The Most Famous Paintings Which Cost A Fortune

Art has always been agitated people’s minds and imagination. There are many fine artists, but what makes a painting famous and popular? It’s an idea, which could be understood by everyone, be it a rich or a poor person, illiterate or well-educated. The most expensive and world-known paintings make people look at them again to find a new sense.

Not surprisingly, that those masterpieces are sold for great deal money. The price depends on the name of the artist, style, even on the history of the picture. Look at these 10 paintings, which cost as a luxurious house on the seashore.

Salvator Mundi

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Location: Saudi Arabia

Year of painting: 1500 Ac

Materials: Oil painting on Walnut

Dimension: 25.8*18.2 inch

Year Sold: 2017

Owner: Mohammed bin Salman (Prince of Saudi Arabia)

Price: 450.3 Million USD

The paintings where the saints are drawn on are one of the most appreciated. Jesus Christ is portrayed in the classical renaissance robe. The sign he makes with his right hand means benediction. A crystal sphere is held by him in his left hand. The picture gives an impression as if Christ’s glance is directed right at the beholder. “Saviour of the World” is the English translation of “Salvator Mundi”.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings are usually not sold, because they belong to the world’s artistic heritage so that everyone has the right to get familiar with them. But “Salvatore Mundi” was purchased by the Saudi Prince for more than $450 million.


Artist: Willem de kooning

Location: Art Institute of Chicago

Year of Painting: 1995

Dimension: 79 * 69 inch

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Kenneth Griffin

Price: $300 million USD

This abstract expressionist painter is a highly appreciated among the modern painters. This mysterious painting reflects the period of a spiritual quest in the life of this Dutch artist. Created in 1955, it was acquired 60 years later by a rich art connoisseur for his art collection.

The Card Players

Artist: Paul Cézanne

Location: Qatar

Year of Painting: 1895

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2011

Owner: Royal Family of Qatar

Price: 250 million USD

This masterpiece belongs to the post-impressionism genre. It’s one of 5 pictures representing peasants who spend time playing cards. Interesting, that the models were from the Cezanne family estate. The four paintings are in different places (New York, London, Paris, Pennsylvania), and one was bought by the Royal Family of Qatar for their private collection.

Nafea Faa Ipoipo

Artist: Paul Gaugain

Location: Qatar

Year of Painting: 1892

Material: Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 30*40 in

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani

Price: $210 Million USD

This masterpiece was bought by the Royal Family of Qatar at a huge price. However, at the time this work was met with indifference. Paul Gaugain had an idea to capture his travel experience in paintings. He went to Tahiti, where he found these young women. They are high likely mother and daughter. The first one is wondering, when her child is going to marry.

Number 17a

Artist: JACKSON Pollock

Location: Private

Year of Painting: 1948

Material: Oil painting on Fibreboard

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Kenneth C. Griffin

Price: $200 Million USD

Though the picture seems chaotic and weird, the artist had a strong idea in his mind. Painted in the genre of abstract expressionism, it was one of the first works of this direction in the last century. “Number 17a” is displayed on one of the Kenneth Griffin’s houses, who purchased it in 2016. Unlike other famous artists, he got recognition during his life.

No.6 Violet, Green and Red

Artist: Mark Rothko

Location: Private

Year of Painting: 1951

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2014

Owner: Dmitry Rybolovlev

Price: 186 Million USD

No.6 looks very plain, but the idea is quite complicated. This abstract expressionist tried to catch the beholder’s eye and cause various emotions simply by looking at the color’s combination. Mark Rothko was inspired by Greek mythology and Nietzsche to create his pictures. This painting is in the art collection of a rich Russian enterpriser, whose art collection has several most pricey pieces of art.

Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit

Artist: Rembrandt van Rijn

Dimension: 83*53 in

Location: Paris and Amsterdam

Year of Painting: 1634

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2016

Owner: Rijksmuseum and the Louvre

Price: $180 Million USD

The portraits of newly married couple astonish with their realistic images. They wear traditional Dutch wedding attire. The couple looks solemn and happy at the same time. Painted separately, they used to be together all the time. Although the portrait traditional meaning assumes only a face to be drawn, these show the spouses in full size. They were bought together by France and the Netherlands. Earlier they belonged to Rothschild family.

Les Femmes d’ Alger (Version O)

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Dimension: 45*57.6 in

Location: Doha, Qatar

Year of Painting: 1955

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani

Price: $179 Million USD

Spanish painter was known in life, but now he’s extremely popular. This painting, showing an exotic oriental scene, was known for its revolutionary cubistic genre, to which it belongs. These Algerian women, smoking hookah, were an unusual plot for the 19th century. They are relaxed and confident. “The Women of Alger” is owned by the Royal Family of Qatar.

Wasserschanglen II

Artist: Gustav Klimt

Year of Painting: 1955

Material: Colour painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2012

Owner: Dmitry Rybolovlev

Price: $183 Million USD

This work, showing two beautiful silhouettes, is the second painting of Klimt, devoted to women’s love and relationship. Klimt had to give this name to the picture and claim its allegorical theme because the straight meaning would be unacceptable at the time. The previous one was very similar, but the bodies were not covered with the colorful leaves. The women look like young mermaids, enjoying their water kingdom and each other. This painting took its place in the collection of Dimitry Rybolovlev.

Nu couche

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani

Year of Painting: 1917

Dimension: 24*36 in

Material: Oil painting on Canvas

Year sold: 2015

Owner: Liu Yiqian

Price: $170.4 Million USD

The nu genre was always beloved among the artists, but the creation of such pictures caused some problems to Modigliani, after showing it to the wide public. The painting shows a very self-confident woman, who gazes at the beholder without any shame or shyness. However, the artist wanted to emphasize the beauty of the human body more, than cause a public flame-out. This nude was is owned by a Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian.

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