How Rich People Entertain In 2020

What kind of hobbies would you have if you were rich? Take your time to answer. Of course, there are those hobbies which require a lot of money, but what are they? Collecting designer’s clothes, art or alpinism?

People who own companies, factories, and plants, need some rest as much as we do. But, unlike us, they may afford everything in this life. We would like you to get familiar with these luxury hobbies – they will literally shock you!

Scuba Diving

Rich people often choose extreme hobbies. Their lives are different and full of problems which we wouldn’t understand. That’s why they choose this thrilling, risky hobby. The equipment costs around $500, but you also must have a scuba diving certificate, and that requires $300-$400 more. They can be given by ACDC, ACUC, AED. Scuba diving has also some risks to be taken into account. They include decompression sickness, drowning, etc. Some factors are impacting on diver’s death, so please be careful. Temporary or chronic breathing difficulties and diseases may affect your safety. You need also to evaluate the environmental issues of the place you’re going to dive. Cheap equipment may easily let you down at depth – don’t spare your money when buying it.

Conquering the heights

Climbing mountains is a truly expensive hobby. Before your first climb, you should work out a lot to make your body strong, which takes money. Then you need to buy the necessary equipment, which can’t be cheap, because your life depends on the price of your rope and bag. Besides, don’t forget that you have to carry heavy things, like a tent, some drugs in case of emergency, camping utensils. You may travel alone or with friends. Naturally, you can’t climb without permission. It will cost something too. There’s no certain price, but the average cost of climbing equipment costs approximately $420. It depends on the kind of your climbing shoes, harness, helmet, etc.

Taking care of animals

What’s unusual in that, you think? Nothing apart from the price and the size. For example, Kristen Stewart has a wolf at home! Mike Tyson, who used to be a boxer, spends $4000 monthly to take care of his personal tiger. You see that rich people prefer to have unusual and expensive pets at home. Kirstie Alley hired two people taking care of her lemur at a cost of $40-$50k a year. Those who really love animals will never regret that money, which they spent on them. Especially when they’re rich. But if you have no money for a tiger, you can buy a spider or a bat. Some get even donkeys. Of course, for having such a pet you should have enough space for it.

Snake at home is very challenging as a pet. But a Lavender Albino Ball Python requires food just once a week if you are too busy to feed your pets. Guns’N’Roses guitarist Slash has a lot of boas and pythons. His pet Pandora appeared in a video clip in 1989. Actress Tippi Hedren keeps a lion, who sometimes even slept with her daughter! You can buy a snake on a website and even get a guarantee. There you will also find all the necessary information. The cheapest reptiles and snakes cost about $75 and higher — $600-$800. Those who dream about a bird may buy exotic Purple Granadier Finch or Opal-Rumped Tanager for the price of $600-$800.


This hobby is not less dangerous than scuba diving. But many prosperous people pay to jump from the airplane, to feel flying in the skies, enjoying incredible views. But before the flight, you’d better take some courses, and they cost around $1250. Mount Everest is a beloved place for skydiving. It costs $320 for a jump from 12500 ft. The Namib Desert will give you an impressive view of Namibia. Not cheap, isn’t it? Mount Everest, Victoria Falls, Denarau Island attract thousands of tourists wishing to do skydiving. You can jump alone or in a tandem, which is cheaper. But, besides the jump, you need to buy the tickets, probably find a local guide, and that makes the trip really expensive.

Collecting cars

If a child collects toy cars, there’s nothing special. When a rich person collects real expensive cars, it’s an elite class hobby. After buying, every car should be treated carefully, which very few can afford. Popular celebrities, whose annual income is large enough to buy the newest cars, as well as antique ones, often choose it as their hobby. They may cost more than modern cars. Wycleaf Jean, a Haitian rapper, has a huge car collection. It includes McLaren F1, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage, Cadillac Eldorado. Patrick Dempsey, a famous actor, has ten cars, which is not a large amount. But unlike Floyd Mayweather, who owns over 100 cars and never uses some of them, Patrick drives all his cars. He believes that they shouldn’t just stay in the garage. He treats every car as a personality.

Some celebrities prefer only one style or even one mark. Jerry Seinfeld has 43 Porsches. He earns $820 billion a year, so buying a new car for him is like buying new shoes for us.

To collect cars, you should have money not only for their purchase but also for their maintenance. A member of a ruling family, undoubtedly, can afford it. Middle East’s prince has a fine collection. A comedian Jay Leno has 130 cars and 90 motorcycles.

Mr. Bean, or, being precise, Rowan Atkinson, is a car lover too. He collects the most exquisite cars in the world. There are cars like Aston Martin v8, Bentley Mulsanne and a purple McLaren F1.

Romance of dancing

If you were lucky to take ballroom dancing, you must know that this hobby is considered to be the most romantic and beautiful in the world. The difference is that rich people attend the best teachers’ classes and pay $10000 yearly. The price of learning dancing is various, but the prestigious dance school, which the rich people prefer, are not cheap. The new-brand dancing dresses may cost $300-$1000. The nicest part of ballroom dancing is traveling around the world with the dancing program. A bright example is Kryklyvyy, a famous professional ballroom dancer and a 5-time United States Champion.

Traveling around the world

Nowadays more and more people can afford to travel. But only people who have money can make it their hobby. The top-ranked tour agencies are Classic Journeys, Gray&Co, Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel, Scott Dunn and Terra Incognita Ecotour. They help tourists organize their vacation: guide service, booking tickets, and hotels, etc. Many countries from all continents find their fans, but the most popular are China, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, and Thailand.

A social star Kate Mcculley, best known for her travel blog “Adventurous Kate”, has visited 83 countries. Keirsten, a girl from California, has been traveling for 5 years. We don’t know if she’s super-rich, but the fact she’s working with top brands and sponsors, speaks for itself. Keirsten has a blog “The Blonde Abroad”. How much do you think it costs visiting at least 10-15 countries? You can find many travel bloggers on YouTube and subscribe to their channels, to learn their lifehacks about traveling. All these travelers, surely, have the means for their hobby.

Flying like a bird

How wonderful is a flight in a hot balloon! But this romantic journey requires money and some physical training. You have to learn how to ride first. A person who will help you in case of an emergency should also go with you by car. You need to pay for his service too. Hot air balloon riding is not possible in bad weather, because it may be dangerous. There should be no rain, no fog, and wind. Buying an average hot air balloon costs $25000. A used balloon will be cheaper. If you use local agencies’ services, each ride will cost you $250-$300.

Spending money for the sake of art

This is not just a rich people’s hobby, it can bring you real money! A picture by an unknown artist may cost several times more in a few years. Leonardo Da Vinci, whose real name was Salvatore Mundi, painted Jesus Christ on request of Louis XII. Da Vinci remains popular for many years and even decades and even now people buy his paintings for crazy money. Eli and Edyth Broad have a public art gallery. Kenneth C. Griffin, the hedge fund billionaire, is one of the world’s top art collectors. Another art collector Steve Cohen has paintings and sculptures, valued at $1 billion. A Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich has an art gallery, including works by Francis Bacon, and Lucien Freud. Hans Adam II, the Prince of Liechtenstein, is an owner of a 300-years old private art gallery. There are some paintings by Raphael and Rubens. But the most valuable art collection on Earth belongs to Nahmad brothers. It worths over $3 billion. Its net worth is not a surprise, given the fact that they own the masterpieces by Picasso and Van Gogh, whose names knows everyone.


An aquarium itself is not a big deal. But large, luxurious aquariums with the rarest fish cost not less than $600. Platinum Arowana is being sold for $400,000. It’s an amazing colorful fish, difficult to breed. Such famous fish as Neptune Grouper, Bladefin Basslet, cost a fortune.

This list is still incomplete. If you have money, you can afford such things as:

  • Car racing, which can set you back up to $100,000.
  • Poker, taking serious financial risks. High-stakes make it a hobby for rich men.

We could continue till the morning!


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