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A person who can make their life comfortable will do so with every aspect of it. The way rich people decorate their bedrooms is not an exclusion, as for everyone this part of a house is a place to rest one’s mind and body. But is there a way to make your bedroom look fancier? This article will get you an insight into how some famous people sleep – and how you can be a little bit like them.

1. Baldwin Bedroom

Location: Long island

Attraction: customized blue bed and chair, super large space, white glassy false ceiling, chunky selenite chandelier

Materials: a silken wool Moroccan rug, Glassy false ceiling, restoration hardware chairs, Spanish tile

Expense: $2 Million USD

Baldwin spouses’ bedroom can only be described as splendid. A custom-built Ron dier chandelier and an ornate chimney both found their way into this room. At the same time, there is other bedroom furniture like two nightstands, Daniel Romanoff chairs, Spanish floor matt tiles and a box bed with Frette bedding. A nice final touch is a great balcony door.

2. Michael Bay’s Bedroom

Location: USA

Attraction: interior design by oak

Materials: velvet finish floor, modern bed, large space, large led, expensive ceiling design, attached balcony, attached bath, diamond shape glass furniture, expensive painting, high-end glass walls, light clothing, etc.

Expense: $430k US

This famous director’s room is another example of luxury. A bath, which can be accessed directly from the bedroom is separated only by a pitch-black wall. Other than an oak bed there is not much furniture in this room. A panoramic window, hidden behind a curtain, opens a magnificent view of the city landscape.

3. Kourtney Kardashian’s bedroom

Designer: Jeff Andrews

Location: California

Expense: $1 Million USD

Materials: Loro Piana wool linen, natural wool, wood, wallpaper

Attraction: Patterned curtains, Sentimental showpieces, Neon sign behind the bed, hotel vibe in the room, comfortable space, and wallpaper on the ceiling

The well-known star of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ lives in a hotel-like room. She values style over comfort – no wonder given the fact that her room is designed by Jeff Andrews. White bedding contrasts with her big jet bed which is right in the middle of the room. Right next to it there is a bookshelf with some of her late father’s things: law books, a little old red shoe and else. What is remarkable is a neon sign on the wall behind the bed. A big flat-screen TV is placed on the other wall. The fluffy carpet that covers the floor makes the room even cozier.

4. The Underwater Bedroom

Location: Maldives

Attraction: Sleep with fishes

Materials: High-end glass finish, king bed, waterproof floor carpet, large 4k led, expensive bed clothing, etc.

Expense: $15 million USD

A quiet evening under the water is something unique, but not unheard of. Some people prefer to cover their bedroom walls with TV screens, however, in the Maldives Murakha hotel there are underwater rooms. In such suite only a plastic dome separates you from fish swarming around – by the way, which fish will it be is up to you.

5. Brian Atwood

Location: Milan

Expense: $300k USD

Attraction: Dramatic black wall, vintage hand chair, large space, simplicity

Materials: wood, wallpaper

Designer: Nate Berkus

Combining antique elements with modern designs is a trend that Brian Atwood follows. In his room, there are vintage pieces like a 17-century chair and modern parts like a little photo gallery and posters on the walls. The white middle-sized bed is rather basic but stylish.

6. Roberto Cavalli’s Bedroom

Attraction: Art collection

Location: Tuscan villa

Materials: Master bed, animal print, gilt-wood mirror, artwork, fur made duvet, excellent wall & floor finish, etc.

Expense: $55k USD

Roberto’s room is by far the most extravagant from this list. Decorated with a lot of animal prints, it has a blanket resembling zebra skin. Opposite the bed, there is a wall with a lot of magnificent art pieces hanging on it. A mirror, attached to the headboard, reflects the view of the high-class room.

7. Lindsey Buckinghum’s bedroom

Location: USA

Attraction: antique finish

Materials: antique floor, curtains, mirror, queen bed, glass finish, wardrobe, fireplace, yellow gold print electronics, sofa, etc.

Expense: $59k USD

Lindsey Buckinghum is an example of why beauty and quality are associated with money. He is a fan of the old, too, as he has a vintage ballroom chair, an 18-century desk, and a hundred-year-old chandelier all in his bedroom – all of these are antique and therefore quite expensive

8. Angelina Jolie’s Bedroom

Color: White

Attraction: Simplicity

Materials: bed, expensive furniture, attached bath, high curtains, fireplace, attached balcony, lights, sofa, marble tiles, off white ceiling, etc.

Expense: $40k USD

Nothing ordinary can’t be expected from a Hollywood actress, and her room is gorgeous, but modestly so. Decorated in beige and white, it represents Angelina’s view that the bedroom should be a place where not only one’s body rests, but soul too. The room’s color scheme is supposed to install peace in its inhabitant, and so it does. Bed and three chairs are the furniture she’s got in her room.

9. Lady Gaga’s Bedroom

Attraction: Private terrace

Location: Malibu estate

Materials: Queen bed, sea view balcony, antic furniture, antic lighting, high-end glass door, expensive carpet, exceptional ceiling finish, etc.

Expense: $32k USD

Lady Gaga is known for being exceptional. The same applies to her Malibu place, which has a small terrace with a fascinating view of the sea. However, her room from the inside is admirable too: as many of her star colleagues, she has an expensive chandelier decorated with gold, a large white bed with an ornate lamp on the nightstand. A TV in front of the bed complements such a room.

10. Mark Badgley and James Mischka’s bedroom

Designer: Kentucky getaways design team

Expense: $1,00,000

Materials: leather, wood, expensive lights, limited edition room color

Attraction: Needlepoint pillow, 19th century’s painting, Customized bed, antique door, antique room decorating things, etc.

These Hollywood sweethearts certainly have a thing for vintage. In their bedroom, there are art pieces such as an old Laurin Copen painting, a bed with Badgley Mischka Home sheets and a mirror wall. A custom-designed bed stands on a polished wooden floor and surrounded by painted grey walls.

11. The Light Bedroom

One of the many ways of how to make your room more appealing is by adding some light and color. For example, you can use multi-colored strip lights on your ceiling or under the bed, which would make it cozier at night.

12. Grass Bedroom

Perfect for nature lovers, this kind of room feels like a little field of your own. The bed – as are sheets and duvet – is covered with grass, which enhances the feeling of a nature getaway. Pro tip: a big mirror installed on the headboard will make the room look bigger.

13. Space Saving Bedroom

Attraction: convertible furniture

A spacious room is not always a big one. You can save some space by using multi-purpose furniture, such as a retractable bed that is also be a wardrobe, or have folding chairs. Hanging something on a wall will also help.

14. The Bubble Bedroom

Attraction: bubble bed

This room can be described using only one word: bubble. This bedroom looks like a bubble and has a lot of those in it, as the bed is made of big soft bubble-looking balls and can be recomposed in any other shape. To spend a day in a such fancy room you have to visit Aire de bardenas hotel in Spain.

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