Stylish looks of your ideal bathroom interior

In this article we decided to gather the best ideas and stylish looks for the bathroom interiors according to 2020 trends.

Today a bathroom is also one of the most popular spaces for special design projects because it has joined the list of kitchens and living rooms as the “face” of a person’s apartment or house. There are lots of different design ideas and examples which can be used as a lead for your project, but the first thing you should think about is a person who will use the space on a daily basis.

Today there is no frames for your imagination, and you can create whatever interior you like. We want to help you to choose the best options to make your dreams come true, so, please find trendy bathroom looks 2020.

A bathroom with an eccentric touch

Attraction: everything fitted in a tiny room, tiles, small tub and furniture, artworks, little hanger for keeping regular things

Appliances: mirror, ceramic toilet, steel hanger, glass case

Dimensions: minimum of 25 to 30 square

Color: any colors, for bigger than try to use one single color

Expense: $2000 minimum

Specialty: maintaining a luxurious bathroom in a small place

The eccentric design is one of the most popular among people who have small bathrooms or a second guest toilet and need an idea for a compact space. But the owners of bigger rooms can also find some smart ideas for their homes. In the end, your interior shows how you want to see it, which means that it is completely up to you, what style and accessories to choose, and how to operate them. A good example is Simon Doonan, who lives in Greenwich Village, and who renovated his bathroom not long ago for two thousand dollars. Details:

  • Equipment. The best solution for such bathrooms would be a small bathtub. There you can find a tube by Apasier, which costs eight hundred fifty dollars. Think about adding a retro table for necessary bath accessories. Many designers say that we should not forget about decorations, artistic things, paintings, maybe candles or plants to add life to space. Then if we speak about WC to complement the composition, choose wall-hung models: they fir better for small bathrooms. It will save you space and let the design be more minimalistic and elegant.
  • Palette. Choose a color which is the most harmonious for you. Your bathroom can be a totally different place from your bedroom or living room and the rest of the home. However, please, do not forget about the size of this space. This needs to be taken into account when choosing the color as it should better be contrast and bright unless you want to make a small place even smaller. Simon has a good example: white and blue colors from Artistic Tile created a good balance.
  • Cost. You will spend two thousand dollars on such an interior. But it is not exact information, the cost may be more. It depends on how many decorations, accessories and how expensive will be the appliance. You can pay more attention to mirrors, the amount of lights, storage places, which will impact the expenses.
  • What to do to make the bathroom look bigger than it is? Take just one color (it can be white) and a lot of mirrors on each wall. But this decision is tricky: whatever element you plan to add after your renovation, it should be in that color. But this is the only way to make your bathroom bigger.

We found a research that says that the percentage of people who have chosen an eccentric style of bathroom is ninety points. This is also coming from the fact that many people have small bathrooms.

Roll-top design for a bigger space

Attraction: vibe of a boutique hotel, large place, bathtub in the center of the room, shower glass enclosure

Appliances: long skinny tiles, glassy hanger, mosaic glass.

Dimensions: more than 50 square feet.

Color: any kind of light color.

Expense: $3000 or more

Specialty: customized shower area with a glass wall, large bathtub in the middle and open window will give you a hotel-like feeling

Customer’s choice: 89%

For fans of a Roll Top style in their apartment or house there exist several terms and conditions. They are the following: think about a place for a floor standing bathtub in the middle of everything in your bathroom. Next to the bath should be a window, a seat with plants around, decorations on the wall and maybe a mosaic for the WC zone. If you follow those advice, you have a chance to make your bathroom look like a five-star hotel. This is the main idea of a Roll Top bathroom. But be aware that this is not all. Every element of the space should be thought with this idea in mind: from ceiling to floor finish. Good advice is to use new formats of tiles and some natural materials like marble.

  • Cost. You will spend three thousand dollars on such an interior. Additional elements and details will need even more in case you need them. The list can be the following: luxurious vessels, a big shower zone, colored glass accessories, an audio system for relaxation, a WC with bidet function inside, so on.

Combined design

Attraction: bathtub is the part of the bedroom itself, no pipe or water disposing way, open area, no partition

Appliances: small single bathtub, an inbuilt case with the bathtub.

Dimensions: 36 to 45 square feet

Color: any color that goes with the room

Expense: $5000 at least

  • Main idea. If you seek for open space solution, this is what you need. One of the trendiest interiors today is to make a bathroom and a bedroom a united space. A floor-standing bath next to your bed, no walls between a sanitary zone and relaxation zone, a feeling of freedom and a complete image of your own cocoon. All these details will make your space look also the same as in a boutique hotel or apartment. Special attention should be paid there to water connections and equipment because you have a risk to damage the floor. Think of it on the first step of renovation.
  • Cost. You will spend a lot of money on this bathroom design in comparison with others. When a bath is being installed in a bathroom, all the connections and fittings should be hidden and placed under the floor finish. Of course, you can put them inside walls, but still, the cost will be not less than five thousand dollars.

Natural light decoration

Attraction: Glassy room, light tunnel, roof lights, built-in shelves

Appliances: Steel cases and hangers

Dimensions: 50 to 60 square feet

Color: any color light is good for the room

Expense: $5000 minimum

This design is good for those of you who want to create a very light and open space with hidden storage options. Choosing it you should think about glassy walls to let the sun rays in your bathroom. If this is not helping, then turn to the ceiling and make a light tunnel or several small openings. All the storage spaces should be built-in or invisible for a completely natural light look.

  • Cost. You will spend five thousand dollars on such an interior. But be prepared to spend more, because this bathroom demands thoughtful solutions for each zone, for example, a Victoria Plum shower corner with a special series of tiles to highlight it or a steam room for relaxation. And do not forget that you need a big space to create this style.
  • More about the space needed. Choose a part of your apartment or house, which you will reconstruct for a sanitary room, before the start. Or you will have to say goodbye to the idea of a natural light decorated bathroom.

A bathroom for all family members

Attraction: Very big place, many shelves, bathtub and basin more than one

Appliances: Things made up with steel glass, ceramic, wood, marble, and tiles.

Dimensions: up to 65 square feet

Color: Any bold color will be suitable

Expense: $9000

The family bathroom is one of the types not easy to implement at home. It should be convenient for every family member and their needs. Plumbing products, images, storage spaces should be the first details to think about. Moreover, storage options should be even more than you can imagine. Because everyone will need a personal shelf, drawers and hook.

  • Precautions. All your beloved ones will use this space, which means that it cannot be a small and tiny bathroom. No chance that one bathtub or a single shower zone can be enough in this case. Moreover, please, think about children: choose a compact bath for them with a thermostatic faucet and anti-slip coverage, which will work well for all family members. A shower zone should also be constructed with thoughts about comfort and security.
  • Area. This is up to you, how big or small will be a bathroom in your house or apartment. But normally, for such ideas we recommend having a big open space as sometimes several people can be in the bathroom together, for example, brushing their teeth in the morning. A safe and relaxing atmosphere is what everyone expects from this interior then. Make sure that you can place a bathtub, shower enclosure and recover, big vessels, enough storage options (built-in or wall-hung).
  • Style. To be honest, the design is not the first people think when it comes to the family bathroom. This interior is more about comfort, functionality and safety. The design can be simpler not to make a feeling of mess with a lot of devices, drawers, toilet accessories, and family staff. Choose your common favorite color, elegant bathroom tiles for floor and parts of walls or wall panels. You can make several accents, for example, in a shower zone or around a wash station. This will help your bathroom look stylish.

A bathroom for kings and queens

Attraction: this bathroom will treat you like a king, gold plated ornaments of bathroom

Appliances: marble case, glassy hangers, chandelier, gold plated basin, tap, etc

Dimensions: 45 to 60 square feet

Color: golden or silver color will be suitable

Expense: $5000

  • The main idea. Luxury is the second name of this bathroom design. Artistic finishes on walls and floor, many glassy decorations, expensive vessels and WC with modern technologies. No surprise to find there marble and other natural materials. For better results you have to use each meter of the space. A good example is a bathroom of Alan Faena, who lives in Miami Beach district. Her interior cost her five thousand dollars.

Industrial chic

Attraction: dark effect, metallic things, metallic raw bathtub

Appliances: everything made up of steel , such as the tap, basin bathtub 

Dimensions: 38 to 40 square feet is perfect for this bathroom

Color: black, grey or any kind of dark or antique color

Expense: $3000 USD

Some people like more industrial and heavy interiors, for instance, a fully black bathroom that looks classy and bold. For this effect you can choose black marble or dark collections of tiles for a shadowy effect. This demands also metallic or dark details and accessories if you want to get a full effect. Some brands know what to propose to you for such a bathroom, thus you can buy a black copper bathtub or a black vessel. Lean Ford is one of those designers, who focus mostly on dark interiors. She always reminds her costumers that color is very important as well as the shape of the equipment.

Nature inside your home

Attraction: takes you close to nature

Appliances: tap, basin, shelves hanger, cases made up of ceramic, glass and marvel

Dimensions: 36 to 40 square feet is enough

Color: Any bright color is suitable here

Expense: $2000 USD

This is very easy with floral print on wallpapers, accessories and bathroom fittings. Note Ellie Cashman as one of the most popular floral wallpapers producers then. They can bring a very special even romantic touch to the interior of your space. A good solution will be to build a glassy wide shower zone. People usually prefer paintings to mirrors on the walls. One more good idea is to use an Etagera for additional storage options. It can be decorated also with floral print as well as other elements.

Garden bathroom

Attraction: Bathtub in the garden

Appliances: bathtub made up of ceramic, steel hangers and cases.

Dimensions: it should be made in an open place

Color: any bright color

Expense: $4000

A unique experience can come to your home with an outdoor bathroom. That does not make your life less private, because you can use different decorative solutions to hide your sanitary space. It can be flower trees, for instance, which will create a feeling of wild nature around. The biggest advantage of such bath exposition is that you do not have to think carefully about connections and water disposal. A famous designer Akin Atelier is always ready to help you with a garden bathroom design.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Attraction: reflects everything, so the room looks very bright and big

Appliances: gold plated accessories will be good for the room

Dimensions: 40 square feet is enough

Color: the champagne color will be the best for this bathroom

Expense: $3000

This design is impossible to forget. For the effect of a reflective bathroom you can use many mirrors or special series of wallpapers, which reflect the lightings. Better choose golden lights if you want to have a gold-plated interior. Look at Andy Cohen’s bathroom back again in Greenwich Village.

We believe that some of the ideas above will be helpful for you and you will find inspiration to create your own personal bathroom of a dream. Do not limit your imagination and pay attention to details.

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