The Best Places in the USA Worth a Visit

The United States of America is not just one of the most famous states around the world, but also a place where a huge number of people want to go. What is so attractive to everyone in America?

In fact, there are many factors that attract attention. For example, lifestyle, behavior and attitude of people and so on. However, the main reasons are nature and beautiful places. One has only to look at the photo of any attractions and already immediately there is a desire to visit this location.

Especially for you, we have selected the best places from all over America that you must visit.

Niagara Fall

Location: Border between New York and Ontario, Canada

Visitors: 30 millions per year

Attractions: The Falls, Whirlpool Jetboat, Clifton Hill, Butterfly Conservatory, Hornblower, Butterfly Conservatory, Botanical Gardens, Fallsview Casino Resort, Nightmares Fear Factory, Hike the Niagara Glen, Fireworks, Whirlpool AeroCar, etc.

Niagara Fall is a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, named «Horseshoe», «Bridal Veils» and «American Falls» and whose height is 167 ft. More than 30 million residents and tourists visit this place and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, which looks even better at night. At night, they turn on special multi-colored lighting, which is even more mesmerizing along with the sound of falling water jets. Imagine if you visit a waterfall on a summer evening, it’s just a pleasure! In addition, you can take part in the cruise on the boat «The Maid of the Mist».

Grand Canyon

Location: Canyon, Arizona

Visitors: 5 millions per year

Attractions: 6093ft. canyon, rafting, hiking, running, helicopter tours, ultra-marathon race, sky walk, etc.


If you are lucky enough to get to Arizona, but you don’t visit this canyon, then you can assume that the trip was made in vain. You simply must visit this place, which is more than 5-6 million years old! The canyon is quite large: its length is 447 km, its width is 29 km. This place is considered one of the most beloved for the native inhabitants of America (according to statistics, about 85% of the inhabitants visit it), and is also considered one of the most beloved among tourists. It gives them pleasure to walk along the canyon or to look at the entire canyon from the palm of your hand. A bridge made of high quality glass was created especially for lovers of walking, where you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the place even better and closer. If the place in the photo looks so bewitching, then imagine how it will look in reality!

Yellowstone National Park

Location: Western United States in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Visitors: 7.2 million per year

Attractions: Geysers, Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris, Hayden Valley, Yellowstone Lake, Grand Canyon, Lamar Valley, etc

Yellowstone National Park is one of the oldest national parks of the USA, which is located in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. An unusual feature of the park is that it was built to preserve a certain place with hot springs, as well as with many geysers. Also, the park is considered to be stone, where the yellow stone river is located and where a lot of living creatures live. For example, bison, antelopes, sheep…

Florida Keys

Location: Series of islands extending from the southeastern tip of Florida (15 Miles)

Visitors: 3 million per year

Attractions: Duval Street, Coral Reef State Park, Key West, Bahia Honda State Park, Mallory Square, Dry Tortugas Park, Deer Refuge, Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Key West

Florida Keys is located on the south coast of Florida. The island is 120 miles long. The place attracts tourists not only with heavenly water, hot weather, numerous palm trees, but also attracts with one place, namely the bridge, named the «Seven Mile Bridge». Many films were shot in this location.


Location: Waikiki Beach, Oʻahu, state of Hawaii

Visitors: 9.4 million per year

Attractions: Waikiki, Ali`i Beach Park, Turtle Beach, Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, etc.

Waikiki is considered one of the best beaches in the Pacific Ocean, ideal for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the sun or palm trees, and enjoy the sound of the ocean in the background. In addition, you can find various spas, luxurious restaurants, hotels that will save you from the heat and give time to enjoy your favorite thing.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Location: San Francisco, Marin County

Visitors: 10 million per year

Attractions: Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, Fort Point, Presidio Picnic, The Wave Organ, The Palace of Fine Arts, Andy Goldsworthy’s Art, Crissy Field

Build Cost: Over billion us dollar

The well-known Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, connecting the bay of San Francisco with the Pacific Ocean. The 1.6-km-long bridge is San Francisco’s main attraction. Many tourists like to stay in this place and take photos, selfies on the background of the red bridge, the color of which gives a certain sophistication against the background of the area.

San Antonio Riverwalk

Location: 849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Visitors: 11.5 million per year

Attractions: Riverwalk, iFly, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Pearl Farmers Market, Brackenridge Park, Community Dining Boats, The Magicians Agency, Morgan’s Wonderland, Natural Bridge Caverns

The unique long pedestrian street, which is located in San Antonio (Texas), attracts millions of tourists annually. The place is famous for the opportunity to relax. You can sit on chairs and watch the beauty around, you can spend time with family and friends. There are no shops, restaurants. So if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, then you should go there.

Las Vegas

Location: Nevada State, United States

Visitors: 42 millions per year

Attractions: Casinos, Shopping, Dining, Roaming the narrow alleys, Neon lights Night, Museum, Cooler winter, street music & dance, etc.

It’s not necessary here to paint everything in detail, because each person has never heard of this place. Someone knows about Las Vegas through social media, through English lessons, or perhaps through watching «The Hangover» movie. Of course, the main attraction is a casino with gambling, which has such an addictive effect that it is difficult to come off (be careful!). Also, Las Vegas is a city that you should admire at night, when the whole city is in the lights, and the fountains rhythmically work to the music. In the afternoon, you can also do a lot of things. For example, visit museums, which are quite a lot in the city.

Statue of Liberty

Location: New York, NY 10004

Visitors: 3.5 million per year

Attractions: National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Manhattan Skyline , Ellis Island, One World Observatory, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc.

New York is famous not only for its skyscrapers and streets, but also for its most important attraction — the Statue of Liberty, which was donated by the United States French in 1886. The statue bears a symbol not only of the USA, but of the whole world. It is difficult to calculate how many residents and tourists visit this place every year, because everyone who comes to New York wants to see the statue of liberty first. There are several ways to visit a place. For example, you can sail on a tourist boat closer to the statue or climb directly to it. It’s up to you to decide how to enjoy the sight, but you must visit the place in order to feel the spirit of America.

White House

Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Visitors: 1.25 million per year

Attractions: White House, Northern Trail, Southern Trail, President’s Park, White House Garden, National Christmas Tree, Kitchen Garden, Easter Egg Roll

The White House is one of Washington’s most important attractions. The building is known as the home of US presidents (all presidents lived there, except George Washington). Lately, getting inside has become very problematic, so we hope that the situation will change, but in the meantime, we will admire home from a distance.

Answers to the most popular questions about vacation in the Maldives

Usually tourists have the same questions regarding traveling to the Maldives, including the most popular tourist destinations and attractions, extremely luxurious or affordable hotels, the preferable tourist season, possibility to spend an unforgettable honeymoon or to spend a vacation with a family, necessary budget for your trip, etc.

Below you can see the answers regarding the widespread questions about the Maldives and vacation on these islands.

Where these islands are located, and what is special about the Maldives?

The Maldives is a tiny little state with numerous islands, which are located in the Southern part of the Asia and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It’s consisted of 26 atolls and approximately 1192 islands and, thus, is viewed as an extremely geographically dispersed country. The Maldives’ land territory and population are the smallest throughout the continent. These islands are so little, that it’s almost impossible to find them on the geographical map. The most crowded place in the state is its capital, Malé, which if famous not only for its fish markets, but also for Friday Mosque constructed in the 17th century. It’s the most widely-known tourist attraction in the city.

What to so during your vacation in the Maldives?

Thanks to the Maldives’ advantageous location and amazing architectural style, it’s quite widespread tourists’ choice for their holidays. The amazing feature of the Maldives is its extremely affluent coral reefs, which allow you to dive many times and never be bored. The underwater life present in the Maldives is astonishing and provides various entertainment activities for the visitors, including snorkeling and fishing. Whereas in the oceanic environment you can see anything including the little shrimps and the huge sharks.

Which cities or special places worth your visit in the Maldives?

The most appealing places are Hulhumale and Komandoo islands, while many others enjoy more Fuvahmula and Baros islands. However, some tourists rather prefer going to Mirihi or Kuramathi, which are definitely beautiful as well. If you adore luxurious hotels, you will unarguably like Komandoo Resort or Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. For those who especially appreciate good spa service, I would recommend Paradise Island Resort and also COMO Maalifushi. Any of these extremely comfortable and nice resorts can be perceived as the best option for your accommodation in the Maldives.

What is interesting about Malé?

Of course, Malé is the most populated and hence the busiest city with the hassle adherent to all capital cities. The streets are overwhelmed with the cars, whereas the long-established bazaars are full of different spices and coconuts. Even though many tourists skip this bustling city, heading straight to their resorts on the islands, Malé still deserves some tourist’s attention. You’ll be amused by how the modern-day buildings are harmoniously combined with the historical heritage of Malé.

What is believed to be the tourist season in these islands?

The approximate temperature in the Maldives is varying from 23ºC to 31ºC during the whole year. Because the climate in the Maldives is constantly warm and sunny, it’s recommended to fly to the Maldives from November to April, and hence to avoid unbearable for many tourists weather conditions. In this period the weather is just perfect!

When it’s better not to go to these islands?

The monsoon in the Maldives usually starts in May, reaching its peak in June, and finishing in October. So, from May to October it’s not recommended going to these Islands.

Why the Maldives is so famous?

First of all, the Maldives is that popular due to its numerous islands with luxurious villas or resorts. Secondly, the Maldives’ nature won’t leave anyone indifferent, amazing beaches and ocean are always impressing. The calmness and nature on the islands are invaluable!

Which island is the most popular?

Tourist keep arguing whether Hulhumale or Meeru Island is better. Give try to both or choose between two randomly — anyway, you won’t regret your decision.

Where is it better to live in the Maldives?

I would recommend Mirishi Island. Misrishi is interestingly called after one traditional flower. On this island you would enjoy a large beach with the amazing view. On the Mirishi 36 bungalows are offered to the tourists. Mirishi Island is, furthermore, a suitable place to enjoy your honeymoon. You also have an opportunity to choose among 6 villas located on the beach and more than 20 villas standing above the water.

Which traveling tour to select?

A large amount of visitors arrive to the Maldives from different continents to relax during their holiday with a family or friends on the beautiful islands. The best tour for all of them would be the Malé City Tour. Tourists have a chance to explore different corners of Malé City, and to absolutely change their lifestyle for one day wandering around the very crowded city.

How expensive is this vacation, and how much pocket money should you have?

Generally speaking, to spend a holiday in the Maldives would cost for a couple approximately $1000 – $2000. This includes one night stay at the hotel and average meal price. The prices of plane tickets, excursion tours, extra activities, and luxurious services would depend on your preferences and needs. In case you’re interested in an exclusively luxurious stay, you can see the prices for your vacation below:

  • The Amilla Villa Estate – an elite haven – 29,003 USD/night (06 Person)
  • Coco Prive Private Island – 45,000 USd/night (18 Person)
  • Paradise resort requires 170-230 USD/night (2-3 Person)
  • Hotel Ocean Grand at Hulhumale $200/night (2-3 Person)
  • H78 Maldives – $100/night (02 Person)
  • Coral Queen Inn – $50/night (02 Person)
  • Meeru Island Resort & Spa – $250/night (2-4 Person)
  • Fushifaru Maldives – $350/night (2-4 Person)
  • Samann Grand – $115/night (02 Person)
  • Champa Central Hotel – $95/night (02 Person)
  • Veligandu Island Resort & Spa – $400/night (2-4 Person)
  • Ocean Deluxe Inn – $45/night (02 Person)
  • Olhuveli Beach & Spa Maldives – $130/night (02 Person)
  • Fihalhohi Island Resort – $100/night (02 Person)
  • The Vinorva Maldives – $50/night (02 Person)
  • Sabba Summer Suite Maldives – $20/night (02 Person)
  • Ocean Village Maldives – $21/night (02 Person)
  • local Travel Beach – $25/night (02 Person)
  • Raalhu Lodge – $30/night (02 Person)
  • White Coral Rasdhoo – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Holiday Garden Rasdhoo – $30/night (02 Person)
  • The Castaway Retreat – $30/night (02 Person)
  • White Sand Lodge – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Rasreef Rasdhoo Maldives – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Riveli Retreat at Mathiveri Maldives – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Madivaru Kro – $30/night (02 Person)
  • Kalaafaanu Retreat – $30/night (02 Person)

How much would it cost to spend a honeymoon in the Maldives?

Undoubtedly, the Maldives is one of the most wonderful places for a honeymoon! You have an opportunity to sunbathe on the amazing beach near the ocean, taking advantage of weather and surrounding your nature. To spend a romantic holiday on the island sounds like it’s a movie, but the Maldives is a true paradise! You can go to the coral islands or try to dive and investigate the life of the ocean. Going to the honeymoon trip to one of the Maldives islands would cost you from $1200 to $3000 for a couple.

How many 5 stars resorts are available in the Maldives?

You have a choice among six most luxurious resorts of the country, which are particularly gifted with the picturesque nature around them. Here’s the list of such comfortable resorts:

  • COMO Cocoa Island Resort. Water villas: 33
  • Baros Resort Maldives. Water villas: 30
  • Mirihi Island Resort. Water villas: 30
  • Gili Lankanfushi Maldives. Water villas: 45
  • Veligandu Island Resort
  • Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives

For how long it’s worth to stay in the Maldives?

These islands are rather suitable for a short vacation, otherwise, you may get bored. In my opinion, one week is the maximum duration that you can spend here. If you stay in one hotel, you would be satisfied with four – five days of vacation. In case you chose two resorts, then seven days would be sufficient to take a good rest in the Maldives.

Is it the best tourist destination?

Of course, the amount of tourists is different each year, but as statistics demonstrates there are annually more than 1 million visitors. In 2015, around 1.2 million visitors arrived to these islands, while, two years later, the amount has increased by approximately 300,000 tourists. Finally, in 2018, about 1.3 million people chose this vacation destination.

How to reach these islands from the U.S.?

The shortest possible distance is 15,540 km, which is equal to 9,656 miles. If you go by plane, the speed of which is more than 500 miles, you will get the Maldives in about 17.5 hours.

How much would I pay for one night in the Maldives’ hotel?

The Maldives is perceived as an expensive tourist destination. It’s famous for its luxurious villas and resorts on the coast of the ocean or the sea. The one night stay here would cost from $300 up to $1000.

How to navigate yourself to the Island from Malé City?

From the capital city Malé there are several options of transfer to the Island either by plane or by car through the highway. However, it’s quite problematic to reach some Islands, which require you to go by the ferry; because ferries aren’t usually available on Fridays. Nonetheless, any other day you can go to most of the islands by the ferry.

What are the exciting activities to try in the Maldives?

First of all, if you go to the capital city Malé, you have to see the Islamic Center and go for a stroll around the fish market. If you’re keen on history, you will be also impressed by The National Museum, and in case you wonder about the Islamic culture — go to local Grand Mosque. If you’re interested in diving or snorkeling, you would enjoy visiting Addu atoll. If you can’t stand when it’s crowded, try to go to the inhabited atoll called Hithadhoo, where the airport is located.

How to navigate in the Maldives?

The Maldives islands location is quite dispersed, so it’s better to check before your trip the way to the Island where you’re planning to stay. Google map is a priceless navigator in this situation, it’ll help you find any atoll you may need.

What will you like and appreciate in the Maldives?

Unsurprisingly, the Maldives is appealing many people around the world because of its climate. Offering a hot temperature with the tropical humidity there is something for everyone to like about the Maldives. However, the Maldives is also popular for its huge amount of coral atolls. With as many as 1109 of them, only 200 are actually inhabited, leaving the rest of them free to explore by the tourists who want to do so on their own without presence of huge crowds. These atolls offer a great opportunity for diving and observing the sea creatures untouched by the man’s activities in their natural habitat.

For what reasons the Maldives is a good vacation or honeymoon destination?

If you’re an experienced tourist and you think that there’s nothing left in this world to impress you — you’re mistaken! You’ll be amused by the nature and the color of the ocean in the Maldives and, of course, luxury of its high-rank resorts and hotels. Moreover, you can explore here exciting religious and historical heritage that usually attract tourists’ attention.

If you’re planning to spend a honeymoon, you’ll like in the Maldives the wide variety of luxurious resorts. There are more than 100 resorts on the islands, and each of them is special in its own way. The resorts possess all necessary equipment and facilities, including private beaches, various entertainment activities, provision of food and vehicles. Most of the resorts offer transfer for tourists from the airport right to their villa, you only have to inform your resort 2 days before your arrival. They will also give you a lift to the airport once your holiday is over. You should call the service provider one night before your leave, and the ferry will arrive to your villa at the suitable for you time.

To conclude, in the Maldives you have a great chance to relax alone or with your close people in the comfortable conditions and to explore amazing nature around you.

Which places you are recommended to visit if you plan to go to the Maldives during your honeymoon or family vacation in 2021?

You are suggested to visit these top-rated places if you are planning your honeymoon or family vacation during the year of 2020. It is a fantastic country in the Indian ocean. With the total area of 298 square kilometers it comprises of 26 fantastically beautiful atolls and made out of 1000+ coral islands. It is a very picturesque country with friendly people, clean beaches, blue lagoons, and far going reefs.

Due to climate, Maldives has magnificent nature, places of interest, entertainment, suitable for anyone who would like to visit this glorious country despite their traveling experience or financial status. It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen to spend your honeymoon or a family vacation, this place will provide you with an unforgettable experience no matter what.

01. Male Island

The capital of Maldives where you will start exploring the Maldives right after landing. You have a choice to visit Artificial beach where scooter riding, swimming and snorkeling can be experienced. You have a choice to go sightseeing and city will suggest you visit the ocean pool tube, various art galleries, museums, mosques, restaurants, monuments. The architecture of the city is very charismatic and if you are interested in history, you would be interested to explore cultural heritage left when times when this country was occupied by Great Britain. The city is truly beautiful, it can boast with a variety of different places of amusement, you will never experience boredom or hunger here as everything here is not expensive at all, local cuisine has big portions, amazing taste, and cheap prices.

02. National Museum

Although you are not interested in learning different periods of island life, you have to visit this fantastically beautiful architectural piece of art. This is a place that holds lots of interesting stuff like ancient weaponry, houseware, furniture, wood with Thana script and Arabic one written by ancestors. This museum is situated in a fantastic building which was built in the year 1703. The structure has a park and it has various flowers and kinds of trees. This structure is in the center of the city and anyone can visit this place or start exploring the surroundings without taking a taxi or public transport. Even if you didn’t like the exhibition, streets filled with life will cheer you up and stay in your heart forever.

03. Dive Club Male Island

If you need to satisfy your desire of getting an adventurous experience when you will be exploring the underwater world of an Indian ocean if you want to go on a scooter trip under the water surface or you can say that you are a fan of scuba diving, if you are fond of fishing, you would have an unforgettable time here. Also, if you are afraid of water, you can always ask the professional guides for help. As water is fantastically clean, you will be able to see anything starting from various corals, ending with different underwater creatures. This place is really photogenic.

04. Nalaguraidhoo Beach

Wonderful place, very long, white sandy beach. There is an equipped area: sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, toilets, cafes. It has a wonderful nature surrounding the beach. The water here is very clean. Once you get there, you would wish to stay here forever as it seems to be a paradise. Also, parents here can stop worrying; their kids will always be under the supervision of professional rescuers who are always ready to help you or save your life if anything bad happens.

05. Maldives Atolls

Lots of different atolls do exist, but these are visited by tourists the most often:

Addu one – the cleanest shore ever seen by you.

Thooddu – It is a unique circular thing existing in profound waters. It has amazing shore beauty and diversity of vegetation.

Moulaku – This is nearly encased shore with breathtaking straightest reefs around it.

Thiladhunmath one – Essentially it is homeland to an antiquated sanctuary.

Arri one – one of the numerous lovely places to be visited famous for its corals.

06. Whale Submarine

Whales don’t exist here but you will be taken on a 45-minute underwater tour and you will be observing different reefs, underwater species, and colorful corals. This service is situated in Male. You will be lectured by an experienced guide and this underwater trip will be interesting both for kids and parents. This is the most popular entertainment among tourists and even citizens of the country. here you can find peace and solitude. During a trip underwater, you will see a huge number of the most diverse marine life which can be studied in detail, for example, how they behave in their native habitat, and you can closely examine the surface of the seabed. Newlyweds will be able to take a huge number of photos and experience a large number of unforgettable impressions, and couples with children may be interested in their children to begin to study biology or oceanology or other sciences related to water.

The Best Cities in the World for the Luxurious Lifestyle

Have you already seen which city is currently the most luxurious throughout the world? If you are used to comfort and life of luxury, you probably know for sure where exactly you can satisfy all you needs. However, this time you will be absolutely surprised, as this phenomenon occurred for the last time 30 years ago.

Three cities simultaneously – Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore – became the most comfortable and expensive cities worldwide. Researches specializing in elegance unit discover annually the most luxurious cities across the globe, so let’s take a look and decide whether these cities actually deserve their status.

1. Paris

Living Cost: $3000 – $5000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $600 – $1200 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $70 – $150 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $300 – $700 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Paris is obviously one of the top cities in the world. To live in such prestigious neighborhoods as those around Eiffel Tower, Louvre, or Disneyland would cost you unthinkable amount of money – up to €2,500 per month for a single room. On food you will spend approximately €15 every day for one person. In accordance with the French government, you should pay around €615 for your visa application. In case you would like to live permanently in Paris, you would need €100,000 each year.

In Paris you will be amused by the local architecture and beautiness all around you. On the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower there is one of the most expensive restaurants in the city called Le Jules Verne. Starting price for one meal here reaches $300. However, in the most expensive restaurant of Paris you will have to pay $525 minimum, this place is called Guy Savoy, Monnaie De Paris. In general, you need a huge amount of money if you want to stay in Paris for one week.

2. Hong Kong

Living Cost: $4500 – $6000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $800 – $1400 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $50 – $100 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $200 – $500 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Can you imagine how expensive it is to live in Hong Kong? In this city you pay HK$92 or $12 for one product in your lunch or, for example, HK$21 or $2.7 for two apples. Accommodation would cost around HK$43,837 or $5500 per month. For a must have cloth like jeans you will have to pay approximately HK$631 or $80. The architectural style in Hong Kong is very unique and rather uncommon. There are unarguably plenty of good shopping centers and restaurants. Moreover, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is the best 5 stars hotel in the world, but this is definitely not everything. Hong Kong hosts numerous luxurious hotels, including Peninsula Hong Kong, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, The Upper House, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, and many others. In Hong Kong you can also find such expensive tourist destinations as Lantau Island, where you have to pay $3100 to $3300 for a private nightlife tour or gastronomy tour.

You have to be rich enough in order to live in Hong Kong. Then, you would ask – why exactly Hong Kong is that expensive? The main reason is that people in Hong Kong make a lot of money. For example, if you hold public office, you can earn up to $18,150 monthly. Hong Kong’s major trading partners are China and Singapore. Hong Kong mostly imports heavy machines, food chemicals, industrial products, and so on.

3. Singapore

Living Cost: $1500 – $4000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $600 – $1100 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $60 – $110 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $300 – $800 (Per Month, 01 Person)

I suppose, everyone knows that Singapore is fascinating and well-developed city. You have to spend not less than SG$700 or $510 to live in Singapore for 4 days. On food you would need to have SG$30 or $21 USD every day. To sustain a middle class life in Singapore you are supposed to earn from $3,000 to $4,000 per month. Singapore is also a paradise for shopaholics. The showrooms of the most popular brands, including Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada, and Loewe, are situated in Singapore. One of the most expensive shopping centers called Paragon Shopping Mall is located in Singapore. There is another great shopping mall named Ngee Ann city, where you can get literally anything.

As the Worldwide Holiday Cost Barometer found out – there are no more expensive destinations for holidays than Singapore. According to another survey, Singapore is also more expensive than Hong Kong or New York City by 42%.

4. Los Angeles

Living Cost: $3000 – $6000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $800 – $1200 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $100 – $160 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $400 – $800 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Los Angeles, the largest city in the U.S state of California, is the pinnacle of the film industry around the world. The LA is astonishing, and media industry is what making this city special. One of the most popular entertainment in Los Angeles is the Helicopter Tour, the cost and duration of the flight depends on your destination choice. If you want to buy an apartment near a subway in Los Angeles, this would cost you approximately $576,100.

5. Dubai

Living Cost: $3000 – $7000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $900 – $1600 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $130 – $200 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $600 – $900 (Per Month, 01 Person)

It is impossible to forget about Dubai while discussing the most luxurious places around the globe. Dubai is the unimaginably expensive city, where you can find such weird but expensive things as a golden table, the world’s most expensive tires that worth minimum $6,000,000, the most expensive cocktail, the biggest suchi or pizza, for example. There are also plenty of sports cars in the streets. The tallest tower in the world called The Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai as well. You can also visit here the largest indoor ski park or aquarium, the highest water slide or roof terrace bar.

If you want to spend one night in the world’s top hotel, Burj Al Arab, you will have to pay around $24,000. When you stay at this hotel, you can use Ipad made from gold or visit gold facial spa, which is located in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray’s Spa; both services use exclusively 24 carat gold. Dubai will impress and surprise in one way or another even the most experienced and picky tourist.

6. Sydney

Living Cost: $2500 – $4000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $700 – $800 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $70 – $130 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $400 – $700 (Per Month, 01 Person)

If you have ever heard about a city referred as “the heaven of the earth” – it is the amazing Australian city, Sydney. Sydney combines everything from its colonial heritage to modern-day architecture, beautiful national parks, various beaches, and so on. The top tourist attraction sites include Luna Park of Speedy Rides and Coasters, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and exciting view from the Taronga Zoo. Sydney is not only very fascinating and nice but also luxurious.

7. New York

Living Cost: $1500 – $4000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $400 – $900 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $50 – $100 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $300 – $600 (Per Month, 01 Person)

New York City is regarded as, first of all, financial but also as cultural and media capital of the U.S. Everything is developed in this city from business, technology, fashion, media, sports to culture, education, and tourism. New York is also famous for its support and development of renewable sources of energy and sustainability. Some of the world best universities are located in New York, including Columbia University, Barnard College, and many others. The luxury of the city is also expressed in its huge and awesome shopping centers such as Mall of America, King of Prussia, Aventura Mall, and so on.

8. Tokoyo

Living Cost: $2000 – $5000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $700 – $1200 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $50 – $110 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $300 – $600 (Per Month, 01 Person)

The land of the rising sun is famous for its capital, Tokyo. Tokyo is particularly attracting tourists because of exotic fruits that you can find here, for example square watermelon; which are, however, quite expensive. So, a square watermelon costs around YEN ¥800 or $7.8. You can also buy Fugu for ¥500 or $4.63; ruby roman grapes for ¥4000, densuke watermelon for ¥6100, yubari king melons for ¥26000. Furthermore, you can find in Tokyo such uncommon products as Matsutake Mushrooms that cost ¥2000 per kg or Wagyu beef that would cost you ¥2800. Such prices of the fruits and other products demonstrate clearly to which extent Tokyo is the expensive city.

9. Geneva

Living Cost: $3000 – $6000 (Per Month, Family)

Food Cost: $700 – $1200 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Clothing Cost: $120 – $180 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Transport & Vehicles: $400 – $900 (Per Month, 01 Person)

Geneva, the capital city of Switzerland and one of the most expensive European cities, is also popular for its highly costly food just like in Tokyo. To rent an apartment in Geneva is also extremely expensive. It was discovered that living expenditures in Geneva are higher by 11% than in London. To summarize, if you want to live in a luxurious city, then you have to earn and spend a large amount of money. Even though, it is extremely expensive, the living standards are really high and quality of life is absolutely different!

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