The world’s best kitchen appliance brands as of 2021

If you wish to improve your cooking life, you should see the world’s best kitchen appliance brands. This requires plenty of both money and attention. First, you should read about the best brands who produce is always top of the line. There are more than 2000 brands all around the world making over 6000 products.

The brands mentioned are trying their best to turn out a usable product which corresponds with the customer’s most high-ranking and peculiar needs. Let’s find out about the world’s highest recommended, most expensive and luxury producers of appliances for the kitchen.

1. KitchenAid

Established: 1919

Headquarter: Benton harbor, Michigan, United States

Owner: Whirlpool Corporation

CEO: Marc Bitzer

First Product: Stand mixers

Products: Wall ovens, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers, disposers and compactors, cook tops, under counter refrigeration, hoods and vents, warming drawers, water filter etc.

Annual revenue: $19 million

Kitchen Aid, an American brand of kitchenware, celebrated its first centennial in the year 2020. In 1919, they were bought out by Whirlpool and concluded an agreement with them. It’s tough to hold a steady position in a market of hundreds upon hundreds of similar brands. They first produced a stand mixer named Model H-5. Several modifications were added to the model later on, which became advantageous among its competition. Nowadays, this brand has released numerous devices, including several issues of mixers. They have made a name for themselves and populated a niche that spans the entire globe, and now the devices are believed to be high-quality. Kitchen Aid’s devices can be bought on Amazon, the world’s biggest online store. According to their rating on Amazon, there is one particular outstanding model, namely Kitchen Aid K45SSOB. It has many included features that make it the best pick among other stand mixers. Sadly, washing machines are no longer produced by Kitchen Aid ever since the 2000’s. Kitchen Aid is better received among customers than Samsung because it offers more centers of service around the world. Kitchen Aid’s yearly worth is estimated to be $19.9M.

2. General Electric

Established: April 15, 1892

Headquarter: Boston, Massachusetts, united states

Chair and CEO: H. Lawrence Culp Jr.

Products: Cooking products, freezers, refrigerators, cook tops, microwaves, ranges, wall ovens, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters, washers, water filtration system etc.

Net income: $27.4 billion

Total asset: $309.129 billion

General Electric is estimated to be among the 20 largest companies in America. Their scientific centers are located all over the globe. They base on the customer’s numerous demands when making their kitchenware produce. Although General Electric have a separate shop, their devices can also be bought in other online stores like Aliexpress, Amazon or Alibaba. General Electronics have made a strong name for themselves, as they’ve been in business for 127 years.

3. LG

Established: 1958

Headquarter: Seoul, South Korea

CEO: Koo Kwang-mo

First Product: refrigerators and washing machines

Products: freezers, dishwashers, cook tops, microwaves, wall ovens, refrigerators, dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, washers, pans, etc.

Net Worth: $1.27 billion

This international manufacturer of electronics has several subdivisions: they produce mobile phones and home appliances, entertainment and components for vehicles. LG makes highly comfortable devices, for which it is considered a high-ranking kitchenware manufacturer. LG always considered its customers’ wishes, evidence to which was their first slogan used in 1999: “we put people first”. In 2004 it was changed to “digitally yours”, and their final slogan came to be “life is good”.

4. Electrolux

Established: 1919

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

CEO: Jonas Samuelson

Total Asset: 85 billion kr

Number of employees: 55,400

First Product: Vacuum cleaner

Products: Dishwashers, cookers, air conditioner, refrigerators, washing machines, waffle iron, juicer, blender etc.

Net income: 121 billion kr

There are many brands under whose names Electrolux Company develops and distributes their products, including itself. The company was born out of the partnership between Sevenska Elektron AB and Lux AB. It is among the highest-ranked kitchenware companies around the globe, known for its exceptional vacuum cleaners. Electrolux even started out as a company specializing solely in vacuum cleaners, eventually moving on to producing other appliances, both big and small, and even professional. They’ve conducted a lot of research in the needs of their customers, and, as a result, they’ve become one of the leaders on the market. According to their rating on Amazon, they’ve been given five starts by 19% of the customers and four stars by 11%, topped with some good reviews. Their main competitors are Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch, Sony and LG.

5. Kenmore

Established: 1913

Headquarters: Chicago, IL, united states

CEO: Transform Holdco

First Product: sewing machine

Products: Large kitchen appliance such as vacuum cleaners, barbecue grills along with some small things like blender, iron etc.

Kenmore has been on the market for 106 years, and over this time they have become the most innovative manufacturer. Thanks to their dedications, they are able to provide some of the highest quality services, enhancing their cooking and clean-up experiences. Kenmore devices are made in America, some of which are made by LG. The fridges manufactured by this company usually last for seven to ten years. However, the official warranty only lasts a year.

6. Beko

Established: 1969

Headquarter: Istanbul, Turkey

Owner: Koc Holding (Company)

Employees: 30000

Products: Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, stove, laundry machines, ovens , air conditioners, microwaves and many other products

Net income: €233 million

Total Asset: €3.764 billion

This Turkey-based brand has been in business for 60 years. It’s owned by a manufacturer named Koc Holding. Beko delivers on the promise of simplifying their consumer’s lives by bringing technology that saves energy and being one of the first representatives to do so. Beko won countless awards for its work, which tells us a lot about the level of their produce. It’s available in over 140 countries all around the world. According to a report, they have left about four hundred million customers content and satisfied. Beko owns 18 different factories, and their main goal is to inspire the younger generations to lead a healthier lifestyle.

7. Viking

Established: 1987

Headquarter: Greenwood

Founder: Fred Carl, Jr.

Employees: 1000

Net Income: $212 million

Viking has been producing professional and domestic appliances ever since 1987, earning a good reputation for the exceptional quality of their produce. They were the first-ever brand to implement the studio line for households in 1987. Viking introduced numerous innovations into the market, which is why they’re among the best kitchenware manufacturers. Recently Viking has introduced the commercial device line, whose appliances are quite costly. There has been an online survey, according to which Viking has earned a good rating from its customers. This survey also says that Viking makes the best stoves on the market. Their fridges, in turn, are produced by the Michigan-based Kalamazoo. The main competition of this company is Fisher, Smeg Company, GE, Electrolux.

8. Panasonic Corporation

Established: 1918

Headquarter: Osaka, Japan

CEO: Kazuhiro Tsuga

Employees: 2,74,143

Net income: 8.002 trillion JPY

Panasonic is used by different types of clients, such as stores, cafes, working offices and households. Panasonic states their goal as making their customers’ lives easier with the help of their top tier products, which they sell under their own name. They’re known for developing, producing and selling many several types of devices, owning a science center. There they delve into the statistics on the choices of their customers, on prices, on people’s preferences, on different problems in the sphere of kitchen appliance production and so on. They always take their next steps consulting with the results of the research. This worldwide brand’s goal is to make their innovations available for customers of ever level of income.

9. Frigidaire

Established: 1918

Headquarters: North Carolina, United States

Parent company: Electrolux

Products: Dryers, washers, freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, gas stoves, electric stoves, dishwashers etc

Price: starts from $79830

Frigidaire is a subdivision of Electrolux and a representative of the world’s best brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. This brand became the sole inventor of the self-containment fridge in 1916. The company is so famous and well-known that many still call fridges “freezes”, which is a derivative of “Frigidaire”. It reached the peak of its fame in the middle of the 1900’s. Frigidaire is known for the hard work they put into the development of their fridges. They develop devices that save up on space for the solution of containment-related problems.

10. Thermador

Established: 1916

Headquarter: Irvine, CA

CEO: Christofer Von Nagel

First Product: Portable heater

Products: Ranges, range tops, ovens, cook tops, ventilation, warming drawers, microwaves, built in coffee machine, refrigerators and dishwashers

This is the world’s second-biggest manufacturer of kitchen devices. Thermador does not count as a self-contained brand, rather, it’s part of the BH Home company. Thermador started their career in kitchen device production in 1932. It became the first ever company to invent the oven that cleans itself in 1963, which also implemented speedily cooking. According to several surveys, this company is more well-liked than Viking. Most of its appliances are produced in America, and most are quite expensive.

These were the top 10 most well-known and well-liked kitchenware companies on the market. They will be a great help in improving your kitchen’s usability and looks. Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite and whose devices you already own!

So, here are the most well-known and well-liked companies that make kitchen devices. They will be a great help in improving your kitchen’s usability and looks. Write down in the comments which one is your favorite and whose products you already own!

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