Top-10 the most luxurious bicycles in 2021

Bicycles are already #2 main kind of transportation in American and European cities. It much more convenient to use, they have their own cycle-roads and are eco-friendly. Moreover, cycling is very good for your health.

Using a bike is good especially for people who don’t have time for a gym because it strengthens your muscles, letting burn tons of calories, pretty good as cardio training, helping people to deal with stress, etc.

Let’s check on bicycles that can provide you a fascinating and comfortable trip wherever you will go.

Trek Butterfly Madone

Brand name: Trek Butterfly Madone

Made in: France

Brand Launched: In 2009

Specification: Real butterfly wings on the bike’s concrete fame and rim

Price: $500,000 USD

Our first cycle was taken by a popular man Lance Armstrong to take part in the French cycle competition in 2009. However, the association of people who are protecting animals from human violence hated the idea of using living creature’s wings as the decoration and the company faced their anger later.

Trek Yoshimoto Nara

Brand name: Trek Yoshimoto Nara

Specification: A cartoon theme of kids in boxing gloves, flying UFOs, and a Livestrong logo.

Price: $200,000 USD

If you suddenly decided to get this one for your kid – sorry, it’s already sold away at a Sotheby’s auction. The bicycle, like all others from this company, are made only by popular designers. Boxing gloves, UFO and Livestrong logo drawn in childish style are the main attraction of this bike. It was used by an already known bike rider in the 18th stage of France’s tournament we have mentioned in 1st place bike’s description. As a fact, the company has sold different bikes for 800,000 USD there already.

Kaws-Trek Madone

Brand name: Kaws-Trek Madone

Specification: Kaw’s signature chomper teeth design on its frame as well as wheel rims.

Price: $160,000 USD

The cycle one was sold for a little bit more than 150,000 USD on the auction. Why such a high price? It has a Kaw’s signature “chomper” teeth design on it. Featured with a perfect aerodynamics. Just one more proof that bikes that are associated with Armstrong make their owners lucky.

Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Brand name: Auramania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Made in: French Company Auramania

Specification: Gold-plated frame, wheels, and spokes, and the Swarovski crystals.

Price: $114,000 USD

Auramania is a company launched in France whose designers have an excellent taste in fashion and luxurious designs. This cycle is featured with a golden frame and spokes, covered in some places with Swarovski crystals. Its saddle and hand-holders are made of really expensive leather, next to which (holders) you can see a few numbers. “Numbers?”, – which number you think? It is produced in a limited edition.

Trek Madone 7-Diamond

Brand name: Trek Madone 7-Diamond

Made in: New York

Launched: in 2005

Specification: Spoke pattern with stunning diamonds.

Price: $75,000 USD

This bike was sold on auction in NYC in 2005 for a 75,000 dollars. This price was set due to the bike’s logo “7-Diamond” made from splendid diamonds. And the same small table-logo “7-Diamond” on it, made of 14-carat white and yellow gold.

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Brand name: Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike

Made in: USA

Specification: CH motif plugs, leather seat, a silver cross, and artwork finish.

Price: $60,000 USD

Cervelo is a leader in the production of racing bikes. The company united with Chrome Heart to make something unique in this area, and they did it. It has a huge silver cross in its seat, which is made of high-quality leather, by the way. Using exclusive artwork and mechanisms, companies reached the perfectness in both efficiency and beauty of the cycle.

Montane Luxury Gold Collection

Brand name: Montane Luxury Gold Collection

Specification: leather saddle, traditional dynamo, road brakes.

Price: $46,000 USD

The first women’s model in our top. This cycle has got that big price of 46,000 USD because of expensive materials, which it is made from, such as python leather hand-holders, breaks and saddle.

eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle

Brand name: eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle

Specification: It has so separate handle or acceleration pedal as a motorcycle has.

Price: $44,000 USD

The main attraction of that bike is its battery which can last up to 10 years! It looks unusual, modern and really pretty. It’s been made just for those people who don’t want to run pedal all the time during a ride. Usually, e-bikes cost between 1000-5000 USD, but the price of this one is higher due to high-quality materials and extra features.

Its quick is completely dependent on the speed you give it by your movements. Easier to say, the faster you run your pedals, the faster it will later go using battery energy. By the way, you will definitely need to find a nice parkin space for it, because with its 100kg weight you probably won’t be able to save it at home.

Lightspeed Blade

Brand name: Lightspeed Blade

Specification: Massive tube, and knife-edged backbone.

Price: $40,788 USD

This innovation in the area of cycling will provide you an unforgettable easy biking experience thanks to the knife-edged backbone and head tubes. European company “Eddy Merckx” has already sold the cycle for 40,788 USD.

Phanuel Krencker’s “Bicyclettes de Luxe”

Brand name: Phanuel Krencker’s “Bicyclettes de Luxe”

Specification: It includes custom parts and a frame made by Cyfac.

Price: $ 34,425 USD

The collaboration with Cyfac featured the cycle with carbon fiber and chrome-made details. Thankfully to chrome-made parts it has a reflective appearance. This cycle is a perfect example of creative work and using easy materials.

Final Thoughts

Everybody knows that cycling is worldwide popular today because it is the best alternative to cars. Moreover, it is not just helping Earth by reducing pollution, but it helps people to keep themselves in nice physical shape. In this top of the most expensive bikes, we presented you some which are definitely the dream of most of us.

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