Ideas for a kitchen in 2021 with photos: how to refresh an interior if the space is limited. How much and what to use?

What do you think of making some modern changes in your kitchen’s interior? It may be not very convenient to do cooking and other daily stuff if you don’t have enough space or if your kitchen has some oddly unusual layout. Although, there are many available ways to improve a working area in your kitchen and make it much more comfortable and trendy designed, without spending too much money. The original tips below will be very useful in achieving this goal.

1. Turn it Colorful

Cost: $1000 to $2000

Who can do the work: House painters

Attraction: Bright colors, which are looking positive even when there is not so much light, will keep your good mood on.

Best color paint brands: PPG, The Sherwin-Williams Co., AkzoNobel, Nippon Paint Holdings,

Asian paints, Jotun, etc

Material: colorful curtains, colorful walls, bright kitchen appliances, LED lights, colorful cabinets etc.

Suitable colors: yellow, orange, red, light blue or green, pink, etc

Using bright colors is an excellent solution if there isn’t enough natural light. Colorful design will look trendy and positive even in a medium light. As the scientists say, one’s mood becomes better in a colorful environment due to the body’s positive reactions. Why not try it? Especially, if you have young children, who will certainly like the idea.

2. Use free Corners to store the stuff

Cost: $500-$1000

What to add: shelves or cabins

Who can do the works: it’s possible to do by your own or use the service of any professional company

Attraction: simple, more space, neat and clean

Material: woods, small tiles, wallpaper

Best company for the job: Dessentials Inc, BH builders LIc, R & M Quality work, corp, etc

There are always the corners with an unused space in every house. Turning them into storage is one of the simplest and effective way to make a small kitchen look clearer and prettier. Then more things are hidden inside shelves or cabins, than more available working space you’ve got. If you’d like to minimize your budget, choose inexpensive materials (for example fake woods and hard boards). In this case the total cost may be no more than $500. But if you prefer real woods, marble or tiles, which are more expensive, you should count on a budget of $1000 or more.

3. Put Things to the Top

Benefits: this trendy idea helps to find application to a space that is often unused. The shelves over your kitchen’s cabinets are good places for the things you need for cooking.
Attraction: there will be less unused space, your kitchen will have modern and fulfilled look.

Cost: $900 to $1200

Who can do the work: it’s possible to do by yourself

As a rule, we have plenty of free space on the top of kitchen cabins. If the situation in your kitchen is the same, you can try to keep the things there or attach new shelves above cabinets or just close to the top. It will be an excellent place to put the things you don’t use very often.

4. Make a Showcase with Your Goods

Cost: $900 to $1000

What to do: don’t use blinker on the cabinets

Who can do the work: cabin makers

Attraction: You can expose your goods by putting some lights into the cabinets. It will turn your kitchen to a luxurious showcase.

If you enjoy luxury kitchen commodities and have of plenty of them, show your collection by keeping your cabinets open or using glasses. The idea is suitable if there is no partition between your kitchen and your living room.

5. Refresh your Backsplash

Cost: $1500 to $5000

Color: the color which suites the style of your kitchen

Materials: tiles, wallpaper

Attraction: the backsplash influences to the sight of the whole kitchen. A new and pretty one can refresh an interior and highlight cooking area.

Who can do the work: decor companies

Unfortunately, backslash gets dirty soon and it doesn’t look attractive. So if you change the tiles or the wallpapers of your backsplash, it may completely transform the kitchen. It will certainly work if you have a backsplash focused kitchen.

6. Plants are friends

Cost: depends on quantity and kind of plants

Who can do the work: it’s possible to do by yourself, but if you want a professional design you can contact a decoration company.

Where can I find: search in google or web directory

Attraction: you will bring a fresh and natural environment to your kitchen. You can also grow fresh and healthy vegetables.

Material: you need to find it out from a professional company.

The nature is always good for staying healthy and positive, so why don’t we bring a peace of nature into a kitchen by putting there some trees or other plants? Especially since it will look magnificent. If you choose cactus, it will help to make the temperature in your kitchen lower.

7. Place to keep everything – a cabin from floor to ceiling

Cost: $1500 to $3000

Material: glass, wallpaper, hardboard

Who can do the work: workers from home décor company such as R $ M Quality Work

What to add: cabins in your kitchen, Glass, woods and hardboards

Benefits: it gives the possibility to store a wide range of the things and free up more space

Color: the color of your kitchen or any contrast colors

Attraction: it’s convenient and full glassy or wallpapered cabinet in a kitchen will look spectacular.

This is the certainly smart and modern solution if you are tired of a mess of various cooking accessories and other things. Just put it all into a huge cabin and enjoy a new pretty look of your kitchen.

8. Backless Stools

Cost: $500 – $1000

Best model: Rattan bar stools, stainless steel bar stools, padded backless bar stools, etc

Attraction: changing the chair type you can change the total sight of a kitchen

Who can do the work: you need just by chairs

Where can I find the materials: any chair shop

Maybe backless stools are not as comfortable as standard chairs, but they look trendy staying in your breakfast Bar and make your kitchen modern. It will be not hard to maintain the kitchen, because the chairs don’t weight too much.

9. More LED Lights For A Great Look

Cost: $2000

Models: waterproof IP66,RoHS ETL DLc UL 3fT etc

Attraction: adding extra LED lights will make your working area more pleasant and will increase the level. It’s a great improvement for kitchen

Who can do the works: electric workers

For example, you can install LED lights in the edges or the bottom lines of the room. Your kitchen is not less valuable than your living room, so it certainly deserves some light works. But remember to choose 60 watts light for the kitchen.

10. Wallpaper’s World

Cost: $900

Benefit: new and colorful interior

Color: any color you like and feel good about

If you are going to renew your kitchen completely with a limited budget, look through the wide variety of wallpapers. It depends only of your preferences how to use them.

11. Portable storage

Attraction: it’s convenient to serve your guests and to store your stuff inside as well

What to add: a portable trey with wheels

Color: whatever color you like

Where can I find it: online shops like Amazon

Cost: price starts from $39

This an incredibly simple solution has many advantages: it’s an additional place for keeping things; it’s easy to move not only the tray itself, but the things inside/on it, that might be really helpful; it’s inexpensive, which isn’t less important; when the guests come to your place, use it as a tray to serve them. And it’s not all! What else you can do with it depends only on your fantasy.

12. Dark Beauty

Cost: $900 to $1000

Color: black, grey or any dark shades

Who can do the work: company workers

Cautions:make sure that you have enough light in your kitchen to feel comfortable

Maybe your existent kitchen is in bright colors, but you are getting sick of it. Then change the conception and use the dark colors in your interior. Dark is a classical design decision and can make any room look luxurious. But in this case, don’t forget to provide more light. For an even more amazing effect use marbles, glass tiles and appliances, that will perfectly match a dark room.

13. Storage Organized by Colors

Cost: $1500 to $2000

Who can do the work: painting companies

Attraction: well organized and harmonious look of your kitchen

Benefits: finding things becomes very easy

Keep the things according to the colors. You can give every color its own cabinet: one for blue things, one for yellow things and so on. It will look pretty and colorful and you will always know where to find a thing. Even if you make a mistake and put a green thing into a red cabinet, you will quickly understand it.

14. Turn the Walls into Mirrors

Cost: $1000 to $2500

Who can do the work: home decoration companies

Cautions: you have to be careful, especially if you have children, because mirror is easy to damage. Mirrors in a kitchen can easily get dirty and require a regular care.
Attraction: it will visually increase the space. Due to the reflection of the light, your kitchen will look brighter, glossy and luxurious.

Material: mirror, marble

It’s a good option if you have a small kitchen, which is connected to the leaving room without any partition. Mirrors will make the room look bigger and luxurious, that will match your gorgeous living room.

15. High Gloss Coating

Cost: $2000 at least

Who can do the work: home decorating companies

Best company: Asian paints

Color: there is no color, gloss coating just make the current color glossy

Benefits: visually makes a room bigger the same as mirrors do

Attraction: highlighting the color of the kitchen, give it a certainly royal look

If you would like to make your kitchen look luxury and glossy and highlight its color – this idea is for you.

16. Make Things Invisible And Get More Space

Cost: $200

What to do: organize you storage system, give everything its own place, use hidden storages
Attraction: gives you more available working space, the room magically look bigger

There is always a lot of different stuff, which is necessary for cooking and other things. We need to store it somewhere and leave enough space for our moving. Increase the number of cabins, hidden behind the blinkers. It will help to minimize the visible stuff, and as a result you will notice much more free space in a kitchen.

17. Windows Everywhere

Cost: $900

Who can do the work: workers, kitchen designer

Benefits: you’ll be a little closer to the nature, natural light and fresh air in the room

Attraction: openness is its main attraction

Windows are unoccupied for the healthy environment in the room. Then more windows are there in your kitchen, then more light and air you get. As a bonus, they will help to remove bad smells. There are various windows types and designs, so you can choose any you like.

18. Add Hooks

Cost: $800 to $900

Who can do the work: you yourself can do the work

Where can I find the material: it’s available in every hardware shop

Attraction: your kitchen will look scrappy

Benefits: all the things you need to use often will be by your hand, you can even keep them over the stove

Materials: holding pin is needed for the work

What can be hanged: spoons, cup, spuds etc

It’s not only convenient solution – this simple detail will decorate your kitchen and give it an interesting look, especially if you’ll hang the things according to an organized system.

19. Hidden Things

Cost: $1500 to $2000

Best designer: Matthew Ferrarini

Who can do the work: designer

Material: Glass, woods, board

Attraction: makes the kitchen look clean and simple

Benefits: helps to move and work faster

To make your kitchen look clean and harmonious, just choose blinkers in a color of your interior and put it into every cabinet.

20. Special Cabin For Electronic Goods

Cost: $1000


In your kitchen you should keep your electronic devices carefully, because the water is always somewhere around. So make a separate large cabin to store your toaster, blender, hitter, cooker and other appliances.

21. Make A New Smart Layout

Cost: $2000 to $4000

Color: use the contrast colors. Or if you want a visual effect of bigger space, light colors will help you

Attraction: absolutely new kitchen

Material: sinks, cabinets, new chairs, new kitchen island

Benefits: new layout can help you to organize more comfortable working area

Who can do the work: you need home decor companies

If you’ve been working on your kitchen for many years, you perhaps have got tired of the whole environment. So it’s time for the great changes! Change tiles or wallpapers, add some lights, create a new shape or location for the island, change the arrangement or number of cabinets, get a new backsplash or a chandelier, make any other changes you like.

22. New Island Solutions

Cost: $200 to $1000

Attraction: island with plenty of cabins and hangers will be useful and will look great

Benefits: additional places to store things

There are numbers of the abilities to renew your kitchen island. You can create a new storage and keep many kitchen accessorizes here on the island. If you want something original and interesting, turn the island’s lower part into an aquarium.

23. Add Pendants Lights

Cost: $100 to $3000

Attraction: Pendants lights above the kitchen island or the breakfast bar may become the main attraction in your kitchen. It will increase the beauty level of a kitchen.

Best designs: Cora 11 wide brushed nickel, Charleston 13

Where can I find the light: pendants lights are available inonline shops such as Lamps Plus, and in any electric shop near your house

Additional lights are helpful for many reasons, especially pendant lights, which are able to provide your workspace with the best illumination. To achieve this effect, use a rob or a chain to hang the pendant lights from the ceiling. There are many types of pendant lights so you can choose lights suitable to your needs. But be aware, that pendant lights are less intensive, so you’ll need a larger one if you are going to cover a wide area.

24. A Ladder With Wheels In Your Kitchen

Cost: $200-$500

Benefits: the save and easy way to reach things above cabins

Attractions: it’s a trendy thing, so it will give your kitchen more beauty points.

Best model: WE 43e

It can be really difficult to get something from the top of cabins. Although, the rolling ladder, which you’ll be able to move around the kitchen without anyone’s help, will completely solve this problem. It’s an irreplaceable thing if you have cabinet from floor to roof in your kitchen.

25. The Door Made Of Glass

Benefits: separate the areas of kitchen and living room

Attraction: looks stylish

Cost: $1000

You can use glass door in your kitchen. This will certainly level your kitchen up. Glass doors are environment friendly and glossy which is perfect for a luxurious kitchen.

Glossy glass door will increase the luxury of a kitchen, improve the environment and make the full interior look gorgeous. Just try to add it to your kitchen.

26. Floor Tiles In The Bold Colors

Cost: $1000 to $2000

Who can do the work: home décor company

How many times it can take to change the tiles: maximum 2 to 3 weeks

Attraction: Bright and colorful or maybe dark, but attractive floor, 3Dtiles will look good as well

Benefits: any damages and dirties on the floor of this kind will less visible
Best tiles manufacturing company: Ann sacks, Arizon tiles, Hakatai etc.

Renewing the design with new tiles is a popular and simple decision to refresh the interior completely. To find the one which is the best for you contact any famous tiles dealer.

27. Say Goodbye To Old Stuff

Cost: $3000 to $4000

Benefits: if you want to see a really new kitchen, replace as much old things as you can.

Change the lights, add new shelves or a new island (if the space is OK for it), decorate kitchen with new wallpaper or a new backsplash, warm your kitchen with rug, install large and modern sink and so on. Any of these changes will give you kitchen a new and fresh look.

We hope, that our list of ideas how to redesign your kitchen and make it smart, comfortable and stylish, will help you to do the changes you’ll really enjoy.

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