Manufactures of the Best Buses in 2021

The first bus in the world was built by British inventor Richard Tretywick in 1801 and since then this topic has remained relevant to this day. If in 1801 there was a capacity of 8 people, now the number of seats can be huge (especially if the bus consists of two floors). In addition to quantity, other components have changed and the bus business is considered very profitable.

Today, the following companies are considered the best manufacturers of boxes on 4 wheels:


Headquarter: Shinagawa,Tokyo, Japan

Revenue: 1.953 trillion JPY (2017)

Founded: 1916


EO: Susumu Hosoi

First Bus: DH100H-BU20

Popular Bus Models:

Unique work:

The most interesting fact is that approximately 142 years ago ISUZU existed as an oil company, but was renamed over time, namely in 1934. However, today ISUZU is famous for a huge world market with various types of products. For example, trucks, SUVs and so on.

The company has a lot of subsidiaries in different places (USA, Vietnam …). In 2009, more than 21 million diesel engines were sold, according to official website data. Now this number is many times more, which indicates the success of the company.

New Flyer Industries Group:

Headquarter: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Net Earnings: $159.9 Million

Founded: 1930

Owners: John Coval

CEO: Paul Soubry

First Bus: Western Flyer Coach

Popular Bus Models: New flyer Xcelsior

Produces: Motor coaches and buses

Specialty: Vehicles; Carfair Composites; Motor Coach Industries

NFYG is known as the best machine technology manufacturers in America. The company produces a variety of buses for the North American market. Xcelsior with 35 feet long is the best creation. The first name of NFIG was «Western Auto and Truck Body Works Ltd» in 1930. Nowadays symbol NFI is used by the company for different business deals.

New Flyer Industries Inc.-Washington Metropolitan Area Transit A

Volkswagen AG:

Headquarter: Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

Total Assets: €458.156 Billion

Founded: 28 May 1937

Owners: German Labour Front

CEO: Herbert Diess

First Bus:

Popular Bus Models:

Produces: commercial vehicles, motorcycles, engines, machinery

Parent: Porsche and piech families

Unique work:

The logo is translated from German as «A people’s car» and it’s really true because Volkswagen is the biggest international automobile company in the world! The main activity is the production of commercial vehicles. For example, about 11 million vehicles were sold in 2019. Sales of «Volkswagen AG» are one of the largest and most famous in the world. Manufacturers also sell cars under various brands. For example, «Lamborghini», «Bentley», «Audi» which are known all around the world and that it’s why it deservedly took a place in the top list of «Fortune Global 500»!

Toyota Motors:

Headquarter: Toyota, Aichi, Japan

Total Assets: ¥51,936,949 Million (FY2019)

Founded: 28 August, 1937

Owners: Kiichiro Toyoda

CEO: Akio Toyoda

First Bus: Toyota RU18

Popular Bus Models: hybrid electric buses, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles

Produces: Luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, engines, automobiles

Unique work:

«Toyota» is the 2nd largest auto company in the world! This fact doesn’t need to be proved. For example, for the sake of interest, you can calculate how many cars of this brand are driving and you will understand that the location in the top list is justified. More than 3,64,445 people workplace have been created since the inception of the brand. About 10 million varied cars are produced annually! Toyota has more than 60 subsidiaries. Also, large plants are available in the USA, Canada, Thailand, and Indonesia. Hybrid Electric Busses are the most popular models of the company. The first passenger vehicle was produced in 1936 and to date, their number is millions. Hybrid Electric Busses are the most popular models of the company.

Marcopolo S.A.:

Headquarter: Caxias do sul, Brazil

Revenue: USD $1.0 Billion (2018)

Founded: 6 August 1949

Owners: Paulo Bellini

CEO: James Bellini(May 1 2019)

First Bus:

Popular Bus Models: Marcopolo Viale BRT

Produces: Body of coaches, microbus, minibus, city bus, touring bus

Unique work:

The most interesting fact is that Marcopolo started its business with a team of 15 people, but now this figure is much larger. In the year 1953 Marcopolo first started working with steel. Marcopolo sells its products domestically, elsewhere in Latin America, the United States, and Africa. The program includes 25 basic models — general purpose minibuses, medium and large capacity coach buses, multi-seat intercity cars and trolley buses.

«Marcopolo» has a joint company with «TATA Motors», which was opened in 2008 and is gaining momentum to date (Marcopolo owns 49% in this project). «Marcopolo» has a joint company with «TATA Motors», which was opened in 2008 and is gaining momentum to date (Marcopolo owns 49% in this project). It exists in India and in the state Karnaraka.

Volvo buses:

Headquarter: Gothenburg, Sweden

Revenue: KR 25.386 Billion (2016)

Founded: 1968

Owners: AB Volvo

CEO: Martin Lundstedt

First Bus: B9M (1983)

Popular Bus Models: Volvo 9700 DD

Unique work:

The first coach was created in 1983 and its name is «B9M». B9M, as noted by buyers and experts, is one of the most convenient city buses. Volvo is one of the world’s largest bus manufacturers, while having products in more than 50 countries. For example, in America, New Zealand, Western Europe etc. Also, delivers to numerous bodywork companies in different countries of the world and has subsidiaries in 15 countries. The main goal for today is to manufacture «intellectual coaches» with all new features, which would be unique everywhere.


Headquarter: Turin, Italy

Revenue: 4.9 billion EUR

Founded: 1999

Owners: Giovanni Agnelli

CEO: Alessandro Gianni BALDI

First Bus:

Popular Bus Models:

Produces: Buses, Coaches

Unique work:

Iveco produces a wide range of passenger vehicles that can satisfy any need. Despite the large number of competitors, Iveco differs from them due to its modern design, as well as due to advanced prospects for which the owners have been awarded many times over the entire existence.


Headquarter: Russia

Total asset: $2 billion

Founded: 1969

Owners: Rostec (49.9%) Avtoinvest Limited (23.54%) Daimler (15%)

CEO: Sergey Kogogin

First Bus: KamAZ Shuttle (2016)

Popular Bus Models:

Unique work: first electric bus

In total, the «KAMAZ» PJSC technological chain group, which is one of the oldest representatives, employs about 37 thousand people. It produces buses, tractors, combines, power generating units, and thermal mini-power plants. Over 110 affiliates and subsidiaries have «KAMAZ». First electric bus, which was created in 2018, is a unique work of this Russian company:

  1. The total capacity of passengers is 85 people.
  2. Batteries can be fully charged in just 10-25 minutes.
  3. Lithium-titanium batteries are installed.

By the way, «KamazAZ-6282» is the best electric bus which was created by this organization. It has length 12 400mm, width 2 540 mm.

Anhui Ankai Automobile Company Ltd:

Headquarter: Anhui, China

Net Income‎: ‎CNY 98.14 Million

Founded: 22 july 1997



First Bus: HFF6110GS-1

Popular Bus Models: Ankai.SETRA

Produces: Coach, city buses, tourist bus, new energy bus etc.

Unique work:

The beginning of successful activity was the creation of double-decker coaches, which immediately became in demand in almost all countries. A low-floor type bus, named, Anhui Ankai HFF6110GS-1 became the cause of success and is one of the best mechanisms. About 4 000 employers work here. The title of trainer for the large type and advanced equipment was assigned to the model «SETRA» by the Ministry of Communications of China. The Ministry considered this one of the best, luxurious and modern works of the company, which cooperates with more than 40 countries around the world.

Solaris Bus and Coach:

Headquarter: Bolechowo-osiedler Poland

Net Asset: € 126.1 million

Founded: 1996

Owners: Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles

CEO: Andreas Strecker (Apr 1, 2015)

First Bus: Solaris Urbino 12

Popular Bus Models: Solaris urbino 9, solaris urbino 15 and solaris urbino 18

Charity foundation: Green Dachshund Foundation

Produces: Bus, trolleybus and trams

Unique work: First low-floor bus, hybrid drive bus

The first city bus was produced in 1999. They also provide the following vehicles:

  1. Urbino: Electris, Low Entry, Hybrid, CNG;
  2. Hydrogen;
  3. Trollino;
  4. Trams and so on.

The sale of Solaris coaches is conducted through a network of sales representatives, which is constantly expanding along with our increasing presence on foreign markets. Coaches of these manufacturers differ in size, design, driving methods and other factors. The best creations of the company are: «Solaris Urbino 9», «Solaris Urbino 15», and «Solaris Urbino 19». In addition to creating transport, cars, Solaris provides the following: vocational training for students, the «Green Dachshund Foundation», to help the defenseless. An international title «The Bus and Coach of the year» was achieved in 2017.


Headquarter: Nizhny, Russia

Net Income: $60 million[1] (2017)

Founded: 2005

Owners: JSC Russian Machines

CEO: Vadim Nikolayevich Sorokin

First Bus: GAZelle Next (2013)

Popular Bus Models:

Unique work: First Echo Friendly Bus

8 regions of Russia are provided by this organization, which is the largest organization and which directly sells and gives services to the buyers. About 69,000 vehicles were produced in 2015. «Group Bus Division» is another subdivision. The Buses division produces buses of small class, middle class, large class, as well as long-distance buses. First Echo Friendly Coach is a unique creation of «GAZ». The main feature is that electric buses have become ecological, which is undoubtedly a huge plus for the environmental situation in the country. Electric buses can be charged for 10 minutes, have specially heated windshields, and also has a feature that involves kneeling down at bus stations. Their capacity is 85 people.

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