The most fabulous swimming pools all over the globe

We have found fifteen best swimming pools throughout the world and are ready to share with you the list.

Just imagine having a relaxing dip in one of those marvelous places. Maybe you will be ready to choose your next vacation destination after we introduce to you the luxurious and gorgeous features of the pools below.

For your comfort we prepared not only description but also useful data about location, dimensions, main options, who is the owner of the place, estimated cost, level of service and some other necessary facts.

Turkish paradise

Attraction: Length, private beach, light works

Position: Ground floor, outdoor

Location: Antalya, Turkey

Welcome to Antalya, Mardan place, where you can find the biggest pool in Europe. This swimming pool is located outside, on the ground floor and creates a beautiful private beach. The length will amaze you the same as lots of lights around. Mardan swimming pool is large itself just like an attractive area around.

Algarroba miracle

Attraction: Second longest pool in the world

Location: San Alfonso Del Mar, Algarroba

Founder: Crystal lagoon company

Meet San Alfonso Del Mar – our second destination. This is also one of the longest swimming pools in the world – three thousand thirty-two meters long. Crystal lagoon company owns 20 acres for this sight and uses sixty-six million gallons of water to maintain the pool. The source of the water is the Pacific Ocean itself, but before coming to the pool, the water is being filtered. The owner spent two billion dollars to build San Alfonso Del Mar and each year it takes four billion more for all the services.

Capella Pedregal Oasis

Attraction: Private beach, length, light works, natural view, spa

Position: Rooftop, outdoor

Location: Mexico

If you are a fan of swimming pools, beautiful light works and unforgettable dawns, you should come to Mexico. Capella Pedregal resort provides a natural view from an outdoor swimming pool, located on the rooftop. It is the largest pool in the country, which is equipped with a private beach and spa. A lovely bonus is a large cocktail menu in the bar right next to the pool.

Royal swimming resort

Attraction: Design like a palace, infinite design, natural view

Position: Roof top, indoor and outdoor both

Location: Greece

The design for the outdoor Amirandes Grecotel swimming pool was inspired by the Memon Palace. The length is so big that two parts of the pool have a different design, moreover, one of the parts has connections two several small indoor private pools. When you look at this Greek miracle, located on the rooftop, you can imagine that it is a part of the sea. The illusion is so powerful and fabulous, what was the major idea of designers who worked on the sight.

Thai Red Star

Attraction: Red mosaic, poolside villas, studios

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Position: Rooftop, oceanfront pool

Koh Samui is always in the list of the most famous places in Thailand for its rooftop swimming pool. What is a special feature of it? This oceanfront pool is called Red because of the watercolor. It differs from other swimming sights in Thailand with this unusual red mosaic look as well as with many poolside villas and studios for tourists.

Milky swimming resort

Location: Iceland

Attraction: Hot water, spa, skin care service, silica in the water, milky white water

Cost: $50 USD for a person

Formed in: 1976

For an extraordinary swimming and spa experience please come to Iceland. Blue Lagoon provides you a special skincare program, which includes hot milky white water in the pool. The water contains silica, that is why it looks peculiar and reflect the sun rays. To dip into the pool you should wear a special mask. The cost for a visit is fifty dollars per person.

Warsaw panoramic pool

Attraction: Specialized spa, panoramic view over Warsaw, aerobics ground, fitness ground, steam bath facility

Position: 43rd floor, indoor

Location: Warsaw

Come and swim “in the clouds” in the capital city of Poland. This indoor swimming pool is located on the 43rd floor of the Warsaw Intercontinental hotel and is almost one hundred fifty meters above the ground. For energetic tourists the hotel proposes aerobics and fitness ground right next to the pool as well as a steam bath facility. The pool is not big but gives a beautiful city view starting from 6 in the morning every day.

Montenegro marina club

Attraction: View of marina, mountains and boka bay, private shower, changing room, poolside restaurant, structured activities

Length: 210-fooot infinity pool

Designer: Richard Hywel Evans

Marina view hunters should definitely visit this yacht club designed by Richard Hywel Evans. The length of the local swimming pool is up to two hundred and ten foot and it looks as if you have been dreaming about it all your life. The poll is the most famous sight of Montenegro and proposes you nit only swimming experience and mountains and Boka Bay view, but also many activities: water aerobics, poolside restaurant, hydrotherapy, private showers and yoga.

Best natural view in India

Attraction: View, length

Position: Rooftop, outdoor

Location: Udaipur, India

Another rooftop large swimming pool can be found in Udaipur, India. The most incredible thing there is an amazing view which makes the Oberoi Udaivilas swimming pool one the best in the world. The pool is located right next to the Lake Pichola, and the designer made everything to make it look like a part of the lake. You should try it and check whether the illusion works totally.

Hong Kong luxury

Position: 40th floor, rooftop, outdoor

Attraction: Splash bar, heated pool, under water audio system, fiber optic lights, Jacuzzi

Location: Hong Kong

Length: 20 meters

The Langham hotel in Hong Kong proposes to visit its outdoor rooftop swimming pool which is promised to have the most wonderful city view. The hotel staff even say that this Hong Kong view from the 40th floor and especially from the tallest 20 meters swimming pool is the best in the world. You can check it every day from 6:30 in the morning till 8:30 in the evening. Besides, there are many other attractive sights: splash bar with a wide range of drinks, a powerful audio system to follow your mood, heated water private pool, hydrotherapy pool and special fiber optic lightings. Leave all the stress and concerns behind and spend a relaxing gorgeous weekend in the Langham hotel resort.

Saint Regis Lhasa Resort

Location: St. Regis Lhasa Resort, China

Attraction: Different color, real gold tiles, special drinks for the pool

If you want something different, something colorful and memorable, then you are more than welcome in Chinese resort Saint Regis, the highest city around the globe. There we speak about a pool, which has an unconventional color – The Golder Energy pool. It is a real “must-see” place because it’s not an everyday routine to look and swim in golden water. What is the secret? The designer used true golden tiles because there is a belief that gold helps to improve our health. In any case, this looks delicious enough to try!

African indigenous location

Location: Africa

Attraction: Setting in a remote open national park, infinity pool

Position: Ground, middle of a forest

Running from cities and ordinary views, you can join us at a very natural sight – Sanctuary Swala swimming pool. It is located in the middle of the forest, on the ground and gives you a feeling a nature unity around. Enjoy the African sun without any distractions: the hotel has no bar or spa, just a unique location. This fact does not prevent Sanctuary Swala to be number one in the area.

Another Mexican oasis

Attraction: Dramatic setting, infinity design, collaboration of two different pools, view

Position: Top of the hotel, outdoor

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Designer: Agustin Landa

If we continue speaking about nature, then the conversation should be taken back to Mexico and its another swimming sight – the Habita Hotel pool in Monterrey. This pool is also at the rooftop and is located outside. It offers you a new experience – a complete view of the mountain in front of the hotel. Some say that this construction can be called one of the most authentic examples of modern architecture. The rooftop pool is located under a sculpture and there is no visual barrier between you and the view. Besides, the Habita Hotel pool is a combination of two pools with different styles, created by an eminent designer Augustin Landa, and a nice bar next to them.

A popped out American pool

Attraction: Floating pool, light works, bar

Position: Rooftop, outdoor

Location: USA

We are close to the end of the list, but that doesn’t mean that this swimming pool is not as great as the other above. The Joule Hotel in the US can help you to understand what is it to dip into a floating pool which is pooped out from the rooftop. It’s both exciting and scary, a good mix for those who like extreme entertainment. The cool lightings places underwater add some kind of calming and soft atmosphere. If it’s not enough, you always can order a drink at a bar right beside the pool.

Maldivian wonder

Attraction: Incredibly large pools, privacy, over water room

Location: Maldives

For those who like spending money on a good vacation, we propose the last but not least place on our list. Jumeirah Dhevanafushi resort is one of the most popular and most expensive swimming pools sights worldwide. It was built on the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, using two floating islands. The pools are fantastic: large, private and accompanied with thoughtful lightings. When you dip in the pool in the night, you see the stars and feel like flying above the scenery.

Chose the best swimming experience for you and plan your next vacation soon. All those magnificent places are waiting!

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