2021 best lipstick brands worldwide

If there is anything you wanted to know about the best lipstick brands in the world today, you would find it in this article. Why did we decide to speak about this topic?

Because lipstick is a part of your everyday look, an image of a person, which plays a big role in selling yourself as a reliable and trustful partner in whatever you plan to do.

People usually think about proper clothes and accessories for everyday life and different situations. But what about cosmetics? We believe that nowadays it is one of the main details to accompany the idea of who you have chosen to be that morning. Let’s take a look at the list we prepared below.

You will find not only the names of the most famous and qualitative cosmetics producers but also necessary data such as cost, main features, manufacturer details, country of origin, warranty, etc.


Brand Country: New York, United States

Started: 1915 (New York City)

Founder: Thomas Lyle Williams

Net Worth: $398 Billion USD

Popular Models: Made For All Lipstick by Color Sensational, Shine Compulsion Lipstick Makeup by Color Sensational, SuperStay Ink Crayon Lipstick, Matte Longwear Lipstick Makeup.

Best Model: Color Sensational® The Creams, Cream Finish Lipstick Makeup ($7.49)

Organization: L’Oréal

Nominations: Shorty Industry Award for Best Multi-Platform Campaign

If you like a big range with special colors and different finishes, shades and consistency, you are already a fan of this brand. One of the most popular Maybelline lipstick collections is the Creamy Matte range, which makes an effect of a semi-matte finish on your lips and looks gorgeous. It’s like a compromise for those people who don’t like fully matte lips but want to follow trends: The Creamy Matte will remain on your lips for a while for two hundred ninety-nine dollars per item.

The other nice choice is a Matte Ink Liquid collection, which can be found in the Maybelline Superstore. This range is good for those who don’t want to feel anything on their lips or is ready for a light cover. The cost is about six hundred fifty dollars for 10 ml. The company promises that it will remain on your lips not less than 16 hours. It can be less, but anyway the quality and the touch of this lipstick are so soft and we believe it will cost you nothing to spend some time to put it again on your lips. Moreover, this collection has a wide range of 33 colors for every type of skin.


Brand Country: New York, United States

Started: 1 March 1932 (New York City)

Founder: Joseph Revson, Charles Revson, Charles Lachman

Total Assets: $3.024 Billion USD

Popular Models: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate™ Liquid Lipstick

Best Model: Super Lustrous™ Lipstick, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™, ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ Lipstick.

Organization: MacAndrews & Forbes

Industry: Internet Based

An interesting feature of this cosmetics manufacturer is that almost all Revlon lipsticks have the same smell, which is very attractive and unusual. All collections are long-lasting, look elegant and eye-catching, especially, their matte range – one of the strongest matte series of all.


Brand Country: Mumbai, India

Started: 2012, India

Founder: Falguni Nayar

Net Worth: $750 Million USD

Popular Models: Not Found

Best Model: Not Found

Organization: Not Found

Nominations: Not Found

We should place Nykaa in the one raw with Revlon when speaking about matte lipsticks, for sure: their Ultra Matte range has been a worldwide bestseller for quite a time. The cost is up to five hundred ninety-nine dollars and the amount of shades is 18 units. The colors are not unique, but the consistency is very light and it’s pleasant to wear this lipstick on your lips. However, if you don’t like liquid matte lipsticks, better choose something drier and more comfortable.


Brand Country: India

Started: 1952 India

Founder: J.R.D Tata

Net Worth: $45 Million USD

Popular Models: Lakmé Absolute 3D Lipstick

Best Model: Lakmé Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color, Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color, Lakmé Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color with Argan Oil

Hard to disagree with the fact that lipstick attracts our attention, gives a field for imagination and dreams about how soft the cover is, how long the effect lasts and how the person who wears it feels. When you add a lipstick as a final touch to your look, you feel confident and beautiful, ready to share your energy with the world. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right shade, taking in mind the tone of your skin, the context and other details. The choice is very big: glossy, long-lasting, semi-matte, matte, nude, etc. We are fans of matte finishes because they look more elegant, chic and classy on your lips.

In this part, we would like to tell you about one of the most famous Indian cosmetics producers – Lakme. Almost all women in India have tried products of this brand for beauty or other special reasons in their life. Lakme has in its assortment different skincare and makeup ranges, which has been promoted throughout the country with strong and thoughtful advertising campaigns. The company is big and it’s also because of their intelligence. Of course, they could not avoid a lipstick category opportunity and proposed the market an amazing collection of long-lasting, soft and high-quality products. You can easily find a perfect shade and price combination with Lame, what is their major advantage.

What more can we say if the famous and beloved Indian actress Kareena Kapoor supports this brand, number one in India? The color palette of Lakme is classic and trendy at the same time. This mix is working great with the prolonged effect of presence on your lips. An affordable price and a classy look – this matte lipstick will become the right choice for your collection. Besides, the brand launches a new range, more expensive, with extraordinary and fresh colors. You should definitely check it!

Covergirl Outlast

Brand Country: Maryland, United States

Started: 1961 Maryland, United States

Founder: Noxzema Chemical Company

Annual Revenue: $51.8M USD

Popular Models: TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation ($11.49)

Best Model: TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation, Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick, Lash Blast Volume MascaraLash Blast Volume Mascara.

Organization: Coty, Inc.

The two Covergirl bestsellers are fabulous and delicate pink shades. The first one is Natural Blush, number 621, looks fascinating and gives your image calm and charming flavors. The second one is Dusty Rose, number 530, with a hint of irreverence and joie de vivre. The effect lasts up to 24 hours.
Those matte lipsticks are unique, because their matte structure is full of elements and tints that create a shimmering look and deep color immersion. Also, there is an option for lovers of glossy finishes: you can buy a separate lip cover, which will moisturize the finish and add a delicious smell. You can even use it separately from the lipstick.

More to say, Covergirl makes the structure and consistency so strong and durable, that nor food, neither kisses will take away the amazing shade of your lips throughout the day. Give it a try and you will see! The color won’t fade and will cover lips gently and accurately. These lipsticks are really long-lasting once in comparison to many others in the category.

Christian Dior

Brand Country: 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

Started: 16 December 1946

Founder: Christian Dior

Net Worth: Total Assets: €77.271 Billion

Popular Models: Rouge Dior

Best Model: Dior Addict Stellar Halo Shine, Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, Dior Addict Lacquer Stick – Limited Edition.

Organization: LVMH, Semyrhamis SA

We believe that to choose a right lipstick you need to have good expertise and make a comparative analysis, but it’s not hard work! This job is making fun and adds a moment of the game in your everyday life. Let’s continue with the list of the most spectacular, durable and adorable lip products:

Want an immediate lip tattoo? Choose Dior lip series! The brand doesn’t try to fool anyone when saying that their lipsticks are like heavy clothing. This liquid covers your lips fast and after only a few seconds you feel and see that there is no chance to wash it away. You look amazing all day without any additional attention to your lips because the shade is gorgeous. But don’t forget to buy a waterproof makeup remover or you will stay with your lipstick forever! The range has 10 shades and the cost is about 30 dollars.

The other great Dior collection sounds like Rouse Liquid. It’s also one of the most favorite Dior products, so you can easily trust your lips to it. A long-lasting, pleasant to touch, beautiful range of eighteen shades. Please, choose one of 3 Ultra Weightless apparel finishes: satin, metallic or matte for thirty-eight dollars.

Don’t forget about Dior Addict and Plump lipstick. Again, a very long-wearing formula and a good range of classic and trendy shades. It can be found in make-up bags of many beauty lovers around the globe so take a chance to join the trend. What can be better than to buy one more Dior product?

Oh My Glam

Brand Country: United Kingdom

Started: 5th July 2018

Founder: Melissa Gordon

Net Worth: $240 Million USD

Popular Models: KISSABLE Lip Indulgence Set (£20.00 GBP)

Best Model: LIPPY Priming Lip Stains & Lipsticks Set, PLUSH 6 Mini-Velvet Liquid Lipsticks Set, MOUTH OFF! Lipstick Lipped.

If you are busy all day long and don’t want to think much about the quality of your make-up, you should find cosmetics that will support your rhythm of life. It’s not very motivating to monitor your look every hour when you could get ready once and for all. So, we are sure, that you, girls, need the best and durable lip cover that will stay with you during the day, sustainable to food, water and any other activities. In terms of durability I would choose the Kissable Liquid by Oh My Glam brand.

Your lips will stay hydrated and well-maintained all day long so you can easily forget that you even have a lipstick. The pigments in the Kissable Liquids are strong and last for hours, moreover, you can find a perfect match to your skin type among the range. However, for us the best part is that it contains vitamins (A to E) and smells good thanks to fruit extracts. All this makes your lips look healthy, beautiful and attractive. When you buy the product (the price is affordable, by the way), you get three items: primer, lipstick and stain. Oh My Glam made a really good job with this range.


Brand Country: Los Angeles,California

Founder (Past) : Los Angeles by Toni Ko in 1999

Founder (Present) : Werner Kaufmann

Net Worth: $500 million USD in 2014

Popular Models: Lip Lingerie Push-Up Long-Lasting Lipstick

Best Model: Lip Lingerie Push-Up Long-Lasting Lipstick, Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, Matte Lipstick.

Organization: L’Oréal.

This company is one of the examples of brands that invaded the local market and became one of the most wanted in it. That’s what NYX did in India. NYZ has many series of lip cover products that are worth knowing and having in your make-up bag. Don’t you know, for instance, Lip Pencil or Lip Stick and many others? They are everywhere in the company’s outlets or online for your comfort and easy access. Those products look fabulous and classy on your lips. The ranges include shades for everyday usage or for different special occasions and events. In addition, you can choose an eyeliner and other face make-up products to create a complete image. The products are long-lasting and waterproof, quality is on a high level, so you don’t have to worry about your skin.

Before the NYX products appear in the malls, they are being tested very precisely according to all standards of the beauty industry. The NYX e-stores have an intuitive interface and let you choose the category and price, that fit your needs. You can make a quick order without any additional data, use any suitable way of payment and delivery. The customer service is very fast and good: all the claims, product exchanges, and return cases are considered in a short time period. NYX do their best to provide you pleasant customer experience.


Brand Country: New York City, U.S

Started: March 1984 Canada

Founder: Frank Toskan, Frank Angelo

Net Worth: $6.3 Billion USD

Popular Models: Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour ($22.00)

Best Model: Viva Glam Lipstick, Matte Lipstick, Powder Kiss Lipstick. 

The Make-up Art Cosmetics company was founded in 1984 in Canada. It has joined the Este-Lauder group and nowadays you can see it everywhere. The range is quite big: from collections for professionals, with which they started, to an everyday cosmetic for all the people with different skin types and different wallets. M.A.C. is a very socially aware brand and has launched several important initiatives, for instance, Recycling campaign, back to M.A.C. and a Cruelty-Free Beauty initiative.

When it comes to the best M.A.C. lipstick products, please, don’t forget Amplified Lipstick, Retro Matte Liquid and Retro Matte Lipstick.

Coco Chanel

Brand Country: Paris, France

Started: 1910, Paris, France

Founder: Coco Chanel

CEO: Alain Wertheimer (Feb 2016 – Present)

Revenue: 11 billion USD (2018)

Popular Models: Luminous Matte Lip Colour Trio Set ($114 USD)

Best Model: Luminous Matte Lip Colour, Hydrating Vibrant Shine Lip Colour, Exclusive Creation Lip Colour.

Organization: CHANEL International B.V.

Do you want to find a lipstick that will mix classic and modern trends in the most amazing and elegant way? No one else could do that mix so pure. All lipstick shades are light and easy to remove in case you want to change it to the other wonderful color in that wide range. All of you know this unforgettable Coco touch in each detail: design, consistency, smell, quality. All Coco products can make you feel a real lady, full of grace and refined beauty. The name of the range we are speaking about is Rouse Cocoa and the cost is about thirty-five dollars.

It’s hard to choose because all the Chanel lines are gorgeous. Do you remember Le Rouge Duo Ultra one? This range is famous for a two steps system of putting the cover on your lips: you should use the first color in one end, then after a minute the gloss on the other end. This technology helps the lipstick remain on your lips all day long and needs a special remover as well. The cost is thirty-eight dollars and the range contains 38 shades.

One more Coco Chanel product we want to pay attention to is a Rouge Lovan Ink collection. A durable and attractive lip product with 31 different classy colors. The cost is also thirty-eight dollars.

An additional list of long-lasting and affordable lipsticks

All lip products we were speaking about above are more or less expensive. And if you plan to buy something under ten dollars, for example, you can turn to several stores to find them: it can be Walmart, CVS or Target and any other malls. Be sure that there are several pretty good items to choose that will serve you with a high quality of cover. Whether you need matte, semi-matte, satin or glossy effect, you can search among the following brands: ColorPop, NYX, BH Cosmetics, Revlon and Iterative lipstick (12 shades).

The last advice is about a special feature of matte lipsticks: if you buy one, you don’t need to buy a lip liner as it’s working perfectly without any complements. For other products use any lip liner to prevent the ink running.

List of luxury hotels in 2021

We made up a list of 10 luxurious hotels, holiday complexes from 2020 worldwide. I hope you will appreciate it. This list of hotels is sorted by their fame and user feedback worldwide.


Location: West Corniche Road – United Arab Emirates

Owner: Abu Dhabi Municipality

Build Cost: 3.9 billion USD

Residence: 394 total rooms, 92 general suits, 22 haven suits

Architect: Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo

Construction: Arabien Construction, Arabian Construction Company (ACC), Belhasa Construction and Actor Electromech

In order to put bright colors into your life, we offer to visit this hotel. This is the best option for you. At this point, you’ll feel at least a king or queen. The hotel has a fine sand beach and this is what attracts the different tourists of this hotel.

Dubai has spent almost $4 billion on the erecting of this beautiful place. The hotel has almost 400 residences, where 92 common suits and 22 residential suits are ready with the purpose to show the beauty of sky from the inside. A vestibule is commissioned of stunning and expensive marble. This marble came from 13 countries. There’s also a chandelier here, made of 1,000 pure crystals, that gives the perception of a huge rhinestone.

A large part of rooms are decorated with gold and marble. When you go in, you can see the floor from marble in the whole room from the start. The dome of colossal size is adorned with gold, on the floor of the penthouse is the residence of six rulers, which is always allocated to the royal high-ranking persons.

The hotel has 40 conference rooms with individual serving. There is also a very well-organized 2 spa center with a 1.3 km beach as well as a marina for yachts. There are heliports and a huge royal ballroom where 2,500 people can easily organize their ball party. Here several scenes of their famous film «Forsage» were filmed. This luxury hotel also features equally stunning shops that can steal your gaze for a few minutes.

2. Burj Al Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Owner: Jumeirah Group

Build Cost: 1 billion USD

Residence: 212 rooms in 28 floors

Architect: Tom Wright

Construction: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Atkins

The title «Burj Al Arab» means «privilege of the Arab». You will remember it with good reception and care. You will also have your own personal majordomo 24 hours a day. It really gives the royal vibe. Burj Al Arab includes 201 double rooms, as well as a Talise spa. Children can spend time at the Sinbad’s Kids Club. Own beach is in this resort. It looks like a buoyant castle on the water. This is because of the unusual design and architecture. This impression is still created at dawn. The client receives the card when it moves in. With this touch, the golden metal doors are opened manually, showing luxury and handsomeness all room. Every window are remotely managed by mobile beds.

Burj Al Arab ranks 4th throughout the world in height. There are 212 rooms located on 28 floors. Tom Wright is British architect best known as the designer of the Burj Al Arab. He drawn this building using a mix of Western technologies and Eastern traditions. The round ladders are classical. Every room has a TV with all the channels, a big library, a phone and of course Internet, as well as particularly appealing item, like the 24-Karate iPad from gold. It contains the complete description about this place plus menu. It’s for sale from the hotel. This perfect hotel has three open and two closed beaches. So you can have any kind of party you want. You can come here for lunch. There are 2 fantastic places to eat, which named Al Mahara and Al Muntaha. The smell of food makes you hungry. A balneotherapy is known for its national exponential shapes. The washrooms seem strange. The spit bars, clay court, the well-known ballroom “Al Falak Ball Room” reflect a luxury of this wonderful place. You can just go crazy with that beauty.


Location: Antalya, Turkey

Owner: Telman Ismailov

Build Cost: 1.4 billion USD

Residence: 560 suits, 17 bars

Architect: Unknown

Construction: Unknown

Turkish cool hotel contains the biggest 5 acre swimming pool surrounded by delicious seafood. As well as four sunken aquariums containing about 3,000 fish. This makes this place perfect and expensive. Almost the entire cost of this hotel is almost $1.5 billion. There is a beautiful beach. The hotel has about 900 tons of sand brought in from Egypt. There’s a huge 12,000 sq. foot spa. The hotel has 560 rooms. All the territory has 10,000 sq. meters of pure gold. A crystal finish also is present here and the emainder is supplied with Italian marble. There are 17 bars. Personal butler services add luxury to the hotel.


Location: Rome, Italy

Owner: Katara Hospitality (Management: Westin Hotels)

Build Cost: 1 billion USD

Residence: 281 rooms, 35 lavishly decorated suits

Architect: Aktiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen

Construction: Aktiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen

This is a combo of ideal luxury and friendly reception. There are 281 rooms and 35 richly decorated suits. Spend the night in such a hotel in an ordinary room for about $500, and in a suite for $1,110. WESTIN EXCELSIOR is in Rome city. This construction was built in 1906 year. It is the largest building in Italy. Villa La Copula is the major feature of this beautiful place. A design is an amalgam of antique traditions with a shade of advanced technologies. Domes are similar to a cathedral. For your convenience, this hotel has a private gym. There’s a big restaurant. If you have planned an unforgettable trip to Italy, I suggest you stay at this hotel.


Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Owner: Brookfield Asset Management LLC, Management: Marriott International’s Autograph Collection Hotels

Build Cost: $480 million USD

Residence: 3,805 rooms, 392 villas, 600 luxurious suits

Architect: Kerzner International Resorts

Construction: Kerzner International Resorts

The attractive hotel includes 6 buildings (The Beach Tower, Coral Tower and Harborside), which contain 393 residences including a big dinning room, swimming pool. And the paddling pool has funny things. It also includes the Royal Bridge suit. The night here costs $25,000. Mayan Temple Slides has various water attractions, among which the most extreme is a jump to the muck that will lead you to a harbour with predatory fish about 50 feet. The relax place features wild jungles and black cavern also.

Aquaventure is a 57-hectare water park. Mayan Temple and Power Tower: 8 excellent water slides of various levels, 11 large and small pools with different types of entertainment, a children’s mini water park – all combined into a single system with artificial river with waves and thresholds. The Dig is an aquarium at the lower level of the Royal Towers: a maze of 13 halls stylized as the ruins of ancient Atlantis. Together with 50,000 aqueous creatures and practically 250 variety. It gives visitors a complete exotic flavor. The entire water area is 154 acres. There is a beautiful attraction in a giant restaurant. Marina Village is a few streets of charming souvenirs, jewellery and other small shops, cafes, bars and restaurants around the yacht harbour of the complex. The last and most luxurious attraction of this stunning and adventurous hotel is their own golf, where professional activities are conducted.


Location: New York, USA

Owner: Katara Hospitality

Build Cost: 12.5 million USD

Residence: 282 rooms, 102 deluxe suits

Architect: Henry J. Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, et al

Construction: Henry J. Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, et al

Located in New York City since 1907, the PLAZA has been a symbol of the royal family. The most beautiful places here are tea in Palm Court, luxury champions bars, The Rose Club and the luxury restaurant. 282 rooms and 102 suites. This is the epitome of antiquity. There’s a cool world-class store. Restrained lighting, outstanding floors, bright chandeliers – and this is not a complete set of luxuries. In addition, the PLAZA has always opened a beauty parlor, spa center and gym to provide guests with all the conditions of an expensive life. The ballroom and terrace are decorated in the original traditional style. It also includes a 24-hour personal butler function.

7. BOULDERS Resorts & SPA

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Owner: Columbia Sussex Corp (Former: Blackstone Group )

Build Cost: 12 million USD

Residence: 223 rooms

Architect: Unknown

Construction: Unknown

From the glory of this hotel you can lose your head and fall in love at first sight. You can find 12 million ancient cave paintings. The villa is made in a home-style, exotic rooms, a conference hall and an event hall with an area of about 50,000 sq ft, a luxury spa with an area of 33,000 sq ft. There are entertaining and sporting events such as a camping, a mountaineering, a golfing, a clay court, a swimming pool. In addition to all this bliss a modern gym and a stunning restaurant.


Location: Paradise, Nevada, USA

Owner: Station Casinos

Build Cost: 80 million USD

Residence: 703 rooms

Architect: Jon Jerde

Construction: Jon Jerde

Would you like to spend an unforgettable holiday in Las Vegas? Welcome to this paradise place. This hotel has 599 luxury rooms. A lot of rooms have a plasma TV. Guests can relax in the hydromassage bath, outdoor swimming pool or spa center. Air conditioned, a smoke-free facility, a gym, Internet is only piece on the facilities here provided to guests. Reception is available 24 hours a day and particular attention to the persons with a disability is an additional service. Their chic suits on the roof add solidity to the hotel. There is also a free refrigerator with drinks and mobile beds in every room. Tourists are delighted.


Location: West Indies, Anguilla

Owner: Goldstein Family

Build Cost: Over 40 million USD

Residence: 65 rooms

Architect: Sheldon, Jeffrey and Joshua Goldstein

Construction: Sheldon, Jeffrey and Joshua Goldstein

In ZEMI BEACH you can enjoy the unforgettable the pretty local beaches. The facilities of this paradise include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with all kinds of channels, a cappuccino maker, the magnificent breakfast buffet, a built-in wardrobe, a hairdryer, and a children’s club. There is a special ATM and money exchange for guests on holiday. Reception is available 24 hours a day, as well as room service, a huge fitness center and some entertaining activities such as snorkeling and hiking. This hotel is so fascinating with its ideal holiday concept.


Location: California, USA

Owner: Rancho Valencia

Build Cost: 30 million USD

Residence: 55 rooms

Architect: Prominent Builder

Construction: Prominent Builder

After the renovations, it’s a good place for relaxation. After the opening there was a new design, a redesigned spa, a fitness club and a luxury dining room with tasty national dishes. The hotel’s rooms offer a beautiful view of the environment. On the hotel territory is shop “Sheridan”. High balcony roofs, well-equipped wardrobe, luxury suite facilities, huge bathrooms, fireplace, residential space rendered it is a wonderful place to spend a vacation.

What are the most expensive and extraordinary meals worldwide?

It’s truly amazing how a meal can have a rich background and be so complicated to cook, and, of course, such meals are extremely costly.

Usually if you have a special occasion, you may order in the restaurant some exotic fish and other seafood, or try a good steak that you, probably, won’t be able to cook at home. Now, imagine that you have endless amount of money and can afford yourself, literally, everything in this world. Then, what would you order? We’ll tell you about the most unforgettable and luxurious dishes! We summarized in this article descriptions of such meals, including their ingredients, cost, where you can find them, and, certainly, photos of these masterpieces.

1. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Location: Sri Lanka

Chef: The fortress resort and spa chefs

Made of: Pomegranate and mango

Price: $14,500

If you have more than $15,000 in your pocket, and for any reason you have no idea on what to spend this money, as you don’t have pressing issues to solve — this unusual dessert is created special for you. However, you have to aware the restaurant one day before you visit, because it takes 24 hours to prepare this dish. The dessert is interestingly served with mango, as well garnet beverage. This dish is tasted with the world-known Irish cream. The core value of this dessert is a gem located in the middle of the chocolate sculpture — an amazing craftsmanship!

2. Louis XIII Pizza

Location: Salerno, Italy

Chef: Renato viola chefs

Made of: Mozarella di bufala, lobster, caviar

Price: $9315.71

The core idea of this pizza is that it’s being prepared by chef master from Italy at you home. Renato Violá will cook the world’s most expensive pizza exclusively for you, so this kind of entertainment is available only for extremely rich people. The pizza is covered with the traditional Italian mozzarella di bufala, and what makes this meal that costly is various types of caviar coming from different corners of the world and lobsters — luxurious type of seafood. Furthermore, very old and high-quality cognac and champagne are served with this pizza, highlighting sophistication of this dish.

3. Fleurburger 5000

Location: Las Vegas

Chef: Keller’s fleur chefs

Made of: Wagyu beef

Price: $5,000

There’s, highly-likely, no more exquisite meat dish than this one around the world. The fleurburger is made of the most pricey meat called wagyu beef, the cost of which reaches $100 per pound. Moreover, inside the burger you can taste the truffles, one of the luxurious species. The dish is served with the unique French red wine worth $2,500 in the top Las Vegas hotel called Mandalay Bay Resort.

4. 24k Gold Pizza

Location: New York

Chef: Industry kitchen chefs

Made of: Stilton cheese, platinum osetra caviar, foie gras, 24k gold leaves, and truffles

Price: $2,700

This pizza is cooked only in the New York top restaurant named Industry Kitchen located along the East River and near the historically famous seaport. If you want to try this masterpiece, you need to make an order two days before your visit. What makes this dish so expensive is its topping consisted of the authentic gold leaves. Additionally, the pizza is covered with the unique cheese, the rare sort of caviar, and the truffles.

5. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Location: New York

Chef: Norma’s Chefs

Made of: Lobster, Sevruga caviar

Price: $2,000

You can find this meal in the New York restaurant Norma, which isn’t that luxurious, and the average cost for one dish there is around $35. However, this omelet costs $2000, as it has a lot of very expensive sevruga caviar on its top. This meal is regarded as a great exception in this restaurant.

6. Golden Opulence Sundae

Location: New York

Chef: Serendipity 3 chefs

Made of: Madagascar vanilla bean

Price: $1,000

This beautiful and costly dessert is being made in New York’s restaurant as well. This dessert is also expensive due to its golden leaf. Although, the chocolate is special too. The core of this dessert — the ice cream is made of bean flavored with vanilla, which is growing and harvesting in Madagascar. The dessert is, further, filled with the exotic fruits bought in France, truffles, and even caviar.

7. Kobe beef and Maine lobster burger

Location: Las Vegas

Chef: Burger Brasserie chefs

Made of: Maine lobster

Price: $777

This meat dish is offered in the Las Vegas restaurant, which is specializing in cooking various burgers. This one is that costly because it’s filled with the Maine lobster, while other ingredients including foie gras and arugula are not cheap as well. What may give a special taste to this burger is pancetta, Italian traditional meat made of pork.

8. Ultraviolet’s Prix fixe menu

Location: Shanghai

Chef: French chef Paul Pairet

Price: $872.89

This meal is unique due to its extraordinary presentation, which is, however, not connected to expensive alcohol, but is intended to impress guests with music and exciting light show. The chef believes that an environment in which a guest has a meal is particularly important. And it’s necessary not only to prepare a delicious food, but to amuse guest’s visual and aural senses.

9. Masa Dinner Menu

Location: New York

Chef: Masayoshi Takayama

Price: $595

At one of the finest sushi places in Big Apple works a Japanese chef Masayoshi Takayama, owner of such establishments as Bar Masa, Tetsu and Kappo Masa all found in New York. If you find yourself hungry at night, in his restaurant you can order the main course spicy tuna roll, which will cost you almost half a thousand dollars.

10. Restaurant Guy Savoy Monnaie Prix fixe menu

Location: Paris

Starting Year: 2015

Chef: Chef Guy Savoy

Price: $536.63

If you dream about having dinner while looking at the famous and beautiful sights in Paris, such as Louvre, you might consider visiting Chef Guy Savoy’s restaurant. Despite being opened just recently, five years ago, to be exact, his restaurant offers quite expensive saldo of dishes, which he describes as a combination of different “textures, flavors and colors”. Among the dishes there’re such delicates as a boiled lobster, a fried duck and soup with artichokes and black truffles. Despite its price, the Guy Savoy restaurant gives an opportunity to have a great experience of eating a lavish meal, but while being, literally, on the top of the world.

11. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama Prix Fixe Menu

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Chef: chef Kunio Tokuoka

Price: $599.49 usd

Continuing the family tradition, Chef Kunio Tokuoka has created his own restaurant in a big city of Japan, Kyoto. Kitcho Arashiyama offers numerous variants for a Prix Fixe menus, however, the most pricey one costs 600$, and it will definitely leave your stomach full. Consisting of 10 courses, this menu offers traditional Japanese cuisine dishes cooked in different ways, such as steamed, boiled and grilled, surely including the customary Asian dish of rice and a cherry on top, a fine dessert.

Thus, in this review you’ve read about luxurious, expensive, and extraordinary meals cooked throughout the world. You have a great variety of unique meals, but don’t forget its price!

Dubai Luxury Life for 2021

Dubai is a city and emirate with an area of 4.114 km2 and 3.1 million, which conquers more and more people every time. When a person hears the word Dubai, then luxury cars immediately come to mind, on which one wants to drive along long roads or deserts in order to admire a unique nature.

Way of Life of Dubai:

1/5 part of residents say they buy luxury goods as soon as they think about it. These statistics indicate that lifestyle is considered luxurious in that place. People can afford anything from food to famous clothing brands, unique villas, yachts; absolutely everything that the rich can afford. No wonder Dubai has been the luxurious capital of the world for a long time, which is worth taking an example. You can verify the above by reading the bottom paragraphs.

Medium Income of Inhabitants:

Before reading the answer, think about the answer.

$4,500 USD per month is the average household income from Dubai. This figure is not 100% accurate, since earnings depend directly on family members. Family income, for example, can be $10,000 USD or more or less.

The Best Medium Sources:

The most common and main sources of income are the following resources:

  1. Airlines;
  2. Natural Oil;
  3. Shopping Malls;
  4. Building Business;
  5. Natural Gas;
  6. Tourism;
  7. Resort/Hotels and so on.

Obtaining Education:

In this case, hot country differs from other countries in the fact that here the Gov provides higher education and this education is free. Also, the Gov gives all the necessary money to a prospective student for a full high education anywhere. Approximately 25% of government revenue is spent on training costs. This decision deserves a great praise!

Luxurious Homes and Living Cost:

  1. Single Person ($150 USD per month)
  1. University student ($635 USD per month)
  2. Two person family ($2500 USD per month)
  3. Four person family ($3200 USD per month)

Luxury Hotels:

  1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah ($1,830 USD per night)
  2. One&Only The Palm ($1050 USD per night)
  3. One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai ($510 USD per night)
  4. Armani Hotel Dubai ($500 USD per night)
  5. Jumeirah Al Naseem ($450 USD per night)
  6. Palazzo Versace Dubai ($300 USD per night)
  7. FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel ($290 USD per night)
  8. The Oberoi Dubai ($225 USD per night)
  9. InterContinental Dubai – Festival City ($175 USD per night)
  10. Grand Hyatt Dubai ($150 USD per night)
  11. Taj Dubai ($140 USD per night)

Splendid Shopping Center:

All people know that the Dubai Mall is an enormous and at the same time the largest center for shopping in the world, where the biggest world’s aquarium with acrylic panels is located, as well as a huge number of branded stores that shopping lovers will like.

  1. Dubai Outlet Mall (5.0 star)
  2. The Dubai Mall (4.7 star)
  3. Mall of the Emirates (4.6 star)
  4. Dubai Festival City Mall (4.5 star)
  5. Mercato Shopping Mall (4.3 star)
  6. Dubai Outlet Mall (4.1 star)
  7. Luxury Outlet Jlt (2.0 star)

Luxurious Cars:

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom (Price starting USD $292K)
  2. Ferrari 458 Italia (Price starting USD $245K)
  3. Bentley Continental Flying Spur (Price starting USD $216K)
  4. Bentley Continental GT Speed (Price starting USD $202K)
  5. Lamborghini Gallardo (Price starting USD $175K)
  6. BMW M5 (Price starting USD $161K)
  7. Lexus LX-570 (Price starting USD $153K)
  8. BMW X5 5.0 (Price starting USD $107K)
  9. 2014 Cadillac ATS (Price starting USD $36K)
  10. Jaguar XFR (Price starting USD $45K)

The Best Restaurants/Food Places in Dubai:

  1. STAY by Yannick Alléno (4.6 star)
  2. Pai Thai (4.6 star)
  3. Sloane’s (4.6 star)
  4. TOMO (4.5 star)
  5. Rhodes W1 (4.4 star)
  6. The Talk Restaurant (4.4 star)
  7. The Cavendish Restaurant (4.2 star)
  8. Asha’s Restaurants (4.0 star)
  9. Luxury Dinner Cruise – Floating Restaurant (3.4 star)

DME Luxurious Food in Dubai

  1. DME Sandwich – $84
  2. DME Pizza – $2000
  3. DME Cupcake – $1,007
  4. DME Ice Cream – $817
  5. DME Cocktail – $7,438

Alcohol Drinks:

Many have heard about this topic in Dubai, but in fact, alcohol is allowed here both for non-Muslims and tourists. If you want to get some alcohol or alcoholic drinks, then you must confirm own special card or verified a tourist visa.

Luxurious Bars:

  1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah (4.7 star)
  2. Skyview Bar (4.6 star)
  3. Bar 44 (4.5 star)
  4. Buhayra Lounge (4.5 star)
  5. Jetty Lounge (4.5 star)
  6. The Eloquent Elephant (4.4 star)
  7. Buddha Bar (4.4 star)
  8. At.Mosphere (4.4 star)
  9. Zero Gravity Dubai (4.4 star)
  10. Koubba Bar (4.3 star)
  11. Luna Sky Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre

Luxurious Night Clubs:

  1. W Club Dubai Khaliji NightClub (4.5 star)
  2. Dhamaal D2, Music.. Masti.. Lounge (4.3 star)
  3. Cavalli Club, Restaurant & Lounge, Dubai (4.2 star)
  4. Empire Night Club Dubai – Arabic Khaliji Nightclub (4.1 star)
  5. Byblos Hospitality Group (4.0 star)
  6. Boa Lounge & Club (3.8 star)
  7. XL Dubai (3.8 star)
  8. Solitaire Khaliji Night Club (3.7 star)
  9. Club Boudoir (3.5 star)

Luxurious Games, Sports and Entertainment in Dubai:

  1. Inflight Dubai Indoor Skydiving (5 star)
  2. Al Sahra Desert Resort Equestrian Centre (4.5 star)
  3. iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving (4.5 star)
  4. Adventureland (4.5 star)
  5. VR Park (4.5 star)
  6. Bounce (4.5 star)
  7. Dubai Dolphinarium (4 star)
  8. Hub Zero (4 star)

The Best Resorts:

Based on statistics, a lot of favorable spas are located in Dubai. You can find any kind of relaxation to your liking at these places. If you want to enjoy the sky-blue ocean, then you should visit St. Regis Saadiyat. It’s an Island, which is just located near the ocean, complementing even more the beauty of the place. This island is deservedly one of the most incredible islands around the world, so think about a visit!

  1. One&Only The Palm ($1050 USD per night)
  2. One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai ($510 USD per night)
  3. Bulgari Hotel & Resorts, Dubai ($510 USD per night)
  4. Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach ($390 USD per night)
  5. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort ($285 USD per night)
  6. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah ($220 USD per night)
  7. Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection ($225 USD per night)

Tourist Attractions worth seeing with your own eyes:

This country is popular for different centers, which are also known among the inhabitants of other countries. For example, such attractions as the Museum of Gold and Diamonds are worth seeing at real life because these buildings are incredible. You can spend time with benefit in different hotels (for example, Burj Al-Arab, which by the way is the first hotel that has 7 stars all around the world!).

  1. The Palm Islands
  2. Dubai Marina
  3. Dubai Mall
  4. Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  5. Dubai Fountain
  6. Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort
  7. Ski Dubai
  8. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  9. The World Islands
  10. Dubai Miracle Garden

The Best and Most Famous Tours:

Everyone knows that expensive cars of the highest class are really popular among all inhabitants and even tourists in Dubai. Taking an opportunity, you can rent a car and then make an awesome trip yourself. In addition, you can fly in a private helicopter, where you can see the beautiful Dubai from above, and it will be especially cool if you fly at night. You can also go to the desert and ride a camel. There are a lot of options, so keep yourself in control and think about how to have a better time.

  1. 2-Hour Private Yacht Cruise from Dubai ($360 USD)
  2. Private Dubai Luxury Cruise by Gulf Craft Yacht ($500 USD)
  3. Dubai City Tour by Luxury Stretch Limousine ($465 USD)
  4. Xclusive Cruise – 5* Address Hotel Dinner Cruise ($590 USD)
  5. Platinum Heritage ($550 USD)
  6. Dubai Private Tour ($500 USD)
  7. Yacht Cruises & Boat Rental | EasyYacht (4.4 star $440 USD)
  8. Aquarius Dubai Yacht Rental and Charter (5.0 star $680 USD)

Splendid Buildings of Dubai:

One of the most amazing places in Dubai is, of course, skyscrapers, which become more and more popular among tourists. These skyscrapers are striking both in style and in certain technologies created inside them.

  1. Princess Tower (414 meters)
  2. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Hotel (355 meters)
  3. Burj al Arab (321 meters)
  4. Infinity Tower (305 meters)
  5. Burj Khalifa (158 floor)

Airlines that drive you crazy:

It seems to me that Dubai is the best in many things, and airline companies are no exception. If you want to enjoy comfortable soft leathers that can be folded onto the bed, doors that slide apart and allow you to enjoy your corner, watching a huge number of television channels, a private bar of different drinks … The list can be continued for a long time, but if you generalize, if you just want to enjoy the flight in comfortable conditions, then you should turn to LUX.

Luxurious things to do in Dubai:

  1. Ultimate Luxury Desert Safaris
  2. Super-Yacht Cruise
  3. Private air charters
  4. Opulent Overland Tour
  5. Supercar tour
  6. Romantic Hot-air balloon for two
  7. Personal Fashion Advisors
  8. Private Stable visit
  9. Ski Dubai, Aquaventure and At The Top – just for you!
  10. Private Dinner on the Burj al Arab Helipad

Aristocratic Casinos:

  1. Fairmont The Palm (5.0 star)
  2. Dusit Thani Dubai (4.5 star)
  3. AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel (4.5 star)
  4. Dubai Grand Hotel by Fortune (4.0 star)
  5. Carlton Downtown (4.0 star)
  6. Villa Totana (4.0 star)
  7. Citymax Bur Dubai (3.0 star)
  8. Citymax Hotel Al Barsha at the Mall (3.0 star)

Luxurious Movie Theaters:

  1. VOX Cinemas (4.4 star)
  2. Reel Cinemas (4.4 star)
  3. Reel Cinemas (4.3 star)
  4. Theatre By Rhodes (4.1 star)
  5. Dolby Cinema (4.0 star)

The Most Incredible Parks and Gardens in Dubai:

  1. Garhoud Garden (tennis court) (5.0 star)
  2. Dubai Miracle Garden (4.5 star)
  3. Kids park discovery garden (4.4 star)
  4. Zabeel Park (4.4 star)
  5. Dubai Garden Glow (4.3 star)
  6. Dubai Butterfly Garden (4.3 star)
  7. GC East Park (4.3 star)
  8. Union Metro Station Garden (4.3 star)
  9. Jebel Ali Gardens Cricket Ground (4.2 star)

The Best and Expensive Brands in Dubai:

The country has not only an incredible cars and so on, but also has the best brand names, because their quality deserves such achievements. You can stumble upon there any brand-name absolute things, starting with dresses and ending with the same Gucci socks, for example. So, such centers are also worth a visit, because it is there that you will find what you come to buy.

Extensive Mind:

This feature is characteristic of the people of Dubai, since, based on statistics; about 15% have a feeling that is as follows: «I have something that my relatives and friends don’t have». Based on such considerations, the desire to develop is only growing and everyone wants to wipe their nose on each other.

Dubai Gold Luxury:

You may not be surprised at all after such colorful descriptions, but I think a cupcake from a blooming cupcake wrapped in 23 carats of edible gold will surprise you or a car that is completely made of gold.

If you want to enjoy the latest technology, any luxurious things, places and the like, then you can be sure to think about a trip to Dubai, which will be included in the treasury of one of the best in your life.

Worldwide most expensive deluxe Bicycle Brands and Models in 2021

Let us show you the list of the most expensive and luxury bicycle brands in the world in 2020. No wonder that nowadays bicycle is a very popular thing, it serves a plenty of different purposes: eco-friendly and cost-effective transport, interesting and active hobby, a sport tool, that helps you to stay fit and healthy, etc.

At least, it requires low maintenance and often looks stylish. All these advantages brought $45.08 billion value to the global bicycle market in 2016 year, and this amount expected to rise to $62 billion in 8 years. With the increase of the market the competition becomes closer, new offers constantly appear, and it encourages companies to create something original in a higher prices.

The top deluxe bicycle brands are listed below with the information about specification, costs, location, images and popularity

1. Trek

Headquarters: Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA

Founded: 1975

Products: Trek Butterfly Madone, Trek Yoshimoto Nara, Trek Madone Kaws, etc.

Best Creation: Trek Butterfly Madone

Price: $500,000

This bicycle brand is the most expensive in the world. Trek offers a rich variety of different models, paying a lot of attention to quality of specifications and elite stylish look of their product in purpose to make its rider feel completely gorgeous. Lance Armstrong himself rode the most remarkable models of this brand.

2. The House of Solid Gold

Headquarters: Beverley Hills, USA

Products: 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

Best Creation: 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

Price: $500,000

It’s a redesigned gold brand company, which used to be an online shop at fist, but due to unique look of the models it provided, quickly became very popular. The most amazing model the company created is covered with 24k gold and today it’s one of the top luxury and high-priced bicycle brand.

3. Aurumania

Headquarters: Scandinavia

Founded: 2008

Products: Gold Bike Crystal Edition

Best Creation: Gold Bike Crystal Edition

Price: $114,000

The meaning of the brand’s name is “preoccupied with gold”. The main idea of the company is to create the wide range of products using 24-carat gold in their designs. So Aurumania brought a new elite component to the world bicycle market.

4. Tiffany and Co.

Headquarters: New York, USA

Founded: 1837

Products: Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

Best Creation: Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

Price: $70,000

Sure, Tiffany and Co. is the worldwide famous jewelry corporation and it’s not a bicycle company. But there was an occasion years ago when they reached a great success with their Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike, which fitted the tastes of many celebrities of those days. Although, this model was finally forgotten until 2008, when it was sold off at an auction. And now it deserves the place in our list of luxury bicycle brands.

5. Cervelo

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Founded: 1996

Products: RS, R5D, T5GB, etc.

Best Creation: Chrome Hearts X Cervelo

Price: $60,000

“Cervelo” consists of 2 words in 2 languages: Italian “cervello” means “brain” and French “velo” means bike. It’s the top brand of track and racing bicycles. Effort specifications are the main priority of the company, it uses modern technologies like CAD, computational fluid dynamics and so on creating every model. Cervello made its best creation in the corroboration with Chrome Hearts.

6. Montante

Headquarters: Italy

Founded: 1908

Products: Lux, City Dream Man, Roma, etc.

Best Creation: Montante Luxury Gold

Price: $46,000

The name of this brand is well-known on the world bicycle market. Buying its model customer is always given a certification of authenticity and a card with a serial number, where should be also written personal data of an owner. The most impressive Montante’s bicycle is decorated with 24kt golden leaf and more than 11.000 Swarovski stones. It looks incredibly beautiful!

7. Litespeed

Headquarters: Chattanooga, TN, USA

Founded: 1986

Products: Pinhoti SL, Citico, Sewanee, etc

Best Creation: Litespeed Blade

Price: $40,788

There is another famous bicycle company, which creates the unique models, using lasting titanium, Aerologic and Reactive Pressure Molding method. Litespeed Blade is known as their best product, it has the minimalistic design with its TT frameset and suites even for achievements in professional bicycling. It was ridden by a lot of great sportsmen as Lance Armstrong and others.

8. Factor

Headquarters: Norfolk, England

Founded: 2007

Products: The One, Vista, the VAM, etc.

Best Creation: Factor Aston Martin One-77

Price: $39,000

Factor is relatively new but ambitious brand. It already has a plenty of collaborations with famous companies – Lamborghini Aston Martin, Ferrari and others. In the collaboration with such a legend like Aston Marton was created the best Factor’s model – the Factor Aston Martin One-77, which is in the list of the most progressive bicycles on the present days.

9. KGS

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Founded: 2004

Products: Sinclair, Memo MTN, Eileen MTN, etc.

Best Creation: KGS Tier 3

Price: $30,000

The main direction of their business is the premium studio, that creates personal bicycle designs according to a customer wishes. Its president, Kevin Saunders, has a rich experience and a wide range of knowledge in of aerodynamics and other helpful technologies, and what is not less important, he really loves bicycles! All of these qualities let him to provide customers unique bicycles with feature sets they want. Overall, the company completely deserves the place in this list.

10. Krencker

Headquarters: Denmark

Founded: 2010

Products: The Luxury Bicycle

Best Creation: The Luxury Bicycle

Price: $34,425

Although the popular designer Phanuel Krencker works for Biomega now, his creations are another significant examples in the bicycle industry of reverent attitude to the product. His bicycle became widely known due to creative design decisions and it also was presented at the handmade bicycle show.


In the present times helpfulness and luxury are the same important in things around us, and the markets are trying their best to satisfy both these needs. We didn’t include automated bicycles to the list above in a reason that they don’t fit the classical definition of bicycle and are not the same natural as the bicycles always used to be.

The Most Luxurious Jewelry to Have in 2021

If you consider yourself an expert in this area, you will most certainly appreciate the following list of the world’s most expensive and attractive jewelry brands. Since the most ancient times, accessories have been a significant part of any breathtaking look, which would have been incomplete without them. Being professionally combined with one’s dressing, a good piece of jewelry can transform even the simplest dress into a rich and astonishing outfit.

This list contains not just highly appreciated manufacturers on the planet, but also a brief description of each manufacturer’s most marvelous, unique creation.

Harry Winston

Location: New York, USA

Owner: Ronald, Fenway Partners (Former: Harry Winston)

Founded: 1932

Best Creation: 19-Carat Pink Diamond

Price: 50.3 million USD

There is a reason why this company occupies the topmost place in this list. This name is familiar to anybody, who might be interested in the diamond industry. No connoisseur will pass by this title, especially having seen the worldwide-famous Hope Diamond.

Found in the mines of India, during its long and interesting history the Hope Diamond belonged to many emperors and civilians starting with Louis XIV and all the way to Thomas Hope and Harry Winston. In 1958 H. Winston practically gave this stone to the Smithsonian Institution, having had it for more than ten years.

Now this gemstone is considered to be among Harry Winston’s most priceless possessed rocks. Hollywood pays a considerable sum each year to hire Winston’s astonishing pieces of art and marks their presence at the Oscar Red Carpet.

Winston Jewelry is considered to be made exclusively of the highest quality stones, the finest among the best. Due to their unique techniques and exquisite work, perfected by generations’ experience, the company is expected to be the main manufacturer in this sphere for a long time still.


Location: Paris, France

Owner: Louis-François Cartier

Founded: 1847

Best Creation: Cartier Diamond Emerald Ring

Price: 6.2 million USD

The brand, being extremely well known for creating royal jewelry, was started by Louis-François Cartier in 1847. This French manufacturer is best known for its Bestiary brooch that represents a silhouette of a panther, which was produced for Wallis Simpson in the 1940s and accounted as one of the timeless jewels of the humankind.

The Duchess of Windsor was enormously fascinated with the brooch that she requested for some accessories with similar animalistic shapes to be made for her. The most well-known piece of jewelry among them is the 6.5 Diamond, Onyx and Emerald Bracelet, not long time ago sold at an auction for the price of over 7 million dollars.

However, except using the famous animal, and particularly panther, motifs, the Cartier Jewelry also uses components of the Art Deco style in order to attract modern generations to their product.

Van Cleef Arpels

Location: Franch

Owner: Alfred Van Cleef

Founded: 1896

Best Creation: Socrate Earrings

Price: $66,000 USD

This notorious French company was started in 1896 by two family members: Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels. Not only this brand creates pieces in Avant-Garde style, but it has the grace and sophistication of the Old World as well.

What differs them from all other companies in this industry is their unique technology of placing the gemstones along with their dexterity and creativity in applying the stones. The brand is notorious all around the globe for working out the technique of the Mystery Setting that allows the maximum exposure to the precious stones.


Location: Milano, Italy

Owner: Buccellati family

Founded: 1919

Best Creation: 18-karat yellow and white gold, pearl and diamond necklace

Price: $1,95,000 USD

This luxurious Italian company has its defining characteristic – the perfect quality of their gold decorations. Throughout all the years of its existence, the brand uses Roman styles of jewelry, adorned with lace-like patterns that make these creations look light and gentle. The best example of Buccellati’s flawless style is the set of Cuff Bracelets.

One more thing this company could be defined by is that they frequently combine gold and silver to create a special texture and color along with brushing and mattifying the surface.

Tiffany & Co

Location: New York, USA

Owner: Charles Lewis Tiffany, John B. Young

Founded: 1837

Best Creation: Tiffany Cobblestone Necklace

Price: $1,38,000 USD

Formed in 1837 and admired for astonishing style, this prominent American company got to be known in Asia due to The Great Gatsby movie.

As well as producing sterling silver and watches with interesting appearances, the firm is appreciated for its diamond accessories that reflect the aristocratic luxury through classic and timeless style. They are mostly famous for their magnificent voluminous compositions of flowers and birds made into various pendants, earrings, hair jewelry, and brooches.


Location: London, UK

Owner: Laurence Graff

Founded: 1960

Best Creation: Graff diamond pendant necklace

Price: $4,90,000 USD

The label of this British brand was created by Laurence Graff in 1960 and binds with the Kimberly events. The firm itself is a multinational manufacturer based in London, which uses predominantly the biggest diamonds.

For the most curious ones, there is a book – The Most Fabulous Jewels in the World containing a few of their best creations.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Owner: Georges Edouard Piaget

Founded: 1874

Best Creation: Pave White Gold Open Bangle Bracelet

Price: $69,228 USD

This Swiss company began in 1874 as a manufacturer of high-quality watches that were momentarily appreciated by the rich elite society. Not long after that, the founder Georges Piaget added jewelry to their range of products and quickly earned the fame of being among the best companies in this business.

Presently, this luxurious brand is managed by “The Swiss Richemont” group and famous for their creations’ unique appearances, which resemble the Old Hollywood complexity.


Location: Rome, Italy

Owner: French luxury group LVMH

Founded: 1884

Best Creation: Serpenti necklace in 18kt white gold

Price: $95,000 USD

Occupying high positions in such areas as resort and hotel business, skincare, fragrance and watch industries, this brand is also among the best jewelry companies in Italy. It was started in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari and has such celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor among its clients, providing them with choicest and rare gems.

The company’s distinctive feature is a variety of multicolored stones used in their work. They are also known for applying precious metals and gemstones on pieces of clothing: chokers, cuffs, necklaces, etc. Some especially rich customers of theirs have a chance of owning a true artwork made of 18-carat gold along with the most breathtaking stones.


Location: USA

Owner: Kokichi Mikimoto

Founded: 1893

Best Creation: Mikimoto 11.4-11.9mm A+ South Sea Pearl and 2.27 ct. t.w. Diamond Flower Necklace in 18kt White Gold. 27.25″

Price: $100,000 USD

The basis of this business was set in 1893 by a Japanese businessman Mikimoto Kōkichi, who was the first to grow a pearl and in doing so laid a basis for the Mikimoto jewelry company.

This company produces its splendid accessories using the most unusual, gorgeous and excellent pearls, among which are also rare pearls from southern seas, pink, Titian and white pearls. Being a luxurious company, they manufacture creations made of 8 karat gold or platinum, organic multicolored gemstones adding the best silk thread to attach pearls to. There is hardly anything in the world that could be compared to the Mikimoto collections.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Owner: Louis-Ulysse Chopard

Founded: 1860

Best Creation: 18-karat white gold diamond necklace

Price: $55,000 USD

This manufacturer that has over 100 branches all around the globe, notorious for producing watches as well as accessories was started by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 in Geneva.

The company is well known for its impeccable jewelry, which is skillfully decorated with the most exquisite materials. Chopard created many one-of-a-kind items using unique gems and gold as well as diamonds and platinum.

The Most Famous Paintings Which Cost A Fortune

Art has always been agitated people’s minds and imagination. There are many fine artists, but what makes a painting famous and popular? It’s an idea, which could be understood by everyone, be it a rich or a poor person, illiterate or well-educated. The most expensive and world-known paintings make people look at them again to find a new sense.

Not surprisingly, that those masterpieces are sold for great deal money. The price depends on the name of the artist, style, even on the history of the picture. Look at these 10 paintings, which cost as a luxurious house on the seashore.

Salvator Mundi

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Location: Saudi Arabia

Year of painting: 1500 Ac

Materials: Oil painting on Walnut

Dimension: 25.8*18.2 inch

Year Sold: 2017

Owner: Mohammed bin Salman (Prince of Saudi Arabia)

Price: 450.3 Million USD

The paintings where the saints are drawn on are one of the most appreciated. Jesus Christ is portrayed in the classical renaissance robe. The sign he makes with his right hand means benediction. A crystal sphere is held by him in his left hand. The picture gives an impression as if Christ’s glance is directed right at the beholder. “Saviour of the World” is the English translation of “Salvator Mundi”.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are usually not sold, because they belong to the world’s artistic heritage so that everyone has the right to get familiar with them. But “Salvatore Mundi” was purchased by the Saudi Prince for more than $450 million.


Artist: Willem de kooning

Location: Art Institute of Chicago

Year of Painting: 1995

Dimension: 79 * 69 inch

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Kenneth Griffin

Price: $300 million USD

This abstract expressionist painter is a highly appreciated among the modern painters. This mysterious painting reflects the period of a spiritual quest in the life of this Dutch artist. Created in 1955, it was acquired 60 years later by a rich art connoisseur for his art collection.

The Card Players

Artist: Paul Cézanne

Location: Qatar

Year of Painting: 1895

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2011

Owner: Royal Family of Qatar

Price: 250 million USD

This masterpiece belongs to the post-impressionism genre. It’s one of 5 pictures representing peasants who spend time playing cards. Interesting, that the models were from the Cezanne family estate. The four paintings are in different places (New York, London, Paris, Pennsylvania), and one was bought by the Royal Family of Qatar for their private collection.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo

Artist: Paul Gaugain

Location: Qatar

Year of Painting: 1892

Material: Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 30*40 in

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani

Price: $210 Million USD

This masterpiece was bought by the Royal Family of Qatar at a huge price. However, at the time this work was met with indifference. Paul Gaugain had an idea to capture his travel experience in paintings. He went to Tahiti, where he found these young women. They are high likely mother and daughter. The first one is wondering, when her child is going to marry.

Number 17a

Artist: JACKSON Pollock

Location: Private

Year of Painting: 1948

Material: Oil painting on Fibreboard

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Kenneth C. Griffin

Price: $200 Million USD

Though the picture seems chaotic and weird, the artist had a strong idea in his mind. Painted in the genre of abstract expressionism, it was one of the first works of this direction in the last century. “Number 17a” is displayed on one of the Kenneth Griffin’s houses, who purchased it in 2016. Unlike other famous artists, he got recognition during his life.

No.6 Violet, Green and Red

Artist: Mark Rothko

Location: Private

Year of Painting: 1951

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2014

Owner: Dmitry Rybolovlev

Price: 186 Million USD

No.6 looks very plain, but the idea is quite complicated. This abstract expressionist tried to catch the beholder’s eye and cause various emotions simply by looking at the color’s combination. Mark Rothko was inspired by Greek mythology and Nietzsche to create his pictures. This painting is in the art collection of a rich Russian enterpriser, whose art collection has several most pricey pieces of art.

Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit

Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn

Dimension: 83*53 in

Location: Paris and Amsterdam

Year of Painting: 1634

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2016

Owner: Rijksmuseum and the Louvre

Price: $180 Million USD

The portraits of newly married couple astonish with their realistic images. They wear traditional Dutch wedding attire. The couple looks solemn and happy at the same time. Painted separately, they used to be together all the time. Although the portrait traditional meaning assumes only a face to be drawn, these show the spouses in full size. They were bought together by France and the Netherlands. Earlier they belonged to Rothschild family.

Les Femmes d’ Alger (Version O)

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Dimension: 45*57.6 in

Location: Doha, Qatar

Year of Painting: 1955

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani

Price: $179 Million USD

Spanish painter was known in life, but now he’s extremely popular. This painting, showing an exotic oriental scene, was known for its revolutionary cubistic genre, to which it belongs. These Algerian women, smoking hookah, were an unusual plot for the 19th century. They are relaxed and confident. “The Women of Alger” is owned by the Royal Family of Qatar.

Wasserschanglen II

Artist: Gustav Klimt

Year of Painting: 1955

Material: Colour painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2012

Owner: Dmitry Rybolovlev

Price: $183 Million USD

This work, showing two beautiful silhouettes, is the second painting of Klimt, devoted to women’s love and relationship. Klimt had to give this name to the picture and claim its allegorical theme because the straight meaning would be unacceptable at the time. The previous one was very similar, but the bodies were not covered with the colorful leaves. The women look like young mermaids, enjoying their water kingdom and each other. This painting took its place in the collection of Dimitry Rybolovlev.

Nu couche

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani

Year of Painting: 1917

Dimension: 24*36 in

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Liu Yiqian

Price: $170.4 Million USD

The nu genre was always beloved among the artists, but the creation of such pictures caused some problems to Modigliani, after showing it to the wide public. The painting shows a very self-confident woman, who gazes at the beholder without any shame or shyness. However, the artist wanted to emphasize the beauty of the human body more, than cause a public flame-out. This nude was is owned by a Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian.

Top-10 the most luxurious bicycles in 2021

Bicycles are already #2 main kind of transportation in American and European cities. It much more convenient to use, they have their own cycle-roads and are eco-friendly. Moreover, cycling is very good for your health.

Using a bike is good especially for people who don’t have time for a gym because it strengthens your muscles, letting burn tons of calories, pretty good as cardio training, helping people to deal with stress, etc.

Let’s check on bicycles that can provide you a fascinating and comfortable trip wherever you will go.

Trek Butterfly Madone

Brand name: Trek Butterfly Madone

Made in: France

Brand Launched: In 2009

Specification: Real butterfly wings on the bike’s concrete fame and rim

Price: $500,000 USD

Our first cycle was taken by a popular man Lance Armstrong to take part in the French cycle competition in 2009. However, the association of people who are protecting animals from human violence hated the idea of using living creature’s wings as the decoration and the company faced their anger later.

Trek Yoshimoto Nara

Brand name: Trek Yoshimoto Nara

Specification: A cartoon theme of kids in boxing gloves, flying UFOs, and a Livestrong logo.

Price: $200,000 USD

If you suddenly decided to get this one for your kid – sorry, it’s already sold away at a Sotheby’s auction. The bicycle, like all others from this company, are made only by popular designers. Boxing gloves, UFO and Livestrong logo drawn in childish style are the main attraction of this bike. It was used by an already known bike rider in the 18th stage of France’s tournament we have mentioned in 1st place bike’s description. As a fact, the company has sold different bikes for 800,000 USD there already.

Kaws-Trek Madone

Brand name: Kaws-Trek Madone

Specification: Kaw’s signature chomper teeth design on its frame as well as wheel rims.

Price: $160,000 USD

The cycle one was sold for a little bit more than 150,000 USD on the auction. Why such a high price? It has a Kaw’s signature “chomper” teeth design on it. Featured with a perfect aerodynamics. Just one more proof that bikes that are associated with Armstrong make their owners lucky.

Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Brand name: Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Made in: French Company Auramania

Specification: Gold-plated frame, wheels, and spokes, and the Swarovski crystals.

Price: $114,000 USD

Auramania is a company launched in France whose designers have an excellent taste in fashion and luxurious designs. This cycle is featured with a golden frame and spokes, covered in some places with Swarovski crystals. Its saddle and hand-holders are made of really expensive leather, next to which (holders) you can see a few numbers. “Numbers?”, – which number you think? It is produced in a limited edition.

Trek Madone 7-Diamond

Brand name: Trek Madone 7-Diamond

Made in: New York

Launched: in 2005

Specification: Spoke pattern with stunning diamonds.

Price: $75,000 USD

This bike was sold on auction in NYC in 2005 for a 75,000 dollars. This price was set due to the bike’s logo “7-Diamond” made from splendid diamonds. And the same small table-logo “7-Diamond” on it, made of 14-carat white and yellow gold.

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Brand name: Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Made in: USA

Specification: CH motif plugs, leather seat, a silver cross, and artwork finish.

Price: $60,000 USD

Cervelo is a leader in the production of racing bikes. The company united with Chrome Heart to make something unique in this area, and they did it. It has a huge silver cross in its seat, which is made of high-quality leather, by the way. Using exclusive artwork and mechanisms, companies reached the perfectness in both efficiency and beauty of the cycle.

Montane Luxury Gold Collection

Brand name: Montane Luxury Gold Collection

Specification: leather saddle, traditional dynamo, road brakes.

Price: $46,000 USD

The first women’s model in our top. This cycle has got that big price of 46,000 USD because of expensive materials, which it is made from, such as python leather hand-holders, breaks and saddle.

eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle

Brand name: eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle

Specification: It has so separate handle or acceleration pedal as a motorcycle has.

Price: $44,000 USD

The main attraction of that bike is its battery which can last up to 10 years! It looks unusual, modern and really pretty. It’s been made just for those people who don’t want to run pedal all the time during a ride. Usually, e-bikes cost between 1000-5000 USD, but the price of this one is higher due to high-quality materials and extra features.

Its quick is completely dependent on the speed you give it by your movements. Easier to say, the faster you run your pedals, the faster it will later go using battery energy. By the way, you will definitely need to find a nice parkin space for it, because with its 100kg weight you probably won’t be able to save it at home.

Lightspeed Blade

Brand name: Lightspeed Blade

Specification: Massive tube, and knife-edged backbone.

Price: $40,788 USD

This innovation in the area of cycling will provide you an unforgettable easy biking experience thanks to the knife-edged backbone and head tubes. European company “Eddy Merckx” has already sold the cycle for 40,788 USD.

Phanuel Krencker’s “Bicyclettes de Luxe”

Brand name: Phanuel Krencker’s “Bicyclettes de Luxe”

Specification: It includes custom parts and a frame made by Cyfac.

Price: $ 34,425 USD

The collaboration with Cyfac featured the cycle with carbon fiber and chrome-made details. Thankfully to chrome-made parts it has a reflective appearance. This cycle is a perfect example of creative work and using easy materials.

Final Thoughts

Everybody knows that cycling is worldwide popular today because it is the best alternative to cars. Moreover, it is not just helping Earth by reducing pollution, but it helps people to keep themselves in nice physical shape. In this top of the most expensive bikes, we presented you some which are definitely the dream of most of us.

10 the Most Expensive Motorbike Brands over the World 2021

What do you know about extremely expensive and rare representatives of two-wheeled vehicles? Here I want to introduce you to the most exclusive and expensive motorbikes in the whole world! Companies specializing in creating ones made a huge leap forward in the 21st century, and today they are more than a means of transportation.

A lot of the elite motorbikes are advanced in technical capabilities, while others are appreciated for their exclusive design or belonging to antiques.

Below you are waiting for the best motorbikes, the price of which may surprise even the biggest admires of roads, speed and history of their construction!

1. Suzuki

Headquarter: Hamamatsu, Shizouka, Japan

Founder: MichioSuzuki

Products: Suzuki Gixxer SF, Suzuki Intruder, Suzuki GSX S750, etc

Best Creation: Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa

Price: $200,000 USD

The world first saw Suzuki Hayabusa in 1999. At that time, its technical characteristics and a record speed of 312 km / h made it the fastest in the world. In 2008, it was changed, (increased in displacement from 1299 to 1340 cm³). Today, it is considered a truly iconic model and has a huge army of fans.

2. Ducati

Headquarter: Bologna, Italy

Founder: Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati, Ibrahim El-Ramlawi

Products: Ducati 959 Panigale, Ducati Monster 821, Ducati Scrambler, etc

Best Creation: Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera Concept

Price: $225,000 USD

The maximum speed that this Italian is capable of developing exceeds 300 km/h. By the way, the Macchia Nera racing motorcycle was created in a single copy. It is a real monster and a thunderstorm! What is the good of Ducati? Well, it is equipped with an 185 hp and 4-stroke engine. Officially, it weighs only 135 kg. Believe me, such beast justifies the price of 225,000 dollars.

3. Ecosse

Headquarter: Colorado

Founder: Don Atchison

Products: Ecosse FE, Ecosse FE Ti XX etc

Best Creation: Ecosse FE Ti XX Titanium Series

Price: $300,000 USD

A masterpiece from Ecosse Motor Works has caught a reputation for the company. After the release of this model, the company was considered one of the most expensive. This titanium bike has a 2.4-liter engine and 225 horsepower. Ecosse’s saddle is made of luxurious Italian leather. I’m sure, it costs $ 300,000. The important fact is that it is made only on order, which makes it truly exclusive. Therefore, those who managed to acquire it are lucky people!

4. Dodge Tomahawk

Headquarter: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States

Founder: John Francis Dodge, Horace Elgin Dodge

Products: Dodge Viper, Dodge Tomahawk etc

Best Creation: Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Price: $550,000 USD

Hyper bike Dodge Tomahawk received the title of one of the fastest representatives of the auto world. In the frame of the motorbike is a twelve-cylinder engine from the Dodge Viper. According to the company Dodge, Tomahawk can overcome the mark of 500 km \ h. In total, about 10 models were produced.

This American is already worth more than half a million dollars! We can say that it is worth the money, because the lucky owner gets a truly rare motorbike model with vintage design elements and aluminum inserts. If you look at its wheels, then imagine not a bike, but an ATV!

5. Harley Davidson

Headquarter: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Founder: William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William A. Davidson

Products: Harley Davidson Livewire, Harley Davidson Streetfighter 975 etc

Best Creation: Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

Price: $1.5 million USD

Harley Davidson is a project of the artist Jack Armstrong, designed to emphasize the dictum “You can’t buy a taste for money.”. To emphasize the brightness and exclusivity of the motorcycle, Armstrong coated it with 37 layers of colorless varnish. It is known that the current owner of the “Spaceship” got “only” for ten million dollars! By the way, the “space” bike weighs 291kg.

So, if you are dreaming of the legendary motorcycles of the American company Harley Davidson, and you have an extra one and a half million dollars, your time has come!

6. BMS Nehmesis

Headquarter: Florida

Founder: Sam Nehme

Products: 2007 Yamaha BMS Custom, BMS Nemesis etc

Best Creation: BMS Nemesis

Price: $3 million USD

Show me at least one similar motorbike. They are simply not there! BMS has released an original and even weird bike covered in real gold! And its seat is covered in red velvet. By the way, Nehmesis does not have a side stand, and the engine is equal to 1700 cubic meters. If I were the owner, I would be afraid to go to the city and even more to leave such a miracle unattended! No wonder, its price is as much as 3 million dollars!

7. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

Headquarter: Munich

Products: Hildebrand, Wolfmuller etc

Best Creation: Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

Founder: Heinrich and Wilhelm Hildebrand

Price: $3.5 million USD

Hildebrand & Wolfmuller does not have outstanding technical features or an impressive design. It’s important that it is considered the first production motorbike in the world. According to documents, this one was produced in the period from 1894 to 1897. Nowadays, only 10 copies have survived, most of which are in museums. It looks like a bicycle, doesn’t it? But such a “bike” will cost you $ 3.5 million!

8. Ecosse Spirit

Headquarter: Colorado

Founder: Don Atchison

Products: Ecosse FE, Ecosse FE Ti XX etc

Best Creation: Ecosse ES1 Spirit

Price: $3.6 million USD

How often have you seen 2100 cm3 engines? Ecosse is a true American power in the field of motorcycle construction. Developers use metals such as aluminum and titanium, which makes the motorbike light in weight. It’s necessary to mention, that it can accelerate to a maximum speed of 370 km/h. Even a professional rider, before starting to drive him, will need to take two-week courses from the developers.

This is a perfect, fast and well-coordinated vehicle. It is also made in a stylish bright design for those who already live in the bright future.

9. AJS Porcupine

Headquarter: Wolverhampton, England

Founder: A. J. Steven

Products: AJS Tempest Roadstar 125, AJS Highway Star 125 etc.

Best Creation: 1949 E90 AJS Porcupine

Price: $7 million USD

How do you feel about timeless classics? I personally feel great. AJS Porcupine is a racing bike that brought victory to Les Graham in the 1949 World Racing Tournament. This veteran is on display at the Coventry National Motorcycle Museum. You can pick it up for $ 7 million!

The motorbike is rich in a 500 cm3 engine with two cylinders, which is installed in a tubular aluminum frame. All this provides ease to the motorcycle in 192 kg. However, I have to upset you, it is very difficult to get such a model, even if you have 7 million. The fact is that there are only 13 copies in the world and few people want to part with such exclusivity.

10. Neiman Marcus

Headquarter: Dallas, Texas, United States

Founder: Carrie Marcus Neiman, Herbert Marcus, Abraham Lincoln Neiman

Products: Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter etc

Best creation: Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Price: $11 million USD

So, Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter is the first in the top in cost. This elite motorbike is made in an interesting design. Clock mechanisms are used, which undoubtedly attracts true admirers. Moreover, it is very durable and fast. The Neiman can accelerate to 300 km / h, and its weight is 195 kg. Officially, the starting price of the motorbike was 110,000 dollars, but it increased to 11 million! A series of such fantastic ones are limited, at the moment there are only 45 models!

These were the 10 most expensive and exclusive motorbike models in the world.

Top-10 the most luxurious buses in 2021

Everybody knows that at least 60% of all trips in the world are taken by buses or cars, and mostly only road takes more than 15h long. Everybody wants to travel in comfort, so that our memories of the trip would be only positive and bright, from both touristic and road parts.

Usually buses a bit more comfortable, especially when you want to travel with your whole family or a lot of friends. The big disadvantage of cars is that you cannot place there a bed or a kitchen, or bathroom, unlike you can on a bus.

Let’s check on buses that can not just provide you an unforgettable but basically become your main living place in 2020.

Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo

Owner: Marchi Mobile

Uniqueness: It has a transparent glass roof and fuel consumption is 20% lesser than average buses.

Speed: 150 kilometers per hour

Engine: Volvo, 6 cylinder

Cost: $3,000,000 USD

Our first bus was designed by Marchi Mobile and made from expensive materials, which gave to this bus of dream its futuristic design. The owner or his guests can control lights, loud of playing music, and climate-control systems inside as it usually should be. Inside you will find a bathroom fully made of marble and the kitchen. Glass-roof will let you enjoy by a night sky during the night rides. Also, as every modern tech, it is eco-friendly.

Prevost H3-45 VIP

Owner: Volvo

Uniqueness: Provides paranoiac to passengers as well as drivers.

Cabin length: 3.8 meters

Cost: $1,600,000 USD

The second place has been taken by a beautiful bus from “Volvo”. It has a lot of free space inside of it, and moreover, has the underfloor storage in size of 500 c. feet. What the temperature, sounds loud and lights will be is for you to decide. The unique wooden floor for the whole length of the transportation is one of the exclusive things this bus has. Long wheelbase and long battery life with fast charging, providing a really comfortable ride.

The Vantare Platinum Plus

Owner: Featherlite Coaches

Uniqueness: Noted for decadent interior design and provides smooth as silk ride.

Engine: Series 60 DDEC 515 HP

Cost: $2,500,000 USD

What’s making this bus unique? Oww many things, such as Italian leather, the floor made from marble and granite, Swarovski crystals, LED ceiling and so much more. Dash and steering wheel are made of Africa’s pommel veneers. You will always be able to automatically switch a mirror and 13-inch LCD TV in the same place. As a bonus, there is a special storage under the floor for keeping your car there so that you had both car and “hotel on the wheels” on your vacation, wherever you go.

Newmar King Aire

Owner: Newmar Corporation

Uniqueness: Super combination of performance and safety as well as leading-edge safety.

Fuel: Diesel

Cost: $1,600,000 USD

Unimaginable 605 horsepower provided by a pretty powerful X15 engine. Special design thing is the glazed porcelain floor for the whole length of that “mansion on wheels”. You will always be able to rest outside under the middle-sized straight umbrellas which are made into the bus, which are using integrated LED lights and special wind sensors to make your rest as comfortable as possible in any weather. Moreover, your energy system is certainly secure due to a 12.5 KW diesel generator and a hydraulic slide-out tray. If the “security” word was spelled already, we have to mention a special door using moving sensors and wireless key system, what basically making your bus a real smart-home.


Uniqueness: Super light and durable fibre are used in building this bus which are also the missiles construction materials.

Speed: 250 km per hour

Capacity: 23 seats

Cost: $13 million USD

UAE has a pretty nice taste in modern tech, design, and cars, so Superbus decided to prove it one more time. Each seat has its own airbags, seatbelts, TV (using a wireless connection). One of the first things you will see inside is a fancy precious leather covering the seats. Moreover, each seat has its own climate-control system, so that each passenger felt maximum comfort during the road. The biggest and richest cities of UAE are the only places where you can see these completely ecological monsters.

Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach

Owner: Foretravel Motorcoach

Uniqueness: Prominent for noise reduction and comfort.

Engine: Cummins X15 605

Cost: $1,300,000 USD

It is a pretty exciting combination of beauty and safety. Generator with its power 20,000 KW will provide you a long drive. This transport is featured with the newest system of air conditioning placed on the top of it, has one of the most advanced lock-systems, and beautiful LED lights on its floor and so much more. The company paid huge attention to the bus’ security system so that this is one of the safest travel-buses nowadays. It includes a closed air system, carbon-monoxide sensitive sensors, advanced services for GFI protection, etc.

Vario Signature

Owner: Mercedes-Benz

Uniqueness: Best bus for long-distance trips for its high quality running parts.

Speed: 523 horsepower

Cost: $1,3 million USD

Vario Signature will definitely surprise everybody with its combination of beautiful look inside, fashionable design, and the cost of all the materials, it was made from. Among exclusive things, it has huge XXL beds. Transport’s motor has a pretty interesting form thanks to many mixed transitions and light system for it. All of that and so much more will provide maximum comfort for its owner and his guests. Bonus: a car garage under the floor.

Monaco Dynasty 45P

Owner: Monaco

Uniqueness: Artistic interior design.

Engine: Cummins/16 Diesel Pusher

Cost: $585,750 USD

Dynasty is a pretty work made by real tech-artists from Monaco. Best their work for now, by the way. Glazed tiled floor with LED lights making a really beautiful look for this transport. Cedar is the main material for the most of bedroom stuff, including furniture and even walls themselves. The front of the bus is a living room, and the center of it is the kitchen.

Country Coach Magna 630

Owner: Country Coach Inc.

Uniqueness: It has an inbuilt garage to carry sport car without dispute.

Engine: Caterpillar C-13

Cost: $495,000 USD

This is an ideal bus for sports lovers, made with a beautiful posh style inside. You can find big TVs in each room there and the bus has its own immense lounge, including a glossy floor. Your water will always be hot thankfully to the high-quality hydronic system made by “Hydro Hot”. Moreover, it also has a car garage under the floor, designed exclusively for sport car models.

Unicat Amerigo International

Owner: Unicat

Uniqueness: Help to survive its passengers from most difficulty.

Range: 2000 miles with a full fuel

Cost: $ 500,000 USD

The bus has a pretty fancy interior inside and the outside look of usual (incredibly expensive) track. Power for this monster has been taken from its own solar panels system placed on the roof. The capacity of gas which can be saved in the transport is a huge thanks to a really big gas tank, kitchen and wooden design will make you feel like at home. This transportation will handle everything: rain, wind, desert, river with 4-feet deep water and rocks, etc. You will never get lost using its wealthy GPS system.

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