Top 10 unimaginably comfortable small houses


Location: Canada

Size: 340 square feet

Owner: Green living Project

Attractions: electric drawbridge deck

Selling price: $65000 USD

This tiny marvelous house is created by a Green living project. From the first sight, it looks pretty small and inconvenient, but only from the first sight. It has a frame construction made from wood, electric brakes and an excellent water system with a good 200L rain barrel and holding tank. Thankfully to the nice HVAC system and 11kw stored energy, you will never face problems with energy.

All door locks are made of hard metal and, as a bonus, doors from the restroom and bath-room are made from barn wood. Drawbridge deck — is also an amazing addition to the house. Price to purchase — USD 65000.

Alpha Tiny House

Size: 240 Square feet

Owner: Frontier Tiny Homes

Attractions: Jacuzzi bathtub

Selling price: $95000 USD

Why this tiny house has been called luxury? Jacuzzi bathtub, dining table of 8 seats, metal roof, huge garage-style glass doors, wooden floor and even more — are only a few things included in that “mansion”, which will make u feel as good as in a huge house. Also, the building has hidden storage where you can keep all your stuff, and past through which you will get to the bedroom with a king-size bed.

Each room, including the kitchen and bathroom, is enriched with all brand-new and modern facilities. Moreover, the main bathroom’s attraction is the Jacuzzi tub, composting toilet, and comfortable full-sized shower. You can get the house for 95000 USD.


Location: Canada

Size: 337 Square feet

Owner: Zero Squared

Attractions: Pushing the button for more space

Selling price: $75000 USD

The “Zero squared” had been trying to build a unique house, combined with technologies and modern design, and they got successful in it. The main attraction of this building is the button which can increase the amount of free space inside from 8.6 to 15.1 feet.

Everything inside the house is well-organized. For example, there is a king-sized bed that can be pulled down and become a dining table of 4 seats, metal roof, wooden walls, split air conditioner and composting toilet. A huge advantage of this “Tiny Paradise” is using green energy, provided by a solar panel system on the roof. To pre-order this tiny modern house, you have to pay 75000 USD.

Brown Bear

Size: 28*8*13.6 feet

Owner: Alpine Tiny Homes

Attractions: Solar Generator

Selling price: 73000 USD

This tiny house is a real dream for a family who wants to have a life far away from big cities and use green energy. It has a king-sized bed for parents and a smaller one in loft-style for children. The “building on wheels” has everything that you need for a comfortable life: kitchen with a huge cabinet and all the facilities, a big sofa, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, shower and composting toilet. The reason you must pick exactly this house is a solar generator system. That’s really an amazing thing. The price of this inspiring house 73000 USD.

Vintage XL

Size: 355 Square feet

Owner: Vintage

Attractions: 8 people’s accommodation

Selling price: 73,400 USD

Vintage XL is another great project of “Vintage” company, that can accommodate 8 people within using floor space. A couch in the lounge area can be pulled into a double bed. The floor of the house equipped with a queen-sized bed and some cabinets. Just like in all our previous houses, the kitchen has everything you might need: sink, cooker, refrigerator, air conditioner. Same situation with the bathroom, where you will find showers and composting toilets. The price is 73,400 USD.

Tiny Slice in Seattle

Size: 9*14 feet

Owner: Clay Wallace

Attractions: Garden Area

Selling price: $500,000

Mint colored kitchen, dining room, garage space, and custom-build windows are everything you need to create a beautiful house! Two beds and two bathrooms making living there even more convenient. The simple garden full of green shades of trees and hedge, perfect home appliances with natural light penetrating design is the main attractions of that natural heaven. You can become an owner of this unique building for 500,000 USD.

Covo Mio

Size: 330 Square feet

Owner: Portland’s Covo Tiny Homes

Attractions: Tiny Tech world

Selling price: 100,000\59,999 USD (Standart)

This house is a perfect example of the advancement of 21st-century technologies. Bluetooth sound system, 50 inch TV, LED lights, door locked and much more controlled by a smartphone. It has Amazon echo and USB-chargers everywhere. The “technological mansion” is mostly made of wood.

The ground floor has a simple living room and kitchen with all the required facilities. Cute small but functional bedroom and bathroom with composting toilet are included. To become an owner of a highly-developed house of the future you need to pay 100,000 USD for all facilities, or 59,999 USD for the Standard version.

Hawaiian Hillside Cottage

Location: Ohia Forest

Size: 400 Square feet

Attractions: Enjoying a Wildlife

Selling price: 640,000 USD

This house is unmovable unlike others, but that doesn’t mean it is worse than the others. It contains a single bed, shower, electric fireplace, all the furniture you may need, and necessities, such as AC, TV, washing machine, etc.

The main difference between the house and the rest of them is that this one combines both modern comfort and wildlife at ones. The price is a little high, but it definitely worth it — 680,000 USD.

Silo Florida

Size: 453 Square feet

Attractions: House on the 75-acre land

Selling price: $200,000

The Silo house is an amazing combination of traditional vibes and modern tech. When you step inside you will feel very differently, thanks to the round shape of the house. Also, it has a rest-zone with a dining table on the outside. The building itself has been divided into two parts. The first one contains a normal-sized living room and a neat kitchen, and the second one – a comfortable bedroom and bathroom. To look at life from the round corner you can for 200,000 USD.


Size: 300 Square feet

Owner: New Frontier Tiny Homes

Attractions: Family size tiny home

Selling price: $139,900

This company is known for its well-designed house “Alpha” and it is their new addition for family living. A garage that looks like doors, kitchen with dishwasher and sliding glass doors are a nice addition to the house. You can invite your friends anytime because the place has two separate bedrooms upstairs and downstairs and has enough space for 12 people to have dinner.

The bathroom there has a shower, sink, closet, and composting toilet. To grab that miracle of architecture you need to have 139,900 USD in your pocket.

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