The Best TV Stands in 2020

There are a lot of beautiful TV stands today. Let’s have a look at the most luxurious of them. We have prepared for you top 10 best TV stands of this year with their detailed descriptions and prices.

Nowadays beautiful pieces of furniture are not necessities, but the desire of wealthy people to make their apartment chic. That’s why a great number of designers are trying to create something incredible to amaze rich people and make them buy their products. TV stands not only make the room cozy, beautiful and modern, but also provide free space for other items, such as souvenirs, different devices, books, and so on. Now we want to show you ten costly but extremely beautiful TV stands which you can buy online.

1. Martin Svensson Home

Material: Solid New Zealand pinewood

Headquarter: Sweden

Price: $376 USD (Buy in cheap price)

Attraction: Barn style slide door, adjustable and removable shelves, custom finished hardware

Available Color: All antique white, antique black, Espresso, Grey, Honey tobacco

Dimension: Length 65’, height 35”, width 19”

This TV stand is made in antique and metallic styles, which provides the room with a special atmosphere. It has removable shelves, which allows changing its appearance in accordance with the user’s preferences. It can fit a TV with a diagonal of up to 65”. It has also cable management cutouts, which provide a high safety level.

2. Comfort Smart

Material: Ashland pine

Headquarter: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

Price: $312 USD (Buy Now)

Attraction: Electric Fireplace, Rustic cottage outlook, Ashland pine finish, Barn door style cabinet, large storage

Available Color: Ashland pine, Espresso, Sergeant Oak, Two-tone

This product performs household functions as well as aesthetic ones. With this TV stand, your room will look cozy and original. It has an electric fireplace that can make the whole room look much better and, of course, heat it. As for the TV, a 55” one can be fitted here very well. In addition, this TV stand can provide you with a lot of spare space, so that you can put various items next to your TV.

3. WE Furniture

Material: High- grade MDF, tempered glass

Headquarter: Jasper

Price: $310 USD

Size: 56” to 70”

Attraction: Large storage, supports up to 250 lbs, cable management features, adjustable shelves

Available color: Antique Grey, Antique white, Black, Brown, Espresso brown, white

Dimensions: Height 33”, length 52”, width 16”

This TV stand is rather costly, but it’s definitely worth it. It so durable that it is able to hold a 250 lbs TV. There are also adjustable shelves and a lot of space for different important things. Besides, it can hide all the cables, which makes the whole room more organized.

4. Ameriwood Home

Material: laminated MDF, particleboard with wood grain finish

Headquarter: Missouri

Price: $297 to $307 USD

Size: up to 60”

Attraction: remote control fireplace of 23”, additional compartment, open top shelf with two side cabinets

Available Color: black oak, Ivory pine, natural wood, rustic grey

Maximum Weight Support: 55 lbs

Speaking about this one, it is the bestseller among the TV stands all over the world. It has a shelf, two cabinets, and some spare space, which can be used in accordance with customer’s preferences. The biggest advantage of this model is the fireplace, which is inbuilt. It is controlled remotely, which makes the process of using it much more convenient. The product is really worth your attention, as its design definitely catches the eye and makes you want to buy it.

5. Rainbow Sophia

Material: Wood

Headquarter: Brooklyn

Price: $199 USD

Attraction: Slide Barn door, extra large storage

Available Color: Dark Walnut, White Oak, Driftwood, Rustic Wood, Shaded Oak, Washed Oak

Series: Forest

What really attracts in this model is its classical style. It can make your living room look stylish and luxurious. The stand is made of top-quality wood and can hold a 65” TV on it. This TV stand has also got a very convenient slide door. Moreover, there is a lot of spare space for keeping different interior items.

6. Pamari

Material: Ashland pine, metal

Headquarter: Tamiami

Price: $199 USD

Attraction: vibrant color, storage and strength, rustic look, cable management, tipping restraint hardware, multi functional

Available Color: Ashland pine, Off-white, sergeant oak, Saw cut Espresso

It is able to hold a 60” TV, which makes it one of the most durable TV stands ever. It can be used everywhere and for everything. As for its doors, their barn style creates a rustic look of the whole room. Besides, it can manage cables and wires, which makes the room neater. The most useful element of this stand is equipment holding the rollover, which helps to prevent undesirable accidents.

7. Mecor

Material: Wood, board, Glass with gloss finish, LED lights

Headquarter: Houston

Price: $175 USD

Attraction: LED lights, remote controlled colors, gloss finishing, large storage, easy to clean

Available Color: Black, White

Dimension: width 63”, height 17.7”, depth 13.8”

This one is really worth your attention. It is able to sustain a 63” TV, which means that it’s really strong. It is also very convenient, as it has two drawers and a shelf with a lot of spare storage space for keeping different things, like magazines, souvenirs, photos and stuff like that. It also has a LED illumination, which can change its colors with the help of remote control. This product comes with two different styles and definitely can change the style of the room for the better.

8. Belleze

Material: High –grade manufactured wood

Headquarter: Walnut, CA

Price: $159 USD

Attraction: extra large storage, strongest stands, electric fireplace, stylish Barn style cabinet

Available Color: Ashland pine, Espresso, Sergeant Oak

Dimension: Width 46” to 50”

Available Style: with fireplace and without fireplace

This stand is really durable, as it is able to hold up to 132 lbs. This furniture can also be used in many various ways and even in different rooms. It has two beautiful rustic doors and provides a fireplace, which heats the room and makes it cozier at the same time. The model comes in 2 different styles, both of which are stunning.

9. Sekey

Material: Wood, high grade MDF, durable laminate, and powder coated metal accents

Headquarter: Suwa

Price: $159 USD

Available color: Smoky Oak

Dimension: width 58” depth18.1” height24”

Attraction: Large storage, color, strong materials, rich brown wood grain finish, easy to clean, 1-year warranty

This TV stand is elegant and convenient at the same time. It is so sustainable, that it is able to hold a 60” TV. Besides, this product has an adjustable rack with large storage, which is very useful. It also has holes for hiding cables and wires, which makes the whole room look tidier. In addition, the manufacturer of this model guarantees that customers will have an opportunity to repair their furniture for free. They will be able to take advantage of this offer for one year from the date of purchase.

10. Tangkula

Material: MDF veneer

Headquarter: Fontana

Price: $139 USD

Attraction: 8 Large open storage space, threading holes , strong, deformation resistant, corrosion resistant, longest stand capable of bearing 200lbs, easy to clean, waterproof surface

Available Color: Black and Walnut

This is a wonderful TV stand, which can perform a big number of functions at home. It is quite long so that you can keep a lot of different stuff on its surface and shelves. By the way, its surface is smooth, as it has an MDF veneer. And that’s why the process of cleaning this stand is very easy. Besides, it can hold a 59” TV and has four holes for wires.

Now you know almost everything about the most beautiful and astonishing TV stands of this year. We hope, you’ve enjoyed this top and found something suitable for your apartment. If you want to order something, you can do it right now with the help of various online shops.

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