Worldwide most expensive deluxe Bicycle Brands and Models in 2021

Let us show you the list of the most expensive and luxury bicycle brands in the world in 2020. No wonder that nowadays bicycle is a very popular thing, it serves a plenty of different purposes: eco-friendly and cost-effective transport, interesting and active hobby, a sport tool, that helps you to stay fit and healthy, etc.

At least, it requires low maintenance and often looks stylish. All these advantages brought $45.08 billion value to the global bicycle market in 2016 year, and this amount expected to rise to $62 billion in 8 years. With the increase of the market the competition becomes closer, new offers constantly appear, and it encourages companies to create something original in a higher prices.

The top deluxe bicycle brands are listed below with the information about specification, costs, location, images and popularity

1. Trek

Headquarters: Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA

Founded: 1975

Products: Trek Butterfly Madone, Trek Yoshimoto Nara, Trek Madone Kaws, etc.

Best Creation: Trek Butterfly Madone

Price: $500,000

This bicycle brand is the most expensive in the world. Trek offers a rich variety of different models, paying a lot of attention to quality of specifications and elite stylish look of their product in purpose to make its rider feel completely gorgeous. Lance Armstrong himself rode the most remarkable models of this brand.

2. The House of Solid Gold

Headquarters: Beverley Hills, USA

Products: 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

Best Creation: 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

Price: $500,000

It’s a redesigned gold brand company, which used to be an online shop at fist, but due to unique look of the models it provided, quickly became very popular. The most amazing model the company created is covered with 24k gold and today it’s one of the top luxury and high-priced bicycle brand.

3. Aurumania

Headquarters: Scandinavia

Founded: 2008

Products: Gold Bike Crystal Edition

Best Creation: Gold Bike Crystal Edition

Price: $114,000

The meaning of the brand’s name is “preoccupied with gold”. The main idea of the company is to create the wide range of products using 24-carat gold in their designs. So Aurumania brought a new elite component to the world bicycle market.

4. Tiffany and Co.

Headquarters: New York, USA

Founded: 1837

Products: Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

Best Creation: Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike

Price: $70,000

Sure, Tiffany and Co. is the worldwide famous jewelry corporation and it’s not a bicycle company. But there was an occasion years ago when they reached a great success with their Silver Mounted Lady’s Bike, which fitted the tastes of many celebrities of those days. Although, this model was finally forgotten until 2008, when it was sold off at an auction. And now it deserves the place in our list of luxury bicycle brands.

5. Cervelo

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Founded: 1996

Products: RS, R5D, T5GB, etc.

Best Creation: Chrome Hearts X Cervelo

Price: $60,000

“Cervelo” consists of 2 words in 2 languages: Italian “cervello” means “brain” and French “velo” means bike. It’s the top brand of track and racing bicycles. Effort specifications are the main priority of the company, it uses modern technologies like CAD, computational fluid dynamics and so on creating every model. Cervello made its best creation in the corroboration with Chrome Hearts.

6. Montante

Headquarters: Italy

Founded: 1908

Products: Lux, City Dream Man, Roma, etc.

Best Creation: Montante Luxury Gold

Price: $46,000

The name of this brand is well-known on the world bicycle market. Buying its model customer is always given a certification of authenticity and a card with a serial number, where should be also written personal data of an owner. The most impressive Montante’s bicycle is decorated with 24kt golden leaf and more than 11.000 Swarovski stones. It looks incredibly beautiful!

7. Litespeed

Headquarters: Chattanooga, TN, USA

Founded: 1986

Products: Pinhoti SL, Citico, Sewanee, etc

Best Creation: Litespeed Blade

Price: $40,788

There is another famous bicycle company, which creates the unique models, using lasting titanium, Aerologic and Reactive Pressure Molding method. Litespeed Blade is known as their best product, it has the minimalistic design with its TT frameset and suites even for achievements in professional bicycling. It was ridden by a lot of great sportsmen as Lance Armstrong and others.

8. Factor

Headquarters: Norfolk, England

Founded: 2007

Products: The One, Vista, the VAM, etc.

Best Creation: Factor Aston Martin One-77

Price: $39,000

Factor is relatively new but ambitious brand. It already has a plenty of collaborations with famous companies – Lamborghini Aston Martin, Ferrari and others. In the collaboration with such a legend like Aston Marton was created the best Factor’s model – the Factor Aston Martin One-77, which is in the list of the most progressive bicycles on the present days.

9. KGS

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Founded: 2004

Products: Sinclair, Memo MTN, Eileen MTN, etc.

Best Creation: KGS Tier 3

Price: $30,000

The main direction of their business is the premium studio, that creates personal bicycle designs according to a customer wishes. Its president, Kevin Saunders, has a rich experience and a wide range of knowledge in of aerodynamics and other helpful technologies, and what is not less important, he really loves bicycles! All of these qualities let him to provide customers unique bicycles with feature sets they want. Overall, the company completely deserves the place in this list.

10. Krencker

Headquarters: Denmark

Founded: 2010

Products: The Luxury Bicycle

Best Creation: The Luxury Bicycle

Price: $34,425

Although the popular designer Phanuel Krencker works for Biomega now, his creations are another significant examples in the bicycle industry of reverent attitude to the product. His bicycle became widely known due to creative design decisions and it also was presented at the handmade bicycle show.


In the present times helpfulness and luxury are the same important in things around us, and the markets are trying their best to satisfy both these needs. We didn’t include automated bicycles to the list above in a reason that they don’t fit the classical definition of bicycle and are not the same natural as the bicycles always used to be.

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