How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger In 2021

If you have always dreamt about a beautiful bathroom, but yours is too small, it doesn’t matter. There are some excellent ideas for renovation in this room. Whenever you want it to be visually larger, or just to look more luxurious, there’s a decision that will cost you $3500-$9500. Check these ideas out and find the best one.

Install a skylight

Cost: $600 to $1600

Attraction: looks like a window in the roof, if you give different shape to the skylight window, it will look more attractive.

Benefit: Works as the ventilation, solves the odor problem, enough amount of light and air gets way to come in

Best skylight models: Sunoptics SUN skylight, velux 14, velux FCM skylight, FAKRO FWU egress roof window.

Who can do the work: for doing this you need an expert hand. Otherwise, it will be a problematic one. Your roof can be damaged and of course, a great amount of money can be wasted.

Caution: it is a tricky work so you have to be very careful with the work. Remember that a bad installation can weaken your roof, your roofs age should be kept in your mind too and most importantly, you need a building permit to install it in your roof.

Time Duration: your roofs type determines that how much time it will take. At least 1 day is needed to do the inner side’s work.

If there’s a lack of light or fresh air in the bathroom, a skylight window is a way out. As for the material, it may be plastic or glass. Just imagine taking a bath under the blue sky or the bright stars. Along with the fact that this window lightens the bathroom, it makes the very being there romantic and pleasant. Often after taking a bath or a shower, the entire space is full of steam and an unpleasant smell. The skylight will make the ventilation easier. On the other side, a roof window may warm the bathroom in summer, when it’s hot enough. A reasonable approach to this kind of bathroom renovation is to entrust the work to hired workers. It is undesirably to do such repairs, counting only on your physical possibilities.

Extend Shelving

Cost: $200 to $500

Attraction: makes your bathroom more organized, looks simple and gorgeous
Benefit: helps you to find things fast, keeps things protected, keeps clean, gives a personal space for everyone, and helps to keep different kind of product in different shelves.

Caution: don’t make much shelves if you do not have that much space in your bathroom
Who can do the work: you need pro workers for doing the job.

People often place many little shelves and drawers in their bathroom, which only clutter up the space and make it visually even smaller. Place one or two big shelves on the walls, which will hold everything and remove all unnecessary boxes away from the sight. Fashionable floating shelves will look neat and minimalistic. Hangers can also help enlarge the space.

Creativity in the shower area

Cost: $500 to $2000

Attraction: your shower area looks highlighted. In addition, your bathroom will look classy if your shower is an exceptional one.

Who can do the work: you need home decorating company for the job. This is not an easy thing to do. Huge planning is needed for this.

Changing the style of the entire bathroom will cost you something, but the result will be astonishing. The square-shaped shower looks too old-fashioned nowadays. There are a wide variety of other shapes, including tiles. Choosing triangle tiles and neatly placing them can create a bizarre ornament. Play with the material and the colors, and the bathroom will be the envy of your guests.

Make everything white

Cost: $200 to $1000

Attraction: the room will look bigger and peaceful. You will be able to find any kind of dirt in the room easily. According to a survey, white color decreases the mental pressure. Therefore, a white bathroom may become a place of meditation and relaxation for you.

Benefit: room looks bigger and standard. White color will automatically make your room look very clean

Who can do the work: it can be done by you or by the workers. If you want any professional touch in the room or any professional wall painting in the wall then you have to contact with the company.

Taking a bath, people want to relax. A white-colored bathroom will help it. This color will enlarge visually even a tiny room. Not to mention, that white is a trend of the minimalist style. In addition, you can place one or two bright items, like a red shower curtain or blue shelves. According to the psychologists’ opinion, white helps to gather one’s thoughts.

Try sinks of different shapes

Cost: $600 to $3000

Attraction: a different sink will change your bathrooms full outlook. It shows your personality.
Who can do the work: you have to buy the sinks and for doing the other work, you have to call plumbers.

Best brand for sinks: Villeroy and Boch , Kohler , Kraus , Moen etc.

Such a useful item as a sink can also be unusual and show its owner’s good taste. The market offers a variety of shapes and colors. Some options are a corner sink, a tabletop or a pedestal one. Round and oval sinks are the most convenient in use. However, there are square and rectangular ones. But despite they look creative, you may hit the head on the corner, so choose carefully.

Get luxurious towel bars

Cost: $200 to $600

Attraction: towel bars are going to talk about your luxuriousness. Even gold plated bars can be used in your bathroom.

Benefit: cabinets are not useful when you have to keep your towel or dress. In this case, a bar is very important.

Best towel bar models: The Moen DN8418bn preston, JQK Double bath towel bar, KES sus 304 etc.

Everyone can feel tired if there’s no place to put the towels, and they lay here and there. Get a particular place and set one or more towel bars. It looks elegant and keeps the towels dry.

A small table in the bathroom

Cost: $100 to $8000

Attraction: it will increase your bathrooms gorgeousness and reveal your bold personality.

Benefit: you can keep your small accessories when you are taking a bath such as your small finger ring, earring, watch, glass or body products etc.

Putting a small table is a very good decision for those who treat taking a bath as a serious procedure. Shower gels, shampoos, facial masks, and other things lie in the certain place now. Just prepare everything you need before washing. Moreover, a nice table will decorate the bathroom. Choose the material you like, be it wood, metal, plastic or glass.

Make the windows free

Cost: $200 to $300

Attraction: it will make your bathroom brighter, cleaner and bigger. Windows makes room hygiene and the openness will give your bathroom a hotel like vibe.

Who can do the work: you can do this.

Many people put the furniture items near the windows, because of the lack of space. But this is a mistake since it gives an impression of a cluttered basement instead of a clean bathroom. Remove all the big heavy things away from the windows, and the result will delight you.

Add more mirrors

Cost: $400 to $1000

Attraction: Makes the room reflective and everyone knows reflections are always gorgeous.

Benefit: small room looks bigger by using the mirror.

Perhaps using mirrors is one of the cheapest ways to change the bathroom’s look. Put it on the opposite side of the windows, and the room will shine. This design brings more light. Another reason to buy a big mirror is to enjoy your perfect reflection.

 Creativity in the door

Cost: $1000 to $3000

Attraction: everyone has a regular door but if you install a rarest one, it is going to change your standard just in a second.

Who can do the work: Homemaker Company

Do Experiment with your bathrooms door:You can go for an antique door in your bathroom. This is a very rare thing to do because an antique door is not an available thing. Painted glass, heavy work on wooden door, board door these are also a good and smart choice.

An entrance to the place for cleaning your body and soul should not be less attractive than the very bathroom. It can be transparent, or, in the opposite, opaque. Wood, metal or glass, the choice depends on you. Select the material which won’t be spoiled, since there’s a lot of steam and hot air in the bathroom.

Skip the shower door

Cost: $100 to $200

Attraction: Excluding the door, you are going to make the room smarter.

Benefit: if you do not have much space just skip the door with cleverness. It will save your place and make your home more up to date.

Who can do the work: you need home décor company for the work.

By removing the door, you can create a bathroom that makes you feel like in a spacious luxurious house. Just walk into the room, not bothering yourself with any movement to open the door. However, maybe you will have to clean both the floor in the shower and the passage.

 Install a corner sink

Cost: $300 to $1000

Attraction: it saves spaces of your room and makes your room trendy.

Benefit: you do not have to walk a distance from shower to the sink if you install a corner sink.

Who can do the job: you have to call the plumber to do the job. It is a tricky one and you cannot do it by yourself.

Best corner kitchen sink: Elkay DE217323 , Ruvati RVH8400, Houzer LCR -3221 -1, Dax etc.

Going back to the fifth point, pay attention to the corner sink. It stands out of the row of the ordinary sinks and helps in saving the space.

Hang arts on the wall

Cost: $100 to $ 600

Attraction: it will speak for your artistic mind.

Caution: you have to take serious care about the frame. You cannot use anything in your bathroom where water is a common thing. So be very careful about the frame otherwise, it is going to ruin the artwork and money.

Put a small piece of art on the wall and you will surprise, how fresh the bathroom will look. Any plot is all right, but mostly pictures representing the sea and water are suitable. Surely, there’s no need to hang the expensive masterpieces. Plain, but nice paintings will decorate the room.

 Use dark color

Cost: $900 to $1500

Attraction: dark room is always a standard choice. It reveals your bold personality.

Benefit: this dark color will hide the lacking of the room when it will get old

Unlike the light colors, the dark ones give an impression of mystery and intimacy. This trend is not less popular than designing the bathroom in white. Remember that the light works should be done more thoroughly in this case. Besides, if the room is rather old, any light color will emphasize all roughness and cracks. It’s better to use one main color and one or two additional ones.

Go raw

Cost: $4000 to $10,000

Attraction: it gives a bold impression.

This style will turn the shower into a designer’s creation. The point is to use the raw materials and create an impression of the design which didn’t require hard work. In addition to the stylish look, there’s a nice cooling effect, since the raw materials are not heated. Take into account, that the roof should be made of metal.

Use tiles

Cost: $2000 to $3000

Attraction: makes the bathroom attractive and suitable for a luxurious home.

Benefit: By changing the tiles, you can make the room new again.

Best tiles: ceramic tiles is the best for bathroom.

Caution: remember to buy some extra pieces because tiles tend to break. You may need this when you are inserting it in your floor.

Almost every bathroom has tiles on the floor and the walls. But the right choice will change its look unrecognizably. Marble or ceramic tiles will make it easier to wash them. Refuse using small tiles, which make the space look even smaller. Several big tiles can help the shower room look fresh and new. Before renovation calculate the area which needs to be covered.

Install a sound system

Cost: $100 to $300

Attraction: sometimes we feel listening our favorite songs when we are taking bath. Therefore, it is a very good idea to install a sound system in the bathroom. It is smart and necessary also.

Benefit: helps us to spend a quality time with relaxation in the bathtub.

Who can do the work: you yourself can do the work.

Many people like singing while washing. Buy a sound system and install it in any suitable place, where the water droplets can’t reach it. From now on not only the body can enjoy taking a bath, but also the ears.

Go for the wall painting

Cost: $400 to $800

Attraction: gives a new life to the walls.

Who can do the work: if you are a good painter, go for it. Don’t worry, if you are not a good artist. In that case, you can contact with the interior designer company.

If you don’t like standard tiles, try to paint the walls. Depending on the skills, it can be done yourself or by the hired staff. This decision is one of the best since it can create an absolutely exquisite look.

Keep a kids’ corner

Cost: $500 to $700

Attraction: gives a luxurious effect.

A bathroom is used by everyone. So, this will be very useful for kids. You can add a small bathtub, matt floor that is not be slippery, small rides, rainbow colored shower, lights, music system for your kids. As a result, these will make your child take shower every day and certainly, it will reduce your pressure of taking them into the bathtub regularly with a great effort.

This is suitable for families with more than one child since it can be used for a long time. Little kids are often naughty when it comes to a bath. Create a special place for them with funny pictures, a bright curtain, and a cozy mat. Bring there your children’s favorite bath toys, and they themselves will ask you to bathe them.

Floating sink

Cost: $500

Attraction: saves places, looks simple, trendy and smart.

Benefit: makes room look bigger. Gives free space to keep more things that are necessary.

Available in: Amazon, Wayfair etc.

Color: Choose color according to your bathrooms wall. You can make a contrast between two or three colors.

Who can do the work: You need a professional hand for this job.

Many sinks are too heavy and occupy much space. If the shower is small, it seems ugly. Be fashionable and set a floating sink. The price mostly depends on the type of material. This sink looks as if it’s flying in the air. Even if it doesn’t really free up a lot of space, it creates a sense of freedom. A wooden sink will look noble, a marble one – luxurious, etc. Just trust your sense of style.


Cost: $ 400 to $800

Attraction: makes room very luxurious. You can get any print of any color and can make your bathroom trendy.

Benefit: it takes less money but makes a room smarter than any other room decoration ideas.

Who can do the work: you need professional worker for this. Otherwise, you will not be able to handle the hard peel and stick wallpaper.

Best wallpaper designer brands: Anaglypta , Arte , Arcadia, Ailanto etc.

If someone says that wallpapers are old-fashionable, this person just can’t use them properly. They can make a magnificent pattern. Though it may be not reasonable to wallpaper the entire bathroom, one or two walls can be decorated. It is much more cheaper than some other ways to redesign the room. The colors are so various, that you can certainly select the suitable one. What do you prefer, flowers or the star sky? Choose the appropriate material and enjoy the new view.

Be wise to choose furniture and accessories

Cost: $700 or more.

Best bathroom appliance brands: Kohler Company, Roca, Duravit etc.

Attraction: if you can choose everything, which will match with each other, you will get a harmonious effect on the room. The will look so organized and standard.

Even if there is not so much furniture in the bathroom, all the pieces should match each other and the interior. For example, a light wooden table and a dark plastic-framed mirror may seem to be nice separately, but together they don’t bring any beauty. There’s no need to buy all the items from the same company and the identical design but think carefully before buying each one. Will they match each other in size and shape? Isn’t there any conflict between the color of the furniture and the walls and floor?

Extend the area of the bathroom

Cost: $1000 or more

Attraction: a large bathroom is always very relaxing; you can bring a hotel like feeling by customizing everything in that way in a large bathroom.

Who can do the work: workers.

All the ways to redesign the small bathroom described here are to make the space visually bigger. But if there are means and time, make it bigger, inviting a work crew. You may leave the old furniture, or replace it with the new one, which looks better in the bigger shower.

Make it floral

Cost: $400 to $1000

Attraction: it gives the touch of nature; everything looks colorful, joyful and fresh.

Benefit: a research says that colorful place makes us happy and relaxed.

You can bring some real plants into the bathroom, or just buy the floral wallpapers, or even match these two options. Anyway, the view will be wonderful. Just imagine taking a bath in this peaceful orangery. As for plants, choose those which are moisture-loving, since there’s a lot of water. Wall stickers may perfectly fit this style.

Make a shelf above the bathtub

Cost: $200 or a bit more

Benefit: adds some storages in a small bathroom

Attraction: the curve looks very luxurious.

Who can do the work: you need home décor company here.

Best home décor company: Gilt home, Joybird, Parachute etc.

If your shower products lie wherever the family members put them, it’s high time to think about a shelf hung above the bathtub. It can serve as a decoration element or a useful addition. Put all the things you need on the shelve and enjoy the bath. A beautiful and functional shelf can replace a small table, in case the latter is not convenient to use.

A sunken bathtub

Cost: $500 to $1000

Attraction: it is the smartest idea of a bathtub now

Benefit: your bathroom will look very simple or you can say it will look like empty and bigger.

Best manufacturer: Villeroy and Boch

This new trend will cost a little more, than other options listed above, but we beg none of your neighbors has such a tub. It is a small lake in the middle of the room. The color choice depends on you. This is a perfect bathtub for romantic bathing with the candles around.

Wooden floor

Cost: $900 or more

Attraction: it will give you a feeling of old wooden house. It looks very classy.

Benefit: it is less slippery, helpful for your baby and old family members.

Best durable woods: Oak, Maple and cherry

This is not a cheap pleasure to have a wooden floor. But it will create a luxurious view. Moreover, such a floor is not as slippery as the tile one. Remember to treat this floor carefully and clean it regularly. The more expensive is wood, the longer it will last. We would advise you to spend a little more money to be sure that the new floor won’t spoil in a year.

Some of these points require a work crew and a great deal of money, but most of our ideas are simple and cheap, so you can apply them to redesign your small bathroom.

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