What are the most expensive and extraordinary meals worldwide?

It’s truly amazing how a meal can have a rich background and be so complicated to cook, and, of course, such meals are extremely costly.

Usually if you have a special occasion, you may order in the restaurant some exotic fish and other seafood, or try a good steak that you, probably, won’t be able to cook at home. Now, imagine that you have endless amount of money and can afford yourself, literally, everything in this world. Then, what would you order? We’ll tell you about the most unforgettable and luxurious dishes! We summarized in this article descriptions of such meals, including their ingredients, cost, where you can find them, and, certainly, photos of these masterpieces.

1. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

Location: Sri Lanka

Chef: The fortress resort and spa chefs

Made of: Pomegranate and mango

Price: $14,500

If you have more than $15,000 in your pocket, and for any reason you have no idea on what to spend this money, as you don’t have pressing issues to solve — this unusual dessert is created special for you. However, you have to aware the restaurant one day before you visit, because it takes 24 hours to prepare this dish. The dessert is interestingly served with mango, as well garnet beverage. This dish is tasted with the world-known Irish cream. The core value of this dessert is a gem located in the middle of the chocolate sculpture — an amazing craftsmanship!

2. Louis XIII Pizza

Location: Salerno, Italy

Chef: Renato viola chefs

Made of: Mozarella di bufala, lobster, caviar

Price: $9315.71

The core idea of this pizza is that it’s being prepared by chef master from Italy at you home. Renato Violá will cook the world’s most expensive pizza exclusively for you, so this kind of entertainment is available only for extremely rich people. The pizza is covered with the traditional Italian mozzarella di bufala, and what makes this meal that costly is various types of caviar coming from different corners of the world and lobsters — luxurious type of seafood. Furthermore, very old and high-quality cognac and champagne are served with this pizza, highlighting sophistication of this dish.

3. Fleurburger 5000

Location: Las Vegas

Chef: Keller’s fleur chefs

Made of: Wagyu beef

Price: $5,000

There’s, highly-likely, no more exquisite meat dish than this one around the world. The fleurburger is made of the most pricey meat called wagyu beef, the cost of which reaches $100 per pound. Moreover, inside the burger you can taste the truffles, one of the luxurious species. The dish is served with the unique French red wine worth $2,500 in the top Las Vegas hotel called Mandalay Bay Resort.

4. 24k Gold Pizza

Location: New York

Chef: Industry kitchen chefs

Made of: Stilton cheese, platinum osetra caviar, foie gras, 24k gold leaves, and truffles

Price: $2,700

This pizza is cooked only in the New York top restaurant named Industry Kitchen located along the East River and near the historically famous seaport. If you want to try this masterpiece, you need to make an order two days before your visit. What makes this dish so expensive is its topping consisted of the authentic gold leaves. Additionally, the pizza is covered with the unique cheese, the rare sort of caviar, and the truffles.

5. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Location: New York

Chef: Norma’s Chefs

Made of: Lobster, Sevruga caviar

Price: $2,000

You can find this meal in the New York restaurant Norma, which isn’t that luxurious, and the average cost for one dish there is around $35. However, this omelet costs $2000, as it has a lot of very expensive sevruga caviar on its top. This meal is regarded as a great exception in this restaurant.

6. Golden Opulence Sundae

Location: New York

Chef: Serendipity 3 chefs

Made of: Madagascar vanilla bean

Price: $1,000

This beautiful and costly dessert is being made in New York’s restaurant as well. This dessert is also expensive due to its golden leaf. Although, the chocolate is special too. The core of this dessert — the ice cream is made of bean flavored with vanilla, which is growing and harvesting in Madagascar. The dessert is, further, filled with the exotic fruits bought in France, truffles, and even caviar.

7. Kobe beef and Maine lobster burger

Location: Las Vegas

Chef: Burger Brasserie chefs

Made of: Maine lobster

Price: $777

This meat dish is offered in the Las Vegas restaurant, which is specializing in cooking various burgers. This one is that costly because it’s filled with the Maine lobster, while other ingredients including foie gras and arugula are not cheap as well. What may give a special taste to this burger is pancetta, Italian traditional meat made of pork.

8. Ultraviolet’s Prix fixe menu

Location: Shanghai

Chef: French chef Paul Pairet

Price: $872.89

This meal is unique due to its extraordinary presentation, which is, however, not connected to expensive alcohol, but is intended to impress guests with music and exciting light show. The chef believes that an environment in which a guest has a meal is particularly important. And it’s necessary not only to prepare a delicious food, but to amuse guest’s visual and aural senses.

9. Masa Dinner Menu

Location: New York

Chef: Masayoshi Takayama

Price: $595

At one of the finest sushi places in Big Apple works a Japanese chef Masayoshi Takayama, owner of such establishments as Bar Masa, Tetsu and Kappo Masa all found in New York. If you find yourself hungry at night, in his restaurant you can order the main course spicy tuna roll, which will cost you almost half a thousand dollars.

10. Restaurant Guy Savoy Monnaie Prix fixe menu

Location: Paris

Starting Year: 2015

Chef: Chef Guy Savoy

Price: $536.63

If you dream about having dinner while looking at the famous and beautiful sights in Paris, such as Louvre, you might consider visiting Chef Guy Savoy’s restaurant. Despite being opened just recently, five years ago, to be exact, his restaurant offers quite expensive saldo of dishes, which he describes as a combination of different “textures, flavors and colors”. Among the dishes there’re such delicates as a boiled lobster, a fried duck and soup with artichokes and black truffles. Despite its price, the Guy Savoy restaurant gives an opportunity to have a great experience of eating a lavish meal, but while being, literally, on the top of the world.

11. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama Prix Fixe Menu

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Chef: chef Kunio Tokuoka

Price: $599.49 usd

Continuing the family tradition, Chef Kunio Tokuoka has created his own restaurant in a big city of Japan, Kyoto. Kitcho Arashiyama offers numerous variants for a Prix Fixe menus, however, the most pricey one costs 600$, and it will definitely leave your stomach full. Consisting of 10 courses, this menu offers traditional Japanese cuisine dishes cooked in different ways, such as steamed, boiled and grilled, surely including the customary Asian dish of rice and a cherry on top, a fine dessert.

Thus, in this review you’ve read about luxurious, expensive, and extraordinary meals cooked throughout the world. You have a great variety of unique meals, but don’t forget its price!

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