Luxury TVs in 2020 all over the world

Here is the top 10 of the most luxurious and most class TVs in 2020. Did you know that a super TV controls part of our lives? TVs can also control our social value. The fact is that if you have at least one TV from this list, which I shared with you, you will communicate with you in a special way. Many of us are content with a simple, cheap TV. But some of us have different thoughts about it.

Let’s take a look at the list of expensive, cool, luxury TVs in 2020 around the world. Consider pricing, brand, screen sizes, display types, resolutions, processors, technology, warranty, and more.

1. Samsung QLED 8K – Luxury TV

Price: 8K regulation $3499 / 4K regulation $1798

Screen size: 82 inches

Box included: 1 box with the internet, HDMI, USB

Display type: 16 times better than FHD

Pixels: 33 million

Warranty: 10 years

Resolution: 8k

Processor: Quantum processor

Technology: Quantum HDR 8, 100% ACQ LED technology

Specialty: ambient mood supportive, Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65

At the moment it is considered the most powerful and luxury TV. It is not for nothing that he takes the first place. It was with him that the period of smart television began. You can start getting acquainted with TVs and get a lot of experience. It has 33 million pixels and 8k resolution, so the details and pictures are very clear. The image quality is super. Everything is at the height. Everything looks real for this Quantum HDR 8 technology. This helps us get HDR up to 10+, including a high dynamic range. You will not be able to miss any small details or shades of color on this TV.

This TV gives you all the shades and colors that are available in this world. You can switch on this TV with an absolutely different mood because it’s a complicated TV. You can also match the wallpaper of your TV with the color of your home wall. It has a remote control with a wonderful and smooth appearance along with Google assistant, Apple Airplay, Office 65, which elevates it and surpasses other TVs. You can also download various applications to it. Some customers complain about their unwieldy. But we recommend it 100%.

2. OnePlus TV Q1 Pro (Luxury TV)

Price: $1250

Screen size: 55 inches

Display type: QLED bezel-less display

Type: smart TV OS, android, web OS

Warranty: 8 years

Resolution: 4k

Pixel: 2160

Processor: Gamma color magic processor

Technology: Quantum DOT technology, miracast screen, mirroring supporting

Specialty: Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, receive software update for 3 years, Google assistant, apple airplay, office 65, Bluetooth 5.0, Amazon, Alexa, voice control, HDMI, HDR, smart volume control

Speaker: 8 Speakers with 50w output

Thickness: less than 10 mm

Powered by: MediaTek MT5887

One plus TV works on Oxygen OS TV together with android TV OS TV. This TV supports HDR, which gives us excellent picture quality with sharp details. Great choice! It has 8 speakers. They can be controlled remotely, as well as voice control, which makes life much easier for us. Alexa and Google assistants are also available. The remote control has a dedicated video recording button. It has a google play store for applications and 3 GB of RAM. There is also a great function here. This TV automatically decreases the volume when a phone call arrives. The ports are hidden very carefully behind the magnetic backplate.

3. Samsung PS63B680 – Luxury TV

Price: $3125

Screen size: 63 inches

Type: plasma

Color: ruby black

Warranty: 7 years

Resolution: 1920

Pixel: 1080

Display: FHD, 3D comb filter

Specialty: stereo playback, Google assistant, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI, HDR

Speaker: 2 speakers with 30w output

Weight: 52.9 kg

Connectivity: HDMI input, VGA input, USB port

The attractive appearance of this TV can be spoken for hours. It’s beautifully designed to fit into your stylish living room and enhance your TV experience. This plasma has excellent characteristics. But there is one small minus. The TV is slightly heavy. But all the pluses obscure this minus. Its display supports 3D and full HD. HDR-enabled technology gives the display a clear look and a clear picture.

4. Sharp LB 1085 – Luxury TV

Price: $1200

Screen size: 108 inch

Display type: LCD

Brightness: 400cd

Type: Smart TV

Warranty: 10 years

Resolution: 1920

Pixel: 1080

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Processor: quantum processor

Specialty: DVI digital input, HDMI, HDR, smart volume control

Speaker: 3 speakers with 50 Watts

Weight: 429 lbs.

AND this TV has a very useful function for our health. NAMELY the eye protection function. It also has a black executive look. It is on top of the online stores. People leave hundreds of enthusiastic reviews. Clear brightness, superb picture quality. WHAT else is needed to use the TV? According to a survey of buyers, 89% of people recommend it and have only positive emotions from using this TV. This is the world’s largest, most affordable LCD screen available on Amazon.

5. LG C9 (Luxury TV)

Price: $4997

Screen size: 77 inch

Display type: OLED display

Resolution: 3840

Pixel: 2160

Processor: a9 Gen 2 intelligent processor

Specialty: LG Thinq Al, Google assistant, apple airplay, Alexa, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1 connectivity

Thickness: 0.1 inch

Weight: 55.6 pounds

Technology: webOS 4.0

Ports: 4 HDMI 2.1, 3 USB

HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG

Audio: eARC improved version

This very clever OLED TV is presented in three different sizes with 3 different prices. One of the highly appreciated TV in the technology market. A wonderful, professional sound system and picture quality bring the era of TV to a new level. But there is one minus. The high price, as the buyers note. It has a matt metal finish with web OS technology. It’s lightweight, thin, so you can fix it anywhere. The most popular reviews of this show that this slim TV will lure you to buy it. It has the fastest intelligent processor. Here apply Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon Video, Alexa. HDMI provides a great gaming experience. You will enjoy games and graphics. You can easily connect it to any Apple device and enjoy a wireless sound system. This is one of our main recommendations. You can easily book and purchase it on Amazon right now!

6. Sony BraviaAF9

Price: $5205

Display: 65″

Resolution: 4k

Weight: 23.8 kg

Technology: Android

Storage: 16 GB

Ports: 1 Ethernet input, 1 RF connection input,2 IF connection, USB port

Audio: 13w output, Actuator and Subwoofer speaker

Connectivity: Bluetooth version 4.2, Wi-fi


Sony BRAVIA AF9 is another TV model in the smart technology market. This works on Android and GPU x1. The device is very light, with excellent new features. It is so beautiful and beautiful that you want to touch it all the time after purchase. The AF9 has a contrast and color amplifier that gives it sharp images and graphics. It has a drive and a subwoofer speaker that receives sound in several dimensions. Users are very satisfied with their service. This TV is also available in online stores.

7. Panasonic GZ2000

Price: $5726

Display size: 65″

Design: flat

Display type: OLED

Resolution: 4k

Specialty: HDR 10+, HCX Pro Video processor, Dolby Vision, professional edition OLED panel, 2.0 HDMI, Wi-fi, Bluetooth

Audio: 140w

Ports: USB, Ethernet

Weight: 34 kg

You can understand the difference between this and another OLED TV in the market right after watching. The ports are neatly hidden behind the plastic back. You can easily fix it anywhere. It is not bulky and weighs little. Sound and picture quality will certainly impress you. HDR 10+ helps you get crisp, detailed images. Customers often talk about enjoying the game. There is one minus. This does not support applications properly.

8. Philips 55OLED804

Price: $1938

Display size: 55″

Technology: android 9.0

Weight: 22.5 kg

Specialty: Netflix, Google assistant, Aalexa, TV light show technology

Dimensions: 71 x 123 x 5cm

Ports: 4X HDMI, 2X USB

If you want to improve the quality of the time spent watching TV, you can buy it. You will get unforgettable emotions, I guarantee you. It will highlight the beauty of your room with its super-slim display and lightweight body. He has a TV light show technology that creates a special sense of cinematic vision. Colors and shades are bright, life-like. It will always give you a good mood. This is a great device for audio and music at full volume. Of the disadvantages: Dissatisfaction of customers with dark details. But is this a significant minus?

9. LG E9

Price: $3297

Display size: 65″, 4k class

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)

Ports: USB ports

Specialty: glass body, LG, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Alexa, Google assistant, magic remote, Netflix connectivity, HDR10, Object Depth Enhancer, intelligent voice recognition

Processor: LG α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor

Audio: 60w output

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IP control, HDMI, smartphone connectivity

LG has never allowed itself to disappoint its customers. E9 is one of its best models. This smart device has all the important things we need when using the TV. Its smooth and modern model brings you to the heart. This is the best gaming TV according to customer feedback. The depth amplifier gives a 3D effect while watching your favorite movies. You’ll get the built-in application and the fastest browser. This TV has excellent sound quality. It also has a built-in voice recognition function. You can rest assured that it has the truest processor.

10. Hisen O8B

Price: 65″ $599.99 / 50″ $379.99

Display size: 55″, 4k

Display type: ultra HD, OLED

Pixel: 8 million pixel

Ports: 2 USB ports

Specialty: Dolby vision, Dolby Atmos, Alexa, 4 HDMI, 1ARC, smooth motion, Google assistant, Netflix connectivity, HDR10, deep black 10 bit color depth, 178 degree angle of visibility

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, smartphone, Bluetooth

There are hundreds of reviews about this device that are positive. The company claims that each pixel is important, and they provide 8 million pixels for their device. This is almost insanity. You can enjoy super-sharp color quality. Every shade and hundreds of different shades are visible here. This device is very thin but strong. They claim that their TV is 50% faster than others. The era of smart TV comes, so it’s not a problem if your cable just stops working. Manufacturers claim that you can see everything clearly from anywhere, as they cover 178 degrees. Customers say they have sharp picture quality, a great audio system, very stylish, easy to use. But there are also not very good comments. For example, their poor motion processing, color quality. But it’s still one of the most remarkable TVs you can have.

So, these are the coolest, smartest and luxurious TVs you can have in your collection in 2020.

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