65″

Resolution: 4k

Weight: 23.8 kg

Technology: Android

Storage: 16 GB

Ports: 1 Ethernet input, 1 RF connection input,2 IF connection, USB port

Audio: 13w output, Actuator and Subwoofer speaker

Connectivity: Bluetooth version 4.2, Wi-fi


Sony BRAVIA AF9 is another TV model in the smart technology market. This works on Android and GPU x1. The device is very light, with excellent new features. It is so beautiful and beautiful that you want to touch it all the time after purchase. The AF9 has a contrast and color amplifier that gives it sharp images and graphics. It has a drive and a subwoofer speaker that receives sound in several dimensions. Users are very satisfied with their service. This TV is also available in online stores.

7. Panasonic GZ2000

Price: $5726

Display size: 65″

Design: flat

Display type: OLED

Resolution: 4k

Specialty: HDR 10+, HCX Pro Video processor, Dolby Vision, professional edition OLED panel, 2.0 HDMI, Wi-fi, Bluetooth

Audio: 140w

Ports: USB, Ethernet

Weight: 34 kg

You can understand the difference between this and another OLED TV in the market right after watching. The ports are neatly hidden behind the plastic back. You can easily fix it anywhere. It is not bulky and weighs little. Sound and picture quality will certainly impress you. HDR 10+ helps you get crisp, detailed images. Customers often talk about enjoying the game. There is one minus. This does not support applications properly.

8. Philips 55OLED804

Price: $1938

Display size: 55″

Technology: android 9.0

Weight: 22.5 kg

Specialty: Netflix, Google assistant, Aalexa, TV light show technology

Dimensions: 71 x 123 x 5cm

Ports: 4X HDMI, 2X USB

If you want to improve the quality of the time spent watching TV, you can buy it. You will get unforgettable emotions, I guarantee you. It will highlight the beauty of your room with its super-slim display and lightweight body. He has a TV light show technology that creates a special sense of cinematic vision. Colors and shades are bright, life-like. It will always give you a good mood. This is a great device for audio and music at full volume. Of the disadvantages: Dissatisfaction of customers with dark details. But is this a significant minus?

9. LG E9

Price: $3297

Display size: 65″, 4k class

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)

Ports: USB ports

Specialty: glass body, LG, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Alexa, Google assistant, magic remote, Netflix connectivity, HDR10, Object Depth Enhancer, intelligent voice recognition

Processor: LG α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor

Audio: 60w output

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IP control, HDMI, smartphone connectivity

LG has never allowed itself to disappoint its customers. E9 is one of its best models. This smart device has all the important things we need when using the TV. Its smooth and modern model brings you to the heart. This is the best gaming TV according to customer feedback. The depth amplifier gives a 3D effect while watching your favorite movies. You’ll get the built-in application and the fastest browser. This TV has excellent sound quality. It also has a built-in voice recognition function. You can rest assured that it has the truest processor.

10. Hisen O8B

Price: 65″ $599.99 / 50″ $379.99

Display size: 55″, 4k

Display type: ultra HD, OLED

Pixel: 8 million pixel

Ports: 2 USB ports

Specialty: Dolby vision, Dolby Atmos, Alexa, 4 HDMI, 1ARC, smooth motion, Google assistant, Netflix connectivity, HDR10, deep black 10 bit color depth, 178 degree angle of visibility

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, smartphone, Bluetooth

There are hundreds of reviews about this device that are positive. The company claims that each pixel is important, and they provide 8 million pixels for their device. This is almost insanity. You can enjoy super-sharp color quality. Every shade and hundreds of different shades are visible here. This device is very thin but strong. They claim that their TV is 50% faster than others. The era of smart TV comes, so it’s not a problem if your cable just stops working. Manufacturers claim that you can see everything clearly from anywhere, as they cover 178 degrees. Customers say they have sharp picture quality, a great audio system, very stylish, easy to use. But there are also not very good comments. For example, their poor motion processing, color quality. But it’s still one of the most remarkable TVs you can have.

So, these are the coolest, smartest and luxurious TVs you can have in your collection in 2020.

Top 10 unimaginably comfortable small houses


Location: Canada

Size: 340 square feet

Owner: Green living Project

Attractions: electric drawbridge deck

Selling price: $65000 USD

This tiny marvelous house is created by a Green living project. From the first sight, it looks pretty small and inconvenient, but only from the first sight. It has a frame construction made from wood, electric brakes and an excellent water system with a good 200L rain barrel and holding tank. Thankfully to the nice HVAC system and 11kw stored energy, you will never face problems with energy.

All door locks are made of hard metal and, as a bonus, doors from the restroom and bath-room are made from barn wood. Drawbridge deck — is also an amazing addition to the house. Price to purchase — USD 65000.

Alpha Tiny House

Size: 240 Square feet

Owner: Frontier Tiny Homes

Attractions: Jacuzzi bathtub

Selling price: $95000 USD

Why this tiny house has been called luxury? Jacuzzi bathtub, dining table of 8 seats, metal roof, huge garage-style glass doors, wooden floor and even more — are only a few things included in that “mansion”, which will make u feel as good as in a huge house. Also, the building has hidden storage where you can keep all your stuff, and past through which you will get to the bedroom with a king-size bed.

Each room, including the kitchen and bathroom, is enriched with all brand-new and modern facilities. Moreover, the main bathroom’s attraction is the Jacuzzi tub, composting toilet, and comfortable full-sized shower. You can get the house for 95000 USD.


Location: Canada

Size: 337 Square feet

Owner: Zero Squared

Attractions: Pushing the button for more space

Selling price: $75000 USD

The “Zero squared” had been trying to build a unique house, combined with technologies and modern design, and they got successful in it. The main attraction of this building is the button which can increase the amount of free space inside from 8.6 to 15.1 feet.

Everything inside the house is well-organized. For example, there is a king-sized bed that can be pulled down and become a dining table of 4 seats, metal roof, wooden walls, split air conditioner and composting toilet. A huge advantage of this “Tiny Paradise” is using green energy, provided by a solar panel system on the roof. To pre-order this tiny modern house, you have to pay 75000 USD.

Brown Bear

Size: 28*8*13.6 feet

Owner: Alpine Tiny Homes

Attractions: Solar Generator

Selling price: 73000 USD

This tiny house is a real dream for a family who wants to have a life far away from big cities and use green energy. It has a king-sized bed for parents and a smaller one in loft-style for children. The “building on wheels” has everything that you need for a comfortable life: kitchen with a huge cabinet and all the facilities, a big sofa, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, shower and composting toilet. The reason you must pick exactly this house is a solar generator system. That’s really an amazing thing. The price of this inspiring house 73000 USD.

Vintage XL

Size: 355 Square feet

Owner: Vintage

Attractions: 8 people’s accommodation

Selling price: 73,400 USD

Vintage XL is another great project of “Vintage” company, that can accommodate 8 people within using floor space. A couch in the lounge area can be pulled into a double bed. The floor of the house equipped with a queen-sized bed and some cabinets. Just like in all our previous houses, the kitchen has everything you might need: sink, cooker, refrigerator, air conditioner. Same situation with the bathroom, where you will find showers and composting toilets. The price is 73,400 USD.

Tiny Slice in Seattle

Size: 9*14 feet

Owner: Clay Wallace

Attractions: Garden Area

Selling price: $500,000

Mint colored kitchen, dining room, garage space, and custom-build windows are everything you need to create a beautiful house! Two beds and two bathrooms making living there even more convenient. The simple garden full of green shades of trees and hedge, perfect home appliances with natural light penetrating design is the main attractions of that natural heaven. You can become an owner of this unique building for 500,000 USD.

Covo Mio

Size: 330 Square feet

Owner: Portland’s Covo Tiny Homes

Attractions: Tiny Tech world

Selling price: 100,000\59,999 USD (Standart)

This house is a perfect example of the advancement of 21st-century technologies. Bluetooth sound system, 50 inch TV, LED lights, door locked and much more controlled by a smartphone. It has Amazon echo and USB-chargers everywhere. The “technological mansion” is mostly made of wood.

The ground floor has a simple living room and kitchen with all the required facilities. Cute small but functional bedroom and bathroom with composting toilet are included. To become an owner of a highly-developed house of the future you need to pay 100,000 USD for all facilities, or 59,999 USD for the Standard version.

Hawaiian Hillside Cottage

Location: Ohia Forest

Size: 400 Square feet

Attractions: Enjoying a Wildlife

Selling price: 640,000 USD

This house is unmovable unlike others, but that doesn’t mean it is worse than the others. It contains a single bed, shower, electric fireplace, all the furniture you may need, and necessities, such as AC, TV, washing machine, etc.

The main difference between the house and the rest of them is that this one combines both modern comfort and wildlife at ones. The price is a little high, but it definitely worth it — 680,000 USD.

Silo Florida

Size: 453 Square feet

Attractions: House on the 75-acre land

Selling price: $200,000

The Silo house is an amazing combination of traditional vibes and modern tech. When you step inside you will feel very differently, thanks to the round shape of the house. Also, it has a rest-zone with a dining table on the outside. The building itself has been divided into two parts. The first one contains a normal-sized living room and a neat kitchen, and the second one – a comfortable bedroom and bathroom. To look at life from the round corner you can for 200,000 USD.


Size: 300 Square feet

Owner: New Frontier Tiny Homes

Attractions: Family size tiny home

Selling price: $139,900

This company is known for its well-designed house “Alpha” and it is their new addition for family living. A garage that looks like doors, kitchen with dishwasher and sliding glass doors are a nice addition to the house. You can invite your friends anytime because the place has two separate bedrooms upstairs and downstairs and has enough space for 12 people to have dinner.

The bathroom there has a shower, sink, closet, and composting toilet. To grab that miracle of architecture you need to have 139,900 USD in your pocket.

Top 10 most bizarre residential buildings in the World 2021

Let’s look at 10 unusual houses that will take you to a Paradise of places to live. Dreams should not remain just dreams, they should be realized, and it does not matter whether you are rich or poor. Today you will be inspired by the amazing designs of luxury homes.

Of course, you will like one of the dream homes of 2020 and you will come to mind to make your paradise out of something inconspicuous. Each person is talented and creative in his own way. To understand this, let’s dive into our imaginations and dreams together.

1. The Museum of Textile

Owner: Jeff Bezos

Location: Washington DC

Architect: John Russell pope

Attraction: The garden-room

Price: $23 million for building and $12 more for the modification

The building was intended to make a home for themselves and their families, as for most owners. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has 5 homes, but the largest home in Washington, DC is considered an incredible textile Museum. The area of this house is 27 thousand square feet. This luxurious home of Jeff combines two different mansions connected by a path. “The castle” includes 11 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 5 living rooms, 2 elevators, a huge ballroom, 191 doors, 5 living rooms, 5 staircases, 3 kitchens, 2 libraries, 2 gyms, and a garden room.

2. Houseboat

Owner: Tom Hanks

Location: Seattle, Washington

Designed by: Vandeventer, Carlander Architects

Attraction: Little boat journey for entering into the home

Price: $3.5 million

If you wanted to get into a fairy tale, then you are here. The houseboat is a boat that has been created or converted for permanent living on board. You can live with pleasure and comfort there. The house is well equipped with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a roof terrace, a boat lift and much more. Is there anything better?

3. The project «Seahorse»

Owner: Richard Branson

Location: Dubai

Architect: Kleindienst Architects

Attraction: underwater rooms, the glassy room on the upper floor of the house

Price: $3.3 million

Floating villas combine modern innovations, a high level of comfort and spectacular views. Such a three-story house is everyone’s dream. Panoramic windows on the lower deck (underwater) – for aesthetic delight, as the view from the window opens to a private coral garden with colorful fish. On the lower level, there is a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and 2 bathrooms.

On the second floor, there is a kitchen, living room, hall, bathroom. On the top floor there is a Jacuzzi, shower and an open living area that can be converted into an open bedroom where you can sleep at night under the starry sky. Sounds like a dream? And the whole area is made of glass walls. I really want to go there.

4. Narrow House

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Owner: Etgar Keret

Purpose: To be used by different artists

Architect: Jakub Szczesny

Price: $61,000

“Skinny House” is a two-story building that is known as the narrowest. Its maximum width is 5 feet and its minimum width is 3 feet. The highlight of this house is not only in its size but also in the fact that it has everything you need: a kitchen, a bathroom, 2 Windows that never open, a dining room and a bedroom with a small bed. To get to the right room, a ladder will help, and neighboring houses help to equip with electricity. If you are interested in this type of accommodation, you can contact the owner of the hotel Keret.

5. The transparent house in Tokyo

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Owner: Sou Fujimoto

Attraction: glassy wall, the view from the house, a huge amount of daylight

Architect: Sou Fujimoto Architects

Price: $4 million

Where else can they come up with something so unusual that no one else thinks of it? In Japan, of course. The Japanese decided to do something similar, and they succeeded. In the house, however, not everything is transparent and this is the bathroom. But most of the rooms are really completely transparent. On a sunny day, all the rooms of a transparent house are literally flooded with light, to hide from prying eyes, its residents need to try. The space of the house, which is 914 square feet. The house has a modern kitchen, and bedrooms and chic recreation areas with panoramic windows. There is a car parked in the lower part of the house.

6. «The world standing on its head»

Location: Trassenheide, Germany

Owner: Toppels

Architect: Polish architect Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk

Purpose: tourist attraction

Price: 220K USD

Built-in 2008 in Northern Germany, the upside-down house was the first lower house built in Germany but it wasn’t the last. To turn everything upside down in life, it is enough to visit the most insane asylum in the world. Tourists from different parts of the country come here to see the most ordinary things from an unusual perspective. The house does not leave anyone indifferent. This place was not living, and travel to see him people come from all over Germany. Not only do chairs, a sofa, and a table hang over your head, but objects on the table don’t fall in a hurry either. If such a thing fell on your head, it wouldn’t seem too bad. The topsy-turvy house aimed to give visitors a different view of everyday things.

7.  A flying saucer

Location: Signal Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Owner: Curtis King

Designer: UFO house design

Cost: 250K USD

The building is built in the shape of a flying saucer and fully justifies this name, because it has a round shape, small square Windows-portholes and even itself landing strip – a light path leading to the house. Inside is a sliding ladder in the form of a ladder that can be pulled out at the touch of a button. The house is 2,000 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Curtis King originally built this fantastic home for his son, and now rents it out every year.

8. House – Toilet

Location: Suweon, South Korea

Owner: previously, Sim Jae Duck, presently, the government.

Designer: Sim Jae Duck

Cost: $1.1 million

This is an unusual building, very similar in shape to a toilet, which is located in Korea. It has two floors, the pride of the house is three luxury toilets. Architect Sim Jae Duck is a member of the world toilet Association and Chairman of the Assembly’s Organizing Committee. He built it in 2007. The main feature of the house is not that it is the only one in the world, but a symbolic hole in the roof. After the death of Sim Jae Duck, the government turned his house into a real Museum – a toilet theme Park.

9. Plane Home

Location: theUSA 

Owner: Zuyan

Designer: Bruce Campbell

Price: Total $30,000 to turn into home. $24,000 for renovating the inside

One day Zuyan had an idea to buy an old passenger plane Boeing 727 for $2000 and turn it into his home. He set up his new apartment outside of the city-the delivery cost him $4000. The cabin has undergone quite a serious alteration. The man put the cockpit of it in order, making a jacuzzi there. There is a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and he needed $24000 to renovate.

10. The House over the waterfall

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright

Owner: Edgar J Kaufmann

Attraction: view from the house

Price: 345k USD

The name of the house is explained by the fact that it stands above a small waterfall. Soon after completion, the house gained a reputation as a benchmark and a showcase of organic architecture. The house was originally intended for holidays but eventually became a Museum. This “flying” over rocks and streams of water house is a classic of modernist architecture, one of the most famous buildings of the XX century and definitely the best work of Wright. His project was included in the top 28 places to visit before you die. For fifty years, the “Fallingwater house” is a Museum that has been visited by about two million people. The flow of tourists does not stop – many people want to see this legendary architectural masterpiece and the arena of human drama with their own eyes. This house leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of everyone.

Please leave a review of your favorite and emotional projects you have seen here.

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