How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger In 2021

If you have always dreamt about a beautiful bathroom, but yours is too small, it doesn’t matter. There are some excellent ideas for renovation in this room. Whenever you want it to be visually larger, or just to look more luxurious, there’s a decision that will cost you $3500-$9500. Check these ideas out and find the best one.

Install a skylight

Cost: $600 to $1600

Attraction: looks like a window in the roof, if you give different shape to the skylight window, it will look more attractive.

Benefit: Works as the ventilation, solves the odor problem, enough amount of light and air gets way to come in

Best skylight models: Sunoptics SUN skylight, velux 14, velux FCM skylight, FAKRO FWU egress roof window.

Who can do the work: for doing this you need an expert hand. Otherwise, it will be a problematic one. Your roof can be damaged and of course, a great amount of money can be wasted.

Caution: it is a tricky work so you have to be very careful with the work. Remember that a bad installation can weaken your roof, your roofs age should be kept in your mind too and most importantly, you need a building permit to install it in your roof.

Time Duration: your roofs type determines that how much time it will take. At least 1 day is needed to do the inner side’s work.

If there’s a lack of light or fresh air in the bathroom, a skylight window is a way out. As for the material, it may be plastic or glass. Just imagine taking a bath under the blue sky or the bright stars. Along with the fact that this window lightens the bathroom, it makes the very being there romantic and pleasant. Often after taking a bath or a shower, the entire space is full of steam and an unpleasant smell. The skylight will make the ventilation easier. On the other side, a roof window may warm the bathroom in summer, when it’s hot enough. A reasonable approach to this kind of bathroom renovation is to entrust the work to hired workers. It is undesirably to do such repairs, counting only on your physical possibilities.

Extend Shelving

Cost: $200 to $500

Attraction: makes your bathroom more organized, looks simple and gorgeous
Benefit: helps you to find things fast, keeps things protected, keeps clean, gives a personal space for everyone, and helps to keep different kind of product in different shelves.

Caution: don’t make much shelves if you do not have that much space in your bathroom
Who can do the work: you need pro workers for doing the job.

People often place many little shelves and drawers in their bathroom, which only clutter up the space and make it visually even smaller. Place one or two big shelves on the walls, which will hold everything and remove all unnecessary boxes away from the sight. Fashionable floating shelves will look neat and minimalistic. Hangers can also help enlarge the space.

Creativity in the shower area

Cost: $500 to $2000

Attraction: your shower area looks highlighted. In addition, your bathroom will look classy if your shower is an exceptional one.

Who can do the work: you need home decorating company for the job. This is not an easy thing to do. Huge planning is needed for this.

Changing the style of the entire bathroom will cost you something, but the result will be astonishing. The square-shaped shower looks too old-fashioned nowadays. There are a wide variety of other shapes, including tiles. Choosing triangle tiles and neatly placing them can create a bizarre ornament. Play with the material and the colors, and the bathroom will be the envy of your guests.

Make everything white

Cost: $200 to $1000

Attraction: the room will look bigger and peaceful. You will be able to find any kind of dirt in the room easily. According to a survey, white color decreases the mental pressure. Therefore, a white bathroom may become a place of meditation and relaxation for you.

Benefit: room looks bigger and standard. White color will automatically make your room look very clean

Who can do the work: it can be done by you or by the workers. If you want any professional touch in the room or any professional wall painting in the wall then you have to contact with the company.

Taking a bath, people want to relax. A white-colored bathroom will help it. This color will enlarge visually even a tiny room. Not to mention, that white is a trend of the minimalist style. In addition, you can place one or two bright items, like a red shower curtain or blue shelves. According to the psychologists’ opinion, white helps to gather one’s thoughts.

Try sinks of different shapes

Cost: $600 to $3000

Attraction: a different sink will change your bathrooms full outlook. It shows your personality.
Who can do the work: you have to buy the sinks and for doing the other work, you have to call plumbers.

Best brand for sinks: Villeroy and Boch , Kohler , Kraus , Moen etc.

Such a useful item as a sink can also be unusual and show its owner’s good taste. The market offers a variety of shapes and colors. Some options are a corner sink, a tabletop or a pedestal one. Round and oval sinks are the most convenient in use. However, there are square and rectangular ones. But despite they look creative, you may hit the head on the corner, so choose carefully.

Get luxurious towel bars

Cost: $200 to $600

Attraction: towel bars are going to talk about your luxuriousness. Even gold plated bars can be used in your bathroom.

Benefit: cabinets are not useful when you have to keep your towel or dress. In this case, a bar is very important.

Best towel bar models: The Moen DN8418bn preston, JQK Double bath towel bar, KES sus 304 etc.

Everyone can feel tired if there’s no place to put the towels, and they lay here and there. Get a particular place and set one or more towel bars. It looks elegant and keeps the towels dry.

A small table in the bathroom

Cost: $100 to $8000

Attraction: it will increase your bathrooms gorgeousness and reveal your bold personality.

Benefit: you can keep your small accessories when you are taking a bath such as your small finger ring, earring, watch, glass or body products etc.

Putting a small table is a very good decision for those who treat taking a bath as a serious procedure. Shower gels, shampoos, facial masks, and other things lie in the certain place now. Just prepare everything you need before washing. Moreover, a nice table will decorate the bathroom. Choose the material you like, be it wood, metal, plastic or glass.

Make the windows free

Cost: $200 to $300

Attraction: it will make your bathroom brighter, cleaner and bigger. Windows makes room hygiene and the openness will give your bathroom a hotel like vibe.

Who can do the work: you can do this.

Many people put the furniture items near the windows, because of the lack of space. But this is a mistake since it gives an impression of a cluttered basement instead of a clean bathroom. Remove all the big heavy things away from the windows, and the result will delight you.

Add more mirrors

Cost: $400 to $1000

Attraction: Makes the room reflective and everyone knows reflections are always gorgeous.

Benefit: small room looks bigger by using the mirror.

Perhaps using mirrors is one of the cheapest ways to change the bathroom’s look. Put it on the opposite side of the windows, and the room will shine. This design brings more light. Another reason to buy a big mirror is to enjoy your perfect reflection.

 Creativity in the door

Cost: $1000 to $3000

Attraction: everyone has a regular door but if you install a rarest one, it is going to change your standard just in a second.

Who can do the work: Homemaker Company

Do Experiment with your bathrooms door:You can go for an antique door in your bathroom. This is a very rare thing to do because an antique door is not an available thing. Painted glass, heavy work on wooden door, board door these are also a good and smart choice.

An entrance to the place for cleaning your body and soul should not be less attractive than the very bathroom. It can be transparent, or, in the opposite, opaque. Wood, metal or glass, the choice depends on you. Select the material which won’t be spoiled, since there’s a lot of steam and hot air in the bathroom.

Skip the shower door

Cost: $100 to $200

Attraction: Excluding the door, you are going to make the room smarter.

Benefit: if you do not have much space just skip the door with cleverness. It will save your place and make your home more up to date.

Who can do the work: you need home décor company for the work.

By removing the door, you can create a bathroom that makes you feel like in a spacious luxurious house. Just walk into the room, not bothering yourself with any movement to open the door. However, maybe you will have to clean both the floor in the shower and the passage.

 Install a corner sink

Cost: $300 to $1000

Attraction: it saves spaces of your room and makes your room trendy.

Benefit: you do not have to walk a distance from shower to the sink if you install a corner sink.

Who can do the job: you have to call the plumber to do the job. It is a tricky one and you cannot do it by yourself.

Best corner kitchen sink: Elkay DE217323 , Ruvati RVH8400, Houzer LCR -3221 -1, Dax etc.

Going back to the fifth point, pay attention to the corner sink. It stands out of the row of the ordinary sinks and helps in saving the space.

Hang arts on the wall

Cost: $100 to $ 600

Attraction: it will speak for your artistic mind.

Caution: you have to take serious care about the frame. You cannot use anything in your bathroom where water is a common thing. So be very careful about the frame otherwise, it is going to ruin the artwork and money.

Put a small piece of art on the wall and you will surprise, how fresh the bathroom will look. Any plot is all right, but mostly pictures representing the sea and water are suitable. Surely, there’s no need to hang the expensive masterpieces. Plain, but nice paintings will decorate the room.

 Use dark color

Cost: $900 to $1500

Attraction: dark room is always a standard choice. It reveals your bold personality.

Benefit: this dark color will hide the lacking of the room when it will get old

Unlike the light colors, the dark ones give an impression of mystery and intimacy. This trend is not less popular than designing the bathroom in white. Remember that the light works should be done more thoroughly in this case. Besides, if the room is rather old, any light color will emphasize all roughness and cracks. It’s better to use one main color and one or two additional ones.

Go raw

Cost: $4000 to $10,000

Attraction: it gives a bold impression.

This style will turn the shower into a designer’s creation. The point is to use the raw materials and create an impression of the design which didn’t require hard work. In addition to the stylish look, there’s a nice cooling effect, since the raw materials are not heated. Take into account, that the roof should be made of metal.

Use tiles

Cost: $2000 to $3000

Attraction: makes the bathroom attractive and suitable for a luxurious home.

Benefit: By changing the tiles, you can make the room new again.

Best tiles: ceramic tiles is the best for bathroom.

Caution: remember to buy some extra pieces because tiles tend to break. You may need this when you are inserting it in your floor.

Almost every bathroom has tiles on the floor and the walls. But the right choice will change its look unrecognizably. Marble or ceramic tiles will make it easier to wash them. Refuse using small tiles, which make the space look even smaller. Several big tiles can help the shower room look fresh and new. Before renovation calculate the area which needs to be covered.

Install a sound system

Cost: $100 to $300

Attraction: sometimes we feel listening our favorite songs when we are taking bath. Therefore, it is a very good idea to install a sound system in the bathroom. It is smart and necessary also.

Benefit: helps us to spend a quality time with relaxation in the bathtub.

Who can do the work: you yourself can do the work.

Many people like singing while washing. Buy a sound system and install it in any suitable place, where the water droplets can’t reach it. From now on not only the body can enjoy taking a bath, but also the ears.

Go for the wall painting

Cost: $400 to $800

Attraction: gives a new life to the walls.

Who can do the work: if you are a good painter, go for it. Don’t worry, if you are not a good artist. In that case, you can contact with the interior designer company.

If you don’t like standard tiles, try to paint the walls. Depending on the skills, it can be done yourself or by the hired staff. This decision is one of the best since it can create an absolutely exquisite look.

Keep a kids’ corner

Cost: $500 to $700

Attraction: gives a luxurious effect.

A bathroom is used by everyone. So, this will be very useful for kids. You can add a small bathtub, matt floor that is not be slippery, small rides, rainbow colored shower, lights, music system for your kids. As a result, these will make your child take shower every day and certainly, it will reduce your pressure of taking them into the bathtub regularly with a great effort.

This is suitable for families with more than one child since it can be used for a long time. Little kids are often naughty when it comes to a bath. Create a special place for them with funny pictures, a bright curtain, and a cozy mat. Bring there your children’s favorite bath toys, and they themselves will ask you to bathe them.

Floating sink

Cost: $500

Attraction: saves places, looks simple, trendy and smart.

Benefit: makes room look bigger. Gives free space to keep more things that are necessary.

Available in: Amazon, Wayfair etc.

Color: Choose color according to your bathrooms wall. You can make a contrast between two or three colors.

Who can do the work: You need a professional hand for this job.

Many sinks are too heavy and occupy much space. If the shower is small, it seems ugly. Be fashionable and set a floating sink. The price mostly depends on the type of material. This sink looks as if it’s flying in the air. Even if it doesn’t really free up a lot of space, it creates a sense of freedom. A wooden sink will look noble, a marble one – luxurious, etc. Just trust your sense of style.


Cost: $ 400 to $800

Attraction: makes room very luxurious. You can get any print of any color and can make your bathroom trendy.

Benefit: it takes less money but makes a room smarter than any other room decoration ideas.

Who can do the work: you need professional worker for this. Otherwise, you will not be able to handle the hard peel and stick wallpaper.

Best wallpaper designer brands: Anaglypta , Arte , Arcadia, Ailanto etc.

If someone says that wallpapers are old-fashionable, this person just can’t use them properly. They can make a magnificent pattern. Though it may be not reasonable to wallpaper the entire bathroom, one or two walls can be decorated. It is much more cheaper than some other ways to redesign the room. The colors are so various, that you can certainly select the suitable one. What do you prefer, flowers or the star sky? Choose the appropriate material and enjoy the new view.

Be wise to choose furniture and accessories

Cost: $700 or more.

Best bathroom appliance brands: Kohler Company, Roca, Duravit etc.

Attraction: if you can choose everything, which will match with each other, you will get a harmonious effect on the room. The will look so organized and standard.

Even if there is not so much furniture in the bathroom, all the pieces should match each other and the interior. For example, a light wooden table and a dark plastic-framed mirror may seem to be nice separately, but together they don’t bring any beauty. There’s no need to buy all the items from the same company and the identical design but think carefully before buying each one. Will they match each other in size and shape? Isn’t there any conflict between the color of the furniture and the walls and floor?

Extend the area of the bathroom

Cost: $1000 or more

Attraction: a large bathroom is always very relaxing; you can bring a hotel like feeling by customizing everything in that way in a large bathroom.

Who can do the work: workers.

All the ways to redesign the small bathroom described here are to make the space visually bigger. But if there are means and time, make it bigger, inviting a work crew. You may leave the old furniture, or replace it with the new one, which looks better in the bigger shower.

Make it floral

Cost: $400 to $1000

Attraction: it gives the touch of nature; everything looks colorful, joyful and fresh.

Benefit: a research says that colorful place makes us happy and relaxed.

You can bring some real plants into the bathroom, or just buy the floral wallpapers, or even match these two options. Anyway, the view will be wonderful. Just imagine taking a bath in this peaceful orangery. As for plants, choose those which are moisture-loving, since there’s a lot of water. Wall stickers may perfectly fit this style.

Make a shelf above the bathtub

Cost: $200 or a bit more

Benefit: adds some storages in a small bathroom

Attraction: the curve looks very luxurious.

Who can do the work: you need home décor company here.

Best home décor company: Gilt home, Joybird, Parachute etc.

If your shower products lie wherever the family members put them, it’s high time to think about a shelf hung above the bathtub. It can serve as a decoration element or a useful addition. Put all the things you need on the shelve and enjoy the bath. A beautiful and functional shelf can replace a small table, in case the latter is not convenient to use.

A sunken bathtub

Cost: $500 to $1000

Attraction: it is the smartest idea of a bathtub now

Benefit: your bathroom will look very simple or you can say it will look like empty and bigger.

Best manufacturer: Villeroy and Boch

This new trend will cost a little more, than other options listed above, but we beg none of your neighbors has such a tub. It is a small lake in the middle of the room. The color choice depends on you. This is a perfect bathtub for romantic bathing with the candles around.

Wooden floor

Cost: $900 or more

Attraction: it will give you a feeling of old wooden house. It looks very classy.

Benefit: it is less slippery, helpful for your baby and old family members.

Best durable woods: Oak, Maple and cherry

This is not a cheap pleasure to have a wooden floor. But it will create a luxurious view. Moreover, such a floor is not as slippery as the tile one. Remember to treat this floor carefully and clean it regularly. The more expensive is wood, the longer it will last. We would advise you to spend a little more money to be sure that the new floor won’t spoil in a year.

Some of these points require a work crew and a great deal of money, but most of our ideas are simple and cheap, so you can apply them to redesign your small bathroom.

The world’s best kitchen appliance brands as of 2021

If you wish to improve your cooking life, you should see the world’s best kitchen appliance brands. This requires plenty of both money and attention. First, you should read about the best brands who produce is always top of the line. There are more than 2000 brands all around the world making over 6000 products.

The brands mentioned are trying their best to turn out a usable product which corresponds with the customer’s most high-ranking and peculiar needs. Let’s find out about the world’s highest recommended, most expensive and luxury producers of appliances for the kitchen.

1. KitchenAid

Established: 1919

Headquarter: Benton harbor, Michigan, United States

Owner: Whirlpool Corporation

CEO: Marc Bitzer

First Product: Stand mixers

Products: Wall ovens, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers, disposers and compactors, cook tops, under counter refrigeration, hoods and vents, warming drawers, water filter etc.

Annual revenue: $19 million

Kitchen Aid, an American brand of kitchenware, celebrated its first centennial in the year 2020. In 1919, they were bought out by Whirlpool and concluded an agreement with them. It’s tough to hold a steady position in a market of hundreds upon hundreds of similar brands. They first produced a stand mixer named Model H-5. Several modifications were added to the model later on, which became advantageous among its competition. Nowadays, this brand has released numerous devices, including several issues of mixers. They have made a name for themselves and populated a niche that spans the entire globe, and now the devices are believed to be high-quality. Kitchen Aid’s devices can be bought on Amazon, the world’s biggest online store. According to their rating on Amazon, there is one particular outstanding model, namely Kitchen Aid K45SSOB. It has many included features that make it the best pick among other stand mixers. Sadly, washing machines are no longer produced by Kitchen Aid ever since the 2000’s. Kitchen Aid is better received among customers than Samsung because it offers more centers of service around the world. Kitchen Aid’s yearly worth is estimated to be $19.9M.

2. General Electric

Established: April 15, 1892

Headquarter: Boston, Massachusetts, united states

Chair and CEO: H. Lawrence Culp Jr.

Products: Cooking products, freezers, refrigerators, cook tops, microwaves, ranges, wall ovens, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters, washers, water filtration system etc.

Net income: $27.4 billion

Total asset: $309.129 billion

General Electric is estimated to be among the 20 largest companies in America. Their scientific centers are located all over the globe. They base on the customer’s numerous demands when making their kitchenware produce. Although General Electric have a separate shop, their devices can also be bought in other online stores like Aliexpress, Amazon or Alibaba. General Electronics have made a strong name for themselves, as they’ve been in business for 127 years.

3. LG

Established: 1958

Headquarter: Seoul, South Korea

CEO: Koo Kwang-mo

First Product: refrigerators and washing machines

Products: freezers, dishwashers, cook tops, microwaves, wall ovens, refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, washers, pans, etc.

Net Worth: $1.27 billion

This international manufacturer of electronics has several subdivisions: they produce mobile phones and home appliances, entertainment and components for vehicles. LG makes highly comfortable devices, for which it is considered a high-ranking kitchenware manufacturer. LG always considered its customers’ wishes, evidence to which was their first slogan used in 1999: “we put people first”. In 2004 it was changed to “digitally yours”, and their final slogan came to be “life is good”.

4. Electrolux

Established: 1919

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

CEO: Jonas Samuelson

Total Asset: 85 billion kr

Number of employees: 55,400

First Product: Vacuum cleaner

Products: Dishwashers, cookers, air conditioner, refrigerators, washing machines, waffle iron, juicer, blender etc.

Net income: 121 billion kr

There are many brands under whose names Electrolux Company develops and distributes their products, including itself. The company was born out of the partnership between Sevenska Elektron AB and Lux AB. It is among the highest-ranked kitchenware companies around the globe, known for its exceptional vacuum cleaners. Electrolux even started out as a company specializing solely in vacuum cleaners, eventually moving on to producing other appliances, both big and small, and even professional. They’ve conducted a lot of research in the needs of their customers, and, as a result, they’ve become one of the leaders on the market. According to their rating on Amazon, they’ve been given five starts by 19% of the customers and four stars by 11%, topped with some good reviews. Their main competitors are Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch, Sony and LG.

5. Kenmore

Established: 1913

Headquarters: Chicago, IL, united states

CEO: Transform Holdco

First Product: sewing machine

Products: Large kitchen appliance such as vacuum cleaners, barbecue grills along with some small things like blender, iron etc.

Kenmore has been on the market for 106 years, and over this time they have become the most innovative manufacturer. Thanks to their dedications, they are able to provide some of the highest quality services, enhancing their cooking and clean-up experiences. Kenmore devices are made in America, some of which are made by LG. The fridges manufactured by this company usually last for seven to ten years. However, the official warranty only lasts a year.

6. Beko

Established: 1969

Headquarter: Istanbul, Turkey

Owner: Koc Holding (Company)

Employees: 30000

Products: Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, stove, laundry machines, ovens , air conditioners, microwaves and many other products

Net income: €233 million

Total Asset: €3.764 billion

This Turkey-based brand has been in business for 60 years. It’s owned by a manufacturer named Koc Holding. Beko delivers on the promise of simplifying their consumer’s lives by bringing technology that saves energy and being one of the first representatives to do so. Beko won countless awards for its work, which tells us a lot about the level of their produce. It’s available in over 140 countries all around the world. According to a report, they have left about four hundred million customers content and satisfied. Beko owns 18 different factories, and their main goal is to inspire the younger generations to lead a healthier lifestyle.

7. Viking

Established: 1987

Headquarter: Greenwood

Founder: Fred Carl, Jr.

Employees: 1000

Net Income: $212 million

Viking has been producing professional and domestic appliances ever since 1987, earning a good reputation for the exceptional quality of their produce. They were the first-ever brand to implement the studio line for households in 1987. Viking introduced numerous innovations into the market, which is why they’re among the best kitchenware manufacturers. Recently Viking has introduced the commercial device line, whose appliances are quite costly. There has been an online survey, according to which Viking has earned a good rating from its customers. This survey also says that Viking makes the best stoves on the market. Their fridges, in turn, are produced by the Michigan-based Kalamazoo. The main competition of this company is Fisher, Smeg Company, GE, Electrolux.

8. Panasonic Corporation

Established: 1918

Headquarter: Osaka, Japan

CEO: Kazuhiro Tsuga

Employees: 2,74,143

Net income: 8.002 trillion JPY

Panasonic is used by different types of clients, such as stores, cafes, working offices and households. Panasonic states their goal as making their customers’ lives easier with the help of their top tier products, which they sell under their own name. They’re known for developing, producing and selling many several types of devices, owning a science center. There they delve into the statistics on the choices of their customers, on prices, on people’s preferences, on different problems in the sphere of kitchen appliance production and so on. They always take their next steps consulting with the results of the research. This worldwide brand’s goal is to make their innovations available for customers of ever level of income.

9. Frigidaire

Established: 1918

Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Parent company: Electrolux

Products: Dryers, washers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, gas stoves, electric stoves, dishwashers etc

Price: starts from $79830

Frigidaire is a subdivision of Electrolux and a representative of the world’s best brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. This brand became the sole inventor of the self-containment fridge in 1916. The company is so famous and well-known that many still call fridges “freezes”, which is a derivative of “Frigidaire”. It reached the peak of its fame in the middle of the 1900’s. Frigidaire is known for the hard work they put into the development of their fridges. They develop devices that save up on space for the solution of containment-related problems.

10. Thermador

Established: 1916

Headquarter: Irvine, CA

CEO: Christofer Von Nagel

First Product: Portable heater

Products: Ranges, range tops, ovens, cook tops, ventilation, warming drawers, microwaves, built in coffee machine, refrigerators and dishwashers

This is the world’s second-biggest manufacturer of kitchen devices. Thermador does not count as a self-contained brand, rather, it’s part of the BH Home company. Thermador started their career in kitchen device production in 1932. It became the first ever company to invent the oven that cleans itself in 1963, which also implemented speedily cooking. According to several surveys, this company is more well-liked than Viking. Most of its appliances are produced in America, and most are quite expensive.

These were the top 10 most well-known and well-liked kitchenware companies on the market. They will be a great help in improving your kitchen’s usability and looks. Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite and whose devices you already own!

So, here are the most well-known and well-liked companies that make kitchen devices. They will be a great help in improving your kitchen’s usability and looks. Write down in the comments which one is your favorite and whose products you already own!

Stylish looks of your ideal bathroom interior

In this article we decided to gather the best ideas and stylish looks for the bathroom interiors according to 2020 trends.

Today a bathroom is also one of the most popular spaces for special design projects because it has joined the list of kitchens and living rooms as the “face” of a person’s apartment or house. There are lots of different design ideas and examples which can be used as a lead for your project, but the first thing you should think about is a person who will use the space on a daily basis.

Today there is no frames for your imagination, and you can create whatever interior you like. We want to help you to choose the best options to make your dreams come true, so, please find trendy bathroom looks 2020.

A bathroom with an eccentric touch

Attraction: everything fitted in a tiny room, tiles, small tub and furniture, artworks, little hanger for keeping regular things

Appliances: mirror, ceramic toilet, steel hanger, glass case

Dimensions: minimum of 25 to 30 square

Color: any colors, for bigger than try to use one single color

Expense: $2000 minimum

Specialty: maintaining a luxurious bathroom in a small place

The eccentric design is one of the most popular among people who have small bathrooms or a second guest toilet and need an idea for a compact space. But the owners of bigger rooms can also find some smart ideas for their homes. In the end, your interior shows how you want to see it, which means that it is completely up to you, what style and accessories to choose, and how to operate them. A good example is Simon Doonan, who lives in Greenwich Village, and who renovated his bathroom not long ago for two thousand dollars. Details:

  • Equipment. The best solution for such bathrooms would be a small bathtub. There you can find a tube by Apasier, which costs eight hundred fifty dollars. Think about adding a retro table for necessary bath accessories. Many designers say that we should not forget about decorations, artistic things, paintings, maybe candles or plants to add life to space. Then if we speak about WC to complement the composition, choose wall-hung models: they fir better for small bathrooms. It will save you space and let the design be more minimalistic and elegant.
  • Palette. Choose a color which is the most harmonious for you. Your bathroom can be a totally different place from your bedroom or living room and the rest of the home. However, please, do not forget about the size of this space. This needs to be taken into account when choosing the color as it should better be contrast and bright unless you want to make a small place even smaller. Simon has a good example: white and blue colors from Artistic Tile created a good balance.
  • Cost. You will spend two thousand dollars on such an interior. But it is not exact information, the cost may be more. It depends on how many decorations, accessories and how expensive will be the appliance. You can pay more attention to mirrors, the amount of lights, storage places, which will impact the expenses.
  • What to do to make the bathroom look bigger than it is? Take just one color (it can be white) and a lot of mirrors on each wall. But this decision is tricky: whatever element you plan to add after your renovation, it should be in that color. But this is the only way to make your bathroom bigger.

We found a research that says that the percentage of people who have chosen an eccentric style of bathroom is ninety points. This is also coming from the fact that many people have small bathrooms.

Roll-top design for a bigger space

Attraction: vibe of a boutique hotel, large place, bathtub in the center of the room, shower glass enclosure

Appliances: long skinny tiles, glassy hanger, mosaic glass.

Dimensions: more than 50 square feet.

Color: any kind of light color.

Expense: $3000 or more

Specialty: customized shower area with a glass wall, large bathtub in the middle and open window will give you a hotel-like feeling

Customer’s choice: 89%

For fans of a Roll Top style in their apartment or house there exist several terms and conditions. They are the following: think about a place for a floor standing bathtub in the middle of everything in your bathroom. Next to the bath should be a window, a seat with plants around, decorations on the wall and maybe a mosaic for the WC zone. If you follow those advice, you have a chance to make your bathroom look like a five-star hotel. This is the main idea of a Roll Top bathroom. But be aware that this is not all. Every element of the space should be thought with this idea in mind: from ceiling to floor finish. Good advice is to use new formats of tiles and some natural materials like marble.

  • Cost. You will spend three thousand dollars on such an interior. Additional elements and details will need even more in case you need them. The list can be the following: luxurious vessels, a big shower zone, colored glass accessories, an audio system for relaxation, a WC with bidet function inside, so on.

Combined design

Attraction: bathtub is the part of the bedroom itself, no pipe or water disposing way, open area, no partition

Appliances: small single bathtub, an inbuilt case with the bathtub.

Dimensions: 36 to 45 square feet

Color: any color that goes with the room

Expense: $5000 at least

  • Main idea. If you seek for open space solution, this is what you need. One of the trendiest interiors today is to make a bathroom and a bedroom a united space. A floor-standing bath next to your bed, no walls between a sanitary zone and relaxation zone, a feeling of freedom and a complete image of your own cocoon. All these details will make your space look also the same as in a boutique hotel or apartment. Special attention should be paid there to water connections and equipment because you have a risk to damage the floor. Think of it on the first step of renovation.
  • Cost. You will spend a lot of money on this bathroom design in comparison with others. When a bath is being installed in a bathroom, all the connections and fittings should be hidden and placed under the floor finish. Of course, you can put them inside walls, but still, the cost will be not less than five thousand dollars.

Natural light decoration

Attraction: Glassy room, light tunnel, roof lights, built-in shelves

Appliances: Steel cases and hangers

Dimensions: 50 to 60 square feet

Color: any color light is good for the room

Expense: $5000 minimum

This design is good for those of you who want to create a very light and open space with hidden storage options. Choosing it you should think about glassy walls to let the sun rays in your bathroom. If this is not helping, then turn to the ceiling and make a light tunnel or several small openings. All the storage spaces should be built-in or invisible for a completely natural light look.

  • Cost. You will spend five thousand dollars on such an interior. But be prepared to spend more, because this bathroom demands thoughtful solutions for each zone, for example, a Victoria Plum shower corner with a special series of tiles to highlight it or a steam room for relaxation. And do not forget that you need a big space to create this style.
  • More about the space needed. Choose a part of your apartment or house, which you will reconstruct for a sanitary room, before the start. Or you will have to say goodbye to the idea of a natural light decorated bathroom.

A bathroom for all family members

Attraction: Very big place, many shelves, bathtub and basin more than one

Appliances: Things made up with steel glass, ceramic, wood, marble, and tiles.

Dimensions: up to 65 square feet

Color: Any bold color will be suitable

Expense: $9000

The family bathroom is one of the types not easy to implement at home. It should be convenient for every family member and their needs. Plumbing products, images, storage spaces should be the first details to think about. Moreover, storage options should be even more than you can imagine. Because everyone will need a personal shelf, drawers and hook.

  • Precautions. All your beloved ones will use this space, which means that it cannot be a small and tiny bathroom. No chance that one bathtub or a single shower zone can be enough in this case. Moreover, please, think about children: choose a compact bath for them with a thermostatic faucet and anti-slip coverage, which will work well for all family members. A shower zone should also be constructed with thoughts about comfort and security.
  • Area. This is up to you, how big or small will be a bathroom in your house or apartment. But normally, for such ideas we recommend having a big open space as sometimes several people can be in the bathroom together, for example, brushing their teeth in the morning. A safe and relaxing atmosphere is what everyone expects from this interior then. Make sure that you can place a bathtub, shower enclosure and recover, big vessels, enough storage options (built-in or wall-hung).
  • Style. To be honest, the design is not the first people think when it comes to the family bathroom. This interior is more about comfort, functionality and safety. The design can be simpler not to make a feeling of mess with a lot of devices, drawers, toilet accessories, and family staff. Choose your common favorite color, elegant bathroom tiles for floor and parts of walls or wall panels. You can make several accents, for example, in a shower zone or around a wash station. This will help your bathroom look stylish.

A bathroom for kings and queens

Attraction: this bathroom will treat you like a king, gold plated ornaments of bathroom

Appliances: marble case, glassy hangers, chandelier, gold plated basin, tap, etc

Dimensions: 45 to 60 square feet

Color: golden or silver color will be suitable

Expense: $5000

  • The main idea. Luxury is the second name of this bathroom design. Artistic finishes on walls and floor, many glassy decorations, expensive vessels and WC with modern technologies. No surprise to find there marble and other natural materials. For better results you have to use each meter of the space. A good example is a bathroom of Alan Faena, who lives in Miami Beach district. Her interior cost her five thousand dollars.

Industrial chic

Attraction: dark effect, metallic things, metallic raw bathtub

Appliances: everything made up of steel , such as the tap, basin bathtub 

Dimensions: 38 to 40 square feet is perfect for this bathroom

Color: black, grey or any kind of dark or antique color

Expense: $3000 USD

Some people like more industrial and heavy interiors, for instance, a fully black bathroom that looks classy and bold. For this effect you can choose black marble or dark collections of tiles for a shadowy effect. This demands also metallic or dark details and accessories if you want to get a full effect. Some brands know what to propose to you for such a bathroom, thus you can buy a black copper bathtub or a black vessel. Lean Ford is one of those designers, who focus mostly on dark interiors. She always reminds her costumers that color is very important as well as the shape of the equipment.

Nature inside your home

Attraction: takes you close to nature

Appliances: tap, basin, shelves hanger, cases made up of ceramic, glass and marvel

Dimensions: 36 to 40 square feet is enough

Color: Any bright color is suitable here

Expense: $2000 USD

This is very easy with floral print on wallpapers, accessories and bathroom fittings. Note Ellie Cashman as one of the most popular floral wallpapers producers then. They can bring a very special even romantic touch to the interior of your space. A good solution will be to build a glassy wide shower zone. People usually prefer paintings to mirrors on the walls. One more good idea is to use an Etagera for additional storage options. It can be decorated also with floral print as well as other elements.

Garden bathroom

Attraction: Bathtub in the garden

Appliances: bathtub made up of ceramic, steel hangers and cases.

Dimensions: it should be made in an open place

Color: any bright color

Expense: $4000

A unique experience can come to your home with an outdoor bathroom. That does not make your life less private, because you can use different decorative solutions to hide your sanitary space. It can be flower trees, for instance, which will create a feeling of wild nature around. The biggest advantage of such bath exposition is that you do not have to think carefully about connections and water disposal. A famous designer Akin Atelier is always ready to help you with a garden bathroom design.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Attraction: reflects everything, so the room looks very bright and big

Appliances: gold plated accessories will be good for the room

Dimensions: 40 square feet is enough

Color: the champagne color will be the best for this bathroom

Expense: $3000

This design is impossible to forget. For the effect of a reflective bathroom you can use many mirrors or special series of wallpapers, which reflect the lightings. Better choose golden lights if you want to have a gold-plated interior. Look at Andy Cohen’s bathroom back again in Greenwich Village.

We believe that some of the ideas above will be helpful for you and you will find inspiration to create your own personal bathroom of a dream. Do not limit your imagination and pay attention to details.

Ideas for a kitchen in 2021 with photos: how to refresh an interior if the space is limited. How much and what to use?

What do you think of making some modern changes in your kitchen’s interior? It may be not very convenient to do cooking and other daily stuff if you don’t have enough space or if your kitchen has some oddly unusual layout. Although, there are many available ways to improve a working area in your kitchen and make it much more comfortable and trendy designed, without spending too much money. The original tips below will be very useful in achieving this goal.

1. Turn it Colorful

Cost: $1000 to $2000

Who can do the work: House painters

Attraction: Bright colors, which are looking positive even when there is not so much light, will keep your good mood on.

Best color paint brands: PPG, The Sherwin-Williams Co., AkzoNobel, Nippon Paint Holdings,

Asian paints, Jotun, etc

Material: colorful curtains, colorful walls, bright kitchen appliances, LED lights, colorful cabinets etc.

Suitable colors: yellow, orange, red, light blue or green, pink, etc

Using bright colors is an excellent solution if there isn’t enough natural light. Colorful design will look trendy and positive even in a medium light. As the scientists say, one’s mood becomes better in a colorful environment due to the body’s positive reactions. Why not try it? Especially, if you have young children, who will certainly like the idea.

2. Use free Corners to store the stuff

Cost: $500-$1000

What to add: shelves or cabins

Who can do the works: it’s possible to do by your own or use the service of any professional company

Attraction: simple, more space, neat and clean

Material: woods, small tiles, wallpaper

Best company for the job: Dessentials Inc, BH builders LIc, R & M Quality work, corp, etc

There are always the corners with an unused space in every house. Turning them into storage is one of the simplest and effective way to make a small kitchen look clearer and prettier. Then more things are hidden inside shelves or cabins, than more available working space you’ve got. If you’d like to minimize your budget, choose inexpensive materials (for example fake woods and hard boards). In this case the total cost may be no more than $500. But if you prefer real woods, marble or tiles, which are more expensive, you should count on a budget of $1000 or more.

3. Put Things to the Top

Benefits: this trendy idea helps to find application to a space that is often unused. The shelves over your kitchen’s cabinets are good places for the things you need for cooking.
Attraction: there will be less unused space, your kitchen will have modern and fulfilled look.

Cost: $900 to $1200

Who can do the work: it’s possible to do by yourself

As a rule, we have plenty of free space on the top of kitchen cabins. If the situation in your kitchen is the same, you can try to keep the things there or attach new shelves above cabinets or just close to the top. It will be an excellent place to put the things you don’t use very often.

4. Make a Showcase with Your Goods

Cost: $900 to $1000

What to do: don’t use blinker on the cabinets

Who can do the work: cabin makers

Attraction: You can expose your goods by putting some lights into the cabinets. It will turn your kitchen to a luxurious showcase.

If you enjoy luxury kitchen commodities and have of plenty of them, show your collection by keeping your cabinets open or using glasses. The idea is suitable if there is no partition between your kitchen and your living room.

5. Refresh your Backsplash

Cost: $1500 to $5000

Color: the color which suites the style of your kitchen

Materials: tiles, wallpaper

Attraction: the backsplash influences to the sight of the whole kitchen. A new and pretty one can refresh an interior and highlight cooking area.

Who can do the work: decor companies

Unfortunately, backslash gets dirty soon and it doesn’t look attractive. So if you change the tiles or the wallpapers of your backsplash, it may completely transform the kitchen. It will certainly work if you have a backsplash focused kitchen.

6. Plants are friends

Cost: depends on quantity and kind of plants

Who can do the work: it’s possible to do by yourself, but if you want a professional design you can contact a decoration company.

Where can I find: search in google or web directory

Attraction: you will bring a fresh and natural environment to your kitchen. You can also grow fresh and healthy vegetables.

Material: you need to find it out from a professional company.

The nature is always good for staying healthy and positive, so why don’t we bring a peace of nature into a kitchen by putting there some trees or other plants? Especially since it will look magnificent. If you choose cactus, it will help to make the temperature in your kitchen lower.

7. Place to keep everything – a cabin from floor to ceiling

Cost: $1500 to $3000

Material: glass, wallpaper, hardboard

Who can do the work: workers from home décor company such as R $ M Quality Work

What to add: cabins in your kitchen, Glass, woods and hardboards

Benefits: it gives the possibility to store a wide range of the things and free up more space

Color: the color of your kitchen or any contrast colors

Attraction: it’s convenient and full glassy or wallpapered cabinet in a kitchen will look spectacular.

This is the certainly smart and modern solution if you are tired of a mess of various cooking accessories and other things. Just put it all into a huge cabin and enjoy a new pretty look of your kitchen.

8. Backless Stools

Cost: $500 – $1000

Best model: Rattan bar stools, stainless steel bar stools, padded backless bar stools, etc

Attraction: changing the chair type you can change the total sight of a kitchen

Who can do the work: you need just by chairs

Where can I find the materials: any chair shop

Maybe backless stools are not as comfortable as standard chairs, but they look trendy staying in your breakfast Bar and make your kitchen modern. It will be not hard to maintain the kitchen, because the chairs don’t weight too much.

9. More LED Lights For A Great Look

Cost: $2000

Models: waterproof IP66,RoHS ETL DLc UL 3fT etc

Attraction: adding extra LED lights will make your working area more pleasant and will increase the level. It’s a great improvement for kitchen

Who can do the works: electric workers

For example, you can install LED lights in the edges or the bottom lines of the room. Your kitchen is not less valuable than your living room, so it certainly deserves some light works. But remember to choose 60 watts light for the kitchen.

10. Wallpaper’s World

Cost: $900

Benefit: new and colorful interior

Color: any color you like and feel good about

If you are going to renew your kitchen completely with a limited budget, look through the wide variety of wallpapers. It depends only of your preferences how to use them.

11. Portable storage

Attraction: it’s convenient to serve your guests and to store your stuff inside as well

What to add: a portable trey with wheels

Color: whatever color you like

Where can I find it: online shops like Amazon

Cost: price starts from $39

This an incredibly simple solution has many advantages: it’s an additional place for keeping things; it’s easy to move not only the tray itself, but the things inside/on it, that might be really helpful; it’s inexpensive, which isn’t less important; when the guests come to your place, use it as a tray to serve them. And it’s not all! What else you can do with it depends only on your fantasy.

12. Dark Beauty

Cost: $900 to $1000

Color: black, grey or any dark shades

Who can do the work: company workers

Cautions:make sure that you have enough light in your kitchen to feel comfortable

Maybe your existent kitchen is in bright colors, but you are getting sick of it. Then change the conception and use the dark colors in your interior. Dark is a classical design decision and can make any room look luxurious. But in this case, don’t forget to provide more light. For an even more amazing effect use marbles, glass tiles and appliances, that will perfectly match a dark room.

13. Storage Organized by Colors

Cost: $1500 to $2000

Who can do the work: painting companies

Attraction: well organized and harmonious look of your kitchen

Benefits: finding things becomes very easy

Keep the things according to the colors. You can give every color its own cabinet: one for blue things, one for yellow things and so on. It will look pretty and colorful and you will always know where to find a thing. Even if you make a mistake and put a green thing into a red cabinet, you will quickly understand it.

14. Turn the Walls into Mirrors

Cost: $1000 to $2500

Who can do the work: home decoration companies

Cautions: you have to be careful, especially if you have children, because mirror is easy to damage. Mirrors in a kitchen can easily get dirty and require a regular care.
Attraction: it will visually increase the space. Due to the reflection of the light, your kitchen will look brighter, glossy and luxurious.

Material: mirror, marble

It’s a good option if you have a small kitchen, which is connected to the leaving room without any partition. Mirrors will make the room look bigger and luxurious, that will match your gorgeous living room.

15. High Gloss Coating

Cost: $2000 at least

Who can do the work: home decorating companies

Best company: Asian paints

Color: there is no color, gloss coating just make the current color glossy

Benefits: visually makes a room bigger the same as mirrors do

Attraction: highlighting the color of the kitchen, give it a certainly royal look

If you would like to make your kitchen look luxury and glossy and highlight its color – this idea is for you.

16. Make Things Invisible And Get More Space

Cost: $200

What to do: organize you storage system, give everything its own place, use hidden storages
Attraction: gives you more available working space, the room magically look bigger

There is always a lot of different stuff, which is necessary for cooking and other things. We need to store it somewhere and leave enough space for our moving. Increase the number of cabins, hidden behind the blinkers. It will help to minimize the visible stuff, and as a result you will notice much more free space in a kitchen.

17. Windows Everywhere

Cost: $900

Who can do the work: workers, kitchen designer

Benefits: you’ll be a little closer to the nature, natural light and fresh air in the room

Attraction: openness is its main attraction

Windows are unoccupied for the healthy environment in the room. Then more windows are there in your kitchen, then more light and air you get. As a bonus, they will help to remove bad smells. There are various windows types and designs, so you can choose any you like.

18. Add Hooks

Cost: $800 to $900

Who can do the work: you yourself can do the work

Where can I find the material: it’s available in every hardware shop

Attraction: your kitchen will look scrappy

Benefits: all the things you need to use often will be by your hand, you can even keep them over the stove

Materials: holding pin is needed for the work

What can be hanged: spoons, cup, spuds etc

It’s not only convenient solution – this simple detail will decorate your kitchen and give it an interesting look, especially if you’ll hang the things according to an organized system.

19. Hidden Things

Cost: $1500 to $2000

Best designer: Matthew Ferrarini

Who can do the work: designer

Material: Glass, woods, board

Attraction: makes the kitchen look clean and simple

Benefits: helps to move and work faster

To make your kitchen look clean and harmonious, just choose blinkers in a color of your interior and put it into every cabinet.

20. Special Cabin For Electronic Goods

Cost: $1000


In your kitchen you should keep your electronic devices carefully, because the water is always somewhere around. So make a separate large cabin to store your toaster, blender, hitter, cooker and other appliances.

21. Make A New Smart Layout

Cost: $2000 to $4000

Color: use the contrast colors. Or if you want a visual effect of bigger space, light colors will help you

Attraction: absolutely new kitchen

Material: sinks, cabinets, new chairs, new kitchen island

Benefits: new layout can help you to organize more comfortable working area

Who can do the work: you need home decor companies

If you’ve been working on your kitchen for many years, you perhaps have got tired of the whole environment. So it’s time for the great changes! Change tiles or wallpapers, add some lights, create a new shape or location for the island, change the arrangement or number of cabinets, get a new backsplash or a chandelier, make any other changes you like.

22. New Island Solutions

Cost: $200 to $1000

Attraction: island with plenty of cabins and hangers will be useful and will look great

Benefits: additional places to store things

There are numbers of the abilities to renew your kitchen island. You can create a new storage and keep many kitchen accessorizes here on the island. If you want something original and interesting, turn the island’s lower part into an aquarium.

23. Add Pendants Lights

Cost: $100 to $3000

Attraction: Pendants lights above the kitchen island or the breakfast bar may become the main attraction in your kitchen. It will increase the beauty level of a kitchen.

Best designs: Cora 11 wide brushed nickel, Charleston 13

Where can I find the light: pendants lights are available inonline shops such as Lamps Plus, and in any electric shop near your house

Additional lights are helpful for many reasons, especially pendant lights, which are able to provide your workspace with the best illumination. To achieve this effect, use a rob or a chain to hang the pendant lights from the ceiling. There are many types of pendant lights so you can choose lights suitable to your needs. But be aware, that pendant lights are less intensive, so you’ll need a larger one if you are going to cover a wide area.

24. A Ladder With Wheels In Your Kitchen

Cost: $200-$500

Benefits: the save and easy way to reach things above cabins

Attractions: it’s a trendy thing, so it will give your kitchen more beauty points.

Best model: WE 43e

It can be really difficult to get something from the top of cabins. Although, the rolling ladder, which you’ll be able to move around the kitchen without anyone’s help, will completely solve this problem. It’s an irreplaceable thing if you have cabinet from floor to roof in your kitchen.

25. The Door Made Of Glass

Benefits: separate the areas of kitchen and living room

Attraction: looks stylish

Cost: $1000

You can use glass door in your kitchen. This will certainly level your kitchen up. Glass doors are environment friendly and glossy which is perfect for a luxurious kitchen.

Glossy glass door will increase the luxury of a kitchen, improve the environment and make the full interior look gorgeous. Just try to add it to your kitchen.

26. Floor Tiles In The Bold Colors

Cost: $1000 to $2000

Who can do the work: home décor company

How many times it can take to change the tiles: maximum 2 to 3 weeks

Attraction: Bright and colorful or maybe dark, but attractive floor, 3Dtiles will look good as well

Benefits: any damages and dirties on the floor of this kind will less visible
Best tiles manufacturing company: Ann sacks, Arizon tiles, Hakatai etc.

Renewing the design with new tiles is a popular and simple decision to refresh the interior completely. To find the one which is the best for you contact any famous tiles dealer.

27. Say Goodbye To Old Stuff

Cost: $3000 to $4000

Benefits: if you want to see a really new kitchen, replace as much old things as you can.

Change the lights, add new shelves or a new island (if the space is OK for it), decorate kitchen with new wallpaper or a new backsplash, warm your kitchen with rug, install large and modern sink and so on. Any of these changes will give you kitchen a new and fresh look.

We hope, that our list of ideas how to redesign your kitchen and make it smart, comfortable and stylish, will help you to do the changes you’ll really enjoy.

How to change your kitchen interior to a modern one

With the unstoppable development of modern technologies and trends our houses change their appearances every year more and more. And a kitchen is a place where all those new devices, accessories, materials arrive one of the first. We speak not only about technological progress in fridges, ovens, toasters but also about elements of interior or different finishes and every little thing you can find in this space. And there can appear a dispute about the meanings of two adjectives: modern kitchen and contemporary kitchen. No doubt, that there are many spaces that we can describe with both those words, but do we understand the difference? Let us speak more on this question to get deeper knowledge.

If we take the word “modern”, we think about something trendy at that moment, something that differs a lot from traditional views and has never been seen before. Today we see a lot of modern devices, technological novelties, trendy materials that are integrated into kitchen zones all over the world. And among them we propose you a list of most important and most moving for kitchen modernization process:

Slab-door kitchen design

One of the most significant elements of a modern kitchen nowadays is a style which is called a flat-panel door style. If you meet this kind of design in someone’s apartment or house, you can decide that this kitchen is following the trends. However, there is an opinion that this so-called door style of Shaker cannot reflect the modernization process. Some experts call it more transitional, but it does not mean that if you like that type of interior solution you cannot use it.

Frameless furniture

The second feature of a modern kitchen is a very popular construction style of cabinets. In different sources they call it a dozen names: from overlay cabinets to frameless design. It does not matter, because all those titles describe one phenomenon: doors, which overlay the whole body of the base unit. Professionals and end consumers use this style a lot in modern spaces’ design because it perfectly fits the idea of invisible fittings and fixings, pure lines. It looks different from traditional inset cabinets.

In addition to this, such cabinets solution adds more visual harmony and space feeling even to a small room. The face frame of such a base unit is fully unseen, and it is easier to create a smart and constructive interior. As a great example of this option, we propose you to check glass-door cabinets from Värde: you will never believe that there is anything behind the glass, as the frame is invisible. The only small details which can ruin the vision is a tiny dark line between the base units.

Simple and functional equipment

Together with frameless furniture you can easily find the next modern tendency in kitchen interior – integrated equipment, which has a very simple design but maximum functionality. Usually, ovens, microwaves, washing machines are integrated into cabinets, what saves the space and makes the kitchen look modern and simple.

Pure finishes

A good point, where we can find obvious differences between modern and contemporary. Pure finishes, no extra textures, no bright mix of colors – what is inherent for contemporary style – modern kitchen tries to avoid it and focus more on technology and functionality. So once again, slab-door style and smart equipment work there with pure finished of countertops and cabinets surfaces.

Natural materials

Even if a modern kitchen does not have bright colors and strong textures, they still can look stylish and for this purpose designers fill the interior with natural materials. Solid wood or natural marble pieces decorate the space with a touch of elegance and décor.

Forget about vertical

What can become a real surprise for our audience is the fact that modern kitchen interior does not like vertical lines in its design. Please, pay attention to how all the details and elements work on horizontal accents: lines of cabinets, wide and strong, sliding drawers, standing in a raw together with equipment placed one by one horizontally. In such a space everything is working on the idea of a horizontal interior.

The sense is in details

To continue the theme, we cannot miss the details. Interior details are the thing, which is making modern kitchen harmonious and complete. Only if you choose right lighting pieces, furniture, tableware, textile you will reach a whole picture of cozy and comfortable space. However, you should remember that the accessories must remain elegant, pure and fit the lines of the kitchen face.

A little mechanic chic

Nobody can disagree that industrial elements today are one of the trendiest points of fashion and interior industry. This is a style when natural materials are more concrete, heavier and ruder but have their charm. Imagine brass or concrete inclusions in countertops or cabinets finishes, handles or even industrial wallpapers and doors. Such elements would become the last step in turning your kitchen into the modern one.

Could we call the kitchen the heart of the house?

I expect lots of people to agree that our day starts in the kitchen so the kitchen is one of the most essential places in our home.

Supposedly, everyone knows the phrase “Home, Sweet Home”. Unlikely you’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t know it. Being far away from home especially for a long time you often long to be home. This is probably the closest place to our hearts.

It is worth noting that the kitchen can be called not only aesthetic but also the social center of the house. Many of us have fond memories associated with this place.

Are you still in doubt? We have selected 8 reasons that will show you what role it plays in your daily life.

1. Homemade Food

There is a myth that the way to the human heart is through the stomach. You can deny it or be absolutely sure of it. But who will refuse to eat tasty food?

A kitchen is a wonderful place where you can create magic. You put your feelings in when you cook. From completely ordinary products, you can make delicious and nutritious food.

Remember the history, how many times ancient tribes started wars over food. This confirms it once again that eating is one of the fundamental needs. And in the kitchen, we can satisfy it.

Despite the fact that we can not always name other reasons, but is this not enough?

2. The Center and the Heart of your Home

No matter how many times you eat a day or what your favorite food is, you still go to the kitchen every day. Whether you want to drink tea, juice or cook a full meal, you will go to the kitchen anyway.

Researchers conducted a survey and found that at least 90% of participants start their day with the kitchen. This does not mean that you spend all your time there. But you must agree, how pleasant it is to cook something exquisite and delight yourself or your family members.

Please notice that the kitchen does not lose its necessity after the evening. It’s cozy to be able to go somewhere at any time and have a cup of hot cocoa.

3. Childhood Memories

Yes, you can say that we spend time in the bedroom, so we all need to sleep. However, it is in the kitchen that we can gather as a family for no particular reason. You will easily remember what warm memories you have.

First of all, we can think of family holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas. When you get together and prepare a holiday dinner. It is easy to remember that atmosphere of comfort. And then we feel things like smell, feelings, emotions. Some of you may also think of their mother’s breakfast or other family traditions. Do you remember the first time you managed to cook something yourself?

However, you would not have these memories if we did not have a kitchen and we simply did not have such a room.

4. Great way to Socialize

A large number of scientists agree that a kitchen is the first place where your children learn to cooperate and help others. As human beings are social beings, this is a very important habit that grows up in the kitchen. Children get acquainted with manners and social etiquette.

Children often help their parents in the kitchen. For instance, they arrange and remove dishes. This way they can become familiar with household duties and gradually help their parents more. One day they’ll learn to cook right there.

5. Developing of Tight Family Bonds

In many homes, there is not only a separate dining table but also an entire dining area. The family can come together and discuss the past day. It definitely helps you relax after a hard day’s work. It is most convenient for us to speak out when we are not experiencing tension. You can discuss plans or solve other problems.

No question, you can gather in the house and in other places, but in the kitchen, it is easier to do it all together. We may have different plans throughout the day, but we cross paths with other family members in the kitchen every day. Therefore, you can safely say that your relationship is growing stronger.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

A study conducted by the ‘National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse‘ at ‘Columbia University’ indicates those children who regularly take home-cooked meals in the family circle have higher school performance. It seems incredible. But think, children who are emotionally comfortable and generally happy don’t get distracted by their problems. It is easier for them to concentrate, and this can really affect the results.

The survey also reveals that children who have dinner with their family at least 4 times a week are less liable to use alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

7. The New Living Room

In recent decades, designers have stopped separating the kitchen into a separate room. They started experimenting with a more open space. Sometimes the kitchen is bounded from the living room only by a small partition or even a bar counter. So we have more time to spend in the kitchen. Now we have nothing to prevent us from communicating with another person.

Many kitchens also have more space so that you can put up a large dining table and meet not only family but also friends. Do you agree with how well thought out and comfortable it is?

Recently, a combined kitchen with a hall is gaining popularity. Why should we spend time and money in a separate room, if you can beautifully furnish one? Now, this trend in the real estate sector attracts the attention of buyers.

8. Hone your Skills

You can be anyone you want, cook as often as you want. But your skill improves over and over again. Cooking is not easy. But it’s nice to see the progress. In the kitchen, you can hone your skills and prepare more refined dishes or learn how to serve them beautifully. It takes effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

Year’s best: bedrooms

A person who can make their life comfortable will do so with every aspect of it. The way rich people decorate their bedrooms is not an exclusion, as for everyone this part of a house is a place to rest one’s mind and body. But is there a way to make your bedroom look fancier? This article will get you an insight into how some famous people sleep – and how you can be a little bit like them.

1. Baldwin Bedroom

Location: Long island

Attraction: customized blue bed and chair, super large space, white glassy false ceiling, chunky selenite chandelier

Materials: a silken wool Moroccan rug, Glassy false ceiling, restoration hardware chairs, Spanish tile

Expense: $2 Million USD

Baldwin spouses’ bedroom can only be described as splendid. A custom-built Ron dier chandelier and an ornate chimney both found their way into this room. At the same time, there is other bedroom furniture like two nightstands, Daniel Romanoff chairs, Spanish floor matt tiles and a box bed with Frette bedding. A nice final touch is a great balcony door.

2. Michael Bay’s Bedroom

Location: USA

Attraction: interior design by oak

Materials: velvet finish floor, modern bed, large space, large led, expensive ceiling design, attached balcony, attached bath, diamond shape glass furniture, expensive painting, high-end glass walls, light clothing, etc.

Expense: $430k US

This famous director’s room is another example of luxury. A bath, which can be accessed directly from the bedroom is separated only by a pitch-black wall. Other than an oak bed there is not much furniture in this room. A panoramic window, hidden behind a curtain, opens a magnificent view of the city landscape.

3. Kourtney Kardashian’s bedroom

Designer: Jeff Andrews

Location: California

Expense: $1 Million USD

Materials: Loro Piana wool linen, natural wool, wood, wallpaper

Attraction: Patterned curtains, Sentimental showpieces, Neon sign behind the bed, hotel vibe in the room, comfortable space, and wallpaper on the ceiling

The well-known star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ lives in a hotel-like room. She values style over comfort – no wonder given the fact that her room is designed by Jeff Andrews. White bedding contrasts with her big jet bed which is right in the middle of the room. Right next to it there is a bookshelf with some of her late father’s things: law books, a little old red shoe and else. What is remarkable is a neon sign on the wall behind the bed. A big flat-screen TV is placed on the other wall. The fluffy carpet that covers the floor makes the room even cozier.

4. The Underwater Bedroom

Location: Maldives

Attraction: Sleep with fishes

Materials: High-end glass finish, king bed, waterproof floor carpet, large 4k led, expensive bed clothing, etc.

Expense: $15 million USD

A quiet evening under the water is something unique, but not unheard of. Some people prefer to cover their bedroom walls with TV screens, however, in the Maldives Murakha hotel there are underwater rooms. In such suite only a plastic dome separates you from fish swarming around – by the way, which fish will it be is up to you.

5. Brian Atwood

Location: Milan

Expense: $300k USD

Attraction: Dramatic black wall, vintage hand chair, large space, simplicity

Materials: wood, wallpaper

Designer: Nate Berkus

Combining antique elements with modern designs is a trend that Brian Atwood follows. In his room, there are vintage pieces like a 17-century chair and modern parts like a little photo gallery and posters on the walls. The white middle-sized bed is rather basic but stylish.

6. Roberto Cavalli’s Bedroom

Attraction: Art collection

Location: Tuscan villa

Materials: Master bed, animal print, gilt-wood mirror, artwork, fur made duvet, excellent wall & floor finish, etc.

Expense: $55k USD

Roberto’s room is by far the most extravagant from this list. Decorated with a lot of animal prints, it has a blanket resembling zebra skin. Opposite the bed, there is a wall with a lot of magnificent art pieces hanging on it. A mirror, attached to the headboard, reflects the view of the high-class room.

7. Lindsey Buckinghum’s bedroom

Location: USA

Attraction: antique finish

Materials: antique floor, curtains, mirror, queen bed, glass finish, wardrobe, fireplace, yellow gold print electronics, sofa, etc.

Expense: $59k USD

Lindsey Buckinghum is an example of why beauty and quality are associated with money. He is a fan of the old, too, as he has a vintage ballroom chair, an 18-century desk, and a hundred-year-old chandelier all in his bedroom – all of these are antique and therefore quite expensive

8. Angelina Jolie’s Bedroom

Color: White

Attraction: Simplicity

Materials: bed, expensive furniture, attached bath, high curtains, fireplace, attached balcony, lights, sofa, marble tiles, off white ceiling, etc.

Expense: $40k USD

Nothing ordinary can’t be expected from a Hollywood actress, and her room is gorgeous, but modestly so. Decorated in beige and white, it represents Angelina’s view that the bedroom should be a place where not only one’s body rests, but soul too. The room’s color scheme is supposed to install peace in its inhabitant, and so it does. Bed and three chairs are the furniture she’s got in her room.

9. Lady Gaga’s Bedroom

Attraction: Private terrace

Location: Malibu estate

Materials: Queen bed, sea view balcony, antic furniture, antic lighting, high-end glass door, expensive carpet, exceptional ceiling finish, etc.

Expense: $32k USD

Lady Gaga is known for being exceptional. The same applies to her Malibu place, which has a small terrace with a fascinating view of the sea. However, her room from the inside is admirable too: as many of her star colleagues, she has an expensive chandelier decorated with gold, a large white bed with an ornate lamp on the nightstand. A TV in front of the bed complements such a room.

10. Mark Badgley and James Mischka’s bedroom

Designer: Kentucky getaways design team

Expense: $1,00,000

Materials: leather, wood, expensive lights, limited edition room color

Attraction: Needlepoint pillow, 19th century’s painting, Customized bed, antique door, antique room decorating things, etc.

These Hollywood sweethearts certainly have a thing for vintage. In their bedroom, there are art pieces such as an old Laurin Copen painting, a bed with Badgley Mischka Home sheets and a mirror wall. A custom-designed bed stands on a polished wooden floor and surrounded by painted grey walls.

11. The Light Bedroom

One of the many ways of how to make your room more appealing is by adding some light and color. For example, you can use multi-colored strip lights on your ceiling or under the bed, which would make it cozier at night.

12. Grass Bedroom

Perfect for nature lovers, this kind of room feels like a little field of your own. The bed – as are sheets and duvet – is covered with grass, which enhances the feeling of a nature getaway. Pro tip: a big mirror installed on the headboard will make the room look bigger.

13. Space Saving Bedroom

Attraction: convertible furniture

A spacious room is not always a big one. You can save some space by using multi-purpose furniture, such as a retractable bed that is also be a wardrobe, or have folding chairs. Hanging something on a wall will also help.

14. The Bubble Bedroom

Attraction: bubble bed

This room can be described using only one word: bubble. This bedroom looks like a bubble and has a lot of those in it, as the bed is made of big soft bubble-looking balls and can be recomposed in any other shape. To spend a day in a such fancy room you have to visit Aire de bardenas hotel in Spain.

10 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Peculiar

If you want to make your kitchen special, I will tell you about 10 modern ways to do it. A good housewife keeps her house clean and cozy, but for some women it’s not enough, they dream about beautiful and contemporary design in their favorite part of the house. So, I have some hints for you in this article.

These ideas of kitchen design are not very expensive, and they can fill your kitchen with fresh, luxury air. You will find the mix of cost, quality, original design, unique character in every offer.

1. Dream White Kitchen Ideas

Material: oak wood, steel, glass

Cost: $1,20,000 usd

Top designer company: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Attraction: Coffer like ceiling, Large area, Traditional curves in the interior design

Customer’s recommendation: 76% worldwide

Type of the Design: Traditional

This kitchen is made of the white wood and it costs approximately $1, 20,000. If you want to change something, go on with no doubts, let your fantasy work. For example, you can add more kitchen islands; buy a glassy sink. There can also be a kitchen cabinet around the whole area. The additional price for these will be about $70 000 Kitchen counter tops can be made of white marble. That will cost $20 000. If you don’t have an inspiration to figure out your own idea, call professionals for help. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is a very famous designer company in Dubai. They take about $20 000, but designers’ work is worth of such price, because they are very talented.

2. U- shaped Kitchen

Attraction: Mermaid island in the center, wood flooring, large space, crown molding

Cost: $1,00,000 usd

Material: Marble, Wood, glass

Type: Contemporary

Customer’s recommendation: 82%

Mermaid island in the center will make the kitchen very cozy, and if you put there aquarium with small colorful fish, calmness and good mood any time you visit the kitchen are guaranteed. A wooden plate with some kitchen cutlery may be used instead of the lid. This solution costs approximately $50,000.

3. Basement kitchen

Attraction: Placement of the kitchen, attached basement bar, false lightings

Cost: $5, 00,000

Customer’s recommendation: 70%

Materials: carpets, tiles, stone, marble

Type: Contemporary

Flooring material: wood

Nowadays, the idea of basement kitchen is very popular. Before making a decision to make the kitchen in your basement, think about some special requirements. First of all, it is very important to have good ventilation and fire safety. These will cost about $5000. You should also pay attention to lighting, because there are no windows and the sun light that comes through. So, it’s better to put many bright bulbs. One more way to do your kitchen light is to white color, under-counter and under-shelf lighting. One more advantage of having a basement kitchen is planning everything like you want. For example, if you dream about your own bar at home, and have your corner for relaxation, than the idea of a basement kitchen will suit you.

4. Dramatic Kitchen 

Attraction: False waterfall, different LED lights, very large area, works of shadow and light, Liner edge

Type: Trendy

Customer’s recommendation: 92%

Designer: Lida Cucina

Cost: $7, 00,000

Materials: LED lights, wood, wire, tiles, carpets, wallpaper

Flooring material: Spanish tiles

This type of kitchen is a play of colors and lights. Dramatic kitchen is usually made in dark colors, like dark gray; it will give the interior a contemporary edge. As for lighting, you can put LED strips with automatic color change. You can also use big area and make a false LED waterfall. Smooth Spanish glossy tiles are a good covering for the floor in this kitchen. Gaggenau kitchen equipment will look perfect. As for the island, a round breakfast bar with black leather chairs will be amazing in your dramatic kitchen.

5. Granite kitchen

Attraction: Use of granite, classy chandelier, plants on the top of upper cabinet

Cost: $6,00,000 usd

Material: Wood, tiles, Crystal fixtures

Flooring Material: Hardwood

Type: Contemporary

This type of kitchen is a play of colors and lights. Dramatic kitchen is usually made in dark colors, like dark gray; it will give the interior a contemporary edge. As for lighting, you can put LED strips with automatic color change. You can also use big area and make a false LED waterfall. Smooth Spanish glossy tiles are a good covering for the floor in this kitchen. Gaggenau kitchen equipment will look perfect. As for the island, a round breakfast bar with black leather chairs will be amazing in your dramatic kitchen.

6. Rustic Dream kitchen

Cost: $100,500 usd

Attraction: Rustic look, beamed ceiling, antique things, wallpaper

Materials: Wood

Customer’s recommendation: 80%

Type: Contemporary

This kitchen idea will fill your house with the atmosphere of village. In order to make your kitchen rural, you have to choose suitable wallpaper, buy dark equipment and cabinets, put some old carpets on the floor and find antique chairs. Wood-beamed ceiling will look fantastic. The kitchen island may be made around the room, and put the dining table in the middle. This type of kitchen is very popular in Canada.

7. Curved kitchen

Attraction: Very detailed curves, light works, sleek outlook

Materials: Wood, stone, tiles, led, etc

Customer’s recommendation: 78%

Cost: $128,300

Curved kitchens are safe for children and comfortable for adults. Thanks to curves, the kitchen is seems bigger and there are many drawers. In this kitchen you can play with colors and light. For example, you can use red and white marble and put LED lights under the curves. I also suggest placing a breakfast bar around the island. Follow my recommendations and your curved kitchen will look classy.

8. Giant island kitchen

Attraction: Large Island, large space, light works

Materials: Tiles, marble

Cost: $1,19,400 usd

Customer’s Recommendation: 76%

Type: Trendy

Curved kitchens are safe for children and comfortable for adults. Thanks to curves, the kitchen is seems bigger and there are many drawers. In this kitchen you can play with colors and light. For example, you can use red and white marble and put LED lights under the curves. I also suggest to place a breakfast bar around the island. Follow my recommendations and your curved kitchen will look classy.

9. Ornate Luxury Kitchen

Attraction: curved ceiling, matching kitchen appliance, inbuilt oven, many cabinets, inbuilt sink, and curved floor

Cost: $1,14,300 usd

Customer’s recommendation: 91%

Type: Traditional

The peculiarity of this kitchen is worth of admiration. Curved cabinets, ceiling and even floor are very common for this design idea. You should pay attention to the kitchen appliance; it should match the interior design. I recommend you to have inbuilt sink and oven. Light here is very important, too. You can put LED lights to make the ceiling visually higher and the floor glossier. A couple of expensive chandeliers will make your kitchen first-class. Cree and Eaton manufacture and Hunter Douglas will be the best choice for the design of your extraordinary kitchen.

10. Backsplash king kitchen

Attraction: Amazing backsplash, LED light

Designer: Cabinet Solution Inc

Cost: $3,00,000 usd

Type: Transitional

If you like this option, you should emphasize on backsplashes. In my opinion, tiles is the most practical, but you can also look through some other options, such as mosaic glass, stainless steel or even marble. No matter what you choose, make the kitchen island of the same material. One more idea is inbuilt kitchen cabinetry that will leave more space and have a magnificent look. The best helper in this part is Cabinet Solution Inc. as for lighting, I recommend you to put some LED stripes around the backsplash and under the counter top of the island.

So, I gave you 10 wonderful ideas for building your kitchen due to your requirements and individual style. I hope this information was useful. Have a good kitchen.

Top 10 unimaginably comfortable small houses


Location: Canada

Size: 340 square feet

Owner: Green living Project

Attractions: electric drawbridge deck

Selling price: $65000 USD

This tiny marvelous house is created by a Green living project. From the first sight, it looks pretty small and inconvenient, but only from the first sight. It has a frame construction made from wood, electric brakes and an excellent water system with a good 200L rain barrel and holding tank. Thankfully to the nice HVAC system and 11kw stored energy, you will never face problems with energy.

All door locks are made of hard metal and, as a bonus, doors from the restroom and bath-room are made from barn wood. Drawbridge deck — is also an amazing addition to the house. Price to purchase — USD 65000.

Alpha Tiny House

Size: 240 Square feet

Owner: Frontier Tiny Homes

Attractions: Jacuzzi bathtub

Selling price: $95000 USD

Why this tiny house has been called luxury? Jacuzzi bathtub, dining table of 8 seats, metal roof, huge garage-style glass doors, wooden floor and even more — are only a few things included in that “mansion”, which will make u feel as good as in a huge house. Also, the building has hidden storage where you can keep all your stuff, and past through which you will get to the bedroom with a king-size bed.

Each room, including the kitchen and bathroom, is enriched with all brand-new and modern facilities. Moreover, the main bathroom’s attraction is the Jacuzzi tub, composting toilet, and comfortable full-sized shower. You can get the house for 95000 USD.


Location: Canada

Size: 337 Square feet

Owner: Zero Squared

Attractions: Pushing the button for more space

Selling price: $75000 USD

The “Zero squared” had been trying to build a unique house, combined with technologies and modern design, and they got successful in it. The main attraction of this building is the button which can increase the amount of free space inside from 8.6 to 15.1 feet.

Everything inside the house is well-organized. For example, there is a king-sized bed that can be pulled down and become a dining table of 4 seats, metal roof, wooden walls, split air conditioner and composting toilet. A huge advantage of this “Tiny Paradise” is using green energy, provided by a solar panel system on the roof. To pre-order this tiny modern house, you have to pay 75000 USD.

Brown Bear

Size: 28*8*13.6 feet

Owner: Alpine Tiny Homes

Attractions: Solar Generator

Selling price: 73000 USD

This tiny house is a real dream for a family who wants to have a life far away from big cities and use green energy. It has a king-sized bed for parents and a smaller one in loft-style for children. The “building on wheels” has everything that you need for a comfortable life: kitchen with a huge cabinet and all the facilities, a big sofa, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, shower and composting toilet. The reason you must pick exactly this house is a solar generator system. That’s really an amazing thing. The price of this inspiring house 73000 USD.

Vintage XL

Size: 355 Square feet

Owner: Vintage

Attractions: 8 people’s accommodation

Selling price: 73,400 USD

Vintage XL is another great project of “Vintage” company, that can accommodate 8 people within using floor space. A couch in the lounge area can be pulled into a double bed. The floor of the house equipped with a queen-sized bed and some cabinets. Just like in all our previous houses, the kitchen has everything you might need: sink, cooker, refrigerator, air conditioner. Same situation with the bathroom, where you will find showers and composting toilets. The price is 73,400 USD.

Tiny Slice in Seattle

Size: 9*14 feet

Owner: Clay Wallace

Attractions: Garden Area

Selling price: $500,000

Mint colored kitchen, dining room, garage space, and custom-build windows are everything you need to create a beautiful house! Two beds and two bathrooms making living there even more convenient. The simple garden full of green shades of trees and hedge, perfect home appliances with natural light penetrating design is the main attractions of that natural heaven. You can become an owner of this unique building for 500,000 USD.

Covo Mio

Size: 330 Square feet

Owner: Portland’s Covo Tiny Homes

Attractions: Tiny Tech world

Selling price: 100,000\59,999 USD (Standart)

This house is a perfect example of the advancement of 21st-century technologies. Bluetooth sound system, 50 inch TV, LED lights, door locked and much more controlled by a smartphone. It has Amazon echo and USB-chargers everywhere. The “technological mansion” is mostly made of wood.

The ground floor has a simple living room and kitchen with all the required facilities. Cute small but functional bedroom and bathroom with composting toilet are included. To become an owner of a highly-developed house of the future you need to pay 100,000 USD for all facilities, or 59,999 USD for the Standard version.

Hawaiian Hillside Cottage

Location: Ohia Forest

Size: 400 Square feet

Attractions: Enjoying a Wildlife

Selling price: 640,000 USD

This house is unmovable unlike others, but that doesn’t mean it is worse than the others. It contains a single bed, shower, electric fireplace, all the furniture you may need, and necessities, such as AC, TV, washing machine, etc.

The main difference between the house and the rest of them is that this one combines both modern comfort and wildlife at ones. The price is a little high, but it definitely worth it — 680,000 USD.

Silo Florida

Size: 453 Square feet

Attractions: House on the 75-acre land

Selling price: $200,000

The Silo house is an amazing combination of traditional vibes and modern tech. When you step inside you will feel very differently, thanks to the round shape of the house. Also, it has a rest-zone with a dining table on the outside. The building itself has been divided into two parts. The first one contains a normal-sized living room and a neat kitchen, and the second one – a comfortable bedroom and bathroom. To look at life from the round corner you can for 200,000 USD.


Size: 300 Square feet

Owner: New Frontier Tiny Homes

Attractions: Family size tiny home

Selling price: $139,900

This company is known for its well-designed house “Alpha” and it is their new addition for family living. A garage that looks like doors, kitchen with dishwasher and sliding glass doors are a nice addition to the house. You can invite your friends anytime because the place has two separate bedrooms upstairs and downstairs and has enough space for 12 people to have dinner.

The bathroom there has a shower, sink, closet, and composting toilet. To grab that miracle of architecture you need to have 139,900 USD in your pocket.

Top 10 most bizarre residential buildings in the World 2021

Let’s look at 10 unusual houses that will take you to a Paradise of places to live. Dreams should not remain just dreams, they should be realized, and it does not matter whether you are rich or poor. Today you will be inspired by the amazing designs of luxury homes.

Of course, you will like one of the dream homes of 2020 and you will come to mind to make your paradise out of something inconspicuous. Each person is talented and creative in his own way. To understand this, let’s dive into our imaginations and dreams together.

1. The Museum of Textile

Owner: Jeff Bezos

Location: Washington DC

Architect: John Russell pope

Attraction: The garden-room

Price: $23 million for building and $12 more for the modification

The building was intended to make a home for themselves and their families, as for most owners. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has 5 homes, but the largest home in Washington, DC is considered an incredible textile Museum. The area of this house is 27 thousand square feet. This luxurious home of Jeff combines two different mansions connected by a path. “The castle” includes 11 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 5 living rooms, 2 elevators, a huge ballroom, 191 doors, 5 living rooms, 5 staircases, 3 kitchens, 2 libraries, 2 gyms, and a garden room.

2. Houseboat

Owner: Tom Hanks

Location: Seattle, Washington

Designed by: Vandeventer, Carlander Architects

Attraction: Little boat journey for entering into the home

Price: $3.5 million

If you wanted to get into a fairy tale, then you are here. The houseboat is a boat that has been created or converted for permanent living on board. You can live with pleasure and comfort there. The house is well equipped with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a roof terrace, a boat lift and much more. Is there anything better?

3. The project «Seahorse»

Owner: Richard Branson

Location: Dubai

Architect: Kleindienst Architects

Attraction: underwater rooms, the glassy room on the upper floor of the house

Price: $3.3 million

Floating villas combine modern innovations, a high level of comfort and spectacular views. Such a three-story house is everyone’s dream. Panoramic windows on the lower deck (underwater) – for aesthetic delight, as the view from the window opens to a private coral garden with colorful fish. On the lower level, there is a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and 2 bathrooms.

On the second floor, there is a kitchen, living room, hall, bathroom. On the top floor there is a Jacuzzi, shower and an open living area that can be converted into an open bedroom where you can sleep at night under the starry sky. Sounds like a dream? And the whole area is made of glass walls. I really want to go there.

4. Narrow House

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Owner: Etgar Keret

Purpose: To be used by different artists

Architect: Jakub Szczesny

Price: $61,000

“Skinny House” is a two-story building that is known as the narrowest. Its maximum width is 5 feet and its minimum width is 3 feet. The highlight of this house is not only in its size but also in the fact that it has everything you need: a kitchen, a bathroom, 2 Windows that never open, a dining room and a bedroom with a small bed. To get to the right room, a ladder will help, and neighboring houses help to equip with electricity. If you are interested in this type of accommodation, you can contact the owner of the hotel Keret.

5. The transparent house in Tokyo

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Owner: Sou Fujimoto

Attraction: glassy wall, the view from the house, a huge amount of daylight

Architect: Sou Fujimoto Architects

Price: $4 million

Where else can they come up with something so unusual that no one else thinks of it? In Japan, of course. The Japanese decided to do something similar, and they succeeded. In the house, however, not everything is transparent and this is the bathroom. But most of the rooms are really completely transparent. On a sunny day, all the rooms of a transparent house are literally flooded with light, to hide from prying eyes, its residents need to try. The space of the house, which is 914 square feet. The house has a modern kitchen, and bedrooms and chic recreation areas with panoramic windows. There is a car parked in the lower part of the house.

6. «The world standing on its head»

Location: Trassenheide, Germany

Owner: Toppels

Architect: Polish architect Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk

Purpose: tourist attraction

Price: 220K USD

Built-in 2008 in Northern Germany, the upside-down house was the first lower house built in Germany but it wasn’t the last. To turn everything upside down in life, it is enough to visit the most insane asylum in the world. Tourists from different parts of the country come here to see the most ordinary things from an unusual perspective. The house does not leave anyone indifferent. This place was not living, and travel to see him people come from all over Germany. Not only do chairs, a sofa, and a table hang over your head, but objects on the table don’t fall in a hurry either. If such a thing fell on your head, it wouldn’t seem too bad. The topsy-turvy house aimed to give visitors a different view of everyday things.

7.  A flying saucer

Location: Signal Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Owner: Curtis King

Designer: UFO house design

Cost: 250K USD

The building is built in the shape of a flying saucer and fully justifies this name, because it has a round shape, small square Windows-portholes and even itself landing strip – a light path leading to the house. Inside is a sliding ladder in the form of a ladder that can be pulled out at the touch of a button. The house is 2,000 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Curtis King originally built this fantastic home for his son, and now rents it out every year.

8. House – Toilet

Location: Suweon, South Korea

Owner: previously, Sim Jae Duck, presently, the government.

Designer: Sim Jae Duck

Cost: $1.1 million

This is an unusual building, very similar in shape to a toilet, which is located in Korea. It has two floors, the pride of the house is three luxury toilets. Architect Sim Jae Duck is a member of the world toilet Association and Chairman of the Assembly’s Organizing Committee. He built it in 2007. The main feature of the house is not that it is the only one in the world, but a symbolic hole in the roof. After the death of Sim Jae Duck, the government turned his house into a real Museum – a toilet theme Park.

9. Plane Home

Location: theUSA 

Owner: Zuyan

Designer: Bruce Campbell

Price: Total $30,000 to turn into home. $24,000 for renovating the inside

One day Zuyan had an idea to buy an old passenger plane Boeing 727 for $2000 and turn it into his home. He set up his new apartment outside of the city-the delivery cost him $4000. The cabin has undergone quite a serious alteration. The man put the cockpit of it in order, making a jacuzzi there. There is a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and he needed $24000 to renovate.

10. The House over the waterfall

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright

Owner: Edgar J Kaufmann

Attraction: view from the house

Price: 345k USD

The name of the house is explained by the fact that it stands above a small waterfall. Soon after completion, the house gained a reputation as a benchmark and a showcase of organic architecture. The house was originally intended for holidays but eventually became a Museum. This “flying” over rocks and streams of water house is a classic of modernist architecture, one of the most famous buildings of the XX century and definitely the best work of Wright. His project was included in the top 28 places to visit before you die. For fifty years, the “Fallingwater house” is a Museum that has been visited by about two million people. The flow of tourists does not stop – many people want to see this legendary architectural masterpiece and the arena of human drama with their own eyes. This house leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of everyone.

Please leave a review of your favorite and emotional projects you have seen here.

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