Could we call the kitchen the heart of the house?

I expect lots of people to agree that our day starts in the kitchen so the kitchen is one of the most essential places in our home.

Supposedly, everyone knows the phrase “Home, Sweet Home”. Unlikely you’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t know it. Being far away from home especially for a long time you often long to be home. This is probably the closest place to our hearts.

It is worth noting that the kitchen can be called not only aesthetic but also the social center of the house. Many of us have fond memories associated with this place.

Are you still in doubt? We have selected 8 reasons that will show you what role it plays in your daily life.

1. Homemade Food

There is a myth that the way to the human heart is through the stomach. You can deny it or be absolutely sure of it. But who will refuse to eat tasty food?

A kitchen is a wonderful place where you can create magic. You put your feelings in when you cook. From completely ordinary products, you can make delicious and nutritious food.

Remember the history, how many times ancient tribes started wars over food. This confirms it once again that eating is one of the fundamental needs. And in the kitchen, we can satisfy it.

Despite the fact that we can not always name other reasons, but is this not enough?

2. The Center and the Heart of your Home

No matter how many times you eat a day or what your favorite food is, you still go to the kitchen every day. Whether you want to drink tea, juice or cook a full meal, you will go to the kitchen anyway.

Researchers conducted a survey and found that at least 90% of participants start their day with the kitchen. This does not mean that you spend all your time there. But you must agree, how pleasant it is to cook something exquisite and delight yourself or your family members.

Please notice that the kitchen does not lose its necessity after the evening. It’s cozy to be able to go somewhere at any time and have a cup of hot cocoa.

3. Childhood Memories

Yes, you can say that we spend time in the bedroom, so we all need to sleep. However, it is in the kitchen that we can gather as a family for no particular reason. You will easily remember what warm memories you have.

First of all, we can think of family holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas. When you get together and prepare a holiday dinner. It is easy to remember that atmosphere of comfort. And then we feel things like smell, feelings, emotions. Some of you may also think of their mother’s breakfast or other family traditions. Do you remember the first time you managed to cook something yourself?

However, you would not have these memories if we did not have a kitchen and we simply did not have such a room.

4. Great way to Socialize

A large number of scientists agree that a kitchen is the first place where your children learn to cooperate and help others. As human beings are social beings, this is a very important habit that grows up in the kitchen. Children get acquainted with manners and social etiquette.

Children often help their parents in the kitchen. For instance, they arrange and remove dishes. This way they can become familiar with household duties and gradually help their parents more. One day they’ll learn to cook right there.

5. Developing of Tight Family Bonds

In many homes, there is not only a separate dining table but also an entire dining area. The family can come together and discuss the past day. It definitely helps you relax after a hard day’s work. It is most convenient for us to speak out when we are not experiencing tension. You can discuss plans or solve other problems.

No question, you can gather in the house and in other places, but in the kitchen, it is easier to do it all together. We may have different plans throughout the day, but we cross paths with other family members in the kitchen every day. Therefore, you can safely say that your relationship is growing stronger.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

A study conducted by the ‘National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse‘ at ‘Columbia University’ indicates those children who regularly take home-cooked meals in the family circle have higher school performance. It seems incredible. But think, children who are emotionally comfortable and generally happy don’t get distracted by their problems. It is easier for them to concentrate, and this can really affect the results.

The survey also reveals that children who have dinner with their family at least 4 times a week are less liable to use alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

7. The New Living Room

In recent decades, designers have stopped separating the kitchen into a separate room. They started experimenting with a more open space. Sometimes the kitchen is bounded from the living room only by a small partition or even a bar counter. So we have more time to spend in the kitchen. Now we have nothing to prevent us from communicating with another person.

Many kitchens also have more space so that you can put up a large dining table and meet not only family but also friends. Do you agree with how well thought out and comfortable it is?

Recently, a combined kitchen with a hall is gaining popularity. Why should we spend time and money in a separate room, if you can beautifully furnish one? Now, this trend in the real estate sector attracts the attention of buyers.

8. Hone your Skills

You can be anyone you want, cook as often as you want. But your skill improves over and over again. Cooking is not easy. But it’s nice to see the progress. In the kitchen, you can hone your skills and prepare more refined dishes or learn how to serve them beautifully. It takes effort, but it’s definitely worth it.

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