The Most Unusual And Expensive Showers In 2020

Bathroom is an important room in the house. This is a place of relaxation and purifying the body. A reasonable approach to buying a shower is to find out as much information as possible, read the reviews. Get familiar with the amazingly designed showers, which will emphasize welfare and social status of those who have them.

We have chosen some best brands for you. Read the list below about the showers which perfectly fit a luxurious lifestyle.

Aqua Symphony

Manufacturer: Grohe

Size: 1016mm × 762mm

Material: Metal/plastic

Shape: Square/rectangular

Cost: $24,866 USD (Buy Aqua Showers in cheap price)

This one made in Germany is worthy to be in the house. The very view of this technical wonder will take your breath away. Enter the bathroom and be ready to explore the pleasure. There are no heavy uncomfortable curtains, only the aqua curtain. The water falls gently as the summer rain. If you want a relaxing massage, Bokoma sprays are at your service. There are also waterfall XL sprays, which makes you feel under a real waterfall. The light color can be chosen, which will transfer you into the wonderful dreams.

RainSky Shower

Manufacturer: Dornbracht

Size: 1020 mm

Material: Metal

Shape: Square or rectangular

Color: Silver

Cost: $12000 USD

Our ancestors washed simply under the rain, and so will do you after obtaining this luxurious shower. Droplets of the rain are washing the body. There are separate nozzle arrays, which offer three rain types for different body parts. This option is provided by the XTool control system. Washing will never be an ordinary health procedure after you experience it.

The light settings let you personally color the rain. Choose the most comfortable temperature. What will you choose today – a freshening cool water or a relaxing hot one?

Colore Chemotherapy Shower

Manufacturer: Ponsi

Size: 340*280 mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Light type: LED

Shape: rectangular

Chemotherapy is not pleasant at all, but you will like this one. This shower won’t only make clean, but will also give a treat to your eyes. It offers all the rainbow colors, and even more – there are nine colors at all. Colore shower by Ponsi is an ecological colorful alternative to those who think differently. This symphony of water and light will delight everyone. The price is fixed by Ponsi and may be various.

Steam Shower Room

Manufacturer: Aquapeutics

Attraction: Acupuncture massage jets

Material: Stainless Steel

Shape: rectangular

Cost: $6450 USD (Buy)

This large shower cabin will help you to enjoy the day from its beginning. It’s a spacious cabin with the option of steam massage and aromatherapy. The therapeutic benefits of steam will improve your health. It was created to wash away daily stress and unpleasant thoughts. With integrated radio, the procedure becomes more joyful. As the manufacturer claims, steam may remedy some diseases like pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis and allergies. There is even a small waterproof TV. What a delight to wash in this steam shower and watch the morning news!

Body Spa Shower System

Manufacturer: Kohler

Attraction: Hydro massage

Material: Aluminum

Shape: customized

Cost: $2000 USD

This is a very unusual decision for the bathroom. The water falls not only from above but also from all sides. It goes without saying, that such a construction is a big water consumer. Indeed, 80 gallons water are flowed in a minute. This spa was made not only for cleaning but also as a way to recover. 10 shower jets were placed so it provides hydromassage while washing. You physically can’t go out of the bathroom dirty now. The water is lighted up while flowing. This masterpiece by Kohler will help you relax.

Horizontal Shower

Manufacturer: Dornbracht

Attraction: Inclining Shower position

Material: Steel

Color: White Grey

Cost: $24,549 USD

Dornbracht showers are a combination of technology, modern design, and comfort. To have this in the house is a truly luxurious pleasure. The best experts from health and wellness sector worked on it. A large space is needed for this miracle. You simply lay on the bench and feel the water on your body, falling from the ceiling. Six jets gently wash away all dirt. The temperature may be set manually.

Axor Shower

Manufacturer: Philippe Starck

Size: 12*12 cm

Attraction: Customized mode

Material: Metal

Color: Silver grey

The shower with only one jet may bring a lot of pleasure. This is a creation of Phoenix Design, a famous international brand, which won many awards. A 12×12 square performs in different functions. The water falls on you from different sides according to your wishes. Manually customized shower adapts to your needs. The finest materials won’t wear through for a long time. This spa may be set anywhere you like and won’t damage the walls. The jet may be put horizontally or vertically.

Omega Morphosis

Manufacturer: Pininfarina

Attraction: Shower on a Sitting position

Material: Metal

Color: Transparent or Dark

Cost: 27000 USD

If you ever dreamed about sitting on a chair while taking a shower, this is the best choice. The seat made of the best teak wood, looks elegant and delivers comfort. There is also enough space for standing. This shower includes many functions in a single minimalist cabin. The steam will make the skin healthier, and hydromassage will improve the physical state. A well-designed cabin will decorate your house. The fitting are offered with two colors, darkened or transparent.

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