How to change your kitchen interior to a modern one

With the unstoppable development of modern technologies and trends our houses change their appearances every year more and more. And a kitchen is a place where all those new devices, accessories, materials arrive one of the first. We speak not only about technological progress in fridges, ovens, toasters but also about elements of interior or different finishes and every little thing you can find in this space. And there can appear a dispute about the meanings of two adjectives: modern kitchen and contemporary kitchen. No doubt, that there are many spaces that we can describe with both those words, but do we understand the difference? Let us speak more on this question to get deeper knowledge.

If we take the word “modern”, we think about something trendy at that moment, something that differs a lot from traditional views and has never been seen before. Today we see a lot of modern devices, technological novelties, trendy materials that are integrated into kitchen zones all over the world. And among them we propose you a list of most important and most moving for kitchen modernization process:

Slab-door kitchen design

One of the most significant elements of a modern kitchen nowadays is a style which is called a flat-panel door style. If you meet this kind of design in someone’s apartment or house, you can decide that this kitchen is following the trends. However, there is an opinion that this so-called door style of Shaker cannot reflect the modernization process. Some experts call it more transitional, but it does not mean that if you like that type of interior solution you cannot use it.

Frameless furniture

The second feature of a modern kitchen is a very popular construction style of cabinets. In different sources they call it a dozen names: from overlay cabinets to frameless design. It does not matter, because all those titles describe one phenomenon: doors, which overlay the whole body of the base unit. Professionals and end consumers use this style a lot in modern spaces’ design because it perfectly fits the idea of invisible fittings and fixings, pure lines. It looks different from traditional inset cabinets.

In addition to this, such cabinets solution adds more visual harmony and space feeling even to a small room. The face frame of such a base unit is fully unseen, and it is easier to create a smart and constructive interior. As a great example of this option, we propose you to check glass-door cabinets from Värde: you will never believe that there is anything behind the glass, as the frame is invisible. The only small details which can ruin the vision is a tiny dark line between the base units.

Simple and functional equipment

Together with frameless furniture you can easily find the next modern tendency in kitchen interior – integrated equipment, which has a very simple design but maximum functionality. Usually, ovens, microwaves, washing machines are integrated into cabinets, what saves the space and makes the kitchen look modern and simple.

Pure finishes

A good point, where we can find obvious differences between modern and contemporary. Pure finishes, no extra textures, no bright mix of colors – what is inherent for contemporary style – modern kitchen tries to avoid it and focus more on technology and functionality. So once again, slab-door style and smart equipment work there with pure finished of countertops and cabinets surfaces.

Natural materials

Even if a modern kitchen does not have bright colors and strong textures, they still can look stylish and for this purpose designers fill the interior with natural materials. Solid wood or natural marble pieces decorate the space with a touch of elegance and décor.

Forget about vertical

What can become a real surprise for our audience is the fact that modern kitchen interior does not like vertical lines in its design. Please, pay attention to how all the details and elements work on horizontal accents: lines of cabinets, wide and strong, sliding drawers, standing in a raw together with equipment placed one by one horizontally. In such a space everything is working on the idea of a horizontal interior.

The sense is in details

To continue the theme, we cannot miss the details. Interior details are the thing, which is making modern kitchen harmonious and complete. Only if you choose right lighting pieces, furniture, tableware, textile you will reach a whole picture of cozy and comfortable space. However, you should remember that the accessories must remain elegant, pure and fit the lines of the kitchen face.

A little mechanic chic

Nobody can disagree that industrial elements today are one of the trendiest points of fashion and interior industry. This is a style when natural materials are more concrete, heavier and ruder but have their charm. Imagine brass or concrete inclusions in countertops or cabinets finishes, handles or even industrial wallpapers and doors. Such elements would become the last step in turning your kitchen into the modern one.

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