Industry Changing Luxury Shoes Brands 2021

In the modern world it is important for everyone to look good and impressive. Each and every person’s footwear has to look unique and elegant in order for people to be not only comfortable but also confident, that’s why everyone should know about the top popular industry-changing luxury shoe brands in the world. Surely sporty people do not penetrate in it so they don’t know a lot about new shoes coming out. You will be introduced to the top popular and used shoe brands that do their best to satisfy everyone with the best quality shoes for different lifestyles and activities.

1. Nike

Brand Country: USA

Launched: January 25, 1964

Headquarters: Washington Country, Orgon, U.S.

Founder: Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight

Products: Athletic footwear and apparel, sports equipment

Best Creation: Nike Air Presto, Nike Air Huarache, Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cros Trainer Sneakers and so on

Price: It has some products in the lower price range but the category growth in premium footwear models those are retailing for $100 USD and above. (Buy now)

Type: Public

Nike has always been the top leader in its history because Nike has always made sure they make the most comfortable shoes for all their clients, and for different lifestyles and ages. From the start Nike founders were working really hard to get their company to where it is right now. This brand has a lot of plans for the future. A great news is that they will keep making shoes in the near future, pleasing many hearts. From its start Nike always chose the wise decision in their history, and that’s exactly how they are still a leading company out of all. The quality of Nikes shoes will surprise everyone who tries them.

2. Adidas

Brand Country: German

Launched: July 1924 (as GerbrÜder Dassler Schuhfabrik); 18 August 1949 (as Adidas)

Headquarter: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Founder: Adolf Dassler

Products: footwear, sportswear, sports equipment, toiletries.

Best creation: Adidas adizero adios 4

Revenue: 21.915 billion (2018)

Price: from $20 to $120 USD (Buy now)

Type: Aktiengesellschaft

Followed by Nike, Adidas is known on all 5 continents. All of Adidas products have three stripes, which is their sign/logo. With each and every day Adidas expands the amount of products they sell. Everyone who has tried “Adidas Adizero Adios 4” knows they are super light, comfy and those shoes are by far the best Adidas shoes. Besides shoes, Adidas is concentrated on making other useful products for athletes and sporty people’s lives. Also people should know that Adidas was the first to make a shoe that was associated with charity. The line was made in 2004, in a partnership with one of the greatest designers at that time.

3. Reebok

Brand Country: UK

Launched: 1958 in Bolton, Lancashire, England

Headquarter: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Founder: Joe and Jeff Foster

Products: Footwear, sports clothing

Best Creation: Legacy Lifter, CrossFit Nano 8.0, Skyscape Runaround, CL Nylon Classic and many more

Type: Subsidiary

Price: $30 – $150 USD (Buy now)

Reebok is almost one of the top leading brands in the world. Its shoes are made with care and thought and it gives shoes the rich look which attracts buyers. To provide busy people with shoes that will bring comfort during the day Reebok only uses high-class quality materials for the shoes. Not everyone knows, but Reebok mainly manufactured shoes for women in their past, people should respect Rebook because they did a lot of charitable work and still do.

4. Puma

Brand Country: German

Launched: 1948

Headquarter: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Founder: Rudolf Dassler

Products: footwear, apparel, accessories, sportswear, sports equipment

Revenue: 4.635 billion (2018)

Beast creation: Puma Hybrid Rocket

Price: Price range varies from $20 USD to above (Buy now)

Puma is also a large company. Puma gives a great opportunity to collaborate with them to a lot of different celebrities out there. No one would even think that Puma’s logo was made last century by a cartoonist Lutz Backes, from Nuremberg. Even though Puma’s logo was made long ago, it is still recognizable by a lot of people. The Puma sign is a very meaningful one, that got its idea from an animal called “Puma”. Not a lot of people know the fact that the Puma company was originally named Ruda, later renamed to Puma. One of the great things Puma founders should be proud of is that Pele won the world cup twice wearing their shoes.

5. Woodland

Brand Country: India

Launched: 1992

Headquarter: Delhi, India

Founder: Mr. Avtar Singh

Products: footwear, apparel, accessories,

Best creation: the first model, G-0092

Price: $15 to $50 USD

Woodland is a popular shoe company. It is a unique one for amazing leather boots. A lot of countries import shoes from Woodland but Russian imports the most. If you’re planning to go camping or hiking, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to find perfect shoes for it, instead you should just visit woodland shoes. Woodland is that company that not only thinks about people and does the best for them, they also think about the environment and I am lucky to say they are a 100% eco-friendly company that doesn’t bring the environment much harm like other companies do. Woodland also is making a lot of progress, they already opened a lot of showrooms by this time and are so successful because they make quality products that last a long time and are at an affordable price for people.

6. Under Armour

Brand Country: USA

Launched: 1996, 23 years ago

Headquarter: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S

Founder: Kevin Plank

Products: footwear, sportswear, sports equipment, toiletries, jackets, hoodies, pants laggings, shorts.

Best creation: Under armour men’s micro G assert 6

Revenue: US$5.2 billion (2018)

Price: It’s price range starts from $96.79 to $255.96 USD (Buy now)

Under Armour shoes are well known for their lightweight and how comfortable they are. Under Armour is also a hardworking company that doesn’t lose time just saling the products they have, but they are always making new things that amaze people. One of the new things they are creating is a kind of shirt that is called “Coldblack”, which will amaze people when it comes out. It will have some special qualities that will keep athletes comfortable in different weather conditions. One of their products that already amazed people were the special running shoes that came out in 2018, they have Bluetooth modules, and a lot of cool things people could use.The company uses very good materials to make the shoes and yet they are very affordable and that lets a lot of people have an opportunity to purchase them.

7. Asics

Brand Country: Japan

Launched: 1949; 70 years ago

Headquarter: Kobe, Japan

Founder: Kihachiro Onitsuka

Products: Athletic shoes, apparel, sports equipment

Best creation: Gel-Nimbus 21, Gel-Cumulus 21, MetaRide, Gel-Kayano 26, Dynaflyte 4 and so on

Revenue: 386.66 billion(2018)

Price: Men’s Asics shoes price range starts from $35 to $161 and more (Buy now)

Asics shoe companies are well known in most countries. In 2006 Asics sales went up to almost 200 billion yen. Later Asics became the manufacturer for one Cricket team. There are a lot of examples where their products would get popular, a lot of their shoes got really used, popular during the last century.

8. Fila

Brand Country: Italy

Launched: In 1911 in Biella, northern Italy

Headquarter: Seoul, South Korea (since 2007)

Founder: Giansevero Fila

Products: Athletic shoes, clothing, Accessories

Best Creation: V94M, Ray Tracer, Disruptor Bold Slide, Statique and so on

Price: Starting from 30.99 U.S. dollar to different range

Type: Private

Fila brand has a little history that not everyone knows about. This popular shoe company started as an Italian one and later was sold to a couple different people, until the Independent Fila Korea bought it. The founders of this brand decided to make quality clothes but later tried expanding their product and they started releasing high-quality footwear for athletes and sporty people. Fila shoe brand and company differs from others in that they have a unique design, marvelous colors and they use high-quality materials for everything they make. Because they make the shoes super high quality they are one of the most popular brands in the world. Their great design attracts buyers and after they buy shoes they are amazed even more by the quality and how long they last.

9. Jordan

Brand Country: USA

Launched: November 17, 1984

Headquarter: United States

Founder: Michael Jordan

Products: Basketball shoes, footwear

Best Creation: Nike Men’s Air force 1 Low sneaker, Jordan Air 9 Black/university Red, Jordan Nike Men’s Eclipse Running Shoe

Price: A pair of Jordan can range anywhere from roughly 70 dollar to over 200 dollar

Jordan is a popular basketball shoe brand company. Jordan shoes are of high quality and are beloved by many people. It sponsors a lot of popular people like Rusell Westbrook and many others. The founder of this brand was a professional basketball player, that’s why this brand makes basketball shoes. Also Jordan company started with just basketball shoes and evolved to models, because they knew how to match great colors together and amaze people with that. The recent line that came out last year amazed a lot of people by its quality and Jordan company got even more popular in different countries. Each line that comes out is loved by all people that try it and that’s why Jordan shoe brand company gets more popular and loved every year.

10. Skechers

Brand Country: USA

Launched: In 1992

Headquarter: Manhattan Beach, California, U.S.

Founder: Robert Greenberg

Products: Footwear, apparel

Revenue: 4.64 billion USD

Best Creation: Skechers GOwalk Revolution Ultra, Skechers Elite Flex Wasick, Skechers Equalizer 2.0

Price: Average selling price 21.26 U.S. dollar

Skechers is a really popular American company that makes quality shoes. All people that have tried this brand love it, because of its reasonable prices, and unisex footwear. This brand is one of the leading ones in making great shoes for different lifestyles. This company also works with a lot of celebrities like Demi Lovato, Camilo Cabello and so on. Skechers’ companies do a lot of charity work and help different people with problems, disabilities etc. A lot of people choose this company over others because they think about how to make shoes comfortable for people with different kinds of feet.

All of these shoe brands are at the top of the shoe industry. Even though many may think you can’t make shoes more comfortable than what they already are, all of these brands are still working hard on improving the quality of the shoes and making something new to amaze people in the future and make shoes that will blow the fashion industry.

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