The Most Luxurious Jewelry to Have in 2021

If you consider yourself an expert in this area, you will most certainly appreciate the following list of the world’s most expensive and attractive jewelry brands. Since the most ancient times, accessories have been a significant part of any breathtaking look, which would have been incomplete without them. Being professionally combined with one’s dressing, a good piece of jewelry can transform even the simplest dress into a rich and astonishing outfit.

This list contains not just highly appreciated manufacturers on the planet, but also a brief description of each manufacturer’s most marvelous, unique creation.

Harry Winston

Location: New York, USA

Owner: Ronald, Fenway Partners (Former: Harry Winston)

Founded: 1932

Best Creation: 19-Carat Pink Diamond

Price: 50.3 million USD

There is a reason why this company occupies the topmost place in this list. This name is familiar to anybody, who might be interested in the diamond industry. No connoisseur will pass by this title, especially having seen the worldwide-famous Hope Diamond.

Found in the mines of India, during its long and interesting history the Hope Diamond belonged to many emperors and civilians starting with Louis XIV and all the way to Thomas Hope and Harry Winston. In 1958 H. Winston practically gave this stone to the Smithsonian Institution, having had it for more than ten years.

Now this gemstone is considered to be among Harry Winston’s most priceless possessed rocks. Hollywood pays a considerable sum each year to hire Winston’s astonishing pieces of art and marks their presence at the Oscar Red Carpet.

Winston Jewelry is considered to be made exclusively of the highest quality stones, the finest among the best. Due to their unique techniques and exquisite work, perfected by generations’ experience, the company is expected to be the main manufacturer in this sphere for a long time still.


Location: Paris, France

Owner: Louis-François Cartier

Founded: 1847

Best Creation: Cartier Diamond Emerald Ring

Price: 6.2 million USD

The brand, being extremely well known for creating royal jewelry, was started by Louis-François Cartier in 1847. This French manufacturer is best known for its Bestiary brooch that represents a silhouette of a panther, which was produced for Wallis Simpson in the 1940s and accounted as one of the timeless jewels of the humankind.

The Duchess of Windsor was enormously fascinated with the brooch that she requested for some accessories with similar animalistic shapes to be made for her. The most well-known piece of jewelry among them is the 6.5 Diamond, Onyx and Emerald Bracelet, not long time ago sold at an auction for the price of over 7 million dollars.

However, except using the famous animal, and particularly panther, motifs, the Cartier Jewelry also uses components of the Art Deco style in order to attract modern generations to their product.

Van Cleef Arpels

Location: Franch

Owner: Alfred Van Cleef

Founded: 1896

Best Creation: Socrate Earrings

Price: $66,000 USD

This notorious French company was started in 1896 by two family members: Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels. Not only this brand creates pieces in Avant-Garde style, but it has the grace and sophistication of the Old World as well.

What differs them from all other companies in this industry is their unique technology of placing the gemstones along with their dexterity and creativity in applying the stones. The brand is notorious all around the globe for working out the technique of the Mystery Setting that allows the maximum exposure to the precious stones.


Location: Milano, Italy

Owner: Buccellati family

Founded: 1919

Best Creation: 18-karat yellow and white gold, pearl and diamond necklace

Price: $1,95,000 USD

This luxurious Italian company has its defining characteristic – the perfect quality of their gold decorations. Throughout all the years of its existence, the brand uses Roman styles of jewelry, adorned with lace-like patterns that make these creations look light and gentle. The best example of Buccellati’s flawless style is the set of Cuff Bracelets.

One more thing this company could be defined by is that they frequently combine gold and silver to create a special texture and color along with brushing and mattifying the surface.

Tiffany & Co

Location: New York, USA

Owner: Charles Lewis Tiffany, John B. Young

Founded: 1837

Best Creation: Tiffany Cobblestone Necklace

Price: $1,38,000 USD

Formed in 1837 and admired for astonishing style, this prominent American company got to be known in Asia due to The Great Gatsby movie.

As well as producing sterling silver and watches with interesting appearances, the firm is appreciated for its diamond accessories that reflect the aristocratic luxury through classic and timeless style. They are mostly famous for their magnificent voluminous compositions of flowers and birds made into various pendants, earrings, hair jewelry, and brooches.


Location: London, UK

Owner: Laurence Graff

Founded: 1960

Best Creation: Graff diamond pendant necklace

Price: $4,90,000 USD

The label of this British brand was created by Laurence Graff in 1960 and binds with the Kimberly events. The firm itself is a multinational manufacturer based in London, which uses predominantly the biggest diamonds.

For the most curious ones, there is a book – The Most Fabulous Jewels in the World containing a few of their best creations.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Owner: Georges Edouard Piaget

Founded: 1874

Best Creation: Pave White Gold Open Bangle Bracelet

Price: $69,228 USD

This Swiss company began in 1874 as a manufacturer of high-quality watches that were momentarily appreciated by the rich elite society. Not long after that, the founder Georges Piaget added jewelry to their range of products and quickly earned the fame of being among the best companies in this business.

Presently, this luxurious brand is managed by “The Swiss Richemont” group and famous for their creations’ unique appearances, which resemble the Old Hollywood complexity.


Location: Rome, Italy

Owner: French luxury group LVMH

Founded: 1884

Best Creation: Serpenti necklace in 18kt white gold

Price: $95,000 USD

Occupying high positions in such areas as resort and hotel business, skincare, fragrance and watch industries, this brand is also among the best jewelry companies in Italy. It was started in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari and has such celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor among its clients, providing them with choicest and rare gems.

The company’s distinctive feature is a variety of multicolored stones used in their work. They are also known for applying precious metals and gemstones on pieces of clothing: chokers, cuffs, necklaces, etc. Some especially rich customers of theirs have a chance of owning a true artwork made of 18-carat gold along with the most breathtaking stones.


Location: USA

Owner: Kokichi Mikimoto

Founded: 1893

Best Creation: Mikimoto 11.4-11.9mm A+ South Sea Pearl and 2.27 ct. t.w. Diamond Flower Necklace in 18kt White Gold. 27.25″

Price: $100,000 USD

The basis of this business was set in 1893 by a Japanese businessman Mikimoto Kōkichi, who was the first to grow a pearl and in doing so laid a basis for the Mikimoto jewelry company.

This company produces its splendid accessories using the most unusual, gorgeous and excellent pearls, among which are also rare pearls from southern seas, pink, Titian and white pearls. Being a luxurious company, they manufacture creations made of 8 karat gold or platinum, organic multicolored gemstones adding the best silk thread to attach pearls to. There is hardly anything in the world that could be compared to the Mikimoto collections.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Owner: Louis-Ulysse Chopard

Founded: 1860

Best Creation: 18-karat white gold diamond necklace

Price: $55,000 USD

This manufacturer that has over 100 branches all around the globe, notorious for producing watches as well as accessories was started by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860 in Geneva.

The company is well known for its impeccable jewelry, which is skillfully decorated with the most exquisite materials. Chopard created many one-of-a-kind items using unique gems and gold as well as diamonds and platinum.

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