List of luxury hotels in 2021

We made up a list of 10 luxurious hotels, holiday complexes from 2020 worldwide. I hope you will appreciate it. This list of hotels is sorted by their fame and user feedback worldwide.


Location: West Corniche Road – United Arab Emirates

Owner: Abu Dhabi Municipality

Build Cost: 3.9 billion USD

Residence: 394 total rooms, 92 general suits, 22 haven suits

Architect: Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo

Construction: Arabien Construction, Arabian Construction Company (ACC), Belhasa Construction and Actor Electromech

In order to put bright colors into your life, we offer to visit this hotel. This is the best option for you. At this point, you’ll feel at least a king or queen. The hotel has a fine sand beach and this is what attracts the different tourists of this hotel.

Dubai has spent almost $4 billion on the erecting of this beautiful place. The hotel has almost 400 residences, where 92 common suits and 22 residential suits are ready with the purpose to show the beauty of sky from the inside. A vestibule is commissioned of stunning and expensive marble. This marble came from 13 countries. There’s also a chandelier here, made of 1,000 pure crystals, that gives the perception of a huge rhinestone.

A large part of rooms are decorated with gold and marble. When you go in, you can see the floor from marble in the whole room from the start. The dome of colossal size is adorned with gold, on the floor of the penthouse is the residence of six rulers, which is always allocated to the royal high-ranking persons.

The hotel has 40 conference rooms with individual serving. There is also a very well-organized 2 spa center with a 1.3 km beach as well as a marina for yachts. There are heliports and a huge royal ballroom where 2,500 people can easily organize their ball party. Here several scenes of their famous film «Forsage» were filmed. This luxury hotel also features equally stunning shops that can steal your gaze for a few minutes.

2. Burj Al Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Owner: Jumeirah Group

Build Cost: 1 billion USD

Residence: 212 rooms in 28 floors

Architect: Tom Wright

Construction: Multidisciplinary Consultancy Atkins

The title «Burj Al Arab» means «privilege of the Arab». You will remember it with good reception and care. You will also have your own personal majordomo 24 hours a day. It really gives the royal vibe. Burj Al Arab includes 201 double rooms, as well as a Talise spa. Children can spend time at the Sinbad’s Kids Club. Own beach is in this resort. It looks like a buoyant castle on the water. This is because of the unusual design and architecture. This impression is still created at dawn. The client receives the card when it moves in. With this touch, the golden metal doors are opened manually, showing luxury and handsomeness all room. Every window are remotely managed by mobile beds.

Burj Al Arab ranks 4th throughout the world in height. There are 212 rooms located on 28 floors. Tom Wright is British architect best known as the designer of the Burj Al Arab. He drawn this building using a mix of Western technologies and Eastern traditions. The round ladders are classical. Every room has a TV with all the channels, a big library, a phone and of course Internet, as well as particularly appealing item, like the 24-Karate iPad from gold. It contains the complete description about this place plus menu. It’s for sale from the hotel. This perfect hotel has three open and two closed beaches. So you can have any kind of party you want. You can come here for lunch. There are 2 fantastic places to eat, which named Al Mahara and Al Muntaha. The smell of food makes you hungry. A balneotherapy is known for its national exponential shapes. The washrooms seem strange. The spit bars, clay court, the well-known ballroom “Al Falak Ball Room” reflect a luxury of this wonderful place. You can just go crazy with that beauty.


Location: Antalya, Turkey

Owner: Telman Ismailov

Build Cost: 1.4 billion USD

Residence: 560 suits, 17 bars

Architect: Unknown

Construction: Unknown

Turkish cool hotel contains the biggest 5 acre swimming pool surrounded by delicious seafood. As well as four sunken aquariums containing about 3,000 fish. This makes this place perfect and expensive. Almost the entire cost of this hotel is almost $1.5 billion. There is a beautiful beach. The hotel has about 900 tons of sand brought in from Egypt. There’s a huge 12,000 sq. foot spa. The hotel has 560 rooms. All the territory has 10,000 sq. meters of pure gold. A crystal finish also is present here and the emainder is supplied with Italian marble. There are 17 bars. Personal butler services add luxury to the hotel.


Location: Rome, Italy

Owner: Katara Hospitality (Management: Westin Hotels)

Build Cost: 1 billion USD

Residence: 281 rooms, 35 lavishly decorated suits

Architect: Aktiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen

Construction: Aktiengesellschaft für Hotelunternehmungen

This is a combo of ideal luxury and friendly reception. There are 281 rooms and 35 richly decorated suits. Spend the night in such a hotel in an ordinary room for about $500, and in a suite for $1,110. WESTIN EXCELSIOR is in Rome city. This construction was built in 1906 year. It is the largest building in Italy. Villa La Copula is the major feature of this beautiful place. A design is an amalgam of antique traditions with a shade of advanced technologies. Domes are similar to a cathedral. For your convenience, this hotel has a private gym. There’s a big restaurant. If you have planned an unforgettable trip to Italy, I suggest you stay at this hotel.


Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas

Owner: Brookfield Asset Management LLC, Management: Marriott International’s Autograph Collection Hotels

Build Cost: $480 million USD

Residence: 3,805 rooms, 392 villas, 600 luxurious suits

Architect: Kerzner International Resorts

Construction: Kerzner International Resorts

The attractive hotel includes 6 buildings (The Beach Tower, Coral Tower and Harborside), which contain 393 residences including a big dinning room, swimming pool. And the paddling pool has funny things. It also includes the Royal Bridge suit. The night here costs $25,000. Mayan Temple Slides has various water attractions, among which the most extreme is a jump to the muck that will lead you to a harbour with predatory fish about 50 feet. The relax place features wild jungles and black cavern also.

Aquaventure is a 57-hectare water park. Mayan Temple and Power Tower: 8 excellent water slides of various levels, 11 large and small pools with different types of entertainment, a children’s mini water park – all combined into a single system with artificial river with waves and thresholds. The Dig is an aquarium at the lower level of the Royal Towers: a maze of 13 halls stylized as the ruins of ancient Atlantis. Together with 50,000 aqueous creatures and practically 250 variety. It gives visitors a complete exotic flavor. The entire water area is 154 acres. There is a beautiful attraction in a giant restaurant. Marina Village is a few streets of charming souvenirs, jewellery and other small shops, cafes, bars and restaurants around the yacht harbour of the complex. The last and most luxurious attraction of this stunning and adventurous hotel is their own golf, where professional activities are conducted.


Location: New York, USA

Owner: Katara Hospitality

Build Cost: 12.5 million USD

Residence: 282 rooms, 102 deluxe suits

Architect: Henry J. Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, et al

Construction: Henry J. Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, et al

Located in New York City since 1907, the PLAZA has been a symbol of the royal family. The most beautiful places here are tea in Palm Court, luxury champions bars, The Rose Club and the luxury restaurant. 282 rooms and 102 suites. This is the epitome of antiquity. There’s a cool world-class store. Restrained lighting, outstanding floors, bright chandeliers – and this is not a complete set of luxuries. In addition, the PLAZA has always opened a beauty parlor, spa center and gym to provide guests with all the conditions of an expensive life. The ballroom and terrace are decorated in the original traditional style. It also includes a 24-hour personal butler function.

7. BOULDERS Resorts & SPA

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Owner: Columbia Sussex Corp (Former: Blackstone Group )

Build Cost: 12 million USD

Residence: 223 rooms

Architect: Unknown

Construction: Unknown

From the glory of this hotel you can lose your head and fall in love at first sight. You can find 12 million ancient cave paintings. The villa is made in a home-style, exotic rooms, a conference hall and an event hall with an area of about 50,000 sq ft, a luxury spa with an area of 33,000 sq ft. There are entertaining and sporting events such as a camping, a mountaineering, a golfing, a clay court, a swimming pool. In addition to all this bliss a modern gym and a stunning restaurant.


Location: Paradise, Nevada, USA

Owner: Station Casinos

Build Cost: 80 million USD

Residence: 703 rooms

Architect: Jon Jerde

Construction: Jon Jerde

Would you like to spend an unforgettable holiday in Las Vegas? Welcome to this paradise place. This hotel has 599 luxury rooms. A lot of rooms have a plasma TV. Guests can relax in the hydromassage bath, outdoor swimming pool or spa center. Air conditioned, a smoke-free facility, a gym, Internet is only piece on the facilities here provided to guests. Reception is available 24 hours a day and particular attention to the persons with a disability is an additional service. Their chic suits on the roof add solidity to the hotel. There is also a free refrigerator with drinks and mobile beds in every room. Tourists are delighted.


Location: West Indies, Anguilla

Owner: Goldstein Family

Build Cost: Over 40 million USD

Residence: 65 rooms

Architect: Sheldon, Jeffrey and Joshua Goldstein

Construction: Sheldon, Jeffrey and Joshua Goldstein

In ZEMI BEACH you can enjoy the unforgettable the pretty local beaches. The facilities of this paradise include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with all kinds of channels, a cappuccino maker, the magnificent breakfast buffet, a built-in wardrobe, a hairdryer, and a children’s club. There is a special ATM and money exchange for guests on holiday. Reception is available 24 hours a day, as well as room service, a huge fitness center and some entertaining activities such as snorkeling and hiking. This hotel is so fascinating with its ideal holiday concept.


Location: California, USA

Owner: Rancho Valencia

Build Cost: 30 million USD

Residence: 55 rooms

Architect: Prominent Builder

Construction: Prominent Builder

After the renovations, it’s a good place for relaxation. After the opening there was a new design, a redesigned spa, a fitness club and a luxury dining room with tasty national dishes. The hotel’s rooms offer a beautiful view of the environment. On the hotel territory is shop “Sheridan”. High balcony roofs, well-equipped wardrobe, luxury suite facilities, huge bathrooms, fireplace, residential space rendered it is a wonderful place to spend a vacation.

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