Top-10 the most luxurious buses in 2021

Everybody knows that at least 60% of all trips in the world are taken by buses or cars, and mostly only road takes more than 15h long. Everybody wants to travel in comfort, so that our memories of the trip would be only positive and bright, from both touristic and road parts.

Usually buses a bit more comfortable, especially when you want to travel with your whole family or a lot of friends. The big disadvantage of cars is that you cannot place there a bed or a kitchen, or bathroom, unlike you can on a bus.

Let’s check on buses that can not just provide you an unforgettable but basically become your main living place in 2020.

Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo

Owner: Marchi Mobile

Uniqueness: It has a transparent glass roof and fuel consumption is 20% lesser than average buses.

Speed: 150 kilometers per hour

Engine: Volvo, 6 cylinder

Cost: $3,000,000 USD

Our first bus was designed by Marchi Mobile and made from expensive materials, which gave to this bus of dream its futuristic design. The owner or his guests can control lights, loud of playing music, and climate-control systems inside as it usually should be. Inside you will find a bathroom fully made of marble and the kitchen. Glass-roof will let you enjoy by a night sky during the night rides. Also, as every modern tech, it is eco-friendly.

Prevost H3-45 VIP

Owner: Volvo

Uniqueness: Provides paranoiac to passengers as well as drivers.

Cabin length: 3.8 meters

Cost: $1,600,000 USD

The second place has been taken by a beautiful bus from “Volvo”. It has a lot of free space inside of it, and moreover, has the underfloor storage in size of 500 c. feet. What the temperature, sounds loud and lights will be is for you to decide. The unique wooden floor for the whole length of the transportation is one of the exclusive things this bus has. Long wheelbase and long battery life with fast charging, providing a really comfortable ride.

The Vantare Platinum Plus

Owner: Featherlite Coaches

Uniqueness: Noted for decadent interior design and provides smooth as silk ride.

Engine: Series 60 DDEC 515 HP

Cost: $2,500,000 USD

What’s making this bus unique? Oww many things, such as Italian leather, the floor made from marble and granite, Swarovski crystals, LED ceiling and so much more. Dash and steering wheel are made of Africa’s pommel veneers. You will always be able to automatically switch a mirror and 13-inch LCD TV in the same place. As a bonus, there is a special storage under the floor for keeping your car there so that you had both car and “hotel on the wheels” on your vacation, wherever you go.

Newmar King Aire

Owner: Newmar Corporation

Uniqueness: Super combination of performance and safety as well as leading-edge safety.

Fuel: Diesel

Cost: $1,600,000 USD

Unimaginable 605 horsepower provided by a pretty powerful X15 engine. Special design thing is the glazed porcelain floor for the whole length of that “mansion on wheels”. You will always be able to rest outside under the middle-sized straight umbrellas which are made into the bus, which are using integrated LED lights and special wind sensors to make your rest as comfortable as possible in any weather. Moreover, your energy system is certainly secure due to a 12.5 KW diesel generator and a hydraulic slide-out tray. If the “security” word was spelled already, we have to mention a special door using moving sensors and wireless key system, what basically making your bus a real smart-home.


Uniqueness: Super light and durable fibre are used in building this bus which are also the missiles construction materials.

Speed: 250 km per hour

Capacity: 23 seats

Cost: $13 million USD

UAE has a pretty nice taste in modern tech, design, and cars, so Superbus decided to prove it one more time. Each seat has its own airbags, seatbelts, TV (using a wireless connection). One of the first things you will see inside is a fancy precious leather covering the seats. Moreover, each seat has its own climate-control system, so that each passenger felt maximum comfort during the road. The biggest and richest cities of UAE are the only places where you can see these completely ecological monsters.

Foretravel IH-45 Luxury Motor Coach

Owner: Foretravel Motorcoach

Uniqueness: Prominent for noise reduction and comfort.

Engine: Cummins X15 605

Cost: $1,300,000 USD

It is a pretty exciting combination of beauty and safety. Generator with its power 20,000 KW will provide you a long drive. This transport is featured with the newest system of air conditioning placed on the top of it, has one of the most advanced lock-systems, and beautiful LED lights on its floor and so much more. The company paid huge attention to the bus’ security system so that this is one of the safest travel-buses nowadays. It includes a closed air system, carbon-monoxide sensitive sensors, advanced services for GFI protection, etc.

Vario Signature

Owner: Mercedes-Benz

Uniqueness: Best bus for long-distance trips for its high quality running parts.

Speed: 523 horsepower

Cost: $1,3 million USD

Vario Signature will definitely surprise everybody with its combination of beautiful look inside, fashionable design, and the cost of all the materials, it was made from. Among exclusive things, it has huge XXL beds. Transport’s motor has a pretty interesting form thanks to many mixed transitions and light system for it. All of that and so much more will provide maximum comfort for its owner and his guests. Bonus: a car garage under the floor.

Monaco Dynasty 45P

Owner: Monaco

Uniqueness: Artistic interior design.

Engine: Cummins/16 Diesel Pusher

Cost: $585,750 USD

Dynasty is a pretty work made by real tech-artists from Monaco. Best their work for now, by the way. Glazed tiled floor with LED lights making a really beautiful look for this transport. Cedar is the main material for the most of bedroom stuff, including furniture and even walls themselves. The front of the bus is a living room, and the center of it is the kitchen.

Country Coach Magna 630

Owner: Country Coach Inc.

Uniqueness: It has an inbuilt garage to carry sport car without dispute.

Engine: Caterpillar C-13

Cost: $495,000 USD

This is an ideal bus for sports lovers, made with a beautiful posh style inside. You can find big TVs in each room there and the bus has its own immense lounge, including a glossy floor. Your water will always be hot thankfully to the high-quality hydronic system made by “Hydro Hot”. Moreover, it also has a car garage under the floor, designed exclusively for sport car models.

Unicat Amerigo International

Owner: Unicat

Uniqueness: Help to survive its passengers from most difficulty.

Range: 2000 miles with a full fuel

Cost: $ 500,000 USD

The bus has a pretty fancy interior inside and the outside look of usual (incredibly expensive) track. Power for this monster has been taken from its own solar panels system placed on the roof. The capacity of gas which can be saved in the transport is a huge thanks to a really big gas tank, kitchen and wooden design will make you feel like at home. This transportation will handle everything: rain, wind, desert, river with 4-feet deep water and rocks, etc. You will never get lost using its wealthy GPS system.

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